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FEPR Cat.png
Artwork of a shifted cat from Path of Radiance.

A beast-tribe laguz in cat form who uses cunning and nimble attacks to corner enemies.

Unit type(s)
  • Laguz (Path of Radiance)
  • Beast (all titles)




The cats (Japanese: cat) are a laguz clan of Tellius and one of the beast tribes, along with the lions, tigers, and wolves. Cats primarily live in the Kingdom of Gallia, and are distinguished from their beast brethren by their impressive speed and agility.


Like both the beorc and the other laguz clans, the cat tribe is descended from the Zunanma. Following the covenant with the goddesses, the cats lived as equals with the beorc and other laguz in Begnion, then one of only two nations on Tellius, but over the years bigotry formed among the beorc toward the laguz, and the beorc slowly moved to consolidate absolute power over Begnion. Within two centuries, the Begnion senate declared that only beorc had the right to rule Begnion and established that the laguz were sub-human, and before long many laguz were captured and subjected to slavery under human masters. After 200 years of slavery, several beast laguz - cats among them - began to escape human captivity and fled to the western forests, far from human control, and eventually succeeded in establishing Gallia, a nation for the beast laguz.[1] Most cats then lived in Gallia for centuries afterward, while some remained in slavery in Begnion.

Cat laguz played prominent roles in the struggles between beorc and laguz in the following centuries. After the assassination of Apostle Misaha following her attempt to end laguz slavery, numerous ex-slave cats were part of the Laguz Emancipation Army led by Tormod and Muarim and fought to free slaves in Begnion. Cat warriors served in the Gallian army during both the Mad King's War of 645 and the Laguz Alliance war of 648. Numerous cats were also captured and subjected to the experiments of Izuka and were turned into Feral Ones.


Ranulf, a cat laguz warrior.

Physical appearance

In their humanoid forms, cat laguz retain their cat ears and tails, with their ears mounted higher on their heads than those of the tiger laguz, and they also exhibit pointed whisker-like markings on their cheeks. They also retain distinctive cat eyes. Cat laguz have been seen with a variety of hair/fur colors, including yellow, orange, blue, brown and gray, although yellow appears to be the most common given its use for generic enemy cats. All known cat laguz are relatively thin and scrawny in their unshifted state, compared to the muscular enormity of the tigers and lions.

When transformed, cats physically resemble a domestic cat enlarged to the size of a panther or tiger. In this state, they are lithe and nimble fighters who rely on their immense agility more than simple strength, taking advantage of this to outwit and corner their prey.[2]


Cats have an adequately attuned ability to sense the presence of others of their kind. Theirs is the strongest grasp of the ability among the beast tribes, though they are less capable in the practice than the herons or dragons.[3]

Notable cats

Character Description Appears in
Portrait ranulf fe10.png
A member of the cat clan of the beast tribe laguz. His keen intellect and friendly demeanour often earn him tasks dealing with the beorc. He has a deep friendship with Ike. Path of Radiance, Radiant Dawn
Portrait lethe fe10.png
A member of the cat clan of the beast tribe laguz. She is a proud warrior who once carried a hatred of beorc in her heart. Her travels with Ike have led her to gradually soften this stance. Path of Radiance, Radiant Dawn
Portrait lyre fe10.png
A member of the cat clan of the beast tribe laguz. She is Lethe’s younger sister, and serves under Ranulf. Radiant Dawn
Portrait kezhda fe10.png
A cat clan commander. Radiant Dawn

Class data

Cats are present as a class in both Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn. Of the four beast laguz tribes, Cats have a strong resemblance to Swordmasters in that while they lack raw strength, they make up for it with blistering speed; in Path of Radiance, Cats tie with Tibarn for the highest maximum speed stat of any laguz class, while in Radiant Dawn, they have the highest speed of the beast laguz. They are also considerably frailer than the other beast laguz classes, though like all laguz they mitigate this somewhat with their inherently enormous HP stats.

All Cats wield the Claw strike in both games, and are the only laguz class to continue to use Claws in Radiant Dawn instead of switching to Fangs. Like all laguz, in Path of Radiance Cats are only capable of attacking once they have shifted; Radiant Dawn gave Cats the ability to counterattack enemies with kicks when unshifted, but they still cannot initiate battles themselves in this state.

