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Felix Hugo Fraldarius

Part I Part II

FETH Felix.png
Artwork of Felix in Part I, from Three Houses.

Heir to House Fraldarius






17 (Part I)
22 (Part II)


20th of the Pegasus Moon (February 20th)


174 cm (5'8½")

  • Rodrigue (father)
  • Glenn (older brother, deceased)
  • An unnamed uncle


Starting class


Voiced by
Grow strong so you may live, and live to grow stronger. That's what I was taught.
— Felix

Felix Hugo Fraldarius (pronounced /ˈfilɪks ˈhjugoʊ fɹɑlˈdɑɹiəs/[key]; Japanese: フェリクス=ユーゴ=フラルダリウス Felix Hugo Fraldarius) is a character appearing in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. He is a member of the Blue Lions house at the Officers Academy.


Felix is the eldest surviving son of the house of Duke Fraldarius, and is Dimitri's childhood friend. Felix had an older brother named Glenn, who died in battle while protecting Dimitri during the Tragedy of Duscur. Felix interpreted his father Rodrigue's remark that Glenn "died like a true knight" regarding the honor in his brother's death as detached, so he developed a resentment towards his father and nobility in general, and became disillusioned with concept of chivalry. In Imperial Year 1178, he fought alongside Dimitri to suppress a rebellion. Dimitri's enjoyment of the bloodshed and slaughter horrified Felix and led to their friendship being strained, and Felix began to contemptuously refer to him as the "boar prince". In 1180, he enrolled in the Officers Academy at Garreg Mach Monastery and joined the Blue Lions, studying and fighting alongside them.

After the timeskip, if Felix is a member of Byleth's class, he returns to Garreg Mach on the day of the millennium festival and accompanies them throughout the war. If not recruited on the Verdant Wind route, he reunites with Dimitri and fights alongside him in the Battle at Gronder, where he can be circumvented or slain at the player's discretion. If not recruited on the Crimson Flower route, he is one of the defenders of Arianrhod alongside Rodrigue, Cornelia, Gwendal, and a non-recruited Ingrid, and is slain in battle. Felix makes no appearances in the story on the Silver Snow route, but it is most likely he is one of the many casualties of the Battle at Gronder.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses


Felix is a starting playable character for the Blue Lions route, a recruitable unit on the Black Eagles and Golden Deer routes and a recurring enemy should he not be poached during Part I.

Starting stats and growth rates


Main article: Felix/Stats
Small portrait felix fe16.png
Ma ns01 noble felix playable.gif Noble
Level 1
Movement 4
Crest Crest of Fraldarius
Recruitment: Automatically upon joining the Blue Lions; can be recruited to other houses if Byleth has skill in Speed and Swords

Base Stats Growth Rates Max Stats

Inventory Abilities
Iron Sword
Lone Wolf
Sword Prowess Lv 1
Bow Prowess Lv 1
Brawling Prowess Lv 1
Combat arts Spells Battalion
Wrath Strike -- --
Skill Levels
Swords Lances Axes Bows Brawling Reason Faith Authority Heavy Armor Riding Flying
D E E E+ E+ E E E E E E
Strength -- -- Strength Strength WeaknessBudding Talent -- Weakness -- -- --

Enemy - Chapter 7

Normal Hard Maddening

Small portrait felix fe16.png
Ma ns01 mercenary felix third.gif Mercenary
Level 14
Movement 5
Crest Crest of Fraldarius
Max HP 34 Luck 8
Strength 18 Defense 8
Magic 7 Resistance 4
Dexterity 10 Charm 8+1
Speed 17
Inventory Abilities
Steel Sword
Lone Wolf
Sword Prowess Lv 3
Darting Blow
Combat arts Spells Battalion
-- -- Church of Seiros Soldiers Lv 3
Skill Levels
Swords Lances Axes Bows Brawling Reason Faith Authority Heavy Armor Riding Flying Class mastery
C E E E E E E E -- -- -- FE16ClassMasteryEmpty.png

