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Rebirth (3)/Conversations

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Sothe: Are you all right, Micaiah?
Micaiah: Yes, I'm fine. How about you, Sothe? Are you all right? You're not hurt?
Sothe: I'm not a child, Micaiah! When are you going to start treating me like an adult?
Micaiah: Show me your hand.
Sothe: What?
Micaiah: Look at your hands. They're so big... They were so small when we met.
Sothe: Micaiah...

(Ike arrives)

Ike: Ahh... Sorry. Am I interrupting something?
Sothe: C-Commander!
Micaiah: It's all right, Ike. How can we help you?
Ike: I was scrounging around in my stuff and found some extra medicine. I figured I'd ask around and see if anyone needed it.
Sothe: ...I need to go get ready.

(Sothe leaves)

Ike: Hey, there's no rush. We still have... He didn't catch a word of that, did he?
Micaiah: I'm sorry about that.
Ike: How long have you been with him?
Micaiah: ...A long time. I met him when I was hiding out in the back alleys of Nevassa, over ten years ago.

Micaiah: He was so skinny, but his gaze was so piercing... I wondered how such a young boy could look like that. One day, I noticed he was standing close to me, just watching. He continued like that for a few days. One day, I held out my hand. He was suspicious of me, but came over anyway. He looked like a scared animal. Then his little hand slipped into mine. It was shaking. His fingers were so thin and frail. I couldn't let go after that.

(Scene returns to Ike and Micaiah)

Micaiah: After that, we traveled together all over the continent. No matter where we went, we were always together.
Ike: The first time I met him, he'd hidden on a ship we were taking. He mentioned he was looking for someone who was like family to him. It was you he was searching for, wasn't it?
Micaiah: I...I tried to leave him behind. When we went to Crimea, I split off from him and took a ship to Begnion. But when I reached Begnion, war had broken out between Crimea and Daein. I knew I had to return to Daein to look for him. I couldn't find him, so I went to Crimea. But I still couldn't find him... We found each other again after the war, in Daein. In the back alleys of Nevassa, where we first met.
Ike: You took routes opposite to each other.
Micaiah: When I told him why I'd disappeared, he got so angry... I'd never seen him get so emotional before.
Ike: I can't say that I blame him. I'd be pretty furious if I heard someone that I loved was wandering around two countries at war. Besides, I'm sure he'd hidden his feelings about being abandoned until he saw you again.
Micaiah: I thought I was reaching the limit of how long I could stay with him. He grew each and every day, but I remained the same... I didn't want him to be harmed by the curse I lived with. Can you imagine how hard that would have been on him?
Ike: You mean the blood of the laguz?
Micaiah: So you knew. Did you find out from the boy who's always beside you?
Ike: Soren. Yeah. I guess you both know how to recognize people with a similar nature.
Micaiah: Yes. He and I are both Branded.
Ike: ...Don't use that word. You and Soren are both people. Just like me and everyone else.
Micaiah: People. You're just like Yune. You call both laguz and beorcs people. Ike: Why should I care about the color of your hair, eyes, and skin? Or your ears, wings, or tail? No matter how long you live or what powers you possess, we're the same. At the end of the day, we're all people.
Micaiah: ... Sothe talks that way, too. His time with you changed him. Thank you, Ike. I've made up my mind.
Ike: About what? I didn't realize we were doing anything but talking.
Micaiah: I thought I might travel to a far-off place after all of this was over. But I won't. I'll go back to Daein. No matter what happens, I'll have Sothe by my side. I have nothing to fear as long as he's with me.
Ike: It seems the feelings between you two run both ways. But that's probably the wisest choice for Daein, and Sothe too. Anyway...
Micaiah: Oh, um... May I have some medicine?
Ike: Oh! Yeah, I almost forgot. Survive, Micaiah. We need you, and the goddess you host, to save the people of Tellius.
Micaiah: Yes. I know.

(You got an ElixirIs wii elixir.png.)


Sanaki: Zelgius is the Black Knight? I don't know what to say... It's unbelievable!
Ike: What was he like in Begnion?
Sanaki: He was the right-hand man of my most trusted aide, Duke Sephiran of Persis. He was a hero, a perfect general, and the best swordsman in all of Tellius. He was never anything but loyal. But he was serving another country!
Ike: Hmm. It makes me wonder how Sephiran is doing.
Sanaki: I doubt he's been turned to stone. Even though he was captured by Lekain and forcibly removed from his post, he'll have found a way to persevere. Sigrun always said there's no other master of the arcane arts who can compare with the duke of Persis.
Ike: Makes you wonder, doesn't it?
Sanaki: Ike... Don't tell me you suspect Sephiran!
Ike: Well, look at the facts...
Sanaki: Do not trouble your mind with that thought! He would never betray me.
Ike: It's nice to think so. But if he's not petrified, he'd have received a message from Yune. So where is he?
Sanaki: The goddess isn't perfect. She said so herself! Maybe the message didn't reach everyone.
Ike: ...You have to admit that's a weak excuse. Let's leave it at that, for now. We need to focus on moving forward.
Sanaki: Please, let's! Oh, I almost forgot! I have something for you.
Ike: What is it?
Sanaki: Um... Uh... Well, you're my trusted aide, just like Sephiran. You have to live! So protect yourself with this.
Ike: A mercenary with a contract to act as aide to the empress of Begnion. Who'd have thought? But thank you, Sanaki.
Sanaki: You're welcome, Ike. And thank you.

(You got a PaviseIs wii pavise scroll.png.)


Rafiel: Ike, take a look at this.
Ike: Hey now... Where'd you stumble across it?
Rafiel: Inside the tower. I thought of using it myself, but...
Ike: Yeah, I don't think that it's right for you.
Rafiel: ...Indeed. That's why I brought it here for you to use.
Ike: Thanks. It's a very rare item. I'm in your debt.
Rafiel: It's the least I could do.

(You got a GuardIs wii guard scroll.png.)


Reyson: Ike, take a look at this.
Ike: Hey now... Where'd you stumble across it?
Reyson: Lying around inside the tower. It seemed like the sort of thing I should bring to your attention.
Ike: That's very nice of you, but you didn't have to. Do whatever you want with it.
Reyson: Really? Do you think I'd be able to use it?
Ike: Well, don't get hasty. I don't think it's right for you.
Reyson: ...I know. I'm just kidding, Ike.
Ike: Thanks. It's a very rare item. I'll cherish it.
Reyson: Please do.

(You got a GuardIs wii guard scroll.png.)


Leanne: Micaiah, have you ever seen one of these?
Micaiah: Yes, Leanne, I have. That's a very powerful artifact. Actually, it would be of great help to us, with what's been happening.
Leanne: I found it inside the tower. Do you think I can use it?
Micaiah: Um... I don't think so, Leanne. But you can try if you like...
Leanne: ...I'm only kidding. Here, you can have it.
Micaiah: Oh, for me? Thank you very much. It's a very precious item. I'll make good use of it.
Leanne: Please do!

(You got a GuardIs wii guard scroll.png.)