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List of version differences/Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance

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This page details the changes made to the gameplay and writing of Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance during its localization from Japanese to US English, and later from US English to the five PAL localizations.

Name changes

Main article: Name chart/Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance

NTSC-J to NTSC-U changes

Gameplay changes

  • The Maniac Mode difficulty setting was removed and replaced with Easy Mode.
  • An innate +15 crit bonus was added to Snipers, Swordmasters, and Berserkers.
  • The Heal staff had its durability increased from 30 uses in the Japanese version to 40 in all other versions.
  • Extra costs for Forging weapons were halved, making it cheaper to forge weapons.
  • The 255-crit error in the forge system was corrected.
  • In Chapter 18 of the Japanese version, Shinon will not drop the Brave Bow if the player saves at the advance screen; if the player resets the game, then Shinon will drop the Brave Bow as usual. This glitch was fixed in the international versions.
  • In the Japanese version, stat booster items can still be used by units even if the item's respective stat has already reached its maximum. The localization corrected this to disallow stat boosters from being used on capped stats, like in every other game since Thracia 776, preventing scenarios where a careless player might absent-mindedly waste a stat booster on an already-capped stat.
  • In the Japanese version, the Renewal scroll can only be assigned to Ena and Elincia, both of whom already have the skill when recruited. It has this in common with numerous unused scrolls, which can only be taught to the original bearers of the skills in question. The localization corrected this to allow Renewal to be assigned to any unit, although the other skill scrolls were not altered in this way.
  • In the Japanese version, using a Seraph Robe while at the base will not increase the character's current HP to their increased max HP (for example, using a Seraph Robe on Elincia with 34 max HP will raise her max HP to 41 but her current health will remain at 34). This oversight was fixed in localization.
  • Sephiran can learn the Vigilance skill in the Japanese release but not the localizations.

Dialogue changes

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Other changes

  • The icon for forging tomes was changed from a staff to a tome.
  • The allowed length of forged weapon names was expanded from seven characters to twelve.
  • The extra content obtained by linking copies of The Binding Blade with Path of Radiance was altered to accommodate the game's absence outside of Japan:

NTSC-U to PAL changes

Unless otherwise stated, all changes made between the NTSC-J and NTSC-U releases are retained in the PAL version, excluding names.


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Dialogue changes

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