Enemy - Crimson Flower Chapter 16

Normal Hard Maddening

Enemy - Verdant Wind Chapter 17

Normal Hard Maddening

Growth rates when reclassed

Main article: Felix/Stats#Growth rates when reclassed


Ability Learned at
Is ns01 skill self buff.png Lone Wolf Personal ability, innate and unremovable
Is ns01 sword prowess lv 1.png Sword Prowess Innate; replaced with higher levels at Swords D+, C+, B+, and A+
Is ns01 combat art sword.png Wrath Strike Innate
Is ns01 combat art sword.png Grounder Swords C
Is ns01 combat art sword.png Sunder Swords C+
Is ns01 axebreaker.png Axebreaker Swords B
Is ns01 combat art sword.png Finesse Blade Swords A
Is ns01 sword crit +10.png Sword Crit +10 Swords S
Is ns01 swordfaire.png Swordfaire Swords S+
Is ns01 lance prowess lv 1.png Lance Prowess Lances E+; replaced with higher levels at Lances D+, C+, B+, and A+
Is ns01 combat art lance.png Tempest Lance Lances D
Is ns01 combat art lance.png Knightkneeler Lances C
Is ns01 swordbreaker.png Swordbreaker Lances B
Is ns01 lance crit +10.png Lance Crit +10 Lances S
Is ns01 lancefaire.png Lancefaire Lances S+
Is ns01 axe prowess lv 1.png Axe Prowess Axes E+; replaced with higher levels at Axes D+, C+, B+, and A+
Is ns01 combat art axe.png Smash Axes D
Is ns01 combat art axe.png Helm Splitter Axes C
Is ns01 lancebreaker.png Lancebreaker Axes B
Is ns01 axe crit +10.png Axe Crit +10 Axes S
Is ns01 axefaire.png Axefaire Axes S+
Is ns01 bow prowess lv 1.png Bow Prowess Innate; replaced with higher levels at Bows D+, C+, B+, and A+
Is ns01 combat art bow.png Curved Shot Bows D
Is ns01 close counter.png Close Counter Bows C
Is ns01 combat art bow.png Heavy Draw Bows C+
Is ns01 bow crit +10.png Bow Crit +10 Bows S
Is ns01 bowfaire.png Bowfaire Bows S+
Is ns01 brawling prowess lv 1.png Brawling Prowess Innate; replaced with higher levels at Brawling D+, C+, B+, and A+
Is ns01 combat art brawling.png Fading Blow Brawling D
Is ns01 combat art brawling.png Rushing Blow Brawling C
Is ns01 combat art brawling.png Nimble Combo Brawling C+
Is ns01 combat art.png Healing Focus Brawling B
Is ns01 combat art brawling.png Mystic Blow Brawling A
Is ns01 brawl crit +10.png Brawl Crit +10 Brawling S
Is ns01 fistfaire.png Fistfaire Brawling S+
Is ns01 black magic crit +10.png Black Magic Crit +10 Budding Talent: Reason
Is ns01 reason lv 1.png Reason Reason E+; replaced with higher levels at Reason D+, C+, B+, and A+
Is ns01 black magic range +1.png Black Magic Range +1 Reason S
Is ns01 black tomefaire.png Black Tomefaire Reason S+
Is ns01 faith lv 1.png Faith Faith E+; replaced with higher levels at Faith D+, C+, B+, and A+
Is ns01 white magic range +1.png White Magic Range +1 Faith S
Is ns01 white tomefaire.png White Tomefaire Faith S+
Is ns01 authority lv 1.png Authority Authority E+; replaced with higher levels at Authority D+, C+, B+, and A+
Is ns01 battalion vantage.png Battalion Vantage Authority C
Is ns01 defensive tactics.png Defensive Tactics Authority B
Is ns01 offensive tactics.png Offensive Tactics Authority S+
Is ns01 weight -3.png Weight -3 Heavy Armor C
Is ns01 combat art.png Smite Heavy Armor B
Is ns01 weight -5.png Weight -5 Heavy Armor A
Is ns01 armored effect null.png Armored Effect Null Heavy Armor S+
Is ns01 dexterity +4.png Dexterity +4 Riding C
Is ns01 movement +1.png Movement +1 Riding A+
Is ns01 cavalry effect null.png Cavalry Effect Null Riding S+
Is ns01 alert stance.png Alert Stance Flying B
Is ns01 alert stance+.png Alert Stance+ Flying A+
Is ns01 flying effect null.png Flying Effect Null Flying S+
The above ability list does not include class abilities, or abilities and combat arts that are granted by items.

