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Map of Jugdral

Jugdral (pronounced /⁠ˈjʌgdrəl⁠/[key][1]Japanese: ユグドラル Jugdral) is a continent on which Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War and Thracia 776 are set. It is situated in the same world as Archanea/Ylisse and Valentia/Valm; its orientation and distance relative to the two are undefined, but presumably within a point where travel between them is feasible.


Main article: Timeline of Archanea, Valentia, and Jugdral

At a time in which Archanea was still dominated by the dragon tribes and humans had yet to come into their own civilization, Jugdral already housed an advanced human population[2]. The calendar used in Jugdral is called the Grann Calendar, named after the original first nation of Jugdral and centred on the year of its foundation, Grann 1. The Grann Kingdom, later the Grann Republic, enjoyed four hundred years of peaceful and prosperous existence, until its destruction in Grann 447 at the hands of the rise of the Loptrian Empire, a brutal regime controlled by the earth dragon Loptous through possession of its rulers, the lineage of Emperor Gair. For nearly two hundred years and seventeen successive Emperors Gair, the Loptrian Empire held a violent, oppressive stranglehold on the world until, sixteen years after the turning point that was the Miracle of Dahna, Gair XVII was slain by the 12 Crusaders.

With the Loptrian Empire's fall, the Crusaders gave rise to numerous new nations across Jugdral. After a little over a century of peace came a period of unrest and upheaval, starting with a war between Grannvale and Isaach over reports of a sacrilegious attack on the sacred Dahna Fortress in Grann 757, and culminating with the conquest of much of Jugdral by Grannvale's forces and the rise of Emperor Arvis by Grann 761. Despite Arvis's best intentions, his son Julius – inadvertent inheritor of the lineage of Loptous – perverted Grannvale into a tyrannical force and an effective second coming of the Loptrian Empire. Even as the return of control of Jugdral to Loptous seemed absolute, a great revolution occurred in Grann 777 under the leadership of Seliph Baldos Chalphy, the rightful heir to Grannvale's throne, which resulted in the defeat of Julius and the fall of Grannvale's control over Jugdral.



Main article: Grannvale

Named for the ancient Grann Kingdom, founded by the Crusader Heim and situated in the center of Jugdral, Grannvale is a collective of duchies in subservience to the royal family at Belhalla. Grannvale's six duchies were all founded by Crusaders: Baldr, Nál, Ullr, Thrud, Fjalar, and Bragi.


Main article: Agustria

The "Dominion of the Lords", founded by the Crusader Hoðr. Not unlike Grannvale, Agustria is comprised of a collective of noble houses in satellite to the royal family. In a curious twist of fate, Hoðr's bloodline came to be carried not by the royal family, but by the nobility of Agustria's House Nordion.


Main article: Silesse

The most northern region of Jugdral, founded as a nation by the Crusader Ced. Blanketed in snow for much of the year, its terrain made it resistant to invasion for much of its history, resulting in its culture of neutrality among the other nations.


Main article: Isaach

The northeasternmost nation of Jugdral, founded by the Crusader Od. It is renowned for its unique and talented warrior culture, centered around the art of swordplay.

Thracian Peninsula

Main articles: Munster District and Thracia

Originally a single nation occupying the entire peninsula, founded jointly by sibling Crusaders Njörun and Dáinn, a schism between the two tore it into two nations, the Munster District and Thracia.


Main article: Verdane

Though founded at the same time as the other nations, Verdane is one of two not to have been founded by a Crusader and thus not to possess a Holy Blood lineage. The nation's regular belligerent incursions into the territory of neighboring Grannvale earned it a reputation as a "barbarian kingdom".


Main article: Miletos

Also not possessing Crusader lineage, the Republic of Miletos is a prominent trade hub, and as a result was among the wealthiest of Jugdral's nations before the Battle of Belhalla and its annexation by Grannvale.

Aed Desert

Main article: Aed Desert

A desert which blankets a vast swath of land between Grannvale, Isaach and Silesse, the Aed Desert is primarily notable for housing the fortress of Dahna, a significant site in Jugdral's history. It also plays host to the Aed Shrine, a refuge for members of the Loptr Church since the fall of the Empire.

Etymology and other languages

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As of Fire Emblem Awakening.



Officially romanized as Jugdral; shortened form of ユグドラシル Yggdrasil, the "World Tree" of Norse mythology and cosmology in which this world and eight others were said to exist.


















Jugdral; Used in Fates, among the choices for the player's country in their profile card.

Traditional Chinese





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  2. "In terms of eras, the era of Genealogy of the Holy War occurs long before the continent of Archanea. Jugdral was an advanced country, whereas Archanea barely held any level of civilization. At this time, the dragon tribes of Archanea were deciding on how to handle the human race."Designers' notes from a Genealogy of the Holy War playing guide, translated by Serenes Forest, Retrieved: February 9, 2013
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