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A map of Fódlan with labeled locations.

Fódlan (pronounced /ˈfoʊdlən/[key][1]; Japanese: フォドラ Fodra) is the continent upon which Fire Emblem: Three Houses takes place.


A map of Fódlan with the three primary powers highlighted.

In the ages before the foundation of the Adrestian Empire, there took place a legend involving ten heroes that fought against a man known as the Liberation King Nemesis. Aftewards, the Church of Seiros is said to have aided in establishing the Adrestian Empire.[2] At its founding, the Empire held dominion across the entire continent.

Adrestia's grip on the land did not last. At some point, the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus and the Leicester Alliance split into their own domains, severing themselves from Adrestia; this plunged continent into war and bloodshed.[3]

Now, dominion of Fódlan remains split by those three powers. The Church of Seiros continues to be the primary faith of Fódlan, and exercises great power over the continent and its people.[4] The Church uses its great influence to maintain peace between the powers.[3][5]


Garreg Mach Monastery

Main article: Garreg Mach Monastery

Located in the neutral mountain range at the center of the continent is the Garreg Mach Monastery (Japanese: ガルガ=マク大修導院 Garreg Mach Monastery), which houses the Church of Seiros and the Officer's Academy. At the Officer's Academy there are three houses, the Black Eagles, Blue Lions, and Golden Deer. Students from all three powers attend the academy.


Main article: Adrestia

The Adrestian Empire (Japanese: アドラステア帝国 Adrestia Empire) in the modern day comprises the southern half of Fódlan and has endured for the past 1,000 years;[6] it once held dominion of the entire continent.[3] The imperial bloodline in Adrestia carries the cest of Seiros in its veins. While Adrestia has lost its absolute dominion of the mainlaind, the kingdom of Brigid, situated on the archipelago to the west of Adrestia, is subservient to it.

Edelgard, heiress to the empire, and the members of the Black Eagles house hail from here.


Main article: Faerghus

The Holy Kingdom of Faerghus (Japanese: ファーガス神聖王国 Holy Kingdom of Faerghus) is located in the north and is ruled by the royal family and its loyal knights.[7]

Prince Dimitri and the members of the Blue Lions house hail from this frigid region.


Main article: Leicester

The Leicester Alliance (Japanese: レスター諸侯同盟領 Leicester Alliance) is a league of nobles located in the east that bend their knee to neither king nor emperor.[8]

Claude, leader-to-be of the alliance, and members of the Golden Deer house hail from this region.


Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
English Fódlan Derived from Fódla, an old Irish goddess whose name is used as a poetic name for Ireland.[9]
Japanese フォドラ Officially romanized as Fódlan. From Fódla, as above. The version of the world map appearing in E3 2018 materials instead romanized the continent's name as Fodra.



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