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Portrait tashoria fe10.png
Tashoria's portrait in Radiant Dawn.







Starting class



Not one step backward! Be strong! The duke will soon arrive with reinforcements. Stand strong a little longer... Stand firm for the revolution!
— Tashoria

Tashoria (Japanese: タシヨリア Tashjoria) is a servant of Ludveck of Felirae who fought in his rebel army in Crimea's civil war. He was entrusted by Ludveck with the defense of Felirae Castle itself when Geoffrey and the Crimean Royal Knights came to besiege it and arrest Ludveck, and he and his men were given false instructions to make them act as a decoy while Ludveck led an attack on Queen Elincia herself.[1]

Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn


Tashoria is the boss of Part II, Chapter 3 and acts as the commander of the Rebel Army units in this chapter. He guards the seize point.


See also: Geoffrey's Charge
Small portrait tashoria fe10.png
Level 8
Affinity Is wii fireaffin.png
Constitution 12
Max HP 37 Speed 24
Strength 17 Luck 9
Magic 8 Defense 17
Skill 24 Resistance 12
Movement 7 Weight 12
Inventory Skills
Wo DaoThis item is dropped upon this unit's defeat.This item or skill is locked to this unit. Critical +10
Weapon Levels
Swords B Lances -- Axes -- Bows -- Knives -- Strike weapons --
Fire magic -- Thunder magic -- Wind magic -- Light magic -- Dark magic -- Staves --


Tashoria was a fervent believer in Ludveck and his cause, viewing Elincia as a "tyrant", and he stood up to Geoffrey's siege against the odds with the hope of being hailed as a hero of the rebellion. His faith in Ludveck's honesty was absolute, despite how Ludveck left him to die as a distraction, and even as he died he believed that Ludveck was still coming for him with reinforcements.


Battle quotes

W-we have to hold out! The duke is on his way! We'll be heroes! Adored, and showered with riches!
— Tashoria, as the boss of Part II, Chapter 3 in Radiant Dawn.
Geoffrey: Geoffrey: Rebel forces! I am Geoffrey, commander of the Royal Knights of Crimea! Lay down your weapons and submit to the rule of the law! Further resistance is futile! Her majesty the queen promises leniency and means you no harm! Listen to me! You must yield!
Tashoria: Tch... What nonsense is this? Do you take us for idiots!? Our reinforcements will arrive shortly, and your fate will be sealed! Death to the tyrant and her lapdogs!
Geoffrey: Grr... The queen lives to serve you! Why can't you see that!

— Tashoria, when fighting Geoffrey in Part II, Chapter 3 of Radiant Dawn.

Death quotes

Duke... Duke Ludveck... Where are...our reinforcements...
— Tashoria, as the boss of Part II, Chapter 3 in Radiant Dawn.

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Romanized as TASHJORIA in his internal file name.



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  1. "Rebel: The Royal Knights have left the capital! We estimate roughly 4,000 soldiers are marching on Felirae.
    Ludveck: That means about 2,000 are left in the capital... That’s more than I’d expected. ...Hmm, I suppose it can’t be helped. The column headed toward Felirae is primarily cavalry, is it not?
    Rebel: Yes, sir. Exactly as you surmise, sir.
    Ludveck: In that case, the forces at the capital will be led by the queen’s confidante, Lady Lucia. This is most perfect. The soldiers remaining at Castle Felirae have been given detailed instructions...false instructions, I might add. ...The dear pawns. They are so very heroic, and so very disposable.
    " — A rebel soldier and Ludveck, Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
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