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FERD Soan.png
Artwork of Soan from Radiant Dawn.



Laguz (lion)


Stefan (descendant)

So pledge Altina of the beorc, Dheginsea of the dragon tribes, Soan of the beast tribes, and I, Lehran, of the bird tribes.
— Lehran mentioning Soan

Soan (Japanese: ソーン Soan) was one of the Three Heroes of ancient Tellius, and a direct ancestor of the Branded warrior Stefan.


Soan was one of the strongest warriors in the service of the goddess Ashera, and in the aftermath of the Great Flood, he was chosen along with Altina and Dheginsea to defeat Yune after she was stripped from Ashera's being. To help her fight Yune, Ashera empowered Soan with a potent blessing, giving him the ability to pierce divine protection and harm Yune.[1] However, after subduing Yune, Soan joined Altina and Lehran in convincing Ashera to enter a covenant where, if humanity upheld a promise to not war for a millennium while the two goddesses slept, then Yune and Ashera would reunite. Soan pledged to achieve this on behalf of all beast tribe laguz.[2]

In the first years of the era of the sleeping goddesses, Soan joined his friends Altina and Lehran in the new Kingdom of Begnion, founded as a place where both laguz and beorc could co-exist in the year -131. When Altina and Lehran conceived a child together, Soan and Dheginsea believed that the child would become a symbol of peace between the two races, until the pregnancy resulted in Lehran losing all of his laguz powers and retreating from society. Soan later succeeded Altina as the ruler of Begnion,[3] and at some point had a child, whose lineage eventually resulted in the Branded Stefan, who became the leader of a Branded settlement in the Grann Desert.

Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn


Soan appears in the background of the default title screen of Radiant Dawn, along with Altina and Dheginsea. While he does not have a speaking role, he is stated by other characters as being present in the flashback scenes in the the fourth and the fifth parts of the Part 4 Endgame.

Personality and character

Other appearances


Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
English Soan From the Soan River (Urdu: سواں‬‎), also referred to as the Swan, Sawan, or Sohan, which is a river in Punjab, Pakistan.
Japanese ソーン Soan
Spanish Soan As above.
French Soan As above.
German Soan As above.
Italian Soan As above.



  1. "When Ashera set out to defeat me, she gathered her strongest warriors and bestowed on them some of her power. This is called the Goddess's Blessing... She empowered the dual swords of the beorc swordswoman, Altina. The laguz warrior, Soan, and Dheginsea, the leader of the dragon tribe, were also blessed." — Yune, Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
  2. "Ashera: Lehran, you have ever been a wise and kind- hearted child. In deference to you, I will place my faith in your kind one last time. For the next thousand years, I shall sleep as well. When I wake again, I hope it is to a world of peace and order, where all prosper as equals. If I do, then I will know that you have advised me well. I will reward your counsel. I will also allow Yune to return to me. I will once again be the goddess of creation, whole and complete. Ashunera, the Dawn Goddess... The name your ancestors gave me so long ago. I should like to hear it again. However, during this thousand years, if the chaos of war should arise and awaken Yune from her slumber in the medallion... I will know that you have strayed from your path, and I will punish your failure as I would reward your success. And then you will know my judgment. You will pay for your sins, each of you to the last.
    Lehran: In the names of our people, we vow to keep this covenant. There will be no great war between laguz and beorc for a thousand years. So pledge Altina of the beorc, Dheginsea of the dragon tribes, Soan of the beast tribes, and I, Lehran, of the bird tribes.
    " — Ashera and Lehran, Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
  3. In the Japanese version of Radiant Dawn, the entry on the Three Heroes in the Library says that Soan became the second king of Begnion. (後にベグニオン初代国王となった ベオクの女性オルティナ、二代国王となった獣牙族のソーン、ゴルドア王デギンハンザーの3人。) The localization changed this to say that he became the "second king of the beast tribe laguz".
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