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Olivi Grass

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Olivi Grass

Is wii olivi grass.png
Icon of the Olivi Grass from Radiant Dawn.

An herb that restores 15 points to a laguz's transformation gauge.



First game

Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn

Olivi Grass (Japanese: オリウイ草 Olivi Grass) is a recovery item appearing exclusively in Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. It increases a laguz's transformation gauge by 15 points whenever used, and can be considered a weaker and more common version of the Laguz Stone item.


Game Icon Uses Worth Effects and notes
Radiant Dawn Is wii olivi grass.png 8 1,600 Adds 15 points to the user's transformation gauge when used.
Only usable by laguz units.


Radiant Dawn

Inventory MordecaiRanulfKurthnagaVika (Part 4 Chapter 4 re-appearance only)
Dropped by Part 3: Chapter 6, enemy CatChapter 13, enemy Cat
Treasure Part 1: Chapter 9, hidden treasure
Part 2: Endgame, hidden treasure (×2)
Part 3: Chapter 5, hidden treasure
Part 4: Chapter 5, hidden treasure (×2)
Shop Part 4: Endgame
Bargains Part 1: Chapter 8Endgame
Part 3: Chapter 4 (×2) • Chapter 7 (×2) • Chapter 8Chapter 10 (×6) • Chapter 11 (×3) • Endgame (×5)
Part 4: Prologue (×3) • Chapter 1 (×3) • Chapter 2 (×3) • Chapter 3 (×3) • Chapter 4 (×2) • Chapter 5 (×2)


  • In the Japanese and NTSC versions of the game, Olivi Grass is mentioned in the opening dialogue of Part 1 Chapter 3 as the basis for a herbal salve which Kurthnaga gives to Micaiah to heal a wound; this conversation also suggests that Olivi Grass is mostly unknown outside of laguz nations.[1] European translations of the game in the PAL release, including English, change this line to refer to a generic "powerful herbal infusion".[2]

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
English Olivi Grass Likely derived from the Italian olivi, plural of olivio, "olive".
Japanese オリウイ草 Romanized as Olivi in the item's internal file name; actually means "Olivi Grass", as above.
Spanish Hierba Olivi Olivi Herb
French Feuille d'olivier Olive tree leaf
German Olivikraut Olivi herb
Italian Erba Olivi Olive herb



  1. "???: ...If you wish, you may use this salve on your wound. It’s an infusion of olivi grass.
    Aimee: Olivi grass? Hm, I’ve never heard of it. Are you sure it’s safe?
    ???: It’s unquestionably safe... and effective.
    " — Kurth and Aimee (NTSC English version), Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
  2. "???:...If you wish, you may use this salve on your wound. It's a powerful herbal infusion.
    Aimee: Herbal infusion? Hm, it smells pretty strong. Are you sure it's safe?
    ???: It's unquestionably safe... and effective.
    " — Kurth and Aimee (PAL English version), Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
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