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The Great Bridge

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The Great Bridge

Cm fe09 23.png


Riven Bridge

New units

Ranulf, Haar



Listen up, dogs! There will be no retreating today! We stop Crimea's advance here! We will not allow them to gain the comfort of their homeland!
— Petrine

The Great Bridge (Japanese: オルリベス大橋 Great Bridge) is chapter 23 of Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance.


Main article: The Great Bridge/Script

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Beginning log

The information gathered at Palmeni Temple leads Ike ever closer to the hidden truths behind the war. The assassination of Begnion's former apostle led to the massacre of Serenes. A Serenes princess was kidnapped. The medallion is stolen. A complex skein seemed to connect these events, and now those threads have become clearer and cleaner. Ashnard's motives are still a mystery, but his silhouette lurks in the shadows of all that happens. Ike returns from the temple and renounces all rights to the rule of Daein. Those rights are then passed through General Zelgius of Begnion to the apostle herself. The Crimean army absorbs another troop from Begnion, and with its might increased, marches on the Daein/Crimean border. Its next goal is the Riven Bridge, a massive structure that connects the two countries.

Chapter data

Chapter Data
Unit Data
Victory: Seize Player Other Enemy
Defeat: Ike dies 13+1 0+5 29+13-1
Cm fe09 23.png
Bonus EXP
Requirement Easy Normal/Hard Maniac
Clear the chapter in 12 turns or less
(-penalty per # of turns after)
600 (-45)
400 (-30)
200 (-15)
Clear bonus 300 200/-- --

Character data

New Units
Small portrait ranulf fe09.png
Automatically at start of chapter
Small portrait haar fe09.png
Wyvern Lord
Enemy, talk to with Jill
Returning Characters

Small portrait ike lord fe09.pngSmall portrait titania fe09.pngSmall portrait oscar fe09.pngSmall portrait boyd fe09.pngSmall portrait rhys fe09.pngSmall portrait soren fe09.pngSmall portrait mia fe09.pngSmall portrait ilyana fe09.pngSmall portrait mist fe09.pngSmall portrait rolf fe09.pngSmall portrait marcia fe09.pngSmall portrait lethe fe09.pngSmall portrait mordecai fe09.pngSmall portrait volke thief fe09.pngSmall portrait brom fe09.pngSmall portrait kieran fe09.pngSmall portrait nephenee fe09.pngSmall portrait zihark fe09.pngSmall portrait sothe fe09.pngSmall portrait jill fe09.pngSmall portrait astrid fe09.pngSmall portrait gatrie fe09.pngSmall portrait makalov fe09.pngSmall portrait stefan fe09.pngSmall portrait muarim fe09.pngSmall portrait tormod fe09.pngSmall portrait devdan fe09.pngSmall portrait reyson fe09.pngSmall portrait ulki fe09.pngSmall portrait janaff fe09.pngSmall portrait tanith fe09.pngSmall portrait shinon fe09.pngSmall portrait calill fe09.pngSmall portrait tauroneo fe09.png

Item data

Name Obtainment Method
Is gcn hammerne.png Hammerne View base conversation "Soren"
Is gcn heavy spear.png Heavy Spear Dropped by enemy Lance Knight
Is gcn blizzard.png Blizzard Dropped by enemy Mage
Is gcn longbow.png Longbow Dropped by enemy Archer
Is gcn killer bow.png Killer Bow Dropped by enemy Sniper
Is gcn flame lance.png Flame Lance Dropped by Petrine
Is gcn physic.png Physic Steal from enemy Sage
Is gcn steel bow.png Steel Bow Steal from enemy Paladin
Is gcn steel sword.png Steel Sword Steal from enemy Paladin
Is gcn iron bow.png Iron Bow Steal from enemy Paladin
Is gcn steel lance.png Steel Lance Steal from enemy Paladin
Is gcn steel lance.png Steel Lance Steal from enemy Wyvern Rider (reinforcement)
Is gcn javelin.png Javelin Steal from enemy Wyvern Rider (reinforcement)
Is gcn vulnerary.png Vulnerary Steal from enemy Swordmaster (reinforcement)
Is gcn vulnerary.png Vulnerary Steal from enemy Wyvern Lord (reinforcement)
Is gcn elixir.png Elixir Steal from Petrine

