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FERD Haar.png
Artwork of Haar from Radiant Dawn.

A dragonmaster who immigrated to Daein to escape the corruption of the Begnion senate. He lost faith in Daein during the Mad King's War, and sided with Crimea. He is now a transporter of goods.








Captain in the Daein army

Starting class
Voiced by


Come with me, Jill. We both know that we should follow our hearts, even if it makes us traitors. We know that better than anyone. For the sake of your father, live your life without shame.
— Haar, to Jill

Haar (Japanese: ハール Haar) is a dracoknight who once served the kingdoms of Daein and Begnion. He was once the right-hand man of General Shiharam Fizzart, and a member of his legendary Fizzart Platoon. Like Shiharam, his experiences in both Daein and Begnion left him resentful and without faith in the kings and nobles he once served, but he still fought as a Daein captain in the Mad King's War. He later became an ally of Ike and the Greil Mercenaries in the later stages of the war, and again years later when the Laguz Alliance declared war on Begnion's senate, whom Haar had once served.


Defection to Daein

Haar originated as a citizen of Begnion, and in his youth he joined the imperial dracoknights, a division of the Begnion army which reported directly to its senate. He served in the Fizzart Platoon under Shiharam Fizzart and became his "hotshot protegé", quickly becoming well known among both the ruling class and the soldiers of Begnion as an exemplary warrior and a chivalrous figure.[3] However, shortly after becoming a knight, Haar became disillusioned with Begnion and with his status as a servant of its corrupt senators.[4] Shiharam and many of the other members of the platoon felt the same way, so in the year 627,[5] the Fizzart Platoon abandoned Begnion. The departure of Shiharam and Haar was considered to be a major loss for Begnion;[3] Levail, who was new to the army at the time, would later reflect that it marked a significant change in the Begnion army and that its spirit and sense of chivalry had left with the dracoknights.[4]

After leaving Begnion, Haar and Shiharam traveled to Daein, where Ashnard had just become king. They volunteered their services to Ashnard, thinking then that perhaps he would be a better master to serve than the senate, and he appointed them as "Palace Knights".[5] However, Shiharam and Haar were not readily trusted by Ashnard or the rest of Daein. They wanted to earn the trust of their new countrymen and superiors and to prove themselves as loyal Daein citizens, so despite being repulsed by the idea, they adopted the common Daein anti-laguz sentiments when in public and participated in laguz hunts and executions, and followed any orders they received even if they were needlessly cruel.[6] Despite all of their efforts, however, Ashnard never recognized their loyalty[7] and many of his subordinates actively disliked and scorned Shiharam and Haar. Because of this lack of trust, their platoon – having been trained in Begnion as elite royal guards – was assigned to the protection of the remote Talrega region to keep them well out of Ashnard's way.[8]

The Mad King's War

When Ashnard began the Mad King's War in 645 by leading a Daein invasion of Crimea, Haar served in the Daein army. He was present with a dracoknight unit which included Shiharam's daughter, Jill, when Ike and Elincia fought the Daein soldiers occupying the city in order to reach Nasir's boat and flee Crimea. Their orders there were to stand aside and observe, so Haar tried to order Jill to stay put while he napped, but she did not listen and entered the battle as well. When they successfully escaped, he also refused Jill's request to pursue them because the Black Knight had ordered the two to withdraw and return to Talrega.[9] However, Jill defied his orders and set out by herself to pursue Ike's ship, and eventually had a change of heart and became an ally of Ike's cause.

Haar began to work on tracking her down after her disappearance at Toha, and eventually found her in the company of the new Crimean army led by Ike after they began their invasion of Daein. He approached Jill at the Crimeans' base camp early on and learned of her experiences with the Greil Mercenaries and of her new convictions. While pleased to learn that her worldview had evolved, he warned her that this made them enemies of each other, then left.[10] Days later, when Shiharam was ordered by General Petrine to flood Talrega to stop the advance of the Crimean army, Shiharam ordered Haar to sit out the battle in order to take care of the surviving dracoknights and their families. By the end of the battle, Shiharam had been killed and only five of his men had survived. Haar offered them a chance to return to Begnion thanks to a contact of his in the Begnion pegasus knights, since their defeat put an end to any right they had to remain in Daein in their view.[11]

Some time later, General Petrine took command of Haar and ordered him to participated in the battle against the Crimean army at the great Oribes Bridge. By this point, however, Haar only wanted revenge against Daein for its role in driving Shiharam to his death, and realized that Petrine's use of him in battle was intended to kill both him and Crimean soldiers, in order to put an end to both threats. As a result, he joined the battle late, and was convinced by Jill to take a chance on serving with Crimea. He then joined the Crimean army, insisting on addressing Jill as his superior officer as a result on the longer time she had spent in the army.[12] Haar then continued to fight for the Crimean army for the rest of the Mad King's War.

Civil wars and judgement

Haar delivering goods as a courier, as depicted by Sharena.

In the years after the Mad King's War concluded, Haar and Jill took up jobs as couriers, using their wyverns to deliver cargo across long distances. After a while, however, Jill left and became involved in the fight for Daein's liberation. Haar chose not to follow her and to continue his courier work.[13] Shortly after the Daein liberation war ended in 648, Haar ran a delivery which took him through the skies of Crimea, where he encountered Elincia and Marcia fighting a dracoknight squad led by Zeffren, a former comrade of Haar's from his time in Begnion. Despite his reluctance, Marcia successfully convinced Haar to assist her in protecting Elincia.

After this battle, Lucia commissioned Haar to assist her plans to protect Elincia from Ludveck's civil war. Following the Royal Knights' attack on Felirae Castle and their discovery that Ludveck was not there, Haar spotted a flare lit by the Royal Knights to warn the capital. Lucia tasked Haar with warning Elincia at Fort Alpea if Lucia failed to return to the palace.[14] Shortly after this, Lucia was abducted by Ludveck and his men while trying to get in touch with a member of her spy network. Haar assisted the Crimeans with searching the safe house where she was last seen, where they found a scrap of Lucia's hair left by Ludveck, and the corpse of the messenger she was attempting to contact. He then flew to Fort Alpea and brought the news of both Ludveck's incoming attack on the fort, and of Lucia's abduction, to Elincia, and volunteered his services in fighting against Ludveck's rebels.[15]

Shortly after the Crimean civil war was resolved, Haar was recruited by Muston's merchant caravan on behalf of Ike. Along with Nephenee, Brom, and Heather, he traveled with the caravan to Begnion to join the Greil Mercenaries in fighting for the Laguz Alliance.[16] He took a personal interest in the Alliance's war as a result of his dislike for their enemies, the Begnion senate.[13] Daein soon joined the war as an unwilling ally of the Begnion senate, which put Haar and Jill on opposing sides. When the Greil Mercenaries and the Laguz Alliance were recruited into the Apostle's Army to assist Sanaki in taking back control of Begnion from the senate, Haar continued to serve in their ranks.

After the battle of Castle Nox, Haar participated in the battles against the Disciples of Order as Ike and Micaiah's allies traveled to the Tower of Guidance in Sienne. By this point Haar was considered by many to be a legendary dracoknight of unmatched strength, but after the defeat of Ashera and the reversal of her judgement, Haar chose to give up serving as a soldier and never participated in another battle for the rest of his life. Instead, he returned to Talrega to continue his work as a courier.[17]

Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance


Haar is a playable unit. He is recruitable as an enemy in Chapter 23. Along with three other enemy Wyvern Riders, he appears as a reinforcement on the next turn after a playable unit crosses the half-way point on the bridge, starting at the player's own starting point.

