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For the Awakening character known by a similar name in Japanese, see Inigo. For the Gemstone known by a similar name, see Geosphere.


FEF Azura 02.png
Artwork of Azura from Fates.

An enchanting singer raised among Hoshidan royalty.






March 3rd



Starting class


Voiced by
Thank you, Corrin. I feel close to you as well. I when I'm with you. I wish to keep you safe too. That's why I'm coming with you to face Nohr.
— Azura, to Corrin

Azura (Japanese: アクア Aqua) is a princess with deep ties to both Hoshido and Nohr. She was originally a Nohrian princess, but was abducted at a young age and grew up among the Hoshidan royal family. She is a talented singer whose songs are imbued with mystical powers. She is a close ally of her cousin, Corrin, and assisted them on their quest no matter what destiny they chose to follow.

Azura is a secondary protagonist in Fire Emblem Fates who plays a vital supporting role to the main protagonist, Corrin. The game's main theme, Lost in Thoughts All Alone, is closely associated with her and frequently performed by her throughout the events of the game.


Small portrait masked marth fe13.png SPOILERS! This page or section contains key plot or ending details. Read at your own risk!


Azura was born in Valla as the daughter of its king and his consort, Arete. When her father was killed by Anankos and Valla fell, Arete took her and, along with Azura's aunt Mikoto, fled Valla to the world outside the Bottomless Canyon. When Arete traveled to Nohr and became a wife of its King Garon, Azura was adopted into the Nohrian royal family as a step-daughter to Garon and step-sister to his other children.

Azura spent her early years in Nohr, until Garon murdered Sumeragi and abducted Sumeragi's child. Hoshidan forces repeatedly attempted recover the Hoshidan child, but never succeed. Later, Azura is kidnapped by Hoshidan Ninja in retaliation. Mikoto - now Sumeragi's widow - accepts Azura as one of her own, and Azura grows up among the Hoshidan royals. Azura loses her familial connections to those in Nohr and happily remains in peaceful Hoshido.[4]


Azura, about to conjure a dragonstone for Corrin.

Azura is first shown in the Prologue of Fates, Ties That Bind, singing a song at a lake, she wades underwater, entering a portal to the kingdom of Valla. The scene then cuts to another part of Corrin's dream, the prologue.

Azura does not appear in-person until chapter 4, where she is in Hoshido, passing her time with song at the lake seen earlier. She stops at Corrin's admiring approach. She recounts to Corrin her past as a Nohrian Princess kidnapped by Hoshidan forces. Azura states her life has been much better in Hoshido, despite her status as a political prisoner.

Later, Mikoto arranges for the Hoshidan royals and Azura to join Corrin in a tour of Shirasagi. During the celebration a hooded man appears and takes Corrin's Ganglari. The man uses the sword to cause an explosion, killing several bystanders as well as Mikoto. Several ghostly soldiers of unknown affiliation also appear, adding to the chaos. Corrin, distraught, transforms into feral dragon state and proceeds to go on a rampage. Azura, Rinkah, Kaze, Sakura, and Ryoma fight off the phantom soldiers while staying out of Corrin's path.

After the fighting is over Azura attempts to quell Corrin's wrath with a song. Ryoma tries to approach Azura, but Azura uses some of her magic to block Ryoma's approach with a vortex of water. Azura's approach proves unwise, as Corrin strikes her to the ground. Corrin looms over Azura, their claws around her neck, and she only pleads that Corrin kill her of their own volition and not through that of the mad dragon within them. This gets through to Corrin's addled mind and Corrin reverts to their humanoid form, sparing Azura.

After Corrin discusses the return of their memories and being chosen by Yato, Azura gives Corrin a dragonstone, which will prevent Corrin from losing control of their dragon form again.


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Fire Emblem Fates


Azura is a playable unit in all three campaigns. Her main role in gameplay is as the game's dancer-type unit, as her Songstress class gives her the ability to refresh allies to give them another turn of movement. She is also one of numerous units who is able to use Dragon Veins.

Starting stats and growth rates

Playable, Prologue/Birthright Playable, Conquest Playable, Revelation

Small portrait azura fe14.png
Is 3ds02 dragon vein icon.png Songstress
Level 1
Movement 5
Recruitment: Chapter 5, automatically from the start.

Stats Growth Rates Stat Modifiers

Inventory Skills
Is 3ds02 naginata.png Brass Naginata Is 3ds healing descant.png Healing Descant
Is 3ds luck +4.png Luck +4
Weapon Ranks
3DSRankSword.png -- 3DSRankLance.png E 3DSRankAxe.png -- 3DSRankBow.png --
3DSRankTome.png -- 3DSRankStaff.png -- Shuriken -- 3DSRankStone.png -- 3DSRankBeaststone.png --
If the Conquest route is chosen, Azura leaves the party at the beginning of Chapter 6.

Reclassing options

Small portrait azura fe14.png
Base classes:*
Songstress --
Reclass options:
Sky Knight Falcon Knight
Kinshi Knight
This unit can also reclass to the base classes of a unit with whom they have an S or A+ support.
Click here for more details on the reclassing system.

