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Fire Emblem Heroes event calendars

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This page is a compilation of all known event calendar images pertaining to Fire Emblem Heroes. To date, event calendars have been provided only in English, Japanese, and traditional Chinese; other languages' sections of the game's official website do not include translated event calendars.

The first event calendar was released in August 2017 and were initially issued irregularly and varied in size between languages; initially, both the English and Japanese event calendars were in sync with Coordinated Universal Time (henceforth referred to by its abbreviation, UTC); Japanese, and later Chinese, calendars are still in sync with UTC to this day. Starting in January 2018, event calendars began to be issued on a more regular monthly schedule and at uniform size across all languages; however, with this edition, the English calendars switched from UTC to the dates local to the Pacific Time Zone (either UTC -8:00 or UTC -7:00, depending on whether daylight savings time is in effect), despite the fact that most of the English-speaking fanbase live to the east of that time zone; this switch caused, and continues to cause, confusion among most of the fandom, which coordinates their Heroes schedules to UTC and its gameplay day of 7:00 AM on one date to 6:59 AM on the following date (this translates to 11:00 PM-10:59 PM PST, or to 12:00 AM-11:59 PM PDT). The switch of the English calendars to the Pacific Time Zone causes its depicted dates to differ from the Japanese and Chinese event calendars, the latter of which was first issued in February 2018; during Pacific Standard Time, both dates on the English calendars are one date behind the corresponding date on its Japanese and Chinese counterparts, while during Pacific Daylight Time, the start date is in sync with UTC but the ending date is still one date behind its counterparts.

The dates listed in the collapsible boxes are the start dates of the covered events based on the date in UTC.

January/February 2019

The English-language event calendar erroneously states its dates for this calendar are in Pacific Daylight Time; daylight saving time was not in effect in the Pacific Time Zone during the duration of this calendar. The same calendar also incorrectly translates the start date for the eleventh Grand Conquests event in relation to its usage of PST; as Grand Conquests events begin at 11:00 AM UTC, which translate to 3:00 AM PST on the same calendar date, the actual start date in PST was the same as in time zones further east (January 18).
January 12, 2019-February 8, 2019

English Japanese Chinese

FEH Event Calendar 2019-01 EN.png

December 2018/January 2019

December 13, 2018-January 11, 2019

English Japanese Chinese

FEH Event Calendar 2018-12 EN.png

November/December 2018

The English-language version of this calendar, due to only translating dates from UTC to PST based on the daily reset (7:00 AM UTC/11:00 PM PST), includes an incorrect date for the start of the ninth Grand Conquests event in relation to its usage of PST; as Grand Conquests events begin at 11:00 AM UTC, which translate to 3:00 AM PST on the same calendar date, the actual start date in PST was the same as in time zones further east (November 22). Presumably due to this, the above December 2018/January 2019 calendar reinstated the "check start times" disclaimer previously seen on the November calendar (albeit retaining the usage of Pacific Time Zone practice) and correctly translates the schedule for the tenth Grand Conquests event.
November 9, 2018-December 6, 2018

English Japanese Chinese

FEH Event Calendar 2018-11 EN.png

October/November 2018

The English-language version of this calendar uses an unusual combination of dates based on when an event ends; it also uses the "check start times" disclaimer in place of a time zone notice. Events whose ending date is on or prior to the daily reset at 7:00 AM UTC on November 3, the last date events on this calendar end prior to the end of North American daylight savings time, are formatted on the previous Pacific Time Zone-based schedule, and their ending dates are listed one date earlier. Events whose ending date is after 7:00 AM UTC on November 3 are in sync with UTC, for the first time on an English-language event calendar since the November/December 2017 edition.
October 10, 2018-November 9, 2018

English Japanese Chinese

FEH Event Calendar 2018-10 EN.png

September/October 2018

September 7, 2018-October 10, 2018

English Japanese Chinese

FEH Event Calendar 2018-09 EN.png

August/September 2018

August 10, 2018-September 7, 2018

English Japanese Chinese

FEH Event Calendar 2018-08 EN.png

July/August 2018

July 11, 2018-August 10, 2018

English Japanese Chinese

FEH Event Calendar 2018-07 EN.png

June/July 2018

June 12, 2018-July 10, 2018

English Japanese Chinese

FEH Event Calendar 2018-06 EN.png

May/June 2018

Note: The English version of the calendar is the fixed version that corrects the name of a banner that was incorrectly named initially.
May 12, 2018-June 10, 2018

English Japanese Chinese

FEH Event Calendar 2018-05 EN.png

April/May 2018

April 12, 2018-May 10, 2018

English Japanese Chinese

FEH Event Calendar 2018-04 EN.png

March/April 2018

These calendars are the corrected versions of the calendars that remove the Awakening category of Event Maps from the schedule due to the delay from the event's originally planned date.
March 11, 2018-April 10, 2018

English Japanese Chinese

FEH Event Calendar 2018-03 EN.png

February/March 2018

Note: This is the first event calendar with a Chinese version.
February 12, 2018-March 10, 2018

English Japanese Chinese

FEH Event Calendar 2018-02 EN.png

January/February 2018

January 19, 2018-February 9, 2018

English Japanese

FEH Event Calendar 2018-01 EN.png

November/December 2017

November 16, 2017-December 15, 2017

English Japanese

FEH Event Calendar 2017-11 EN.png

September 2017

September 4, 2017-September 27, 2017

English Japanese

FEH Event Calendar 2017-09 EN.png

August 2017

Note: This is the first event calendar.
August 1, 2017-August 27, 2017

English Japanese

FEH Event Calendar 2017-08 EN.png

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