Starting stats and growth rates

Medium portrait haar fe09.png
Wyvern Lord
Level 11
Attribute Is gcn windaffin.png
Build 13
Recruitment: Chapter 23, enemy, talk to with Jill

Stats Growth Rates

Inventory Skills
Brave Axe Guard
Weapon Levels
Swords -- Lances B Axes B Bows --
Fire magic -- Thunder magic -- Wind magic -- Staves --


This character analysis section may not be accurate to every player's experience.

Haar is a prepromoted Wyvern Lord that joins late in the game. As a Wyvern Lord, he has flight, high mobility, and Canto, giving him much flexibility and utility. He has good base HP, strength, skill, and defense. This is further complemented by 1–2 range axes. With all of this, he can reliably hit hard and have a powerful enemy phase. His base speed is mediocre and will struggle to double faster units, especially on harder difficulties. His Brave Axe compensates for this, and on easier difficulties, a Speedwing puts him above the threshold of doubling most enemy units. His base resistance is low, so he is weak to magic, especially siege tomes which are common at his join time. Haar has the highest weight stat in the game of any Beorc unit, which hurts him a little, as it is impossible for even heavy laguz units like Mordecai and Muarim to shove him without transforming first.

Haar has excellent growths in strength and skill, so he will continue to hit reliably hard. His speed growth is mediocre, but enough for him to keep up. His resistance growth is very low, so he will continue to be weak to magic. Due to his powerful class and good combat bases, he can continue contributing through the rest of the game.

Haar has the Guard skill which complements his excellent skill and his Brave Axe. Although Guard is often overkill with his durability, there is no practical reason to remove it aside from making space for other skills. Vantage further complements Guard, preventing some enemies from even attacking. Adept further takes advantage of his good skill and helps fix his doubling issue. Haar can also make good use of Resolve, as he has the health to take advantage of it, and it gives him a massive attack boost and fixes his doubling issues. Teaching him Stun with an Occult is not recommended as it is not a practical skill.

Haar has a Wind affinity which gives a light accuracy and avoid boost. His only partners are Jill and Makalov, both of whom have thunder affinities, so Haar's bulk and avoid can further be boosted. As Jill is the same class as Haar and appreciates all the boosts, she is his ideal partner. Makalov works well, too, as he has a mount and solid long-term potential, though he does not fly.

Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn


Haar is a playable unit who first becomes available in Part II. He is first associated with the Crimean party and is playable in two chapters as part of it, then later joins Ike's party in Part III, Chapter 2 along with Nephenee, Brom, and Heather. In Part IV, he can be allocated to any of the three armies.

Starting stats and growth rates

Small portrait haar fe10.png
Level 11
Affinity Is wii windaffin.png
Constitution 12
Recruitment: Part II, Prologue, NPC, talk to with Marcia

Stats Growth Rates

Inventory Skills
Steel Axe
CantoThis item or skill is locked to this unit.
Weapon Levels
Swords -- Lances A Axes A Bows -- Knives -- Strike weapons --
Fire magic -- Thunder magic -- Wind magic -- Light magic -- Dark magic -- Staves --
Note: The above stats are Haar's default stats. If a Radiant Dawn game was started via a data transfer from Path of Radiance and Haar managed to reach level 20 in his highest possible class in the Path of Radiance save file, any stat Haar capped in Path of Radiance will result in a boost to his base in the stat in question in Radiant Dawn. The boost is a +5 for max HP, and +2 for strength, magic, skill, speed, luck, defense or resistance. In addition, Haar's weapon level at the end of a transferred Path of Radiance game can result in an boost to his weapon experience in Radiant Dawn. See Data transfer § Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn for more information.

Promotion stat gains

Class HP Str Mag Skill Spd Lck Def Res Con Mov Skills Weapon level
Dragonlord +4 +2 +4 +2 +2 +0 +2 +4 +0 +0 StunThis item or skill is locked to this unit. Lances (x to C)
Axes (x to A)


Part I Part II Part III Part IV
P 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 E P 1 2 3 E P 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 E P 1 2 3 4 5 Endgame
1 2 1 2 3 4 5
  • R: Required for deployment
  • A: Available for deployment
  • E: Appears as an enemy unit
  • N: Appears as an NPC unit
  • P: Appears as an partner unit
  • S: Available if selected into the relevant army
  • F: Joins after preparations
  • U: Cannot be deployed, but inventory can be managed
See Availability chart/Radiant Dawn for more details on availability.


This character analysis section may not be accurate to every player's experience.

Haar is a Dragonmaster available in Chapter II-P and II-E, and joins Ike's group in III-2. He has high mobility, flight, and Canto, making him an extremely flexible unit with much utility. He has high base stats all around, having excellent base strength, skill, and defense, and enough speed to double most units in Part II. As an axe-wielder, he hits very hard and has solid 1–2 range combat. He has A ranks in both axes and lances, so he can use all mid-game weapons immediately. His resistance is poor and he is vulnerable to thunder magic, but enemy Thunder Mages are rare. Unlike other flying classes, Haar's class is not weak to bows or crossbows. Path of Radiance Haar does not cap any stats on average, though it is technically barely possible for him to cap strength, skill, speed, and defense, which all benefit him in Radiant Dawn. This is not realistic, though, so usually transfers only give a support bonus to Haar.

Haar is the only mounted flier through most of Ike's Part III chapters, so he is an irreplaceable unit as a combat unit, meatshield, mounted rescuer, and so on. His base speed is not high enough to double many Part III enemy units on harder difficulties, though a Speedwing is just enough to push him past the necessary threshold. He has excellent growths in strength, skill, and defense. He will frequently cap all three quickly in both tiers 2 and 3, which will help his weaker growths, especially in speed and resistance.

Haar can fit any team in Part IV, especially due to lack of crossbow weakness. His flight utility is most valued on Micaiah's team due to the desert chapter. As he has access to powerful 1–2 range combat, Hammers, and bulk, he is an excellent unit for these rout chapters. For Endgame, his mobility and flight are very useful, and he has high caps in strength and defense. However, his lower speed and resistance cap limit him for Endgame.

Haar has innate Cancel, which is nice, but often overkill as his durability is already solid. Haar is an excellent candidate of Savior (which can be taken from Part I using Ilyana), as ferrying key infantry units like Ike is extremely valuable in Part III chapters. Celerity is also an excellent skill for Haar, boosting his move to 11, especially since the Boots are not immediately available to him.

Haar has a wind affinity which gives small accuracy and avoid boosts. More accuracy and bulk is generally overkill for Haar, so he appreciates attack boosts the most. Boyd and Mia have attack-boosting fire affinities and appreciate the accuracy and avoid from Haar, but they are not mounted. Marcia and Sigrun also give attack and are fliers, though they join significantly later in Part III. Jill gives a bond support to Haar and is the only other wyvern in the game, but they do not naturally share any chapters until Part IV (unless Jill defects to Ike's team in Part III), and it may be unwise to put them on the same Part IV team due to lack of playable Wyvern riders.

Fire Emblem Heroes


There are two different variations of Haar available to Heroes, at least one of which is tied to his storyline appearance in Radiant Dawn. The normal variation of Haar is one of the characters added to the game in the Realm of the Dead update, and was made available to players in the thirtieth Grand Hero Battle, which initially ran from April 11, 2019 through April 18, 2019. A ninja variation of Haar was added to the game alongside the Wyvern Ninja update and made available to players in the Life & Death 5 Tempest Trial, which initially ran from November 8–18, 2022.

