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A map of Fódlan with labeled locations.

Fódlan (pronounced /ˈfoʊdlɪ̈n/[key][1]; Japanese: フォドラ Fodra) is the continent upon which Fire Emblem: Three Houses takes place.


The Church of Seiros exercises great power over Fódlan and its people.[2]


The three primary countries on the continent of Fódlan are Fergus to the north, Adrastea to the south, and Leicester to the east. They are separated by a mountain range in the center of the continent called Barg Mac. There are also several minor locations. Hresvelgr (south of Adrastea), Blaidad (north of Fergus), and Regan (north of Leicester) are notable for sharing their names with the surnames of the main characters Edelgard, Dimitri, and Claude, respectively. Other minor locations include Brionac (to the west), Rusalka (to the far south), Aegir (north of Rusalka), Gloucester (southwest of Leicester), and the Necklace of Fódlan (to the far east).


Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
English Fódlan Derived from Fódla, an old Irish goddess whose name is used as a poetic name for Ireland.
Japanese フォドラ Officially romanized as Fodra. From Fódla, as above.



  2. "The game takes place on Fódlan, where the Church of Seiros exercises great power over the land and its people."Fire Emblem: Three Houses revealed for Nintendo Switch,, Published: June 12 2018, Retrieved: June 12 2018

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