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Laguz Alliance

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Laguz Alliance

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To defeat Begnion in retaliation for the Serenes Massacre


Radiant Dawn

The Laguz Alliance was a military alliance formed by the nations of Phoenicis, Gallia, and Kilvas. Its objective was to defeat Begnion and its allies in a war after the revelation of their hand in the Serenes Massacre.

After Ashera's defeat, the Laguz Alliance was disbanded and everyone went their separate ways.


The beginnings of the Laguz Alliance occurred in mid-648 when the heron prince Rafiel returned from his exile to the wolf nation of Hatari and revealed that the Serenes Massacre, previously thought to have been perpetrated by Mad King Ashnard of Daein, was actually orchestrated by the senate of Begnion. When the senate rebuffed their demands for an explanation and murdered a laguz messenger, the hawk nation of Phoenicis, the beast nation of Gallia, and the raven nation of Kilvas founded the Alliance and declared war on Begnion. They also hired the services of the Greil Mercenaries to fight on their side.

Kilvas was soon forced to betray the Alliance by a blood pact. The Alliance quickly gathered more allies; Crimea joined them after Begnion began raiding Crimean villages for supplies, and Empress Sanaki of Begnion escaped an attempt to imprison her by the senate and joined along with the faction of Begnion soldiers loyal to her. Due to his experience in the Mad King's War and his good standing with all of the nations of the Alliance, Ike was named the group's general commander. The Alliance continued to fight against Begnion until the goddess Ashera was released by their fighting and petrified almost all of humanity. The surviving members of the Alliance allied with Daein to defeat Ashera and the senate, and presumably disbanded afterwards.



Small portrait tibarn fe10.png Small portrait skrimir fe10.png Small portrait naesala fe10.png Small portrait ike hero fe10.png Small portrait elincia 01 fe10.png Small portrait sanaki fe10.png
King Tibarn of Phoenicis General Skrimir of Gallia King Naesala of Kilvas Commander Ike of the Greil Mercenaries Queen Elincia of Crimea Empress Sanaki of Begnion

Other members

From Phoenicis

Small portrait janaff fe10.png Small portrait ulki fe10.png
Janaff Ulki

From Gallia

Small portrait ranulf fe10.png Small portrait lethe fe10.png Small portrait lyre fe10.png Small portrait mordecai fe10.png Small portrait kyza fe10.png Small portrait kezhda fe10.png
Ranulf Lethe Lyre Mordecai Kyza Kezhda

From the Greil Mercenaries

Small portrait titania fe10.png Small portrait soren fe10.png Small portrait boyd fe10.png Small portrait oscar fe10.png Small portrait rolf fe10.png
Titania Soren Boyd Oscar Rolf
Small portrait shinon fe10.png Small portrait gatrie fe10.png Small portrait mist fe10.png Small portrait rhys fe10.png Small portrait mia fe10.png
Shinon Gatrie Mist Rhys Mia

From Crimea

Small portrait nephenee fe10.png Small portrait brom fe10.png Small portrait heather fe10.png Small portrait kieran fe10.png Small portrait makalov fe10.png Small portrait astrid fe10.png Small portrait marcia fe10.png Small portrait danved fe10.png Small portrait calill fe10.png
Nephenee Brom Heather Kieran Makalov Astrid Marcia Danved Calill

From Begnion

Small portrait sigrun fe10.png Small portrait tanith fe10.png
Sigrun Tanith


Small portrait ilyana fe10.png Small portrait haar fe10.png Small portrait reyson fe10.png Small portrait leanne fe10.png Small portrait jill fe10.png Small portrait zihark fe10.png
Ilyana Haar Reyson Leanne Jill Zihark

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Laguz Alliance



Alliance Laguz

Laguz Alliance


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