Haar: Black Tempest

Starting stats

★★★ ★★★★ ★★★★★

Portrait haar black tempest feh.png
Rarity ★★★
Weapon type Is feh axe.png
Movement type Flying

Initial Stats Level 40 Stats

Maximum HP 15/16/17
Attack 7/8/9 Speed 4/5/6
Defense 8/9/10 Resistance 3/4/5

Note: This unit requires the usage of Trait Fruit to access any flaws and assets.

Weapon Steel Axe
Assist --
Special --

Skill set

Skill set
Skill Unlock Auto-unlock SP cost
Is feh skill weapon.png Iron Axe ★★★ ★★★ 50
Is feh skill weapon.png Steel Axe ★★★ ★★★ 100
Is feh skill weapon.png Brave Axe ★★★ ★★★★ 200
Is feh skill weapon.png Brave Axe+ ★★★★★ ★★★★★ 300
Is feh skill weapon.png Tempest's Claw ★★★★★ 400
Is feh skill assist.png Swap ★★★ ★★★★ 150
Is feh guard 1.pngB Guard 1 ★★★ 50
Is feh guard 2.pngB Guard 2 ★★★★ 100
Is feh guard 3.pngB Guard 3 ★★★★★ 200
Is feh odd def wave 1.pngC Odd Def Wave 1 ★★★ 60
Is feh odd def wave 2.pngC Odd Def Wave 2 ★★★ 120
Is feh odd def wave 3.pngC Odd Def Wave 3 ★★★★ 240

Haar: Tempest Runner

Starting stats

★★★★ ★★★★★

Portrait haar tempest runner feh.png
Rarity ★★★★
Weapon type Is feh sword.png
Movement type Flying

Initial Stats Level 40 Stats

Maximum HP 16/17/18
Attack 11/12/13 Speed 3/4/5
Defense 13/14/15 Resistance 2/3/4

Note: This unit requires the usage of Trait Fruit to access any flaws and assets.

Weapon Wyvern Katana
Assist Swap
Special --

Skill set

Skill set
Skill Unlock Auto-unlock SP cost
Is feh skill weapon.png Iron Sword ★★★★ ★★★★ 50
Is feh skill weapon.png Steel Sword ★★★★ ★★★★ 100
Is feh skill weapon.png Wyvern Katana ★★★★ ★★★★ 200
Is feh skill weapon.png Wyvern Katana+ ★★★★★ ★★★★★ 300
Is feh skill assist.png Swap ★★★★ ★★★★ 150
Is feh atk def form 1.pngA Atk/Def Form 1 ★★★★ 60
Is feh atk def form 2.pngA Atk/Def Form 2 ★★★★ 120
Is feh atk def form 3.pngA Atk/Def Form 3 ★★★★ 240
Is feh atk def oath 1.pngC Atk/Def Oath 1 ★★★★ 60
Is feh atk def oath 2.pngC Atk/Def Oath 2 ★★★★ 120
Is feh atk def oath 3.pngC Atk/Def Oath 3 ★★★★★ 240


At first glance, Haar comes across as a lax and lazy man who frequently takes naps, even in broad daylight and on his wyvern. He has remarked that he prefers working in laid-back groups where he can get the sleep he needs without problems, such as the Greil Mercenaries.[13] He speaks in a blunt and to-the-point manner with no interest in wasting words, and he has a calm demeanor, seemingly uncaring about anything. He does not anger easily, even when others like Zeffren try to actively provoke him with insults.

All of this behavior disguises Haar's analytical and sensitive mind. He has a strong sense of duty and honor, but did not believe in blind obedience to higher powers. As a result he has high expections of the rulers he serves and was not willing to serve those whom he felt to be exploitative or corrupt, and has a particular dislike for the senators of Begnion (aside from Sephiran) for their cruel actions. He has high respect for honest and noble leaders and commanders, such as Shiharam, Ike, and Sephiran. He was insightful in his ability to read others and understand the nature of the politics of Begnion.[3] His experiences with both Daein and Begnion left him very skeptical and mistrusting of the idea of being a servant of kings and countries.[12] At times he takes it upon himself to mentor Jill and to help her see how to live the life she wants, rather than be nothing but obedient to those whom she serves, and during the Mad King's War he was impressed to see that she had taken the initiative and found her own loyalties with the Greil Mercenaries.[18] He also has a vengeful streak, desiring to take revenge both on the Daein army for their role in driving Shiharam to his death,[12] and on the Begnion senate for the crimes they perpetuated both during and after his time serving them.[13]

Haar always held Shiharam in very high regard and had much respect for him, to the point that he put aside his usual behavior to act more like a professional soldier when he was talking to Shiharam, as he did not want Shiharam to see him as "hopelessly lazy".[19] He was so highly devoted to Shiharam that, after his death, Haar considered dedicating his life to guarding Shiharam's grave once the Mad King's War ended.[20] He is also close with Jill, Shiharam's daughter, and is something like a mentor to her. He may have deeper feelings for her, and it is implied that the two are married in the epilogue of Radiant Dawn if they have an A support with each other, but he denies there being anything deeper to it and that it goes no further than her being the daughter of his dead mentor.[13]


Path of Radiance

Main article: Haar/Supports (Path of Radiance)
Small portrait haar fe09.png
Wyvern Lord
Is gcn windaffin.png
Small portrait jill fe09.png
Wyvern Rider Is gcn thunderaffin.png
C: 1
B: 2
A: 4
Small portrait makalov fe09.png
Sword Knight Is gcn thunderaffin.png
C: 1
B: 3
A: 5
Small portrait titania fe09.png
Paladin Is gcn wateraffin.png
C: {{{c3}}}
B: {{{b3}}}
A: {{{a3}}}

[[]] [[File:Is gcn {{{affin4}}}affin.png|link={{{affin4}}} (affinity)]]
C: {{{c4}}}
B: {{{b4}}}
A: {{{a4}}}

[[]] [[File:Is gcn {{{affin5}}}affin.png|link={{{affin5}}} (affinity)]]
C: {{{c5}}}
B: {{{b5}}}
A: {{{a5}}}

[[]] [[File:Is gcn {{{affin6}}}affin.png|link={{{affin6}}} (affinity)]]
C: {{{c6}}}
B: {{{b6}}}
A: {{{a6}}}

[[]] [[File:Is gcn {{{affin7}}}affin.png|link={{{affin7}}} (affinity)]]
C: {{{c7}}}
B: {{{b7}}}
A: {{{a7}}}
See Support § Path of Radiance for more details on supports.

Radiant Dawn

Bond supports

Small portrait haar fe10.png
Default bonds:
Small portrait jill fe10.png



Extra bonds:*
Small portrait makalov fe10.png
Blade Paladin




See Support § Radiant Dawn for more details on supports.


Radiant Dawn

Haar, Black Tempest
Though unparallelled in strength as a dracoknight, Haar never fought again. Rather, he carried cargo in Talrega.


Battle quotes

...Combat. Tsk. It's one of those things you simply cannot control.
— Haar, as an enemy in Chapter 23 in Path of Radiance.
Haar: Oh, so you want to try me? I trust you're going to show me how much you've improved!
Jill: What!!! It can't be... Captain Haar?

— Haar, when fighting Jill in Chapter 23 of Path of Radiance.
Petrine: Just as I expected. I thought to give you a chance to clear the stain from your name... Yet you and Shiharam are treachery in the flesh. Useless migrants!
Haar: To think we endured this for eighteen long years. It seems General Shiharam and I were not to be blessed with any masters worthy of serving. All we found were paltry pretenders...
Petrine: You insult His Majesty? You know not your place, you louse-ridden oaf! Your failings are yours, and yours alone! It's time for you to burn! Don't worry, I'll let the dogs snack on what's left!