In Path of Radiance, unshifted Cats are known by the class name Beast Tribe (Japanese: 獣牙族 Beast-Fang Tribe). In the localized versions of Radiant Dawn, they are called Cats in both shifted and unshifted states.

Base stats

Game HP Strength Magic Skill Speed Luck Defense Resistance Movement Constitution Weapon level
Path of Radiance
(male units)
27 » 27 6 » 12 4 » 4 6 » 10 8 » 11 0 » 0 4 » 9 2 » 5 7 » 9 9 » 24 --
Path of Radiance
(female units)
26 » 26 6 » 12 4 » 4 6 » 10 8 » 11 0 » 0 3 » 8 3 » 6 7 » 9 6 » 21 --
Radiant Dawn
(male units)
31 » 31 4 » 8 2 » 4 7 » 14 6 » 12 0 » 0 3 » 6 2 » 4 7 » 9 9 » 14 Strike weapons A
Radiant Dawn
(female units)
47 » 47 7 » 14 6 » 12 11 » 22 11 » 22 0 » 0 7 » 14 8 » 16 7 » 9 6 » 11 Strike weapons A

Max stats

Game HP Strength Magic Skill Speed Luck Defense Resistance Movement Constitution Weapon level
Path of Radiance
(male units)
70 » 70 29 » 35 20 » 20 34 » 38 35 » 38 40 » 40 30 » 35 24 » 27 20 99 --
Path of Radiance
(female units)
70 » 70 26 » 32 20 » 20 34 » 38 36 » 39 40 » 40 27 » 32 27 » 30 20 99 --
Radiant Dawn
(male units)
65 » 65 18 » 36 10 » 20 20 » 40 20 » 40 30 » 30 16 » 32 14 » 28 20 99 Strike weapons SS
Radiant Dawn
(female units)
65 » 65 18 » 36 10 » 20 20 » 40 20 » 40 30 » 30 14 » 28 16 » 32 20 99 Strike weapons SS

Miscellaneous stats

Game Experience CRP Gold Weight mod. Capacity Vision Size
Path of Radiance
-- -- -- +15 » +12 25 -- --
Path of Radiance
-- -- -- +15 » +10 25 -- --
Radiant Dawn -- -- -- +5 » +20 20 4 » 5 --

Class growth rates

Game HP Strength Magic Skill Speed Luck Defense Resistance Charm Constitution* Movement* Weapon level
Path of Radiance 130% 70/65% 10% 65% 75/80% 30% 65% 40% -- -- -- --
Radiant Dawn 80/50% 30/35% 15/10% 30/65% 35/70% 50% 30/26% 20/30% -- -- -- --
See class growth rate for more details on the mechanics of class growths in each game.

Class skills

Game Skill Learning conditions
Path of Radiance
Radiant Dawn
Is wii shove.png Shove Innate; hidden in Path of Radiance.
Path of Radiance Is gcn roar.png Roar Occult skill.
Radiant Dawn Is wii rend.png Rend Mastery skill. Learned by using a Satori Sign at Level 30 or higher.

Class change

Path of Radiance

Unshifted class Transformation method Shifted class
Bs fe09 enemy beast tribe cat.png
Beast Tribe
Gaining 20 transformation gauge points. →
Transformation gauge reaching 0 points.
Bs fe09 enemy cat strike.png

Radiant Dawn

Unshifted class Transformation method Shifted class
Cat Gaining 30 transformation gauge points. →
Transformation gauge reaching 0 points.

Playable Cats

Playable Characters
Name Game
Lethe Path of Radiance, Radiant Dawn
Ranulf Path of Radiance, Radiant Dawn
Lyre Radiant Dawn
Playable Cat units in the Fire Emblem series.

Notable enemy Cats

Enemy Units
Name Game
Lethe Radiant Dawn
Kezhda Radiant Dawn
Enemy Cat units in the Fire Emblem series.

