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Rebirth (3)

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Rebirth (3)

Cm fe10 4-E-3.png


Tower of Guidance



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We will wait here patiently for the punishment we deserve. If you are unwilling to await judgment... You will stand against... The greatest of all dragons!
— Dheginsea

Rebirth (3) (Japanese: 再生 [Area3] Rebirth [Area3]) is the third endgame of Part IV of Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn.

In this chapter, Ike and his group are confronted by Dheginsea, the king of all dragons.


Main articles: Rebirth (3)/Script and Rebirth (3)/Conversations

As the group continues to ascend the Tower of Guidance, Yune begins to sense no enemies for a while. Using this lull, she begins to tell the story of Tellius's creation; the story of the goddess Ashunera. After creating the world, she was saddened that she could speak to none of its creatures. Later on, though, some creatures evolved into beings that could speak with her: the Zunanma, ancestors of both beorc and laguz. Sanaki notes that Begnion taught that the Zunanma were only the ancestors of the beorc, and she wonders what other truths Begnion has warped. Yune continues her story, saying the Zunanma worshipped Ashunera as the "Goddess of Dawn", who was loved by all. As the Zunanma continued to evolve into different races, each race began seeing themselves as superior to all others, and thus began to fight the others. Unable to stop their conflict, Ashunera then caused the Great Flood, drowning all continents except Tellius in attempt to stop the warring.

Ike, Caineghis, and Elincia speak up, telling Yune what they had been taught about the flood: that it had been stirred up by the "dark god", which is why all were adamant on keeping the medallion sealed. Kurthnaga notes that neither beorc nor laguz has an accurate depiction of the Great Flood, and the group then reaches the next great door. Yune then warns everyone that whoever stands beyond the door can tell them, and Kurthnaga believes that person to be none other than his father, King Dheginsea. Yune also warns that Dheginsea has a powerful blessing from Ashera that would make him nearly impossible to defeat. She explains that Ashera also gave this blessing to the laguz warrior Soan and the beorc swordsman Altina—blessing her twin swords, Ragnell and Alondite—for the purpose of defeating the "dark god", Yune. To prepare everyone for the upcoming challenge, Yune gives a similar blessing to her chosen ones, granting them the power to pierce through Ashera's blessing. Having overexerted herself, Yune then begins to sleep, and returns ownership of Micaiah's body to her.

The group walks through the door, where they find Dheginsea awaiting them. Dheginsea chastises Kurthnaga for participating in a war. He then says that the people have betrayed their promise to Ashera, and that he is ready to receive her punishment. Micaiah interjects, telling him that it was not war that awoke the goddesses, but rather her Galdr of Release. Dheginsea refuses to believe this, and threatens them, shifting into a mighty Black Dragon. Kurthnaga attempts to talk him out of this, but Ike then approaches, knowing Dheginsea will not change his mind. The group then begins to clash against him and all the dragons under his rule.

After a grueling fight, Dheginsea is defeated, and concedes to Ike and his group. When he wonders how they could have defeated him, Yune tells him that she blessed each one of them. Yune apologizes both for the flood and the ensuing war against her, to which Dheginsea responds by saying that he always knew she wasn't evil, but simply too powerful. Dheginsea then explains why he sided with Ashera again: after the first war, he and the survivors pledged to Ashera that the beorc and laguz would not war again for a thousand years, but as that promise was broken, he kept to Ashera to accept his judgment. He then tells that he rewrote history and declared Yune a dark god to ensure the other laguz kings would follow suit. Yune then forgives him. Dheginsea then gives a message to Gareth, Nasir, and Ena, before finally declaring Kurthnaga the new king of the dragons.

Dheginsea, without any energy remaining, is unable to move from his position. Another vision plays out, in which an unidentified man urges Dheginsea to save the oppressed laguz from Begnion slavery. Dheginsea, however, obstinately refuses all requests, not willing to bring the goddess' judgment upon all for their wars. The man still argues with him, believing the goddess would not will the laguz to suffer so, but Dheginsea still refuses. Fed up with Dheginsea's refusals, the man walks away, intending to free the laguz without him or Goldoa. The vision ends, and Dheginsea wishes the best for his daughter, Almedha, and finally passes on. Past the door, Kurthnaga musters the resolve to continue on to Ashera, for the sake of his father.

Chapter data

Easy Normal/Hard

Chapter Data
Unit Data
Victory: Defeat Dheginsea Player Partner Other Enemy
Defeat: Ike or Micaiah dies 2–17 {{{partner}}} {{{other}}} 33+22
Cm fe10 4-E-3.png
Bonus EXP
Requirement Easy Normal Hard
Clear the chapter 8,000 8,000 4,000
Clear the chapter in 10/15 turns or less 4,000/2,000 4,000/2,000 2,000/1,000

This map's elemental affinity is Heaven.

