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FE776 Kempf 01.png








General of the Imperial Army's 12th Corps[1]

Starting class

Mage Knight


Thracia 776

Hmph, finally I've gotten that annoying little wench taken care of. Now, if she is executed for revolt, then that Reinhardt will lose his position as well. I can't wait to see his face... Hahaha...
— Kempf

Kempf (Japanese: ケンプフ Kempf) is an antagonist in Fire Emblem: Thracia 776. He has a burning hatred for Reinhardt. While he appears as an enemy in Chapters 11, he flees. In 11x, he leaves prior to the beginning of the chapter. It is not until Chapter 16A that he is fought.

Fire Emblem: Thracia 776


When Olwen asked for aid in Chapter 11, he instead sent her to the dungeon. Fred appears, and questions if Kempf imprisoned her for personal reasons, which is illegal. Kempf lies and claims Olwen attacked him, which would be a crime punishable by death. He tells Fred to fight to the death, lest Olwen die.

Upon spotting the Leonster army, he orders the plan "Portcullis" to be executed, in which the enemy is trapped in a corridor while arrows from ballistae hail down on them. He flees if attacked.

He leaves immediately in Chapter 11x, leaving Oltoph behind, ordering him to execute the tactic "Murder Hollace", which involves locking two people in a room together to fight to the death.

He is chastised by Nikalaf in Chapter 16, and is ordered to wait within range of their ballistae until reinforcements from Alster arrive. He disobeys these orders since he wants the credit himself, and orders his troops to attack and leave no one alive. This fails, and he is slain by the Leonster army.


Chapter 11 Chapter 16A

Portrait kempf fe05.png
Mage Knight
Level 10
Action ★★
Authority ★★★
Max HP 40 Speed 12
Strength 12 Luck 10
Magic 9 Defense 9
Skill 12 PCC 2
Movement 5 Constitution 14
Inventory Skills
Is snes03 master sword.png Master Sword
Is snes03 thoron.png Thoron
Is snes03 venin sword.png Poison Sword
Is snes03 vulnerary.png Vulnerary
Is snes03 vulnerary.png Vulnerary
Is snes03 immortal.png Immortal*
Weapon Levels
SNESRankSword.png A SNESRankLance.png -- SNESRankAxe.png -- SNESRankBow.png -- SNESRankStaff.png --
SNESRankFire.png D SNESRankThunder.png A SNESRankWind.png D SNESRankLight.png -- SNESRankDark.png --

Personality and character

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Kempf has a bitter hatred for Reinhardt, and his sister Olwen.

Kempf is also a coward, fleeing when attacked in Chapter 11 and fleeing upon the first sight of battle in 11x, and using dirty tactics.


Battle quotes

Damn! Dandrum is invincible...!
— Kempf's battle quote in Chapter 11
Damn! Damn! If it weren't for you... If it only weren't for you...!
— Kempf's battle quote in Chapter 16A

Death/retreat quotes

Damn... This can't be... ...Retreat! I'll be back...!
— Kempf's retreat quote in Chapter 11
No...! How could I you... Gwaaah!
— Kempf's death quote in Chapter 16
I won't forget this! I'll be back!
— Kempf, if captured and released in Chapter 16


  • In the Thracia 776 fan translation, his line of dialogue upon the execution of Portcullis has the addition of "In America!".

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
Japanese ケンプフ Officially romanized as Kempf. Variant of the German surname Kämpf, which means "struggle".[2][3]



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