— Haar, when fighting Petrine in Chapter 23 of Path of Radiance.
Ashnard: Who are you, dog?
Haar: You don't seem to recall my name... I'm a man who was once a part of your army, if just barely.
Ashnard: You're some nobody who turned traitor and joined the Crimeans? I've no interest in you. Begone.
Haar: I'll leave as quickly as I'm able. Right after I've taken your head!

— Haar, when fighting Ashnard in the Endgame of Path of Radiance.
Haar: Well... If it isn't Zeffren. What brings the dracoknights into Crimean skies?
Zeffren: Haar?!
Haar: Why couldn't you just stay on patrol? Saw a pretty little heron and just had to have her, is that it? I could never decide if you were more greedy or more corrupt. Stupid was never in the question, though.
Zeffren: Who do you think you are?! You're a traitor, just like Shiharam! The dracoknights spit on your name!
Haar: ...Do they now? Well, here's your chance to try the real thing.

— Haar, when fighting Zeffren in Part II, Prologue of Radiant Dawn.
Hetzel: Wait... I remember you... You were one of the dracoknights that fled to Daein, defying the senators... You opposed the almighty Begnion and the word of the goddess... Why? Why would you defy such power?
Haar: You could live another lifetime, and you'd still never understand.

— Haar, when fighting Hetzel in Part IV, Endgame (1) of Radiant Dawn.
Haar: Why is it that authority figures are always so unwilling to let go of their power? The world could flip upside down and you'd be trying to boss around gravity.
Lekain: You clearly know nothing of me, lout! To oppose me is to oppose the goddess Ashera herself!
Haar: That's strange... I always thought that role was filled by the apostle. But who can keep up these days? So you're defending the goddess... but will she do the same for you?

— Haar, when fighting Lekain in Part IV, Endgame (1) of Radiant Dawn.
Levail: Captain Haar! You are still alive!
Haar: What happened that you didn't expect me to survive?
Levail: Um... Nothing, I suppose. It's just that it's been a while since you left Begnion.
Haar: Yeah. Twenty years ago, wasn't it?
Levail: I was still very young at the time. You had just been dubbed a knight. Oh, it brings back such memories... The bravery of the dracoknights, especially the Fizzart Platoon. It was legendary among the soldiers. But then you suddenly defected to Daein.
Haar: I got sick of taking orders from corrupt senators, so I ditched the country with General Shiharam.
Levail: I joined the army after I came of age. But it was different after you all left. It was as if you took its spirit with you. The only exception was General Zelgius, the general of Duke Persis's army.
Haar: I see. Is that why you're under his command?
Levail: Yes. He is the last true knight. I will die for him.
Haar: Yes, Levail. You will.
Levail: How I dreamed of fighting a proper foe! I am honored, Sir Haar! Have at you!

— Haar, when fighting Levail in Part IV, Endgame (2) of Radiant Dawn.
Haar: We never spent much time together when I was in Begnion. But, Sephiran... I think I know you pretty well.
Sephiran: I haven't forgotten you, Haar. Shiharam's hotshot young protege. You were both exemplary soldiers. Your defection from the Begnion dracoknights was a huge loss.
Haar: Hmmm... Sort of like the huge loss when the senators managed to defeat all those great changes you proposed?
Sephiran: ...
Haar: I suppose if any of those changes had happened, we wouldn't be here now. Am I wrong?
Sephiran: An interesting question... I'm honestly not sure, but that's all I can say about that.
Haar: Too bad. For you, and for me.

— Haar, when fighting Sephiran in Part IV, Endgame (4) of Radiant Dawn.

Death quotes

Commander Shiharam... I... Your... vengeance... I... ...
— Haar, in Path of Radiance.
The Dark Angel... She's found me at last... At least I can sleep now...
— Haar, as an enemy in Chapter 23 of Path of Radiance.
Ah, my friend... I know I was a burden... But too...are free... Finally... Commander Shiharam...!
— Haar, in Radiant Dawn.

Heroes quotes

Main article: Haar/Quotes (Heroes)

Other appearances

Fire Emblem Cipher

Haar is featured on four cards in Fire Emblem Cipher.

Two of the below cards' epithets are still in raw, untranslated Japanese; these need translation.
Fire Emblem Cipher data for Haar
TCGCipher B05-075HN.png Black Tempest, Haar



"I really don't have time for this... But I guess I can lend a hand."
Attack: 50 Support: 30 Range: 1 Deploy Cost: 3
Class: Dragonmaster Tier: Advanced Class Change Cost: 2
Level Skill 3 Awakened Dragon Fang: [Always] During your turn, this unit gets +20 attack. (Level Skill 3 skills are active if 3+ cards are stacked with this unit.)
Hand Axe: [Once per turn] [Activate] [Flip one bond card] Until the end of this turn, this unit gets 1-2 range.
Card #B05-075HN • Artist: Hisashi Momose
TCGCipher B05-076N.png Black Dracoknight, Haar



"...Come. As long as you're not a nuisance, you can be my partner."
Attack: 30 Support: 30 Range: 1 Deploy Cost: 1
Class: Dracoknight Tier: Base Class Change Cost: --
Afternoon Nap: [Activate] [Once per turn] [Flip one bond card, then select one "Haar" card from your Retreat Area and place them underneath this unit.] Move up to 1 allied unit. (That unit is considered Leveled Up. Class Change Skill can be used if that unit has any Class Change Skill.)
Attack Support Elysian Emblem: [Support] You may choose one allied unit, other than the attacking unit, and move that ally.
Card #B05-076N • Artist: Hisashi Momose
TCGCipher B20-076HN.png 信念に生きる疾黒竜, Haar



"I really don't have time for this… But I guess I can lend a hand."
Attack: 60 Support: 30 Range: 1 Deploy Cost: 4
Class: Dragonmaster Tier: Advanced Class Change Cost: 3
"No chance I can nap in peace, huh?": [Activate] [Once per turn] [Stack 1 "Haar" from your Retreat Area under this unit to Growth him] Until the end of the turn, this unit acquires range 1-2. During your turn, this unit gains +20 attack. (A unit who has Growthed is treated as if they are Leveled Up.)
Level Skill 3 "Stay close to me.": [Always] This unit gains +20 attack. (Level Skill 3 comes into effect if a total of 3 or more cards are stacked with this unit.)
Card #B20-076HN • Artist: Setsu
TCGCipher B20-077N.png 荷運びの竜騎士, Haar



"...Huh? We're running late? But I'm sleepy... What did you call me? That wasn't very nice. Overgrown lizard..."
Attack: 30 Support: 30 Range: 1 Deploy Cost: 1
Class: Dracoknight Tier: Base Class Change Cost: --
Winged Deliverer: [Activate] [Tap this unit] Choose 1 other ally, and move them.
Attack Support Flying Emblem: [Support] Choose 1 ally other than your attacking unit. You may move that ally.
Card #B20-077N • Artist: Setsu
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Flavor text

Game Text
Radiant Dawn
A dragonmaster who immigrated to
Daein to escape the corruption of
the Begnion senate. He lost faith
in Daein during the Mad King's
War, and sided with Crimea. He is
now a transporter of goods.
(Haar: Black Tempest)
A dracoknight and former Daein soldier.
Naturally talented, but lazy. Often napping.
Appears in Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn.
(登場:『ファイアーエムブレム 暁の女神』)
(Haar: Tempest Runner)
A dracoknight and former Daein soldier. Can
he stave off sleepiness long enough to make
his mark on the ninja festival? Appears in Fire
Emblem: Radiant Dawn.
(登場:『ファイアーエムブレム 暁の女神』)

