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Timeline of Tellius

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Timeline of Tellius
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As far as is known, the continent Tellius and the other landmasses which once accompanied it occupy a single Fire Emblem series story universe, with no known tie to any other (with the exception of Priam's existence in Awakening, although the nature of this development is unknown). An official timeline of the history of Tellius was provided by the official Japanese Fire Emblem World website, and the bulk of the information listed here comes from there. Everything else is inferences from the relevant games, Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn.

Tellius uses an unnamed in-universe calendar which uses the reformation of Begnion into an empire its central epoch, with the years counted relative to the empire's foundation in year 0.


Year Events in Tellius
At least 1000 years prior to −155 The grand creation
Ashunera emerges from the primordial sea and creates the lands of the world, as well as the plants and animals which inhabit it.
• After a millennium, animals evolve into the Zunanma, the first people.
• Wars erupt among various Zunanma clans. Ashunera separates the Zunanma into Laguz and Beorc in a failed attempt to stop the warring.
−155 The Great Flood
• Ashunera's emotions run wild and she sinks the world in an immense deluge, killing countless beorc and laguz. After the flood, the only known landmass to not be submerged is Tellius.
• Ashunera casts away her emotions to prevent further disasters, creating Ashera and Yune.
• Ashera chooses three champions – the beorc Altina, the lion laguz Soan, and the dragon laguz Dheginsea – to defeat Yune.
• The heron laguz Lehran seals Yune in a medallion.
−131 Formation of the Kingdom of Begnion
• Altina, one of the Three Heroes who defeated the Dark God, became the first Queen of Begnion.
−95 Birth of the Apostle
• Altina's granddaughter Yoram predicted the arrival of a great famine, and her prediction was confirmed. Yoram was known and worshipped as the apostle: the one who could converse with the goddess.
0 Begnion Empire established
• In the name of the Goddess's chosen, the Apostle, the senate declared that all the regions outside of Goldoa were to be ruled by Begnion. The Begnion theocracy and empire was established, with the apostle as its empress. The first empress was Altina's descendant, Apostle Meshua.
160–250 Begnion's golden age
• The discrimination against the laguz greatly increased over the years, and the laguz's hatred of beorc rule reached its peak.
• The independent Kingdom of Goldoa continually protested to the senate about the treatment of the laguz, but to no avail. Within Begnion there appeared a beorc movement to remove the power and property of laguz.
• The senate, stating themselves as perfect beings who were closest to the Goddess since ancient times, declared that the Zunanma were "humans" and that they, themselves, were also "humans". Very quickly this inspiring name spread across the whole of Begnion and was eventually officially accepted. In comparison to themselves, the laguz were seen to be closer to the beasts and were referred to as "sub-humans".
320 Start of the Great Laguz Movement
• In order to find new lands, the laguz steadily started leaving Begnion. Many of the beast tribe headed to the distant forests of Gallia, and some of the bird tribe escaped to the unknown southern islands.
350 First War of Gallia
• The senate sent soldiers to diminish the power of the beasts who had escaped to Gallia. However, the beasts used the forest terrain to their advantage and engaged in guerrilla warfare, leading to a fierce battle with the Begnion soldiers.
355 Formation of Gallia
• Solhaut of the lion clan was pushed to become the leader of Gallia's beast tribe and, with the support of Goldoa, Gallia was established.
360 • Encouraged by the formation of Gallia, the birds who had escaped to the southern islands began to call their comrades that remained in Begnion to escape. The bird tribes slowly began to gather at the island known as Phoenicis, and their independence steadily rose.
Second War of Gallia
• Worried about the current state of affairs, Begnion sent more soldiers on an expedition to Gallia. However, before the beasts' guerilla tactics, the battle was indecisive just like before.
385 Formation of Phoenicis
• Taking advantage of the confusion caused by war, the birds push the hawk Horus to become their king and, at the island of Phoenicis, established their own country.
390 Formation of Crimea
• The Begnion senate divided into two. Led by the powerful senator Caradock, the side that wished to find peace with the laguz became independent. At Crimea they formed their own country, and made peace with Gallia. At the same time they began to make up with their motherland, Begnion.
395 • Begnion and Gallia signed a peace treaty.
400 • The Kingdom of Crimea, Kingdom of Gallia and Kingdom of Phoenicis were officially recognised as countries.
• At the same time, within Begnion, the voices of those who wish to re-evaluate the position of laguz began to steadily rise.
405 Formation of Daein
• The view of beorc and laguz equality increases in popularity, leading to the loss of power of those who back the sub-human view. Led by the senator Hengist they left for independence and established their own country at Daein.
410–415 Daein-Crimea War
• Daein requested for Begnion's aid to invade Gallia, but Begnion refused. Daein also requested of Crimea, but was refused as well.
• Realizing that they could not defeat Gallia by themselves, Daein invaded their neighbor Crimea instead. However, due to Crimea's strong resistance, the war was indecisive. The war continued for 5 long years, before both countries decided to avoid destroying one another, and so ended the war.
