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Grand Conquests

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Grand Conquests (Japanese: 大制圧戦 Great Conquest Battle) is a game mode in Fire Emblem Heroes, added in the Snow and Ash update and starting its first event on April 13, 2018.

Grand Conquests is a game mode that allows players to join armies in an attempt to conquer as much of a game board as possible, much in the vein of games such as the board game Risk. Each Grand Conquests event lasts for six days, with three battles per event, each battle lasting twenty-two rounds over two days.

A map used in the first Grand Conquests
The commonly used home banner for Grand Conquests

The gameplay

During each battle of a Grand Conquests event, players are assigned randomly to an Outrealm and to one of three armies within that Outrealm, each army led by either Alfonse (the red army), Sharena (the blue army), or Anna (the green army). During a round, players can choose a space in which their color is adjacent to a space of another color (i.e. someone on the blue team can choose any space that is either a blue space adjacent to a red or green space, or a red or green space which is adjacent to a blue space), use some stamina, and initiate a battle; the battles themselves work similarly to the Rival Domains mode, right down to offering the same four difficulties of Normal, Hard, Lunatic, and Infernal. The stamina used in Grand Conquests is specific to this mode, and can be refilled by using a Conquest Lance. The more battles an army wins on a specific space increases the chances of that square turning that army's color for the following round.

Battles on each space may at times be affected by certain effects that affect units of a certain movement type; one effect for each movement type involves increasing Attack, Speed, Defense, and Resistance by +4 each on all units of a certain movement type. The other effect for each movement type is unique to that movement type: infantry units may receive a cooldown acceleration effect for special skills, armored units may be allowed to move an additional space per turn, cavalry units may guarantee follow-up attacks when initiating combat, and flying units may move adjacent to spaces adjacent to flight allies within two spaces.

Area Effects

Various effects can appear in any area on the map, and once this occurs, players can take advantage of that specific effect.

Effected Unit In-game Description
Is feh infantry stat boost.png Grants Atk/Spd/Def/Res+4 to infantry units.
Is feh armored boost.png Grants Atk/Spd/Def/Res+4 to armored units.
Is feh cavalry stat boost.png Grants Atk/Spd/Def/Res+4 to cavalry units.
Is feh flying stat boost.png Grants Atk/Spd/Def/Res+4 to flying units.
Is feh infantry special boost.png Grants Special cooldown charge +1 per attack to infantry units during combat.

(Only highest value applied. Does not stack.)

Is feh armored movement boost.png At start of turn, armored units can move 1 extra space.

(That turn only. Does not stack.)

Is feh cavalry follow-up attack.png If cavalry units initiate combat, units make a guaranteed follow-up attack.
Is feh flying warp.png Units can move to a space adjacent to a flying ally within 2 spaces.

GC Tier

As a Grand Conquest event goes on, players can increase their GC Tier, which allows players to boost their battle scores and receive other rewards, as follows:

GC Tier Score boost Rewards
1 0% Starting tier
2 0% Orb×3 Conquest Lance×1
3 0% Refining Stone×2 Azure Badge×100 Scarlet Badge×100
4 10% Sacred Coin×2 Orb×1 Conquest Lance×1
5 10% Refining Stone×2 Transparent Badge×100 Verdant Badge×100
6 15% Sacred Coin×2 Orb×1 Conquest Lance×1
7 15% Refining Stone×2 Great Azure Badge×50 Great Scarlet Badge×50
8 20% Sacred Coin×2 Orb×1 Conquest Lance×1
9 20% Refining Stone×4 Great Transparent Badge×50 Great Verdant Badge×50
10 25% Sacred Coin×2 Orb×1 Conquest Lance×1
11 25% Refining Stone×4 Azure Badge×100 Scarlet Badge×100
12 30% Sacred Coin×2 Orb×1 Conquest Lance×1
13 30% Refining Stone×4 Transparent Badge×100 Verdant Badge×100
14 35% Sacred Coin×2 Orb×1 Conquest Lance×1
15 35% Refining Stone×4 Great Azure Badge×50 Great Scarlet Badge×50
16 40% Sacred Coin×2 Orb×1 Conquest Lance×1
17 40% Refining Stone×4 Great Transparent Badge×50 Great Verdant Badge×50
18 45% Sacred Coin×2 Orb×1 Conquest Lance×1
19 45% Refining Stone×4 Sacred Coin×2 Conquest Lance×1
20 50% Sacred Coin×2 Orb×1 Conquest Lance×1
21 50% Sacred Coin×2 Conquest Lance×1
22 55% Sacred Coin×2 Conquest Lance×1
22 55% Sacred Coin×2 Orb×1
24 60% Sacred Coin×2 Conquest Lance×1
25 60% Sacred Coin×2 Orb×1

Area count

Players also get rewards for the number of spaces their army controls at the end of a battle:

Note: The rewards for an area count of 0 are unconfirmed, and thus italicized.
Spaces Arena Medal Hero Feather
0 200 3200
1 210 3300
2 220 3400
3 230 3500
4 240 3600
5 250 3700
6 260 3800
7 270 3900
8 280 4000
9 290 4100
10 300 4200
11 310 4300
12 320 4400
13 330 4500
14 340 4600
15 350 4700
16 360 4800
17 370 4900
18 380 5000
19 390 5100
20+ 400 5200

Grand Conquests events

The following Grand Conquests events have happened to date:

Note: All date ranges begin at 11:00 AM UTC on the first listed date and end at 6:59 AM UTC on the second listed date unless otherwise noted.
Run dates Notes
Grand Conquests 1 April 13, 2018–April 19, 2018 Took place in northern half of Heroes's world (presumably Askr and Embla)
Grand Conquests 2 May 2, 2018–April 8, 2018 Took place in southern half of Heroes's world (presumably Nifl and Múspell)
Associated quests were first distribution of Kaze to Heroes players
Grand Conquests 3 May 17, 2018–May 23, 2018 Took place over much of the Archanean continent
Grand Conquests 4 June 26, 2018–July 2, 2018 Took place in the southern half of Valentia (presumably at least most of Zofia)
Grand Conquests 5 August 1, 2018–August 7, 2018 Took place in the northern half of Valentia (presumably at least most of Rigel)
Grand Conquests 6 August 29, 2018–September 4, 2018 Took place in the southwestern portion of Jugdral (presumably on portions of Agustria, Verdane, Grannvale, Miletos, and Silesse)
Grand Conquests 7 September 26, 2018–October 2, 2018 Took place in the northeastern portion of Jugdral (presumably on portions of Silesse, Isaach, Yied Desert, Grannvale, and the Manster District)
Grand Conquests 8 October 21, 2018–October 27, 2018 Took place in the southeastern portion of Jugdral (presumably on portions of the Manster District, Thracia, Miletos, Grannvale, Yied Desert, Isaach, and Silesse)
Grand Conquests 9 November 22, 2018–November 28, 2018 Took place in western Elibe (presumably Etruria, Lycia, the Western Isles, Nabata, and portions of Ilia, Bern, and Sacae)
Guest army leaders: Roy (red army), Lilina (blue army), Cecilia (green army); first Grand Conquests to use guest army leaders
Grand Conquests 10 December 26, 2018–January 1, 2019 Upcoming event


Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
English Grand Conquests --
Japanese 大制圧戦 Great Conquest Battle
Spanish Grandes conquistas Great Conquests
French Grande conquête Great Conquest
German Große Eroberung Great Conquest
Italian Grandi conquiste Great Achievements
Traditional Chinese 大壓制戰 Great Conquest Battle


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