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Category:Base classes

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Classes in this category are considered to be "base", "basic" or "first-tier" classes in at least one Fire Emblem series game in which they appear. These classes are lower-end classes in which most units start out, possessing lower stats and fewer skills, and in turn can promote into advanced classes to gain more power once they have gained enough experience and levels; units in basic classes gain experience at a quicker rate than advanced classes.

In certain games, there are elements which can help the player quickly identify whether a class is a base or advanced class. In the Game Boy Advance games, the generic class portraits of base classes have a gray border, base classes all have the same maximum stats with a maximum of 20 in every stat except HP and luck, and base classes' weapon ranks can go no higher than A-rank. In Awakening, all base classes have a maximum HP stat of 60 and a maximum luck stat of 30.