420 Formation of Kilvas
• Because of differences within the bird tribes, the Ravens left Phoenicis. At the nearby island of Kilvas they established their own country.
425 • Feeling that their dominance has started to fade, the Begnion Empire, using the Goddess's name, sent troops to begin an invasion to restore their dominance of the continent. The invasion started with new powers Daein and Kilvas.
428 • Kilvas refused Phoenicis' reinforcements and surrendered to Begnion. Also the Daein troops, concentrated at the capital of Nevassa, continued the resistance.
432 Tellius continental war
• Believing Begnion's dominance over the continent would not bode well, Crimea decided to ally with Daein, and declared war against Begnion. Begnion's battle with Crimea and Daein erupted. Although Begnion's might was unshaken, but due to the involvement of the Laguz of Gallia, Phoenicis and Kilvas, the war was prolonged and continued for numerous decades.
470 Formation of Serenes
• The citizens of Serenes protested against Begnion's war, which was done in name of the goddess. Because they doubted the existence of the apostle, they ended up angering the senate and became at opposing sides with them. Finally, the citizens of Serenes established their own independent country, although the battle of the validity of the apostle never ended.
478 Treaty of Sarasa
• The war entered a seemingly neverending state. Begnion, worried about their great losses, finally decided to find a way to stop the war. In the end, by the intervention of Goldoa, peace talks were held within the Sarasa region of Goldoa. Begnion signed a treaty of peace, with the conditions that they had to return their conquered lands to Daein and Kilvas and recognise them as official countries.
595 • Apostle Misaha became the 36th empress of Begnion.
624 Laguz Emancipation Act
• Attacking the senate who were slow to act with regards to laguz slavery, Apostle Misaha declared the Laguz Emancipation Act. The apostle's voice was powerful. The senate could no longer ignore the cries of the country and ordered the release of all the laguz slaves.
625 • Apostle Misaha was assassinated. The senate declared this to be the doing of the Serenes citizens who doubted the existence of the apostle.
Serenes Massacre
• The furious Begnion citizens ravaged the Serenes Forest and the Kingdom of Serenes fell in a few days.
626 • Within Daein, various mysterious changes occurred. General Gawain of the Four Riders mysteriously vanished, along with his fiancée Elena. A plague gripped Daein, resulting in countless deaths, including deaths of the king and almost all of the royal family.
• To avenge the Serenes Massacre, Phoenicis began pillaging nearby Begnion ships. Also Kilvas took advantage of the situation and pillaged relentlessly. Within Begnion, awareness of the the bird tribes' actions steadily rose.
627 Ashnard, the sole survivor of the Daein royal family, became the 13th king of Daein.
• The holy dracoknights of Begnion, led by Shiharam, deserted for Daein. King Ashnard awarded the title of Palace Knights to Shiharam and his men.
640 • Apostle Sanaki Kirsch Altina became the 37th Empress of Begnion, the youngest in history. Duke Sephiran of Persis, as the prime minister and leader of the senate, became her aide.
645 Start of Path of Radiance
Mad King's War
• Daein commences an invasion of Crimea which ends with its quick conquest. The sole survivor of the royal family is Princess Elincia, who is found by the Greil Mercenaries and enters their custody.
Greil of the Greil Mercenaries is slain by the Black Knight. His son, Ike, is left with the sword Ragnell from the battle.
• Ike and Elincia flee Crimea by sea to petition Begnion for military aid.
• On a mission for Sanaki, Ike destroys a senatorial slavery ring and is rewarded with the requested aid for Crimea
• Working with the Begnion army, Ike leads an invasion of Daein and seizes the capital.
646 (spring) • The Mad King's War ends with General Ike defeat of Ashnard at Melior. Crimea is restored and Elincia is crowned queen.
• Crimea cedes control of the defeated Daein to Begnion, which establishes an occupational garrison to govern it.
End of Path of Radiance
Between 646 and 648 • The Dawn Brigade is founded by Nolan and Micaiah in Nevassa, in response to the Begnion occupation's atrocities across Daein.
648 (early summer) Start of Radiant Dawn
• The Dawn Brigade leaves Nevassa and travels to the Grann Desert, where they unite with Prince Pelleas's fledgling army.
• The Daein Liberation Army, with Micaiah as its general, defeats the Begnion occupation under Jarod and restores Daein. King Pelleas takes the throne.
648 (rest of the year) • In Crimea, Queen Elincia narrowly averts a civil war with the assistance of Ike and the Greil Mercenaries.
• The Laguz Alliance is formed between Gallia, Kilvas, Phoenicis and the Greil Mercenaries, and declares war on Begnion for its role in the Serenes Massacre. Daein enters the war on Begnion's side.
• At Castle Nox, the war reaches its peak in a battle between Daein and the Greil Mercenaries. Yune is freed from the medallion by Micaiah. Ashera judges the world and turns almost everybody to stone.
• Under Yune's guidance, Ike, Micaiah and Elincia lead an assault on the Tower of Guidance, ultimately defeating Ashera. Yune reverses the judgement upon the world.
After 648 • Pelleas relinquishes the Daein throne, and Micaiah takes his place as Daein's queen.
• The bird tribes are united into a single nation in Serenes, with the hawk Tibarn as king.
• Ike departs from Tellius and is never seen there again.
Millennia later • Ashera and Yune reform into Ashunera once more. A war is once again about to break out in Tellius.
End of Radiant Dawn


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