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Weight (unit)

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Weight (Japanese: 重量 weight), abbreviated as Wt, is a statistic applied to units which appears only in Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn. As its name obviously suggests, it simulates the unit's body weight and dictates whether or not a unit is light enough or too heavy to be rescued by another unit, and whether or not one unit is able to shove another. The function of the weight stat is similar to that of the constitution stat, and indeed it performs the same functions filled by constitution in other games, even though constitution still exists in Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn.

Technically speaking, weight is not entirely its own stat but is calculated based on the unit's constitution and class. Every class in the two games adds a class bonus to the unit's constitution stat to produce their weight stat. The class bonus simulates any additions to the unit's actual body weight that come from whether or not they are armored or ride a mount. A side effect of this system is that increasing a unit's constitution using a Statue Frag will also indirectly increase their weight.


Class bonuses

Path of Radiance

Beorc units
+0 RangerClericMyrmidonSwordmasterFighterArcherMageSagePriestBishopThiefAssassin
+1 LordHeroWarriorSniperBandit
+2 BerserkerSoldier (Female units)
+3 Soldier (Male units)Halberdier (Female units)
+4 KnightHalberdier (Male units)
+5 General
+16 Pegasus Knight
+17 Falcon KnightPrincess Crimea
+20 Valkyrie
+22 Bow Knight (Female units)
+23 Sword KnightLance KnightAxe KnightBow Knight (Male units)Paladin (Female units)
+24 Paladin (Male units)
+28 Wyvern Rider
+29 Wyvern Lord
+35 King Daein
Laguz units (unshifted)
-3 Bird Tribe (Heron) (Male and female units)
-1 Bird Tribe (Raven)
+0 Bird Tribe (Hawk)
+5 Dragon Tribe (Red) (Male and female units)Dragon Tribe (White)
+15 Beast Tribe (Cat) (Male and female units)Beast Tribe (Tiger)
+20 Beast Tribe (Lion)
Laguz units (shifted)
-5 Heron (Male and female units)
-3 Raven
-2 Hawk
+10 Cat (Female units)
+12 Cat (Male units)
+15 Tiger
+20 Lion
+26 Red Dragon (Female units)
+33 White Dragon
+56 Red Dragon (Male units)

Radiant Dawn

Beorc units
+0 Light MageLight SageLight PriestessMyrmidonSwordmasterTruebladeFighterArcherFire MageThunder MageWind MageFire SageThunder SageWind SageDark SageArch SagePriestBishopSaintClericDruidThiefRogueWhisperAssassinSummonerEmpressChancellorBanditCitizenVendor
+1 HeroWarriorSniperMarksman
+2 Reaver
+3 Vanguard
+4 Soldier
+5 Halberdier (Female units)Pilgrim
+6 Armored Sword (Female units)Halberdier (Male units)
+7 Sentinel (Female units)
+8 Armored Sword (Male units)Armored LanceArmored AxeSword General (Female units)Sentinel (Male units)
+10 Sword General (Male units)Lance GeneralAxe GeneralMarshall (Female units and Zelgius)
+12 Black Knight
+13 Marshall (Male units)
+16 Pegasus KnightFalconknight
+17 Seraph KnightQueen
+20 Valkyrie
+23 Bow Knight
+24 Sword KnightLance KnightAxe KnightBow Paladin
+25 Blade PaladinLance PaladinAxe Paladin
+26 Gold KnightSilver Knight
+29 Dracoknight
+30 Dragonmaster
+31 Dragonlord
Laguz units (unshifted)
-3 Heron (Male and female units)
-1 Raven (Female units)
+0 Raven (Male units)
+1 HawkRaven King
+2 Hawk King
+5 Cat (Male and female units)Red Dragon (Female units)Dragon Prince
+7 WolfWolf Queen (Female units)White Dragon
+8 Red Dragon (Male units)
+9 Tiger
+10 LionLion KingDragon King
Laguz units (shifted)
-10 Raven (Naesala)
-5 Heron (Male and female units)
-1 Raven (Male and female units)
+0 HawkHawk King
+20 Cat (Male and female units)TigerLionWolfGiffcaLion (Caineghis)Wolf (Nailah)
+12 Cat (Male units)
+15 Tiger
+20 Lion
+26 Red Dragon (Female units)Black Dragon (Kurthnaga)
+40 Red Dragon (Male units)White DragonBlack Dragon (Dheginsea)
Other units
+0 HorseSpirit
+80 Order Incarnate


Main article: Rescue (command)#Calculations
Game Formula Notes
Path of Radiance If ([Unit A's Wt] - [Unit B's Wt]) ≥ 2, then Unit A can rescue Unit B. --
Radiant Dawn If ([Unit A's Wt] - 2) ≥ [Unit B's Wt]), then Unit A can rescue Unit B. --


Main article: Shove

Weight only affects shoving in Path of Radiance; in Radiant Dawn, constitution is used instead.

Game Formula Notes
Path of Radiance If ([Unit B's Wt] - [Unit A's Wt]) ≥ 2, then Unit A can rescue Unit B. --


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