Spell list

Spell Learned at
Thunder Reason D
Thoron Reason C
Heal Faith D
Nosferatu Faith D+
Recover Faith C
Restore Faith B


This character analysis section may not be accurate to every player's experience.

Felix is a ruthlessly strong unit on par with the likes of the lords of each respective route. From the start, Felix is incredibly strong with good bases, one of the best crests in the game, and a strong personal skill for the early game. With his personal skill of Lone Wolf, which boosts might by five if he has no battalion equipped, Felix has amazing damage output as it boosts his strength to an effective fifteen which is even higher than Dimitri and Edelgard’s respective bases. However, in the long term, bonuses granted by even D-rank battalions will wildly outstrip the five point bonus to damage output or give other desirable boons, so you are best off reaping the benefits for the first few chapters then developing Felix’s authority rank to at least C-rank. Felix’s other major boon is his major crest of Fraldarius. The crest grants him a 40% chance of boosting weapon might by five during normal weapon attacks. The crest of Fraldarius adds to Felix’s already high damage output and has great synergy with brave weapons and gauntlets as it provides the opportunity for the crest to proc as many as four times in a single round of combat. The combination of all these factors make Felix dominant in the early game and thanks to his excellent growths in both strength and speed he will maintain his lead throughout the game. Felix’s only shortcomings are his average defense and HP, though these can be mitigated later on by equipping the relic of Fraldarius, the Aegis Shield, which grants Felix Pavise, Aegis and six defense, boosting Felix’s staying power on the frontlines provided the shield does not weigh him down enough to get doubled. Overall, you will likely find that Felix can easily dispatch most enemies in lower difficulties and, barring that, has enough speed to prevent double attacks from many faster enemies on maddening mode while dealing high damage in retaliation.

The best early promotion pathway for Felix is Fighter then Brigand, make sure to master the class for Death Blow, after which point Felix can reclass and excel in essentially any physical class. It is also worth noting that Felix can perform adequately in magical classes despite a low growth in magic. Felix’s budding talent grants him Black Magic Crit +10 and has good synergy with Felix’s high crit spells of Thunder and the excellent three-range spell of Thoron allowing him to turn out high damage, albeit infrequently. Due to the fact that magic-enabled classes before the master tier are limited to four movement, it is still best to lead Felix down a physical class promotion path then promote him into a Mortal Savant or Dark Knight if you are set on having Felix use magic; however, his faith spell list lacking Physic and Felix's generally better performance in physical classes make the option of a magic-enabled final class somewhat suboptimal. As noted earlier, Felix can excel in a class provided its physical, so his best classes are the usual suspects for best classes in the game which includes Sniper for guaranteed double attacking via Hunter's Volley, Wyvern Lord for general combat prowess and Canto, and Assassin for high speed and the best infantry movement in the game; however, as alluded to before, the Crest of Fraldarius specifically grants Felix great synergy with the Brawler, Grappler, and War Master classes. The latter two both grant good class modifiers, six movement, and Fistfaire and each has its own attractive boon. Grappler provides Fierce Iron Fist, a combat art that hits consecutively three times, and War Master provides a general Crit +20, Fistfaire and a much higher strength modifier of five as compared to the Grappler’s one, making both optimal endgame options for Felix. In terms of skills, Felix will have an easy time passing and subsequently mastering the Mercenary class for Vantage. If done so, it is recommended he also masters the Warrior class for Wrath. As Felix will need an B+ to A-rank in Axes to pass the War Master exam, Felix will naturally meet the requirements for Warrior as well if the player sets Axe as one of his goal early on. A War Master Felix with the Vantage-Wrath combo, Quick Riposte, Death Blow and Killer Gauntlets and his relic equipped should be able to take on even some of the most resilient foes, both on player and enemy phase.

Recruiting for Other Routes

When recruited outside of Blue Lions, Felix will come having received training in sword and brawling. Felix’s recruitment requirement of a B+ in swords is somewhat high but is still achievable as Byleth is easiest to place on a sword-focused promotion path, making Felix a simple yet very powerful recruitment option. Moreover, the recruitment requirement can be lowered to Byleth's base sword rank of D+ by reaching a B-support between him and Byleth. Felix will easily excel in routes other than Blue Lions and can instantly be promoted into a Brawler if recruited from Chapter 6 onwards.