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Black Tempest Tempest Runner

Haar: Black Tempest
FEH mth Haar Black Tempest 01.png FEH mth Haar Black Tempest 02.png FEH mth Haar Black Tempest 03.png FEH mth Haar Black Tempest 04.png
Haar is a Dracoknight with the Daein army. He used to belong to the Begnion army but defected to Daein after discovering how corrupt his country’s ruling classes had become. However, Daein was far from a refuge for Haar. In fact, he sought revenge on the country for forcing his old commander Shiharam to effectively march to his death. After the war between Daein and Crimea ended, he started a delivery company with his former subordinate Jill, but he later returned to battle after being convinced to fight in the Crimean civil war by Marcia, a Crimean royal knight. Riding on his faithful wyvern, Haar sweeps across the skies like a black whirlwind. I can’t wait to see what he can do for the Order of Heroes!
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A Dracoknight serving under Haar, Jill is the daughter of Shiharam, the lord of Talrega. She and Haar have a close relationship. {{{Related_blurb2}}} {{{Related_blurb3}}} {{{Related_blurb4}}} {{{Related_blurb5}}}

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Path of Radiance
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Path of Radiance
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Path of Radiance
Radiant Dawn
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Radiant Dawn
Path of Radiance
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Radiant Dawn
Path of Radiance
Portrait haar fe10 cyl.pngPortrait haar fe09 cyl.png
Radiant Dawn
Path of Radiance
Portrait haar fe10 cyl.pngPortrait haar fe09 cyl.png
Radiant Dawn
Path of Radiance
Portrait haar fe10 cyl.pngPortrait haar fe09 cyl.png
Radiant Dawn
Path of Radiance
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Etymology and other languages

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In meteorology, a haar is a coastal fog that is formed in the sea and is brought to land. The term is most used in Scotland with different variations.[21]



Officially romanized as Haar.









Likely changed due to Haar meaning "hair" in German.