Character data

New units


Required characters
Ike vanguard ​Micaiah light priestess ​
Available characters
Sothe whisper ​Sanaki ​Kurthnaga ​Ena ​Edward ​Leonardo ​Nolan ​Laura ​Ilyana ​Aran ​Meg ​Volug ​Tauroneo ​Jill ​Zihark ​Fiona ​Tormod ​Muarim ​Vika ​Nailah ​Elincia 01 ​Marcia ​Nealuchi ​Haar ​Brom ​Nephenee ​Heather ​Lucia 02 ​Lethe ​Mordecai ​Geoffrey ​Kieran ​Astrid ​Makalov ​Danved ​Calill ​Titania ​Soren ​Mist ​Rolf ​Boyd ​Oscar ​Shinon ​Gatrie ​Rhys ​Mia ​Ranulf ​Kyza ​Lyre ​Janaff ​Ulki ​Sigrun ​Tanith ​Skrimir ​Naesala ​Tibarn ​Pelleas ​Stefan ​Oliver ​Bastian ​Volke ​Caineghis ​Giffca ​Renning ​Rafiel ​Reyson ​Leanne ​

This chapter follows the party formed after leaving the base in Endgame (1): Ike, Micaiah, Sothe, Sanaki, Kurthnaga, and Ena; ten units chosen by the player; one of Rafiel, Reyson, or Leanne; and any units recruited after that point.

Item data

Name Obtainment Method
Is wii elixir.png Elixir View base conversation "Micaiah"
Is wii pavise scroll.png Pavise View base conversation "Sanaki"
Is wii guard scroll.png Guard View base conversation "Rafiel", "Reyson", or "Leanne"
(depends on which heron the player brought into the tower)
Is wii laguz stone.png Laguz Stone Steal from enemy White Dragon
Is wii olivi grass.png Olivi Grass Steal from enemy White Dragon
Is wii laguz gem.png Laguz Gem Steal from Nasir
Is wii laguz stone.png Laguz Stone Steal from Gareth
Is wii formshift.png Formshift Granted to Kurthnaga at the end of the chapter

Before entering the chapter's map proper, Yune will bless every unit in the party's equipped weapon. Yune's blessing grants a weapon with infinite durability as well as the ability to pierce the Mantle skill. It additionally grants non-heron laguz full transform gauge at the start of this map. On Easy mode, it also grants all units a passive +5 bonus to their strength, magic, skill, speed, luck, defense, and resistance.

Blessed weapons have their name listed in light blue.

Before the blessing is given, a preparations menu is entered so that each unit's equipped weapon may be changed if needed. Ike will automatically equip Ragnell and cannot have his weapon changed.

Enemy data

Easy Normal/Hard

Enemy Units
Name Class Lv # Inventory and Skills Notes
Goldoa White Dragon 20 1 Breath
Authority: Dheginsea
Goldoa White Dragon 20 1 Breath Laguz Stone
Authority: Dheginsea
Goldoa Red Dragon 20 3 Breath
Authority: Dheginsea
Does not move; stands on wardwood.
Goldoa Red Dragon 20 3 Breath
Authority: Dheginsea
Goldoa White Dragon 19 1 Breath
Authority: Dheginsea
Goldoa White Dragon 18 8 Breath
Authority: Dheginsea
The three on the stairs to Dheginsea's platform do not move.
Goldoa Red Dragon 18 7 Breath
Authority: Dheginsea
Goldoa White Dragon 18 1 Breath
Authority: Dheginsea
Goldoa White Dragon 19 3 Breath
Authority: Dheginsea
Goldoa Red Dragon 19 1 Breath
Authority: Dheginsea
Goldoa Red Dragon 18 1 Breath
Authority: Dheginsea
Nasir White Dragon 34 1 Breath Laguz Gem
Boon White Pool Nihil Shove
Authority: Dheginsea
Does not move; stands on cover.
Gareth Red Dragon 31 1 Breath Laguz Stone
Blood Tide Shove
Authority: Dheginsea
Does not move; stands on cover.
Dheginsea Black Dragon 40 1 Breath
Mantle Night Tide Formshift Shove Ire
Authority: ★★★★★
• Does not move.
• Can cast a variant of Judge that works as an area-of-effect strike attack if he has not used it within the previous three turns.
• He and all other enemies do not attack or counterattack Rafiel, Reyson, Leanne, Ena, or Kurthnaga.
Name Class Lv # Inventory and Skills Notes
Goldoa White Dragon 17 5 Breath
Authority: Dheginsea
Goldoa Red Dragon 18 11 Breath
Authority: Dheginsea
Goldoa White Dragon 18 6 Breath
Authority: Dheginsea


  • Turns 3, 8, 9, 12, and 13
  • Turns 4 and 7
  • Turn 11

Boss data

Main article: Dheginsea
Small portrait dheginsea fe10.png
Black Dragon
Level 40
Affinity Is wii darkaffin.png
Constitution 16»42
Authority ★★★★★
Max HP 100 Speed 15»30
Strength 25»50 Luck 30
Magic 13»26 Defense 25»50
Skill 18»36 Resistance 23»46
Movement 5»6 Weight 26»82
Inventory Skills
Breath Mantle
Night Tide
Weapon Levels
Swords -- Lances -- Axes -- Bows -- Knives -- Strike weapons SS
Fire magic -- Thunder magic -- Wind magic -- Light magic -- Dark magic -- Staves --


This section details unofficial strategies that may help with completion of the chapter. This may not work for everybody.