Flavor text

Game Text
Path of Radiance
Demihumans who can transform into
beasts. They refuse to fight in their
human form.
Path of Radiance
Demihumans of the beast tribe in cat form.
They are nimble fighters whose speed in
battle is unsurpassed.
Radiant Dawn
(class roll)
Demihumans who transform into
cats. They counterattack with kicks
in their human form.
Radiant Dawn
(help, untransformed)
Laguz who fight in cat form.
They can counterattack with kicks
in their human form.
Radiant Dawn
(help, transformed)
A beast-tribe laguz in cat form
who uses cunning and nimble
attacks to corner enemies.

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology, and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology, and notes


Broadly speaking, cats (Felidae) are a family of carnivorous mammals who vary wildly in size. The word "cat" is normally taken to refer to the domestic cat (Felis catus), a small species which has long been kept as household pets by humans, which this laguz clan resembles in every way except size.



• Cat. This name is used in Path of Radiance.
• Officially romanized as Cat. In Radiant Dawn, all Japanese class names are spelled primarily in kanji (i.e. ), with a foreign-language name in katakana applied as furigana (i.e. キャット) and used as the basis for the romanized name in the class roll.













Untransformed (Path of Radiance)
Names, etymology, and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology, and notes

Beast Tribe




Beast fang tribe


Tribu felino

Feline tribe


Peuple félin

Feline people





Tribù bestie

Beast tribe

Untransformed (Radiant Dawn)
Names, etymology, and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology, and notes


Beast Tribe (lit. "beast fang tribe") / Cat



  1. "Lethe: …Are you serious? I take it humans aren’t interested in passing history down to their children… …Typical. All right… Centuries ago, when Begnion was still a monarchy, the only countries were Begnion and Goldoa. Goldoa was as it is today: a reclusive nation inhabited only by dragon tribes. All the other laguz lived in Begnion with the humans.
    Jill: Humans and sub-humans used to live together in Begnion?! I had no idea…
    Lethe: A human was named as the first king, although the laguz’s superior strength led us to rule more often than not. Despite the harmony that most felt about this arrangement, the senators wanted nothing to do with it. In the name of the “apostle,” they claimed that only a human could be the true ruler of Begnion…and started a civil war. Like blind, mewling kittens, the laguz kings underestimated the situation… We never had a chance. Caught by surprise, my brothers suffered defeat after defeat in the face of superior human weapons and magic. …That was the start of long, dark days… The start of laguz slavery.
    Lethe: After nearly 200 years, a small number of enslaved laguz managed to escape their human captors in Begnion. The beast tribes fled to the mountains and unexplored forest areas–places where humans were loathe to tread. The bird tribes, on the other hand, escaped to the distant southern islands. This is how our laguz kingdoms began. It took another eighty years, and the blood of many brother laguz, until we were formally recognized as nations. This is why we fight. Why we hate. Humans don’t want former slaves to have countries and be treated as equals. Laguz carry the shame of the past deep in their hearts, and struggle still for the freedom that you take for granted. This is the true history of Tellius… No wonder humans would bury it.
    " — Lethe and Jill, Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance
  2. "A beast-tribe laguz in cat form who uses cunning and nimble attacks to corner enemies." — Cat help description, Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
  3. "Reyson: It's not your fault. Please don't apologize. I know Leanne is alive. These battlefields are filled with chaotic energy, but I can still sense her...It's faint, but I know it's Leanne.
    Tibarn: Which is all the more reason for us to hurry. There may be other ways to finish this, but crushing Daein is the surest.
    Reyson: Agreed.
    Ike: Reyson, is this mysterious power that you use to sense Leanne something only herons possess?
    Tibarn: It's not something any of the hawk clans have! That is a certainty!
    Reyson: That's not true, Tibarn. The power may differ in potency between us, but all laguz possess it to some degree.
    Tibarn: Ah, so it's just that my sense isn't developed, is that it?
    Reyson: The power is distributed something like this...Among the bird tribes, it's very strong in the heron clan. Among the beast tribes, I've heard it's most developed in the cat clan, though not as strongly as in the herons. As for the dragon tribes... It's said they may be equal to, or even surpass, the strength of the herons.
    " — Reyson, Tibarn, and Ike, Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance

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