Traditional Chinese




Official artwork


Heroes artwork

Cipher artwork


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  3. 3.0 3.1 3.2 "Haar: We never spent much time together when I was in Begnion. But, Sephiran... I think I know you pretty well.
    Sephiran: I haven't forgotten you, Haar. Shiharam's hotshot young protege. You were both exemplary soldiers. Your defection from the Begnion dracoknights was a huge loss.
    Haar: Hmmm... Sort of like the huge loss when the senators managed to defeat all those great changes you proposed?
    Sephiran: ...
    Haar: I suppose if any of those changes had happened, we wouldn't be here now. Am I wrong?
    Sephiran: An interesting question... I'm honestly not sure, but that's all I can say about that.
    Haar: Too bad. For you, and for me.
    " — Haar and Sephiran, Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
  4. 4.0 4.1 "Levail: Captain Haar! You are still alive!
    Haar: What happened that you didn't expect me to survive?
    Levail: Um... Nothing, I suppose. It's just that it's been a while since you left Begnion.
    Haar: Yeah. Twenty years ago, wasn't it?
    Levail: I was still very young at the time. You had just been dubbed a knight. Oh, it brings back such memories... The bravery of the dracoknights, especially the Fizzart Platoon. It was legendary among the soldiers. But then you suddenly defected to Daein.
    Haar: I got sick of taking orders from corrupt senators, so I ditched the country with General Shiharam.
    Levail: I joined the army after I came of age. But it was different after you all left. It was as if you took its spirit with you. The only exception was General Zelgius, the general of Duke Persis's army.
    Haar: I see. Is that why you're under his command?
    Levail: Yes. He is the last true knight. I will die for him.
    Haar: Yes, Levail. You will.
    Levail: How I dreamed of fighting a proper foe! I am honored, Sir Haar! Have at you!
    " — Levail and Haar, Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
  5. 5.0 5.1 Timeline of Tellius
  6. "Soldier: Ge-General! How long are the floodgates to remain open?
    Shiharam: Until the Crimean army has been defeated.
    Soldier: Sir! If we wait that long, all of the neighboring farmland will be drowned! The locals are already quite upset. They may not abide this much further.
    Shiharam: ...
    Soldier: General!
    Haar: Enough, soldier! If you've got the time to be bellyaching, take your butt out to the battlefield and kill some Crimean soldiers.
    Soldier: Captain Haar! Do you support this action? This is inhumane! Lives will be ruined! Daein citizens will die! Even if we claim that it's necessary in order to achieve victory... This is too much!
    Haar: This is Daein's way. Are you ready to disobey the king and be put to the death for your troubles?
    Soldier: I would rather die than kill innocent Daein civilians.
    Haar: If you're executed as a traitor to the throne, your parents and siblings will also pay. Are you still prepared?
    Soldier: ...
    Haar: Now do you understand what I'm trying to tell you? Go. Fight bravely.
    Soldier: ...Y-yes, sir!
    Shiharam: To gain the trust of the king, we've become cruel and heartless. First hunting and executing the laguz...And now flooding the lands these people call home?
    Haar: General Shiharam... If someone hears you use the word laguz in this country, you'll be branded a traitor.
    Shiharam:'re right as always. To live in this land, where laguz prejudice is so virulent, we've had to seal away everything we know and teach our children to hate all sub-humans. All that just to survive here.
    Haar: It's Ashnard's fault this country has become what it is today. Ah, what a terrible miscalculation we made...Even so, I... I hated the idea of furthering the corruption of the imperial senate. I will continue to support your reasons for leaving Begnion.
    " — A Daein soldier, Shiharam, and Haar, Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance
  7. "Jill: ...My father died because of you. He tried so prove he was a loyal citizen of Daein. And you never recognized his efforts. Not even once.
    Ashnard: Are you complaining to me? Come back some other time. I'm busy.
    " — Jill and Ashnard, Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance
  8. "Shiharam: A-are you serious?
    Petrine: You are to begin immediately.
    Shiharam: Yet, that's... General Petrine! If we do this thing, Daein will suffer.
    Petrine: It's for the good of the country. Besides, it's only one territory! Stop mewling like an old woman.
    Shiharam: I hear you, and yet...If the goal is merely to stop the Crimean army, this is not necessary. The strength of my troops will suffice to--
    Petrine: The last idiot who told me that ended up on a corpse pile! Now listen to me, and listen well. No matter how passionate you are when you tell me you'll defeat Crimea, I'll never pin my hopes on a bunch of foreigners. All you have to do is stop their forward progress. That's all. My plan will accomplish this.
    Shiharam: General Petrine! Do you truly think so little of us? It's true that we were born in Begnion and not Daein, but my men and I have been loyal to this country for eighteen years. We have spared no effort to learn all the proper manners and customs of this land. But now, after all of that, to be dismissed as a "bunch of foreigners..."
    Petrine: No one asked how long you've lived here. Want to know why? Because no one cares! Certainly not me! Where were you born? Huh? Where were you raised? Ha! This country doesn't need squatters like you! The only people Daein can count on in times of crisis are Daeins themselves! Everyone else is just gutter leavings!
    Shiharam: So we're useless...Is that what you're saying?
    Petrine: You tell me, migrant! Why is it that your unit, which was trained to be an elite royal guard, is here patrolling this hick-infested backwater? The answer's clear to me! How about you?
    Shiharam: I... I...
    Petrine: Oh, I'm sorry... Am I offending you? Well, here's your chance to show us your worth. Halt Crimea's advance! If you are as skilled as you claim, you should be able to limit the damage to its bare minimum, should you not?
    Shiharam: Grrr...
    Petrine: Hmph! Angry is a good look for you. I look forward to seeing the results of your work. Get going, outlander.
    " — Shiharam and Petrine, Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance
  9. "Jill: Commander Haar! Let us pursue the enemy ship! They're friends of the sub-humans! We cannot allow them to escape!
    Haar: Uwaaaaaahhh...That was a good nap. Well, looks like the fighting's over. Form up. It's time to withdraw. Listen to me, Jill. We're scheduled to return home tomorrow. If you were injured in a place like this, your lord father would not be pleased.
    Jill: It's because of my father that I must not return home empty-handed. I must have something to show him! Please--
    Haar: Simmer down, girl. The Black Knight has ordered us to withdraw. Would you ignore his word?
    Jill: Th-that...
    Haar: Would be suicide. Correct. So let's move out!
    Jill: Blast.
    " — Jill and Haar, Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance
  10. "Jill: ...Who's there?
    Haar: It's me.
    Jill: Captain Haar? B-but...This is an enemy camp!
    Haar: I've been trying to track you down ever since you disappeared at Toha. I figured you were off chasing after the Crimeans. I never imagined that you would join up with them.
    Jill: At first, it was just circumstance, but... But now it's different. Now I'm with them because I want to be. Spending time with them--and coming into contact with laguz--has shown me what a fool I've been.
    Haar: Laguz? I never thought I would hear that word from someone who once said "sub-human" with such absolute hatred. Sounds like you've had some good experiences with this happy little band.
    Jill: I knew that if anyone would understand, it would be you, Captain.
    Haar: So you're forming your own set of values for the first time. That's good. That's very, very good. But what are you planning to do now? If you keep moving forward, you're going to face General Shiharam before long.
    Jill: Causing trouble for my father was never my intent. However...As a member of this army, I will face him with my shoulders straight and my head held high.
    Haar: So you're determined to see this through?
    Jill: I am!
    Haar: So be it. Then there's nothing left to be said. Farewell. The next time we meet, it will be as enemies. Prepare yourself... And get some rest! You know how important it is.
    Jill: ...
    Mist: Ike? Can I talk to you? A few minutes ago, a man I've never seen before showed up and spoke to Jill. I wasn't sure what was going on, so I went and found you. W-what should we do? Whatever they're talking about, it sure looks serious!
    Ike: Jill trained in the Daein army. Fighting against her countrymen will be tough...No matter how prepared she thinks she is.
    Mist: I don't care what happens! You can't let her fight against her own father! All right, Ike?
    Ike: ...Hmmm. It might not be a bad idea to keep her at the base camp...Just while we're in Daein.
    " — Jill, Haar, Mist, and Ike, Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance
  11. "Haar: One, two, three... Five in all. We're lucky to have that many.
    Soldier: Captain Haar... What are we supposed to do now? General Shiharam is dead, and our homes are gone. What are we to do with our families?
    Haar: What do you want to do? We've lost any right we had to stay here. So that leaves Begnion or Crimea...
    Soldier: General Shiharam was slain by Crimea...Joining with them now is not...It's not possible.
    Haar: Then all you can do is return to Begnion. I doubt you'll get a hero's welcome, but...I've an old friend in the pegasus knights. Shall I contact her?
    Soldier: Sniff... Ah, gods. Eighteen long years...What does any of it mean now?
    Haar: Don't say that! No matter what, I'm proud to have served under General Shiharam.
    Soldier: You're right... It was an honor...
    " — Haar and a Daein soldier, Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance
  12. 12.0 12.1 12.2 "Haar: Greetings, Jill. So you're still alive, eh? Good to see.
    Jill: That's what I was going to say to you! You survived! I'm very pleased.
    Haar: General Shiharam left me in charge. I'm supposed to get our survivors and their families to Begnion. I can't die until that's done.
    Jill: Oh, I see... But then... Captain, why are you still in Daein?
    Haar: I... Believe it or not, I'm a vindictive man. Revenge for the general is something I couldn't let go.
    Jill: Oh! But...that...
    Haar: Don't get the wrong idea. You're not the enemy I'm seeking.
    Jill: Huh? But...
    Haar: The ones responsible for General Shiharam's death, are the Daeins. I pretended to return to the fold so I could get close to General Petrine...I'm just waiting for my chance. But I think they may be on to me. My unit's a bunch of tough guys who serve as Petrine's watchdogs. Plus, I've been ordered to charge the Crimeans head-on. It's Daein's way of killing two birds with one stone.
    Jill: Don't do it! Come fight by our sides! If you're looking to kill Daeins, then we share the same goal!
    Haar: Jill... I, um... I don't trust Crimea anymore than I do Daein. I'm sick to death of serving countries.
    Jill: Captain...
    Haar: Still... I can't abandon the daughter of the man to whom I owe so much... Guess I'm changing sides again.
    Jill: Really? Oh, thank you, Captain!
    Haar: No, you've got that backwards.
    Jill: Pardon?
    Haar: I'm a new recruit... So I'm under you. Thanks in advance, Captain.
    Jill: What? Don't be silly! Wait...Ah, Captain!!!
    " — Haar and Jill, Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance
  13. 13.0 13.1 13.2 13.3 13.4 "Ike: ...
    Haar: You need something from me, fearless leader?
    Ike: I thought you were asleep.
    Haar: Yeah, I was. Until you came within fifty paces of me. Yaaaaaawn...
    Ike: Do you mind fighting alongside us?
    Haar: I like it fine. As long as I can catch some sleep, I don't care where I am. What can I do for you?
    Ike: Ever since you joined us, I've been meaning to ask you about Jill. The last I'd heard, you were running some kind of delivery service with her. How did you end up passing through Crimea and then coming here?
    Haar: I stopped to chew some fat during a delivery. That's all.
    Ike: How's Jill these days?
    Haar: Last I heard, she got mixed up with the army again, fighting for Daein's emancipation.
    Ike: I see. Don't you think you ought to go back to Daein and give her some support?
    Haar: She's a big girl now. She doesn't need me always lookin over her shoulder. Jill can do whatever she wants.
    Ike: I don't understand. I thought you two were... You know. Living under the same roof and all.
    Haar: She's the daughter of my dead teacher. Nothing more. Hey, if you don't want me hanging around, feel free to just say so, all right?
    Ike: No, it isn't like that. You're great on the battlefield. I appreciate you being here.
    Haar: Good. I like your mercenary group. They're laid back, and we have the same goal: crushing the empire.
    Ike: That's true.
    Haar: Anyhow, is that all? I'm gonna nap until we deploy. Don't wake me up until then.
    Ike: All right.
    Haar: Hey... Wait.
    Ike: Hmm?
    Haar: See that bag on my wyvern? There's a souvenir in there for you. Feel free to take it.
    Ike: A souvenir?
    Haar: It's a small thing. You don't need to thank me. ...Yaaawn... Zzz... Zzz...
    Ike: Asleep already? What a strange guy.
    " — Ike and Haar, Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
  14. "Haar: ...Well, look at that. Someone's launched a flare... And from Felirae, of all places.
    Lucia: The emergency signal from Geoffrey! As I suspected... The rebels were just a decoy. Sir Haar, thank you for your assistance.
    Haar: Hey, wait... Are you telling me that you knew about this all along?
    Lucia: We knew the duke was up to no good. But if we had known about the decoys, we wouldn't have sent the Royal Knights to Castle Felirae. I suppose I'm just surprised that Lord Ludveck, the supposed epitome of nobility, would so willingly sacrifice his followers.
    Haar: You play a pretty deep game, woman.
    Lucia: We all do, wouldn't you say? Her Majesty is at Fort Alpea. We're due to hear from her at any moment. I'll go check on that.
    Haar: Sharp as a tack, aren't we? I think I'll excuse myself, then...
    Lucia: Actually, there's one more thing... I want you to wait here a little longer. If all goes as planned, I'll be back shortly with your payment. Then you may do as you wish.
    Haar: And if all doesn't go as planned?
    Lucia: Then set out for Fort Alpea and alert the queen. I'll also send a messenger to Geoffrey. Thank you.
    Haar: Very well, time for a nap...
    " — Haar and Lucia, Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
  15. "Haar: So... We're guessing that flare sent up from Geoffrey's troops means Ludveck plans to come for Your Majesty. He's probably marching his troops toward this fortress as we speak. Since it's come to this, I'd like to stick around and help. Let me know if you need me.
    Elincia: ...I see. Thank you ever so much. Sir Haar... I have one more question. What about Lucia? Have you heard from her? Is she safe?
    Haar: We found a man's body in the village safehouse. We believe he was her messenger. We also found this...
    Elincia: No! This is... This is Lucia's hair! But... How?
    Haar: Well, we assume that Ludveck infiltrated her network of spies and captured her. This is his way of letting us know. It also means she's still alive, which means we still can save her. Queen Elincia, it's up to you to determine the best course of action.
    Elincia: Y-yes, I... I know...
    " — Haar and Elincia, Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
  16. "I also asked Muston to call on some other friends to come join up as well. You'll be seeing an increase in your forces real soon here, Ranulf." — Ike, Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
  17. "Though unparallelled in strength as a dracoknight, Haar never fought again. Rather, he carried cargo in Talrega." — Epilogue, Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
  18. "Jill: Sir Haar! Why are you fighting for these people?!
    Haar: Hey, you stole my question! Why are you fighting in the Daein army?
    Jill: There was a war to liberate Daein while you were gone. So I joined the army again.
    Haar: Well, it looks like you did a good job. Daein has been liberated. So why are you still with the army?
    Jill: I can't just leave! These people are my friends!
    Haar: Oh, stop with the sentimental nonsense, Jill. In case you haven't noticed, you're fighting your friends, too.
    Jill: What about you, then? How did you end up in this fight?
    Haar: Well... Somehow, I got mixed up in putting down uprisings in Crimea. And then I ended up with the Laguz Alliance know, being old friends with Ike and all that.
    Jill: What?! That is hardly a cause worth fighting for!! You're unbelievable!
    Haar: All right, enough debating. What do you want to do now? Do you want to fight me?
    Jill: Of course not! I could never...
    Haar: Then join me.
    Jill: Easy for you to say!
    Haar: You're full of doubt. How do you live like that all the time? Is that how your father wanted you to live? Afraid to trust your own instincts?
    Jill: But...
    Haar: Daein has no business in this war. You know that, right?
    Jill: But...what about my comrades? What about my friends?
    Haar: Is dying how you show loyalty? If you're really their friend, then fight alongside us! Maybe that will get them to think about what they're doing.
    Jill: Oh, Captain...
    Haar: Come with me, Jill. We both know that we should follow our hearts, even if it makes us traitors. We know that better than anyone. For the sake of your father, live your life without shame.
    Jill: Y-you're right, Captain Haar! I've been so foolish. Just as before. I would be proud to serve with you. And...Captain Haar? Thank you. Thank you so much...
    " — Jill and Haar, Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
  19. "Jill: Mr. Haaaaaaaaar! Where are you!? Mr. Haar!!!
    Haar: I'm right behind you.
    Jill: Why can't you just respond the first time I call for you? And didn't you promise that you'd respond right away if I stopped calling you captain?