As mentioned prior, Yune will bless all of the player unit's equipped weapons before the start of this chapter proper, granting them infinite durability and the ability to bypass the Mantle skill. As such, it is recommended to bless the strongest weapons you have on hand. Bear in mind however, that her blessings does NOT apply to staves, seemingly done as gameplay balance to prevent the player from gaining a reliable and infinite source of healing; attempting to do so will not work, and is effectively wasting the blessing as it will otherwise not be applied to any weapons in their possession; as such, do not try it.

Befitting for the King of Dragons, Dheginsea is very powerful, to the point that no one, not even the Laguz royals, could solo him without help from other units. His HP is at a high 100, along with capped strength, magic, luck, defense, and resistance. His attack is at a nuclear 75, unconditionally OHKO-ing Ilyana and Laura (due to their low HP/DEF stat caps), and 2HKO-ing everything else (except Lion/Lion King, which can take a 3rd hit if under the effect of Night Tide). He is also the first boss who comes equipped with Mantle, which not only negates damage from all weapons not blessed by Yune, but can also heal him by an amount based on his luck stat (at 30), and grants Nihil and Fortune. He is also equipped with the dragon laguz's mastery skill, Ire, which can triple the damage of his already monstrously high attack, delivering instant-death to all but the beefiest Lion/Lion King under the effect of Night Tide. Equipping Nihil to a unit will prevent him from using his mastery skill against that particular unit. His speed is very high at 30 points, so do not attempt to send anyone with 26 speed or less in a direct confrontation with him, as they are guaranteed to get killed in one round via getting double attacked.

If the player brought Marksmen units (Leonardo, Shinon, and/or Rolf) into the tower, they would be able to safely attack from outside Dheginsea's attack range, albeit with 60-80% hitrates. This strategy is not useful by itself, since they won't be doing much damage in one round, and the chip damage is easily negated by Dheginsea's self-healing.

Even though Dheginsea is still susceptible to thunder magic like all other dragon units, Ilyana, the game's only Rexbolt caster, can't survive a single hit even if she's been maxed out and under the effect of Night Tide, while other Arch Sages still need Night Tide to survive a hit to get a Thoron off. However, if the player has a Bolting tome, they can opt to bless it to both to allow your magic users to snipe the dragons from afar and to chip Dheginsea from a safe distance. Due to Bolting being a siege Tome with 3-10 range, a single blessed Bolting can be passed between multiple units in a single turn via Trading to be used multiple times in a turn. Obtaining a Bolting tome in the first place however, requires some strategy and trickery on the player's end to steal the tome from certain enemy Thunder Sages in Part 3, which have very few opportunities to do so; on Easy difficulty, the only obtainable Bolting tome is in Part III, Chapter 2, and obtaining it requires training Heather (who has a very low strength growth) to have at least 20 strength to successfully steal it.

If the player still has a spare Wyrmslayer, it may be worth to consider blessing it for use in this chapter against the enemy dragons, including Dheginsea himself. However, doing this requires bringing another sword-using unit other than Ike, along with forfeiting the opportunity to bless a potentially stronger sword in favor of blessing the Wyrmslayer.

If the player has Dragonfoe on a Crossbow-equipping unit, they can hand the strongest crossbow on hand to that unit (Arbalest, Aqqar, or Taksh) since weapon effectiveness will triple the already monstrous might of crossbows, and despite strength being negated, they have enough power to one-shot the dragons that infest this map. Do note that this strategy will not work on Dheginsea, since his aforementioned Mantle skill negates combat skills, and that is before accounting that his skyhigh defense completely invalidates the might of crossbows. Since crossbows generally won't see much use beyond this map, it's advisable to not bless them and just leave them once this map is over.

Be warned that, although no enemies will target the herons, Ena, or Kurthnaga directly, they can still be damaged by Dheginsea's area-of-effect attack. As such, it is best to keep the herons around 9 or more spaces away from him whenever possible.

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology, and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology, and notes

Rebirth (3)



再生 [Area3]

Rebirth [Area3]


Renacer (3)

Rebirth (3)


Renaissance (3)

Rebirth (3)


Wiedergeburt (3)

Rebirth (3)


Rinascita (3)

Rebirth (3)


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