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Lost Lore

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Lost Lore is a game mode in Fire Emblem Heroes. It is a game mode where players send out characters to scout the series' realms in order to restore part of the Heroes' Saga, the chronicle that allows the Order of Heroes to know about the series' source realms.

The gameplay

There are two types of gameplay in this mode, the Scout and the Strike. Both types of gameplay are largely hands-off, in that player input is generally limited to character selection.


The Scout works similarly to modes such as the Merc Missions of Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Players choose two characters to send out into the field, and one of three options as to how many Lore Lines are targeted to be recovered by the team. The more Lore Lines targeted for recovery, the farther the progress bar will fill, but the longer a single dispatch will last with the maximum 20 Lore Line target equating a 20 hour mission; progress bar progress can be augmented by sending out characters native to the source realm. If a player sends out two characters native to the source realm on a maximum-target mission, it should be enough to completely fill the progress bar in Act 1.

Initially, players may send out only one team at a time; however, recovering enough Lore Lines will unlock the ability to send out two teams at once, and later on three teams at once.

A single scouting target's completion yields an Orb and one page of the Heroes' Saga; each event includes four Scout missions, which comprise the first four Acts of the realm's portion of the Heroes' Saga.


Once the four Scout missions have been completed, the event's Strike mission will unlock. Players send out four characters on Strike missions, where the team will do battle against a team of four mysterious opponents. A hint is given as to what type of character a player should send into a Strike.

Strike battles take three turns, after which more information about the opponents becomes known. Revealed opponents will make usage of their character icons from one of their games of origin. Repeating the strike mission will reveal more information about the battle's opponents. Successfully completing the Strike mission will yield an Orb and the final page of the realm's portion of the Heroes' Saga.

Reward tables

As players recover more Lore Lines, they receive rewards based from the below table. This is in addition to both fixed and random rewards from the Scout and Strike missions.

Rank rewards
Lore Lines Rewards
550 Dragonflowers ×30
(Type rotates
per event)
500 Dragonflowers ×20
(Type rotates
per event)
450 Sacred Coin ×5
400 Refining Stone ×5
350 Orb ×1
300 Hero Feather ×500
250 Orb ×1
200 Hero Feather ×200
150 Great Scarlet Badge ×200
100 Great Azure Badge ×200
60 Great Verdant Badge ×200
Team Count +1 Player can send out three teams at once
40 Great Transparent Badge ×200
Azure Badge ×100
20 Scarlet Badge ×100
Team Count +1 Player can send out two teams at once
10 Transparent Badge ×100
Verdant Badge ×100

List of Lost Lore events

Unlike most game modes, details about further events up through the twelfth are known due to information pertaining to them being added to the game alongside the mode itself.

Note: All date ranges begin at 7:00 AM UTC on the first listed date and end at 6:59 AM UTC on the second listed date.
List of Lost Lore events
Name Realm Source
Dates Notes
White Rose and Sable Knight World of Mystery Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light
Mystery of the Emblem
New Mystery of the Emblem
August 13, 2019-September 3, 2019 Script Shadow Dragon is stated as a game to yield bonuses, but no characters were credited to that game at the time of this event
Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light is not stated as a game to yield bonuses (Shadow Dragon is stated in its place), but the lone character credited to that game at the time of this event, Wrys, does yield bonuses when selected
Contrary to what the usage of "World of Mystery" would otherwise imply, the Strike opponents' icons are based off Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light
One of True Sight World of Blades The Binding Blade
Fire Emblem*
September 14, 2019-October 5, 2019 Script --
The Martyr Exalt World of Awakening Awakening November 13, 2019-December 4, 2019 Script --
His Inner Strength World of Shadows Echoes: Shadows of Valentia January 25, 2020-February 15, 2020 Script --
Unannounced World of Holy War Genealogy of the Holy War
Thracia 776
Dates unknown --
Unannounced World of Holy War Genealogy of the Holy War
Thracia 776
Dates unknown --
Unannounced World of Blades The Binding Blade
Fire Emblem*
Dates unknown --
Unannounced The Sacred World The Sacred Stones Dates unknown --
Unannounced World of Radiance Path of Radiance
Radiant Dawn
Dates unknown --
Unannounced World of Radiance Path of Radiance
Radiant Dawn
Dates unknown --
Unannounced World of Fates Fates Dates unknown --
Unannounced World of Crests Three Houses Dates unknown --


  • Lost Lore does not treat all of the established source realms in the same fashion as other areas of the game, tending to roll games taking place in the same world and close proximity in timeframe together:
    • New Mystery of the Emblem's world, the World of Mystery Renewed, has been rolled into Mystery of the Emblem's World of Mystery. (Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light and Shadow Dragon have not had their worlds named as of yet, but these are also rolled into the World of Mystery as far as Lost Lore is concerned.) Awakening's World of Awakening remains separate due to the sizable gap in timeframe in between the stories.
    • Thracia 776's world name, World of Thracia, is not used; it is instead rolled into Genealogy of the Holy War's World of Holy War.
    • The Binding Blade's world, World of Binding, and Fire Emblem's world, World of Blazing, have been rolled into a single world called World of Blades
    • Radiant Dawn's world name, World of Dawn, is not used; it is instead rolled into Path of Radiance's World of Radiance.
    • The two world names corresponding to the Fates world, Hoshido's World of Birthright and Nohr's World of Conquest, are not used; the worlds have been rolled into a single world called World of Fates. (Any as-yet-unnamed world corrsponding to Valla is also considered to be rolled into the World of Fates as far as Lost Lore is concerned.)
    • On the flip side, Three Houses's world name, World of Crests, was actually revealed through the resources for this event; neither a Heroes in-game chapter nor the name of a summoning event had revealed it previously.
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