Personality and character

Felix is somewhat hard to approach. He is obsessed with honing his skills with the sword, and will challenge any worthy-looking opponent he meets to a duel. He can often come off as cold and unforgiving, not willing to hold a conversation unless it is important or involves possibility to improve his own strength. He is intimidating, shown in his support conversations with Bernadetta, and often misunderstood, and his honest opinions are mistaken for sarcasm by Annette. Despite seeming unsympathetic and cruel, he is secretly caring, valuing his allies and friends lives dearly. Though he hates to admit it, and tries to hide it out of embarrassment, he loves his friends greatly. He also has a soft spot for cats. His need for strength and haste to challenge anyone he deems a worthy opponent stems from him sparring with his late brother Glenn, and vowing to win against him, although he says it feels like fighting a corpse. Regardless, he stills pursues strength, as he vowed to continue. He strongly disagrees with Faerghus’ ideals of chivalry, believing that dying honourably does not justify a death, and despises it when his father Rodrigue refers to Glenns’ death by saying that he ‘died like a true knight’. Although once close friend with Dimitri, their relationship is strained after he witnessed his lust for blood during their part in suppressing a rebellion in the kingdom. After the timeskip, when Dimitri shows his other side, Felix has even less respect for him. He often refers to him using derogatory terms such as ‘Beast’ and ‘Boar Prince’, even going as far as to refer to him using the pronoun ‘it’ instead of the masculine pronouns he prefers, as if he isn’t human. He hates sweet foods, and likes meat, although his lack of tolerance for desserts can change through gaining support with Lysithea.


Main article: Felix/Supports


Felix, Meandering Sword (Silver Snow, Crimson Flower, Verdant Wind)
Even after the war's end, skirmishes continued to break out across Fódlan. Bored and restless in his capacity as Duke Fraldarius, Felix abandoned his title, jumping at the opportunity to wield a sword again. Little is known of his whereabouts thereafter, but even many years later, soldiers continued to whisper rumors of a mysterious man able to deal swift death to scores of enemies.

Bernadetta, Eternal Loner & Felix, Meandering Sword (Silver Snow)
After the war, Felix attempted to set out on his own, but was waylaid by Bernadetta, who begged him not to go. Persuaded to stay, Felix ended up marrying into House Varley, the title of which Bernadetta had inherited. The couple got along smoothly, although it was rumored that in the early years of their marriage, she once had to restrain him physically to prevent him from taking a trip to the Oghma Mountains to train. As the years wore on, Bernadetta became more reclusive, and Felix took over many of the day-to-day duties of running the house. Documents from their later years were increasingly signed with the name Felix, Count Varley.

Dorothea, Mystical Songstress & Felix, Meandering Sword (Crimson Flower, Silver Snow)
Even after the war's end, skirmishes continued to break out across Fódlan. Learning that there were still places where he could fight, Felix abandoned his noble title and chose to make a living with his sword. He traveled the land, and some years later found himself in Enbarr. There he encountered Dorothea, who had just resumed her career as a songstress in the opera. From that time on, no matter how far Felix traveled, he always found himself drawn back to that opera house. It is said that, when Dorothea saw his face in the crowd, she sang only for him.

Felix, Meandering Sword & Mercedes, Benevolent Soul (Verdant Wind)
Even after the war's end, skirmishes continued to break out across Fódlan. Learning that there were still places where he could fight, Felix abandoned his noble title and chose to make a living with his sword. He traveled the land, seeking battle as if he had a death wish, but his violent path came to an end when he reunited with Mercedes. She had begun a new life as a cleric in service to the goddess, and with her kindness and generosity, she was able to turn his life around. No one knows what became of them after that, but the tales of a swordsman who made warriors across Fódlan tremble with fear all come to an end at that point.

