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Hall of Forms

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Hall of Forms is a game mode in Fire Emblem Heroes, added to the game in the Treat Fiends update and starting its first event on October 10, 2019.

Hall of Forms is a game mode that allows players to raise preset teams separate from their normal progress across twenty-one levels.

The gameplay

Each Hall of Forms event assigns players a preset team of four characters, referred to within the mode as "Forma". These characters are raised separately from player progress, and as such do not affect a player's normal barracks. Characters initially begin at level 10 with only one unrefined weapon skill in the Silver+ family (i.e. Silver Sword+, Thoron+, etc.) and no other skills.

Players are allotted three points of mode-specific stamina each day of an event; these replenish at the daily reset (7:00 AM UTC), and can also be replenished manually with a Forma Torch, six of which are allotted to players through the rewards table.

Players can fight their way through twenty-one combinations of level, rarity, and difficulty settings called Chambers. Each battle randomly generates from a selection of maps and characters in the same vein as the Training Tower; unlike the Training Tower, the player cannot manually refresh the setups in an attempt to gain a more favorable map. Opponents are generics in Normal-difficulty chambers, and non-generics in chambers of higher difficulties. Battles work mostly in a similar fashion as normal, but with higher experience yields than would be considered normal for an enemy's level in the normal game. External experience modifications such as those from seasonal events do not apply in the Hall of Forms; although it has been stated that characters in the Hall of Forms based on Legendary and Mythic Heroes still possess their Legendary or Mythic effect and the experience boost it provides, the events held to date do not include any such characters and thus it is unknown if this statement is accurate.

The first character in a battle to obtain a kill receives a dropped chest from the battle. This entitles a character to learn a new skill or boost their merge level; this process is optional, and there is an option to allow a character to not obtain a new effect to which they are otherwise entitled. Skills for each of the seven slots (weapon, assist, special, normal passives of all three types, and Sacred Seals) are on offer; the skills on offer are those the character could potentially obtain normally through various means, be they in their default kit, via skill inheritance, or via the usage of Sacred Seals, with personal skills appearing being those the character can learn for themselves and not those associated with other characters (i.e. Boey can access Inscribed Tome and even various refined options for it, but cannot access Wind's Brand and its refined options as that skill is personal to Soren). Skills are offered at random, and if a player chooses a skill in a slot that already has a skill in it, the new skill will supersede the previous one.

There are two ways to earn rewards in the Hall of Forms. Players can also earn a daily reward for the first map cleared in a day; the reward is two Orbs on days one and five, four Dragonflowers on days two, four, and six (the type of Dragonflower is the same within an event, but varies between event), and three Orbs on days three and seven. Players also earn rewards the first time they clear a particular Chamber.

Chamber setup and rewards

Chamber Difficulty
Rarity and level
Chamber 20 Infernal
5★ Lv 40+
Orb ×1
Chamber 19 Infernal
5★ Lv 40+
Dragonflowers ×3 Hero Feathers ×100
Chamber 18 Infernal
5★ Lv 40+
Dragonflowers ×3 Hero Feathers ×100
Chamber 17 Infernal
5★ Lv 40+
Orb ×1
Chamber 16 Infernal
5★ Lv 40
Dragonflowers ×3 Hero Feathers ×100
Chamber 15 Infernal
5★ Lv 38
Dragonflowers ×3 Hero Feathers ×100
Chamber 14 Infernal
5★ Lv 36
Orb ×1
Chamber 13 Infernal
5★ Lv 34
Dragonflowers ×3 Hero Feathers ×100
Chamber 12 Lunatic
5★ Lv 30
Dragonflowers ×10
Chamber 11 Lunatic
5★ Lv 28
Hero Feathers ×200
Chamber 10 Lunatic
5★ Lv 26
Forma Torch ×1 Orb ×1
Chamber 9 Hard
4★ Lv 24
Hero Feathers ×200
Chamber 8 Hard
4★ Lv 22
Dragonflowers ×8
Chamber 7 Hard
4★ Lv 20
Forma Torch ×1 Hero Feathers ×200
Chamber 6 Hard
3★ Lv 18
Dragonflowers ×6
Chamber 5 Hard
3★ Lv 16
Orb ×1
Chamber 4 Hard
3★ Lv 14
Forma Torch ×1 Hero Feathers ×200
Chamber 3 Hard
3★ Lv 12
Dragonflowers ×4
Chamber 2 Normal
2★ Lv 10
Hero Feathers ×200
Chamber 1 Normal
1★ Lv 8
Dragonflowers ×2
Antechamber Normal
1★ Lv 6
Forma Torches ×3
Dragonflower types are the same throughout the event, and vary between events.

Hall of Forms events

The following Hall of Forms events have happened to date:

Note: All date ranges begin at 11:00 AM UTC on the first listed date and end at 6:59 AM UTC on the second listed date unless otherwise noted.
Headliner characters Run
Event 1 Portrait alm imperial ascent feh.png
Alm: Imperial Ascent
Portrait celica feh.png
Celica: Caring Princess
Portrait mae feh.png
Mae: Bundle of Energy
Portrait boey feh.png
Boey: Skillful Survivor
October 10, 2019–October 24, 2019
Event 2 Portrait marth altean groom feh.png
Marth: Altean Groom
Portrait caeda talys's bride feh.png
Caeda: Talys's Bride
Portrait draug feh.png
Draug: Gentle Giant
Portrait merric feh.png
Merric: Wind Mage
December 22, 2019–January 5, 2020
Event 3 Portrait sigurd feh.png
Sigurd: Holy Knight
Portrait quan feh.png
Quan: Luminous Lancer
Portrait eldigan feh.png
Eldigan: Lionheart
Portrait lewyn feh.png
Lewyn: Guiding Breeze
February 14, 2020–February 28, 2020


  • Mae's initial setup in the first event notably marks the first time that Thoron+, a weapon skill part of the game from its initial launch but had yet to be part of any character's skill kit by the time of the first event, has ever been a playable skill.

Etymology and other languages

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