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Summoner Duel

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Summoner Duel (Japanese: 英雄決闘 Hero Battle) is a game mode in Fire Emblem Heroes, one of the modes of the game's Coliseum. It is a competitive game mode where players face each other on large maps in real time seeking to outlast the opponent.



Players build teams of five for use specifically in this mode, with the first slot being designated for the team's captain. Teambuilding in Summoner Duels has a few restrictions, in that Summoner Duel teams disallow duplicates (such as two of Legion: Masked Maniac) entirely, and restricts performing units (such as those to Sing or Dance) and units with the Savior effect (primarily those with the Save family of skills, such as D/R Near Save) to one unit each. Unique to teambuilding in Summoner Duels is the Captain Skill, a selection of effects that apply whenever the captain meets certain criteria.

Available Captain Skills to date
Captain Skill Effect
Earth Rendering Earth Rendering The Capture Area moves one space closer to the team should the captain be in the Capture Area at the start of turns 2-4 (red moves up, blue moves down)
Adroit Captain Adroit Captain Boosts captain's Speed by +5 during combat, captain and allies within two spaces of captain nullify effects guaranteeing their target or denying their user a follow-up strike should they be faster than their target
Secret Maneuver Secret Maneuver Disables all skills of all enemies except target during captain's combat, subtracts 1 from the special skill cooldown count to all allies at the start of turns 2-5
Quick Draw Quick Draw User's team is given the first action each turn. Reduces the number of opponent's actions by 1 at the start of turns 2-4.
Eminence Eminence When an ally moves through a space the captain is occupying, that space is counted as zero spaces moved instead of one space. Reduces Defense and Resistance of all foes within 3 spaces of captain by -3 each during combat.
Erosion Erosion If a foe's skill with the Savior effect activates, reduces Defense and Resistance of that foe by -4 each and prevents that foe from counterattacking during combat.

An option termed "Matchmaking Settings" allows players to narrow character pools. At present, there are two settings; "No restrictions" allows all characters, while "Book III and prior" limits players to units released in the Book I, II, and III eras (ex. Igrene: Nabata's Protector is allowed as a Book III unit, whereas Osian: Scolded Soldier is disallowed as a Book IV unit).

Different ways to battle

There are three different ways to battle in Summoner Duel. The primary method is Favor Battles, which disallows custom rules, battles on one map for an entire season, and allows players to build up toward rewards. Free Duel allows players to play competitively using custom rules, but do not allow building up toward rewards; players can only be matched up either by setting the same custom rule settings or by designating that the opponent chooses the custom rules. Practice Duel pits players against computer-controlled teams, allowing custom rules but does not allow building up toward rewards.

The custom rules are as follows:

  • Time Limit: Defaults to 30 seconds for an action. Also available: 60 seconds, off, randomly-selected. Note that there are ways within the gameplay to extend an action's time limit.
  • Map: Defaults to randomly-selected. Also available: Long River, Walls and Trees, Enclosed, Bridges, Enclosed Ruins.
  • Lv. 40, No Support: Defaults to off. Also available: On, randomly-selected. If active, ignores merge counts and supports on the combatants.

The gameplay

Gameplay alternates between the players between individual actions; for example, the blue team can make an action, followed by the red team, followed by the blue team again. For the first turn, the blue team goes first; for subsequent turns, the team that moves first is determined by whomever had more actions remaining at the end of the previous turn, not changing from the prior turn if both teams had the same number of remaining actions at the end of a turn.

Players are given six actions to perform during their turn; in a Summoner Duel, the usage of a Duo or Harmonized Hero's special skill, normally an action that can be used independently of a unit's normal action, counts toward this limit and are further limited to one per turn. Should a player run out of actions, either by hitting the six-action limit or being unable to execute an action, their turn automatically ends. Additionally, a unit with a 1-range weapon skill fights against one with a 2-range weapon skill, that unit gets +7 bonuses to their Defense and Resistance during combat.

There are two ways players accumulate score in a Summoner Duel. The first consists of defeating the opposing team's units, in which doing so awards the player two points at base, with one-point bonuses should either unit in the combat be the opposing team's captain; the highest-scoring single play thus consists of one player's captain defeating the other team's captain, worth four points. The other method of scoring involves the Capture Area, a 6×4 grid denoted with gridlines; if a player has two or more of their team more than the other player does, that player scores two points.

Gameplay lasts for either five turns or until one player's team has routed the other's. If a player's team routs the other's, that player wins; should all five turns be completed in full, the player with the higher score wins. At the end of a Favor Battle, players earn Favor equal to their score up to a maximum of 10 as Favor, with winning players earning an additional 10 Favor.


Rewards are given in relation to whichever captain of the player's has the highest Favor at any given time; unlike other Coliseum modes, these rewards are paid out once a unit reaches a Favor plateau.

Favor rewards
Favor Reward
1,000 Dragonflower (F) ×100
900 Dragonflower (C) ×100
800 Dragonflower (A) ×100
700 Dragonflower (I) ×100
600 Divine Code: Part 2 ×200
500 Heroic Grail ×200
400 Is feh divine dew.png ×400
350 Is feh sacred coin.png ×200
300 Dragonflower (F) ×100
250 Dragonflower (F) ×100
200 Dragonflower (F) ×100
150 Dragonflower (I) ×100
100 Forma Soul ×1
80 Duelist's Badge
60 Divine Code: Part 2 ×200
40 Heroic Grail ×200
20 Is feh divine dew.png ×400
10 Is feh sacred coin.png ×200

List of Summoner Duel seasons

Unlike other Coliseum modes, Summoner Duel seasons last multiple weeks instead of one; their lengths have been somewhat inconsistent.

Note: All date ranges begin at 7:00 AM UTC on the first listed date and end at 6:59 AM UTC on the second listed date unless otherwise noted.
List of Summoner Duels seasons
Map Dates Notes
Season 1 Long River December 6, 2021 (3:00 AM UTC) – December 21, 2021 Two-week plus 28 hour season
Season 2 Bridges December 21, 2021 (3:00 AM UTC) – January 11, 2022 Three-week season
Season 2 On Slopes January 11, 2021 (3:00 AM UTC) – January 25, 2022 Two-week season


  • A promotional video for the mode that debuted at 3:00 AM UTC on December 10, 2021 showed Fehnix's Hector: Dressed-Up Duo equipped with D/R Far Save 3.[1] That skill did not exist in Heroes at the time of that promotional video; it would not be added to the game until the subsequent Winter Dreamland update on December 16.

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes

Summoner Duels




Hero duels


Duelos de invocador

Summoner's duels; abbreviated as Duelos de invoc.


Duels d'invocateur

Summoner's duels; abbreviated as Duels d'invoc.



Summoner Duels


Duelli Evocatore

Summoner duels; abbreviated as Duelli Evocat.


Duelos de invocador

Summoner's duels; abbreviated as Duelos de invoc.

Traditional Chinese


Hero duels



  1. Nintendo (channel), Fire Emblem Heroes - Summoner Duels - Matthew vs. Fehnix, YouTube, Published: December 9, 2021, Retrieved: December 15, 2021
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