Felix, Meandering Sword & Leonie, The Blade Breaker II
After the war, Felix abandoned his noble title and chose to make a living with his sword. He accepted Leonie as his partner, and together they became wandering mercenaries. Their different fighting styles complemented one another well, and their combined skill was enough to handle any enemy. Some time later, the mercenary group formerly led by Jeralt joined them, and under their leadership, became the most feared company in Fódlan. After the post-war chaos passed, however, work became scarce, and the pair eventually became so desperate that they rebranded themselves as street performers. They proved surprisingly capable in their new profession.

Azure Moon

Felix, The Shield's Successor
As Duke Fraldarius, Felix worked for years to revitalize and rebuild his territory. He became the king's right-hand man, serving as a trusted adviser on a range of subjects, especially military affairs. Later in his life, he inherited his father's nickname and was known throughout the Kingdom as the Shield of Faerghus's worthy successor.

Dimitri, Savior King & Felix, The Shield's Successor
After his coronation, Dimitri assumed the throne of the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus and spend his life ruling justly over Fódlan. At his side every step of the way was his right-hand adviser, Duke Felix Fraldarius. Their lifelong bond grew so strong over time that, when Dimitri finally passed, it is said that Felix's grief was more potent even than the queen's. The stories of their lives were passed down to future generations as chivalric tales that rivaled those of Loog, the King of Lions, and his sworn friend, Kyphon.

Dorothea, Devoted Heart & Felix, The Shield's Successor
After the war, Felix inherited the title of Duke Fraldarius from his late father, Rodrigue. He married Dorothea, and the two began a happy life together. After they had finished restoring Fraldarius territory, Felix traveled across Fódlan as the king's right hand. Dorothea traveled with him always, and even threw herself into battle alongside him every so often. Tales of their bravery endured for generations, thanks in no small part to the operas that Dorothea wrote and composed herself.

Felix, The Shield's Successor & Sylvain, Sincerest of Knights
After the war, Felix and Sylvain inherited their respective titles of Duke Fraldarius and Margrave Gautier, and set to work restoring the Kingdom. Each led a busy life, but that only seemed to enhance their friendship over the years. Each became known for making surprise visits to the estate of the other, in order to deliver the latest taunting in a friendly but relentless game of one-upmanship. It is said that, in their later years, they became so close that they passed away on the same day, as if conceding that one could not live without the other.

Felix, The Shield's Successor & Ingrid, Stalwart Knight
After the war, Felix inherited the title of Duke Fraldarius from his late father Rodrigue. He married Ingrid, the daughter of Count Galatea, and the couple spared no expense in restoring both their territories, paying special attention to Galatea's desperate need for food and funds. Some years later, there was an attack on the castle town, and the duke lost the use of his sword arm from an injury sustained protecting his wife. It's said that he never regretted it, as he was only fulfilling a promise that he made to his beloved wife a long time ago.


Battle quotes

There you are, standing before me, ready for death. I will administer the finishing blow.
— Felix, as an enemy in Crimson Flower Chapter 16.
Part of me has been waiting for this since I met you. No need for chitchat. Come at me!
— Felix, as an enemy fighting Byleth in Crimson Flower Chapter 16.
Rodrigue: So, my foolish son... You took it upon yourself to leave your family behind.
Felix: I'm not coming back. I won't serve the boar.
Rodrigue: It's a father's duty to settle his child's failures. Felix... You must die here and now!

— Felix, fighting Rodrigue in Crimson Flower Chapter 16.
Felix: All that talk about chivalry and loyalty, only to turn against your homeland.
Ingrid: Maybe I'm not a knight after all. Not in the traditional sense, anyway. I've betrayed lord and family alike. And I've done so because I believe in the professor. I fight for that which I believe in!
Felix: So, you won't step aside. Then I'll have to kill you.

— Felix, as an enemy fighting Ingrid in Crimson Flower Chapter 16.
Ingrid: Felix, why?
Felix: Urrgh...
Ingrid: You've betrayed His Majesty, Glenn, and Lord Rodrigue. You've betrayed just about everyone!
Felix: You couldn't possibly understand. If you're going to stand in my way, I'll have to kill you.

— Felix, as an ally fighting an enemy Ingrid in Crimson Flower Chapter 16.
Sylvain: Hey, Felix? Remember when we were kids and we made a promise about dying together?
Felix: I remember.
Sylvain: Well, seems we're about to kill each other.
Felix: Sorry, Sylvain. You'll die first.

