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Holst Sigiswald Goneril

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Artwork of Holst from Three Hopes.





  • An unnamed father
  • Hilda (younger sister)



Lord Holst

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Holst Sigiswald Goneril (pronounced /hoʊlst/[key]; Japanese: ホルスト=ジギスヴァルト=ゴネリル Holst Sigiswald Goneril) is a non-playable character mentioned in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. He is Hilda's brother and the heir to House Goneril.


Holst is the heir to House Goneril of the Leicester Alliance. At some point prior to Imperial Year 1180, he enrolled in the Officers Academy in the Golden Deer House, notably achieving victory in the annual Battle of the Eagle and Lion.[1] Also prior to 1180, Holst met and befriended Balthus, heir apparent of House Albrecht of the Leicester Alliance.[2] After graduating, Holst was charged with the defense of Fódlan's Throat, protecting both the Alliance and Fódlan from the Almyran invasions that take place at the location.[3] His prowess in battle against the Almyran army earned him the reputation as one of Leicester's foremost commanders.[3]

Whether on Hilda's (1180 or 1185, routes other than Crimson Flower) or Edelgard's paralogue (1185, Crimson Flower), Holst at one point succumbs to food poisoning after consuming some mushrooms,[4] forcing either Hilda or Edelgard to protect Fódlan's Locket from a sudden Almyran invasion.[5][6]

During the War Phase of the Verdant Wind route, Claude, the new leader of the Alliance, arranges a meeting between Holst and Nader, a renowned Almyran general, so that the Almyran army can cross Fódlan's Locket and provide reinforcements to Claude's infiltration of Adrestia's Fort Merceus.[7] After the fall of Shambhala, he intercepts Nemesis's army at the Great Bridge of Myrddin as they march towards Garreg Mach Monastery, an encounter in which he sustains grave injuries before being forced to retreat from battle.[8]

Personality and character

While Holst never appears in person in Three Houses, he is highly regarded as a noble in the Alliance due to his military accomplishments;[9] Hilda describes him as clingy and overprotective of her well-being.[10] He is also shown to value what he deems to be respectable character rather than a person's heritage.[11]

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes

Holst Sigiswald Goneril

Holst is a surname of Danish and Norwegian origin; it originally meant Holsatian or "a person from Holstein". Sigiswald is a Germanic name derived from elements meaning "victory" and "power". Goneril is the name of the eldest daughter of King Lear in William Shakespeare's play King Lear. Other characters from Leicester also have surnames derived from the names of King Lear characters.



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    " — Hubert and Edelgard in the opening event to Dividing the World, Fire Emblem: Three Houses
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    Claude: They've already made it so far. Is Count Gloucester unharmed?
    Hilda: The count is fine, but apparently my brother joined with reinforcements and was gravely injured...
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    Hilda: I do. I've always thought of him as an overprotective nuisance, but now I feel thankful.
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  11. "Be he Almyran or no, any young man with compassion and good conduct is worthy of respect. Character is what really matters, not the place of one's birth." — Holst in a letter to Hilda, shown during her and Cyril's A support, Fire Emblem: Three Houses
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