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FERD Hatari crest.png
Artwork of Hatari and its coat of arms from Radiant Dawn.







Long have time's sands concealed the wolf queen's domain as mere legend. Queen Nailah, you must live, that the histories will not make liars of us. Live, and tell all nations of Hatari.
— Bastian, to Nailah

Hatari (Japanese: ハタリ Hatari; PAL: Hatary) is a nation of Tellius, isolated from the rest of the continent by the Desert of Death. It is the only place in Tellius where the wolf laguz clan still lives. Its existence, and the survival of its wolf laguz, was completely unknown to the rest of Tellius until the year 648 when its queen, Nailah, crossed the Desert of Death and met Micaiah.


Hatari is situated in the far north-east of Tellius, on the other side of the Desert of Death. Because of its isolation from the rest of the world, Hatari's society is one of the few which still speaks exclusively in the ancient language and has no knowledge at all of the modern Tellius language, since it was invented after the Great Flood.[1]


Hatari was established by survivors of the Great Flood, both beorc and laguz, who were cut off from the rest of Tellius by the floods.[2] They believed themselves to be the only surviving people and did not know that other countries existed on the other side of the Desert of Death, just as the other seven countries of Tellius had no knowledge of Hatari and believed themselves to be the only survivors.[3] In addition to the population of laguz and beorc, a small number of Branded lived in Hatari; unlike the rest of Tellius, Hatari had no knowledge of the myth that the existence of the Branded was a crime against the goddess, so its Branded population was never persecuted and lived normally among the laguz and beorc.[2] Hatari's stories about the Great Flood also diverged from those of the rest of Tellius, as they came to believe that the flood had been a divine punishment rather than an act of evil.[4]

The existence of Hatari was rumored in legends in the rest of Tellius,[5] but its existence would not be confirmed for eight hundred years.[6] After the Serenes Massacre occurred in the year 625, Rafiel of Serenes mysteriously ended up in the Desert of Death, where he was eventually found wandering the desert by Hatari's queen, Nailah, marking the first meeting of the people of Hatari and the people of western Tellius in centuries.[7][8] Twenty years later, Nailah, Rafiel, and Volug traveled through the desert to reach the west, aiming to encounter the laguz of other countries.[6] On her journey she became involved in the battle for Daein's liberation, the conflict between the Laguz Alliance and Begnion, and the judgement of the goddess Ashera. The three returned to Hatari after these conflicts were resolved, with Nailah hoping to migrate the nation across the desert to rejoin the rest of Tellius.[9]

Characters from Hatari

Character Description Appears in
Portrait nailah fe10.png
The queen of the lost nation of Hatari. A wolf laguz of grace and determination, she crosses the Desert of Death to meet with other laguz tribes for the first time in eight hundred years. Radiant Dawn
Portrait volug fe10.png
A wolf laguz in the service of Nailah, Queen of Hatari. Reticent in the extreme, he is rarely heard to speak. He is capable of shifting into wolf form whenever he chooses. Radiant Dawn
Portrait rafiel fe10.png
A heron prince whose homeland of Serenes was destroyed by the beorc of Begnion. He was rescued while wandering in the Desert of Death by Queen Nailah. He possesses wings, but cannot fly. Radiant Dawn

Flavor text

Game Text
Radiant Dawn A nation long thought to be mere
legend, but now known to be
located to the east of Daein,
across a vast desert. It is ruled
by Queen Nailah of the wolf clan

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology, and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology, and notes


From Arabic خَطَر‎ (ḵaṭar) meaning "danger", "exposure to liable harm".



Used in Radiant Dawn; "Hatari" is used instead in Fire Emblem Heroes.




  • Hatary
  • Hataree
  • Used in Radiant Dawn.
  • Used in Heroes.[10]



  • Hatary
  • Igona
  • Used in Radiant Dawn.
  • Used in Heroes.[11]
  • Hatary
  • Athari
  • Used in Radiant Dawn.
  • Used in Heroes.[12]



Traditional Chinese





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    Ike: No, that's fine. I would have been confused either way. I didn't know you could speak the ancient language.
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    Ike: The Tellius language?
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    Nailah: Until we met Rafiel, we too thought ours were the only people left.
    Dheginsea: In your country, are there only people of the wolf tribe?
    Nailah: No, beorc live there, as well. There are also a number of what you call the "parentless." Children born of both laguz and beorc parents are still relatively few.. but they live normally among us.
    Dheginsea: Is that so?
    Nailah: That's probably enough chatting. Do you still intend to block our path?
    Dheginsea: …I will not deny my goddess.
    Nailah: And I won't deny my conscience. I will revive those turned to stone, and you cannot stop me.
    " — Dheginsea and Nailah, Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
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    Sothe: There's a country on the other side of the desert?
    Nailah: As I said. We have just traveled from there. Until we met Rafiel, we didn't know there were countries on this side of the desert. After all, no one had ever crossed the Desert of Death and lived to tell of it. Without Rafiel's guidance, we would never have survived the crossing.
    " — Nailah and Sothe, Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
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    Ike: Rafiel…
    Rafiel: Late that night, I returned to the temple. Something happened to me there… Some sort of force took hold of me… The next thing I knew… I was lying in the sand. If Queen Nailah hadn't come, I would have died right there. I didn't even realize how far I was from my dear home.
    " — Rafiel and Ike, Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
  8. "My people, the heron clan of Serenes, were blamed for the murder of Begnion's empress. Begnion mobs rose up in rage and massacred them. I had thought the whole of my clan, my entire race, had been wiped out. I wandered the desert in despair. If not for the queen, I would have died. In Hatari, I vowed to dedicate my life to her. And yet every night for these past three years, a voice has called out to me. Day by day, it has grown stronger… Until the voice led me to you all. Your news brings such joy! Father…Reyson…Leanne… My beloved family… My thanks to thee, O goddess… Ah…" — Rafiel, Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
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