— Felix, fighting Sylvain in Crimson Flower Chapter 16/Crimson Flower Chapter 17.
Dimitri: You killed Rodrigue... your own father, Felix.
Felix: I said I'd cut down anyone who stood in my way. Even my father. Even my friends.
Dimitri: I see. That was all I needed to hear to finally work up the resolve to kill you.

— Felix, fighting Dimitri in Crimson Flower Chapter 17.
Want to die? Step forward. I'll take you all.
— Felix, as an enemy in Verdant Wind Chapter 17.
Stand aside. There's something I must do.
— Unused dialogue for an enemy Felix in Azure Moon Chapter 18.
I'll relish cutting you down. No need for chitchat. Come at me!
— Unused dialogue between an enemy Felix and Byleth in Azure Moon Chapter 18.
Felix: So, the old man's dead...
Dimitri: Yes.
Felix: I'll cut you down. Prepare yourself, you damn boar!
Dimitri: Very well. Come at me, Felix!

— Unused dialogue between an enemy Felix and Dimitri in Azure Moon Chapter 18.
Felix: Sylvain, stand aside. My blade thirsts for his blood, not yours.
Sylvain: If that's so, then you oughta stand down. I don't want to fight you either!
Felix: Fine. Then we're at an impasse.

— Unused dialogue between an enemy Felix and Sylvain in Azure Moon Chapter 18.
Ingrid: Felix! Get a grip! We don't need to fight!
Felix: Out of my way, Ingrid. I must defeat him.
Ingrid: And then? What will become of you? You never have listened to reason!

— Unused dialogue between an enemy Felix and Ingrid in Azure Moon Chapter 18.

Critical quotes

Too slow!
— Felix in Parts I & II
An opening!
— Felix in Part I
— Felix in Part I
Is that all?
— Felix in Part I & II
I'll cut you down!
— Felix in Part II
Leave my sight!
— Felix in Part II

Death/retreat quotes

Can't move. Can't lift my weapon any longer.
— Felix's retreat quote as a playable character in Part I.
Where's my weapon? Damn it! Can't see...anything.
— Felix's death quote in classic mode as a playable character in Part II.
Guess that's all I had to offer.
— Felix's retreat quote in casual mode as a playable character in Part II.

Other quotes

Main article: Felix/Quotes

Other appearances

Fire Emblem Cipher

Felix is currently featured on three cards in Fire Emblem Cipher.

Fire Emblem Cipher data for Felix
TCGCipher B18-023R.png Blade Aiming for Height, Felix



"I suppose I can lend you a hand. That said, you must win, no matter what."
Attack: 70 Support: 10 Range: 1 Deploy Cost: 4
Class: Swordmaster Tier: Advanced Class Change Cost: 3
Craving to Be Strong: [Trigger] Each time this unit attacks, until the end of the turn, this unit gains +10 attack.
Crest Power Rival-Surpassing Sword: [Hand] [Activate] [Send this card to the Retreat Area] Untap allied "Felix". Until the end of the turn, you may not use "Rival-Surpassing Sword". ([Hand] is only usable while this card is in your hand.)
Card #B18-023RArtist: Clover.K
TCGCipher B18-024HN.png Swordsman Desiring Power, Felix



"All I'm worried about is finding someone worthy to cross swords with."
Attack: 60 Support: 20 Range: 1 Deploy Cost: 3
Class: Mercenary Tier: Advanced Class Change Cost: 2
Lone Wolf: [Always] If there are no other allies in the same area as this unit, non-Main Character enemies are unable to evade this unit's attacks.
Flashing Sword Crest: [Trigger] [Flip two bond cards] When this unit's attack destroys an enemy, you may pay the cost and if you do: Choose 1 "Felix" from your Retreat Area, and add it to your hand.
Card #B18-024HNArtist: Ayaka Kato
TCGCipher B18-025N.png Legitimate Son of House Fraldarius, Felix



"My mind is emptied of all but the thrill of the challenge!"
Attack: 40 Support: 10 Range: 1 Deploy Cost: 1
Class: Noble Tier: Base Class Change Cost: --
An Invitation to the Training Grounds: [Activate] [Flip two bond cards] Until the end of the turn, this unit gains +20 attack.
Is TCGCipher Attack.png Attack Emblem: [Support] Until the end of this combat, your attacking unit gains +20 attack.
Card #B18-025NArtist: Clover.K
Some card information translation provided by Serenes Forest.
For more detailed strategic information on these cards, see their TCG wiki article on Felix .


Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
English Felix Hugo Fraldarius Full name, known by just Felix in most menus. Felix is a Latin given name meaning "lucky".[2] Hugo is a French surname and given name.
Japanese フェリクス=ユーゴ=フラルダリウス Felix Hugo Fraldarius
Spanish Felix Hugo Fraldarius As above.
French Felix Hugo Fraldarius As above.
German Felix Hugo Fraldarius As above.
Italian Felix Hugo Fraldarius As above.
Korean 펠릭스 유고 프랄다리우스 Felix Hugo Fraldarius
Simplified Chinese 菲力克斯·尤果·伏拉鲁达力乌斯 Felix Hugo Fraldarius
Traditional Chinese 菲力克斯‧尤果‧伏拉魯達力烏斯 Felix Hugo Fraldarius


External links


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Part II Silver Snow
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13: Reunion at Dawn • 14: A King Without a Kingdom • 15: Valley of Torment • 16: The Rose-Colored River • 17: The Impregnable Fortress • 18: The Chaos of War • 19: Conclusion of the Crossing Roads • 20: The City Without Light • 21: Following a Dream
Azure Moon
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13: Reunion at Dawn • 14: The Delusional Prince • 15: Valley of Torment • 16: The Rose-Colored River • 17: Blood of the Eagle and Lion • 18: The King's Triumphant Return • 19: The Golden Deer's Plea • 20: The Impregnable Fortress • 21: Our Chosen Paths • 22: Oath of the Dagger
Verdant Wind
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13: Reunion at Dawn • 14: The Alliance Leader's Ambitions • 15: Valley of Torment • 16: The Rose-Colored River • 17: Blood of the Eagle and Lion • 18: The Golden Scheme • 19: The Chaos of War • 20: Conclusion of the Crossing Roads • 21: The City Without Light • 22: Fódlan's New Dawn
Crimson Flower
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13: Beyond Escape • 14: The Master Tactician • 15: Tempest of Swords and Shields • 16: Lady of Deceit • 17: Field of Revenge • 18: To the End of a Dream
Paralogues Part I A Cursed Relic*An Ocean ViewBlack Market Scheme*Death TollDividing the World Black Eagles, if Byleth sides against EdelgardBlue LionsGolden DeerFalling Short of HeavenThe ForgottenLand of the Golden DeerOil and WaterRumored NuptialsThe Secret Merchant* Blue LionsGolden DeerSword and Shield of SeirosTales of the Red CanyonTrue ChivalryWar for the Weak Blue Lions Exclusive
Part II Darkness Beneath the Earth Crimson FlowerDividing the World Silver SnowAzure MoonVerdant WindEternal Guardian Silver SnowAzure MoonVerdant WindThe Face Beneath Silver SnowAzure MoonVerdant WindForeign Land and SkyForgotten HeroInsurmountable Crimson FlowerLegend of the LakeRetribution Silver SnowAzure MoonVerdant WindThe Secret Merchant* Crimson FlowerThe Silver Maiden Azure MoonThe Sleeping Sand Legend Verdant WindWeathervanes of Fódlan Azure Moon
Cindered Shadows
(DLC side story)
Cindered Shadows
1: The Fourth House • 2: What Lies Beneath • 3: The Rite of Rising • 4: Danger in the Dark • 5: Betrayal • 6: Return to Me • 7: Wolf Pack
Locations FódlanAbyssAdrestiaFaerghusGarreg Mach MonasteryLeicesterAlmyraBrigidDagdaSreng
Groups, objects and concepts 10 ElitesAshen WolvesBlack EaglesBlue LionsChildren of the GoddessChurch of Seiros (Knights of Seiros) • Crests (Crest Stone) • Divine PulseGolden DeerHeroes' RelicsInsurrection of the SevenMonstersThose who slither in the darkTragedy of DuscurWar of Heroes
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