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Is feh breidablik.png
Breidablik as it appears in Heroes.




First game

Fire Emblem Heroes

Breidablik (Japanese: ブレイザブリク Breiðablik) is a regalia weapon appearing in Fire Emblem Heroes. It is used by the player character to summon Heroes.


Breidablik is a legendary item which was used to summon the legendary Great Hero, the player.[1] It summons Heroes rather than firing projectiles,[2] and is used by the player to summon them to aid Askr in their attempt to stop Embla's invasion.

Other appearances


Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
English Breidablik Anglicization of "Breiðablik", the home of the Norse god Baldr.
Japanese ブレイザブリク Breiðablik



  1. "First things first. I summoned you here with the divine Breidablik. That's the name of this relic I've brought. It fires something out of it, according to legend, but Breidablik doesn't look like any bow I've ever seen. The legend also calls it "the true key", which, if raised high, will summon the Great Hero who can fire it. That's what I did. And now you're here. So it's all yours now." — Anna, Fire Emblem Heroes
  2. "As for what Breidablik shoots? It's truly wonderful. It fires Heroes right out of it!" — Anna, Fire Emblem Heroes

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