Growth rates when reclassed

Sky Knight Falcon Knight Kinshi Knight

Class HP Str Mag Skill Spd Luck Def Res
Sky Knight 25% 60% 25% 70% 75% 60% 15% 55%

Promotion stat gains

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Skill set

Skill Learned at
Is 3ds healing descant.png Healing Descant Personal skill, innate and unremovable
Is 3ds luck +4.png Luck +4 Innate
Is 3ds inspiring song.png Inspiring Song Songstress, starting from Level 10
Is 3ds voice of peace.png Voice of Peace Songstress, starting from Level 25
Is 3ds foreign princess.png Foreign Princess Songstress, starting from Level 35
Is 3ds darting blow.png Darting Blow Sky Knight, starting from Level 2
Is 3ds camaraderie.png Camaraderie Sky Knight, starting from Level 10
Is 3ds rally speed.png Rally Speed Falcon Knight, starting from Level 5
Is 3ds warding blow.png Warding Blow Falcon Knight, starting from Level 15
Is 3ds air superiority.png Air Superiority Kinshi Knight, starting from Level 5
Is 3ds amaterasu.png Amaterasu Kinshi Knight, starting from Level 15
The above skill list does not include skills obtained via Supports and DLC.

Personality and character

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Main article: Azura/Supports


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My Castle quotes

Corrin... I'd like to thank you for fighting by my side.
— Azura, when encountered by the player
Our next battle will surely push us to the limit, but I promise to do my best.
— Azura, when encountered by the player.
I'm so relaxed, even my vocal cords feel nice. This feeling makes me want to sing...
— Azura, gaining a surge at My Castle
I can't afford to be caught off guard. My weapons and voice are always at the ready.
— Azura, gaining weapon experience at an event tile or My Castle.
What might this be? I suppose I'd better take a look...
— Azura, finding an item at an event tile or My Castle.
Aside from my pendant, I don't wear many adornments. Should I accessorize?
— Azura, asking for an accessory from Corrin.
A birthday present? For me? I...I don't know what to say. Thank you, Corrin.
— Azura, receiving an accessory as a birthday gift.
Wow! This is my favorite birthday gift ever. It's extra special because it's from you...
— Azura, receiving an accessory as a birthday gift when married to Corrin.
Shop quotes
Wow, this is a nice shop. What should I buy?
— Azura, when buying items at a shop.
Sell whatever we don't need Buy what we do.
— Azura, when selling items at a shop.
Private quarters quotes
Did you want some music to relax to?
— Azura being invited to the private quarters
Let's reminisce some more, Corrin. I enjoy speaking with you...
— Azura being invited to the private quarters.
Our lives have been intertwined before we even met... I'm glad we're finally getting a chance to know each other.
— Azura talking in the private quarters.
I have so many questions to ask you. Promise that we'll meet again soon.
— Azura talking in the private quarters.
Mess hall quotes
This is...quite delicious! It makes me feel warm and happy.
— Azura, after eating a delicious meal at the mess hall.

Battle quotes

Paired battle quotes

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Let's go.
— Azura
Here we go.
— Azura
Be careful.
— Azura
We need each other.
— Azura
You have my support.
— Azura
We can do this.
— Azura
How troubling.
— Azura
Trust me.
— Azura
Look me in the eyes.
— Azura, performing a Dual Strike
This should help.
— Azura, performing a Dual Strike
You're too slow.
— Azura, performing a Dual Strike
Are you alright?
— Azura, performing a Dual Guard
Just in time!
— Azura, performing a Dual Guard
Level up quotes
Even my voice feels a little stronger...
— Azura, when two or three stats grow in a Level Up.
I'm so happy I could sing...but I won't.
— Azura, when four or five stats grow in a Level Up.
I will use this power to make a difference.
— Azura, when six or more stats grow in a Level Up.
Death/retreat quotes
So this it ends...
— Azura's defeat voice clip
I'm sorry,'ll have to go without my song now. I need to fall back and heal my wounds...
— Azura's retreat quote in Casual Mode.
I wish I could keep fighting...but these wounds are too grievous. I must retreat...and save my secret weapon for when it's truly needed...
— Azura's retreat quote in Classic Mode.

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Endgame quotes
It is not your time, Corrin. Open your eyes. Let me hear your voice again!
— Azura, in Endgame.
DLC battle quotes
You all have the same face... Do you each share a voice as well? I bet that helps a lot with harmonizing. What a chorus you'd make! Er...but enough of these silly fantasies. I'll hear your voice one way or another.
— Azura, in Anna on the Run.


At the castle

My name is Azura. I offer you my song. As for where I'm from? Two kingdoms, in a way... Both Nohr and Hoshido.
— When summoned, in Heroes.
Your uniform for this order is so attractive. And it's a lovely match for what I like to wear too!
— At the castle, in Heroes.
I'm sorry to say that I mustn't ever tell you of my homeland. Still, I will be absolutely true to you in battle.
— At the castle, in Heroes.
There's no knowing for how long you and I will be here. So, friend, let's be sure to take care of each other.
— At the castle, in Heroes.
I'm fond of singing, especially while standing in lakes. Believe me, it's far different from singing on battlefields.
— At the castle, in Heroes.
You'll often find me singing. I hope you like songs. They convey truth in ways that the written word cannot.
— At the castle, in Heroes.
By any chance, are you perhaps <player>? I bring best wishes from our group to yours in the name of <friend>.
— Delivering greetings from a friend, in Heroes.