    Haar: That was only if I wasn't sleeping.
    Jill: Well, that's most of the time! By the way, it seems like the only time you acted like a professional soldier was when you were in front of my father.
    Haar: And I recall the only time you weren't so uptight was when you were around Lord Shiharam.
    Jill: I... I couldn't help it. He was my father. He was different.
    Haar: I'm with you on that. Lord Shiharam was something special. I didn't want him to see me as hopelessly lazy.
    Jill: Mr. Haar...
    Haar: Mmm... I think I'll just stretch out here... Yeah...that's it. This moss is nice and squishy. Leave me alone. It's nap time.
    " — Jill and Haar, Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance
  20. "Jill: Mr. Haar?
    Haar: Yes?
    Jill: That's strange. I didn't have to call for you a hundred times before you answered!
    Haar: Well, I figured this way I don't have to listen to your whining.
    Jill: Oh, so that's how it is? Well, whatever...
    Haar: What are you going to do when this war is over, Jill?
    Jill: Hopefully go back to Daein. I want to be near my father's grave.
    Haar: I see.
    Jill: What about you?
    Haar: If I survive sparring with Ashnard... I don't know what I'll do. I've already thought about guarding Lord Shiharam's grave.
    Jill: Does that mean you're not happy being with me?
    Haar: That's not it. I was just thinking you probably don't like being with me.
    Jill: Why would I not like that?
    Haar: Then if we both survive this war, let's start a wyvern courier service. We'll make a lot of loot.
    Jill: Sure... If we survive.
    " — Jill and Haar, Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance
  21. haar - Dictionary of English,, Retrieved: 23 March 2018
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Chapters P: Mercenaries • 1: The Battle Begins • 2: Rescue • 3: Pirates Aground • 4: Roadside Battle • 5: Flight! • 6: A Brief Diversion • 7: Shades of Evil • 8: Despair and Hope • 9: Gallia • 10: Prisoner Release • 11: Blood Runs Red • 12: A Strange Land • 13: A Guiding Wind • 14: Training • 15: The Feral Frontier • 16: The Atonement • 17: Day Breaks (stage 1stage 2stage 3stage 4) • 18: Crimea Marches • 19: Entrusted • 20: Defending Talrega • 21: Without a King • 22: Solo • 23: The Great Bridge • 24: Battle Reunion • 25: Strange Lands • 26: Clash! • 27: Moment of Fate (stage 1stage 2) • 28: Twisted TowerE: Repatriation
Trial Maps Hillside BattleLonely IsleStrange TurnDesperationEscapeTrapped
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Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
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Part II LudveckMarajTashoriaYeardleyZeffren
Part III CallumGoranIkeIstvanLethe/KezhdaLombrosoMicaiahRoarkRommitSeptimusSergeiSigrunSilvanoVeyona
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Chapters Part I P: Under Gray Skies • 1: Maiden of Miracles • 2: The Dispossessed • 3: A Faint Light • 4: A Distant Voice • 5: The Lost Heir • 6: Raise the Standard (stage 1stage 2) • 7: A Gathering Hope • 8: Glory Unwanted • 9: One SurvivesE: Daein, Arise!
Part II P: On Drifting Clouds • 1: Winds of Rebellion • 2: Tides of Intrigue • 3: Geoffrey's ChargeE: Elincia's Gambit
Part III P: The Great Advance • 1: Laguz and Beorc • 2: Stormclouds • 3: River Crossing • 4: The General's Hand • 5: Retreat! • 6: A Reason to Fight • 7: Rivals Collide • 8: Incandescent Glow • 9: Marauders • 10: The Heart of Crimea • 11: Just Cause • 12: The Price • 13: Blood ContractE: From Pain, Awakening
Part IV P: Chaos Named • 1: Road to the Empire • 2: Silent World • 3: Distortions • 4: Revelations • 5: Unforgivable SinE: Rebirth (1)E: Rebirth (2)E: Rebirth (3)E: Rebirth (4)E: Rebirth (5)
Locations TelliusBegnion (SienneTower of Guidance) • CrimeaDaeinDesert of DeathGalliaGoldoaGrann DesertHatariKilvasPhoenicisSerenes Forest
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The Blazing Blade BramimondCanasDorcasEliwoodErkFargusFarinaFioraFlorinaGuyHarkenHawkeyeHeathHectorIsadoraJaffarKarelKarlaKentLegaultLeilaLimstellaLinusLloydLouiseLuciusLynMarkMatthewNergalNilsNinianNinoPentPriscillaRathRavenRebeccaSainSerraSoniaUrsulaWilZephiel
The Sacred Stones AmeliaArturCaellachColmCormagDozlaDuesselEirikaEphraimEwanGerikGilliamInnesJoshuaKnollL'ArachelLuteLyonMarisaMyrrhNatashaNeimiOrsonRennacRievRossSalehSelenaSethSyreneTanaTethysValterVanessaVigarde
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Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE Encore EleonoraItsukiKiriaMamoriTsubasa
Story Maps Book I PrefaceP: World of Zenith • 1: World of Mystery • 2: World of Conquest • 3: World of Binding • 4: World of Awakening • 5: Back to Mystery • 6: World of Birthright • 7: World of Blazing • 8: Back to Awakening • 9: Heroes Invade • 10: World of Radiance • 11: Rite of Shadows • 12: Bitter Enemies • 13: Diabolical BloodlineI: A Power AwakensI: The Rite of Blades
Book II 1: The Flame • 2: Princess of Ice • 3: Guided by a Dream • 4: Fiery Resolve • 5: Blood and Snow • 6: The True Quarry • 7: Snow and Ash • 8: Rite of Frost • 9: Hellfire • 10: The King's Demise • 11: Prince of Ice • 12: Seeping Poison • 13: A Way Home
Book III 1: Death • 2: The Dread Gate • 3: Countdown • 4: A King's Worth • 5: A Father's Legacy • 6: Realm of the Dead • 7: A Home Unknown • 8: Truth of a Name • 9: Cohort of the Dead • 10: Omnicidal Witch • 11: Where It Began • 12: Lethal Swordsman • 13: Marvelous Dream
Book IV 1: The Dream • 2: Missing You • 3: Gullinkambi • 4: On Dark Wings • 5: Twisted Reality • 6: Dreaming Reality • 7: Steeped in Twilight • 8: Wallowing in Love • 9: Violent Fantasies • 10: Lack • 11: Plumeria's Dream • 12: Triandra's Dream • 13: Reality
Book V 1: Machine Dominion • 2: Kingsbrother • 3: Forest of the Sage • 4: The Vital Blade • 5: Night and Day • 6: Treachery • 7: Bound Elsewhere • 8: Serpent's Whispers • 9: Echoes of Truth • 10: Howling Descent • 11: Deceit • 12: What Remains • 13: Specter of Niðavellir
Book VI 1: Darkness • 2: Curse Directive • 3: Calling of Blood • 4: Princess Alone • 5: Evil Ways • 6: Revealing Lies • 7: To Be Emperor • 8: Closing In • 9: Opening a Way • 10: God of Openness • 11: One Last Chance • 12: Princess and Prince • 13: Askr and Embla
Book VII 13: Time • 5: Divine Foretelling • 6: King of Light • 7: Goddess Reunion • 8: Seeing the Present • 2: World of the Past • 3: Within Wheels • 4: Ouroboros • 9: The Innocent • 10: Light's Fading • 11: Without Limits • 12: Seer of the Past • 1: Golden Seer
Book VIII 1: Healing • 2: Traitor • 3: Bait • 4: Imperial Blood • 5: A Royal Target • 6: Hand Reveal • 7: Ceremony Day
Paralogues X1: Detached Princess • 1: Family Bonds • 2: Sibling Bonds • 3: Blazing Shadows • 4: Spring Festival • 5: World of Shadows • 6: Bridal Blessings • X2: The Brink of Chaos • 7: Echoes of Mystery • 8: Ylissean Summer • 9: Nohrian Summer • 10: The Sacred World • 11: Brave Heroes • 12: Performing Arts • 13: World of Holy War • 14: Trick or Defeat! • 15: Farfetched Heroes • 16: Winter's Envoy • 17: Happy New Year! • X3: The People's Hero • 18: Love Abounds • 19: Hares at the Fair • 20: Bridal Bloom • 21: Summer's Arrival • 22: A Sketchy Summer • 23: Festival in Hoshido • 24: Arrival of the Brave • 25: The Land's Bounty • 26: Brave Redux • 27: Adrift • X4: Whispers of Death • 28: Gifts of Winter • 29: New Year's Wish • 30: Hostile Springs • 31: Greil's Devoted • 32: Regal Rabbits • 33: A Season for Picnics • 34: Bridal Belonging • 35: Summer Returns • 36: Summer Refreshes • 37: Brave Echoes • 38: A Splendid Soiree • 39: Treat Fiends • X5: Heavenly Witness • 40: Glorious Gifts • 41: Renewed Spirit • 42: A Star Is Born • 43: Lovely Gifts • 44: Familial Festivities • 45: The Start of It All • 46: Bridal Beloveds • 47: Summer Passing • 48: Overseas Memories • 49: Pirate's Pride • 50: To Stay Dreaming • 51: Dragons Harvest • 52: In the Moment • 53: A Festival Miracle • 54: Beyond Dreaming • 55: Dark Desert Rituals • 56: Love of a King • 57: Willful Rabbits • 58: Childhood Encounter • 59: Bridal Grace • 60: Summer Vibrance • 61: Summer's Dream • 62: Perilous Seas • 63: Scions of Twelve • 64: Shared Bounty • 65: Ninja Training • 66: Winter Dreamland • 67: Like Clockwork • 68: Of Lost Kingdoms • 69: Here with Me • 70: Hop-and-Go-Seek • 71: Unlikely Friends • 72: Bridal Blossoms • 73: Summer Vacation • 74: Taken by the Tide • 75: Risk and Reward • 76: Bite of Flame • 77: Divine Harvest • 78: Wyvern Ninja • 79: Holiday Handoff • 80: Gods Renewed • 81: Sage of Khadein? • 82: A Special Gift • 83: Spring Eternal • 84: No Matter Where • 85: Bridal Dreams • 86: Summer Longing • 87: Summer Firsts • 88: Invitation to Tea • 89: Winds Offered • 90: Merchant's Harvest • 91: Our Path Ahead • 92: Holiday Lessons • 93: Ring In the Year • 94: Nabata's Shield • 95: May This Last • 96: A Place to Rest • 97: Double Vision • 98: Brides to Be
Locations The Sacred WorldWorld of AwakeningWorld of BindingWorld of BirthrightWorld of BlazingWorld of ConquestWorld of CrestsWorld of DawnWorld of Holy WarWorld of MysteryWorld of Mystery RenewedWorld of OriginWorld of RadianceWorld of ShadowsWorld of Thracia • World of Zenith (Askran KingdomDökkálfheimrEmblian EmpireHelJötunheimrLjósálfheimrMúspellNiflNiðavellirVanaheimrYggdrasill)
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