Enemy data

Enemy Units
Name Class Lv # Inventory and Skills Notes
Soldier Archer 18 1 LongbowThis item is dropped upon this unit's defeat. --
Soldier Archer 20 1 Steel Bow --
Soldier Axe Knight 20 2 Steel Axe --
Soldier Axe Knight 20 1 Hammer --
Feral One Cat 11 1 Claw --
Mercenary Fighter 20 1 Steel Axe --
Mercenary Fighter 20 1 Venin Axe --
Soldier Lance Knight 18 1 Steel Lance --
Soldier Lance Knight 20 1 Short Spear --
Soldier Lance Knight 20 1 Heavy SpearThis item is dropped upon this unit's defeat. --
Soldier Mage 15 1 Elthunder --
Soldier Mage 18 1 BlizzardThis item is dropped upon this unit's defeat. --
Soldier Paladin 6 1 Steel Bow Steel Lance --
Soldier Paladin 6 1 Steel Lance Iron Bow --
Soldier Sage 3 1 Tornado Physic --
Soldier Sniper 1 1 Steel Bow --
Soldier Sniper 1 1 Killer BowThis item is dropped upon this unit's defeat. --
Soldier Sniper 4 1 Steel Bow --
Soldier Sword Knight 18 1 Iron Sword --
Feral One Tiger 8 2 Claw --
Mercenary Warrior 3 1 Short Axe --
Mercenary Warrior 3 2 Poleax --
Mercenary Warrior 4 1 Steel Axe --
Soldier Wyvern Rider 17 1 Short Spear --
Soldier Wyvern Rider 18 1 Steel Lance --
Petrine Paladin 18 1 Flame LanceThis item is dropped upon this unit's defeat. Elixir
Name Class Lv # Inventory and Skills Notes
Mercenary Myrmidon 20 1 Laguzslayer --
Mercenary Myrmidon 20 1 Longsword --
Soldier Paladin 3 1 Silver Blade --
Soldier Sword Knight 20 1 Iron Blade --
Soldier Sword Knight 20 1 Laguzslayer --
Mercenary Swordmaster 3 1 Silver Blade Vulnerary --
Soldier Wyvern Rider 20 4 Steel Lance --
Soldier Wyvern Rider 20 1 Steel Lance Javelin --
Soldier Wyvern Lord 3 1 Silver Lance Vulnerary --
Haar Wyvern Lord 11 1 Brave Axe

NPC data

NPC Units
Name Class Lv # Inventory and Skills Notes
Soldier Paladin 5 2 Steel Bow Vulnerary --
Soldier Paladin 5 3 Steel Lance Vulnerary --
Name Class Lv # Inventory and Skills Notes
  • Note: 5 NPC paladins will appear after crossing a certain section of the bridge.

Boss data

Main article: Petrine

Easy/Normal Hard/Maniac

Small portrait petrine fe09.png
Level 18
Affinity Is gcn thunderaffin.png
Constitution 9
Max HP 41 Speed 23
Strength 20 Luck 10
Magic 16 Defense 22
Skill 20 Resistance 18
Movement 9 Weight 32
Inventory Skills
Flame LanceThis item is dropped upon this unit's defeat.
Weapon Levels
GCNRankSword.gif -- GCNRankLance.gif S GCNRankAxe.gif A GCNRankBow.gif --
GCNRankFire.gif -- GCNRankThunder.gif -- GCNRankWind.gif -- GCNRankStaff.gif --


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  • Haar wields the only obtainable Brave Axe in the entire game.
  • This map reappears in Radiant Dawn as the 11th chapter of part 3, Just Cause. However, the player's army is instead on the left side while the enemy's army is on the right.

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
English The Great Bridge --
Japanese オルリベス大橋 Great Bridge
Spanish El gran puente The great bridge
French Le Grand Pont The Great Bridge
German Brückenschlag Building bridges
Italian Il grande ponte The great bridge


This section has been marked as a stub. Please help improve the page by adding information.

Solo The Great Bridge Battle Reunion

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