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Portrait of Nico in Radiant Dawn.








Radiant Dawn

When I grow up, I want to be just like you guys!
— Nico, to Micaiah.

Nico (Japanese: ニコ Nico) is a child who lives in Nevassa, the capital city of Daein.


Micaiah uses Sacrifice to heal a mortal wound sustained by Nico.

Nico grew up in the aftermath of the Mad King's War, while Daein was ruled by Numida's Begnion Imperial Occupation Army. He became a great admirer of the Dawn Brigade when they fought back against the oppressive occupiers, and often talked about them with his friends.[1] In the early summer of 648, he and his mother met the Dawn Brigade for the first time when Pugo and his bandits attacked the town. Three Dawn Brigade members, Micaiah, Edward, and Leonardo, came to their aid and defeated Pugo's crew, and Nico was excited to meet his heroes. Shortly after, when the Dawn Brigade tried to evade capture, Nico was part of the crowd who stood between the Brigade and the Begnion army and was shot by a Begnion archer. Having sensed this danger, Micaiah came back and healed Nico with her rare Sacrifice ability, expending all of her energy to save him. Even after being shot, Nico continued to stand between Begnion and the Dawn Brigade, as they escaped with Micaiah, until Jarod arrived.

Some time later, long after the Dawn Brigade had formed the Daein Liberation army and successfully taken back Daein, Micaiah and her army were drawn into the war between Begnion and the Laguz Alliance despite their intense misgivings about the war. Nico and his mother had the opportunity to meet Micaiah and Sothe again during the war, and Nico's expression of great admiration for Micaiah greatly touched her, reaffirming her resolve to fight to protect Daein from the wrath of the Begnion senate in the name of ensuring that good people like Nico would survive.[2]

Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn


Nico appears in cutscenes in the first two chapters of Part 1. In localized versions of the game, he later re-appears in a base conversation in Part III, Chapter 12.


Nico is a great admirer of the Dawn Brigade, and dreams of growing up to be as great a hero as its members.[3] Like many citizens of Daein, he regards Micaiah and the rest of the Dawn Brigade as symbols of hope and fortune, and believes that as long as Daein has the Dawn Brigade, they will safely make it through any war or crisis, and this encourages him to never give up even in the darkest of times.[2]

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology, and in other regions
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Short form of Nicholas or Nicodemus.[4]



Romanized as NICO in internal file names.



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  1. "Nico: What! Really?! You guys are in the Dawn Brigade?! Wow, my friends and I talk about you all the time!
    Lady: You? But you're just children! Oh, how Daein has fallen... Children, forced to fight and steal for the good of the poor. But we can't fight the rogues, so we'll take you up on your offer. Please be careful. They'll slice clean through you if they can.
    " — Nico and his mother, Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
  2. 2.0 2.1 "???: There she is! Hey, lady!
    Micaiah: Who? Oh, Nico!
    Nico: This is great. I was hoping I'd find you.
    Lady: Nico, mind your manners. The Silver-Haired Maiden is the savior of Daein. She's not just some lady."
    Micaiah: Oh, it's all right. I'm still the same simple girl from Daein you met before. Nothing's changed. So, are things well with you?
    Lady: Well, the fighting's got everyone worried, coming so soon after the last war and all... But we're doing all we can for Daein! It doesn't matter who or what we're up against. Believe me when I tell you we'll never give up.
    Nico: That's right! We won't give up. Ever! I know we're gonna win, too. ‘Cause we've got you on our side. That's what everybody says. The Dawn Brigade will save us.
    Micaiah: Is that what they say? I see... Listen to me, Nico. You can believe in us. I promise we'll keep you safe.
    Nico: I knew it!
    Lady: Come along, Nico. We should be going. The maiden's got better things to do than stand here chatting with us all day.
    Nico: Bye, lady! See you later!
    Micaiah: Yes... good-bye, Nico.
    Sothe: ...
    Micaiah: I... I want to save them all. The world is a better place with people like them in it.
    Sothe: I know how you feel, Micaiah. That's why we started all this. We've always been fighting for them. But this war we're in... It's not just. We're fighting on the wrong side.
    Micaiah: I know. I don't want to see anyone die. It's ironic... I'm killing with no malice, because I don't want anyone to be killed. I... What am I supposed to do? Am I supposed to stand back and let all of Daein perish? Is that the "just" thing to do?
    Sothe: ...
    Micaiah: If that's what it takes to be just, then I want nothing to do with justice. I'd rather be hated and feared like Mad King Ashnard. I'd rather the dark god take my soul. I'm going to save my people, Sothe. If the rest of the world paints me as a beast to be reviled and hated, so be it.
    " — Nico, Micaiah, Nico's mother, and Sothe, Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
  3. "Hey, lady! My name's Nico! When I grow up, I want to be just like you guys! Come back sometime!" — Nico, Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
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