On the character status screen

We can do this!
— On the character status screen, in Heroes.
I have faith in you.
— On the character status screen, in Heroes.
*hums* You are the ocean's gray waves
— On the character status screen, in Heroes.
Daybreak always brings new hope. And, if you have long hair, more tangles!
— On the character status screen, in Heroes.
There's power fathomless within my pendant.
— On the character status screen, in Heroes.
I wonder where this realm is in relation to Nohr and Hoshido, or even... Ah, never mind.
— On the character status screen, in Heroes.
I vow to bear you up, like a ship upon the waves, no matter what may come.
— On the character status screen, in Heroes.

Level 40 quote

You are the ocean's gray waves—♪ So you've come to see me again, <player>... You visit so often, I find myself looking for you whenever I am singing. You are a lovely audience. My song is powerful, but that power is both great and terrible. It can be used to rally and refresh the spirit... or enslave it. But it seems the song's power is much less in this world, as is the danger to the singer. So I can stay by your side to the end. And one day I will tell you of the kingdom of silence I was born in.
— After reaching level 40 at five-star Rarity, in Heroes.

Map quotes

— When selected on the map screen, in Heroes.
Let's go.
— When selected on the map screen, in Heroes.
What can I do?
— When selected on the map screen, in Heroes.

Level up quotes

Well, every difference makes a ripple.
— When gaining 1-2 stats from a level up, in Heroes.
Even my voice feels a little stronger!
— When gaining 3-4 stats from a level up, in Heroes.
I must sing in celebration of such wonderful success!
— When gaining 5-6 stats from a level up, in Heroes.
My heart swells in thanks. I will give you my all!
— When learning a new skill or increasing rarity, in Heroes.

Special skill quotes

Time for your final bow.
— Special skill quote, in Heroes.
You're finished!
— Special skill quote, in Heroes.
Now for a showstopper!
— Special skill quote, in Heroes.
Let's cut this short.
— Special skill quote, in Heroes.

Defeat quote

But, my voice...
— When defeated, in Heroes.

Other appearances

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Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
English Azura A variant of azure, a shade of sky blue.
Japanese アクア Officially romanized as Aqua. Taken from aqua, the Latin word for water.
Spanish Azura --
French Azura --
German Azura --
Italian Azura --
Korean 아주라 Azura


  1. "VA's name is Lynn
    It seems like she hasn't really had any big roles yet. Looks like her biggest parts were in the anime Sabagebu! and the game CONCEPTION 2 for 3DS."
    — Dan, Known Information (2nd April),, Published: April 14th, 2015, Retrieved: April 30th, 2015
  2. "Still, the concert site does share a new piece of vital information, which is the identity of the singer of Aqua’s song in the trailers: a debut singer by the name of Renka (literally “lotus”)" — Vincent ASM, Fire Emblem if: Theme Song Singer + Blurry Promo Display,, Published: May 8th, 2015, Retrieved: May 8th, 2015
  4. "Corrin: Er, hello. I'm sorry to bother you. I just got lost in your singing. There's something about that song that captivated me...
    Azura: You must be Prince/Princess Corrin.
    Corrin: Yes. And you are?
    Azura: I am Azura. A former princess of Nohr.
    Corrin: Former? I don't understand. If that were true, surely I would have heard of you. I grew up with the Nohrian royal family...
    Azura: I'm afraid I've been here a long time. After you were taken by the Nohrians, the Hoshidan forces retaliated. They tried desperately to get you back, but they failed again and again. However, I wasn't as heavily guarded. Hoshidan ninja easily kidnapped me. I suppose we've both been hostages for most of our lives...
    Corrin: Gods...I'm so sorry.
    Azura: No, it's OK. I may technically be a hostage, but I've lived a happy life. The people of Hoshido have accepted me as one of their own. Even Queen Mikoto herself treats me as if I were her daughter.
    Corrin: Does she? Hmm...
    Azura: Did something happen between you and Queen Mikoto?
    Corrin: No. I just...I just don't know what to do. She seems perfectly lovely, but I don't feel any connection to her. But she loves me. And so do all my blood siblings—who I've just met.
    Azura: I understand. If I were to return to Nohr, I suspect I'd feel the same way.
    Corrin: Do you think you could start over there? Live a new life among strangers?
    Azura: No. Given a choice, I would prefer to stay here in Hoshido. Queen Mikoto is a peace-loving ruler. King Garon is not.
    Corrin: ...
    Azura: So, Corrin...what are you going to do?
    Corrin: I don't know. For now, I'm just going to spend some time thinking.
    " - Corrin and Azura, Fire Emblem Fates
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