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For the character in Fire Emblem Fates whose Japanese name is the same, see Asugi.


FEG Gray Robin.png
Artwork of Gray (left) and Robin (right) from the art book Fire Emblem: The Complete.






Starting class



Fire Emblem Gaiden

Alm, I’m going too. After all, this village of Ram is bound to get attacked too at some point. In that case, let’s go beat up that Dozer or whatever first.
— Gray

(Japanese: グレイ, Gray), is a Zofian villager appearing in Fire Emblem Gaiden. He is from Ram and is one of the first people to accompany Alm.

Fire Emblem Gaiden


He is one of the first characters recruited in the game. He doesn't have any story presence aside from the start of the game, where he agrees to preemptively attack Dozer before Ram became a target.

Starting stats and growth rates

Portrait gray fe02.png
Level 5
Recruitment: Chapter 1, speak with Alm in Ram Village.*

Stats Growth Rates Spell Levels

B. Magic
W. Magic

Promotion stat gains

Soldier Knight Mage Archer Mercenary

Class HP Str Skill Spd Luck Def Res Move Weapon level
Soldier +x to 26 +x to 10 +x to 1 +x to 3 +0 +x to 5 +x to 0 +0 --
Armor +x to 34 +x to 16 +x to 2 +x to 2 +0 +x to 12 +x to 1 +0 --
Baron +x to 40 +x to 22 +x to 6 +x to 4 +0 +x to 18 +x to 7 +0 --
  • In Gaiden, promotion gains consist on giving the character as many points as necessary -the "x" value shown in the table- to reach the promoted class' base stats. If the character's stats are higher than their promoted class' base stats, they will not receive any bonus; however, if all stats are higher, then they will receive +1 to HP.

Personality and character

Gray seems to be fairly laid back, and speaks as such. Even saying "let’s go beat up that Dozer or whatever first.", seemingly not being entirely familiar with who Dozer is. If Robin dies he does not take it well and turns to alcoholism, indicating that he may not be good at handling loss. As with nearly every character in Gaiden, there isn't much characterization due to limited dialogue.



If both Robin and Clair survived
He fought with Robin over Clair, and won her heart splendidly.
‘For a man, it’s not the face that matters, but the heart!’ Or so he declared.

If Robin died
Due to his grief over Robin’s death in battle, he drowns himself in alcohol every day.
When will a smile ever return to his face…?

If Robin survived but Clair died
Having lost the one he loved, never to meet her again, he set off on a journey by himself.


Death quotes

Aww… So it’s true the good ones die young…
— Gray, in Gaiden.

Other appearances

Gray only appears in Gaiden.


Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
Japanese グレイ Officially romanized as Gray.



Sprite Gallery
Portrait gray fe02.png Villager Mercenary Soldier Knight Archer Mage Myrmidon Armor Paladin Sniper Sage Dread Fighter Baron Gold Knight Bow Knight
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Bs fe02 mercenary sword.png
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Bs fe02 knight lance.png
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Black magic
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Bs fe02 armor lance.png
Bs fe02 paladin lance 01.pngBs fe02 paladin lance 02.png
Bs fe02 sniper bow.png
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Black magic/White magic
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Bs fe02 baron lance.png
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