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Muninn's Egg

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Muninn's Egg

Is feh muninn's egg.png
Muninn's Egg as it appears in Heroes.

Grants Res+3. At start of turn, if unit's HP ≥ 50%, inflicts Atk/Res-5 on foe on the enemy team with the lowest Spd through it's next action.


Offensive (Green tome)


Muninn's Egg (Japanese: ムニンの魔卵 Muninn's Magic Egg) is an offensive green tome-type skill which debuted in Fire Emblem Heroes. It is a personal weapon of the Hares at the Fair variation of Sharena, and in addition to boosting its user's Resistance, allows it to significantly drop the Attack and Resistance of whomever on the enemy team has the lowest Speed at the start of the user's phase through the target's following action if the user's HP is high enough.


Game Icon Level Might Weight Hit Crit Range Uses Worth Exp Other effects and notes
Heroes Is feh skill offense.png Is feh green tome.png 5★ 14 -- -- -- 2 -- 400 SP -- Boosts user's Resistance by +3.
If user's HP at start of turn is 50% or higher, at start of turn, drops Attack and Resistance of whichever of the enemy team has the lowest Speed by -5 each through its following action.



Units Sharena: Spring Princess


Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
English Muninn's Egg In Norse mythology, Huginn and Muninn are two ravens that travel throughout Midgard to bring information to Odin. Muninn from the Old Norse translates as "memory, or mind".
Japanese ムニンの魔卵 Muninn's Magic Egg
Spanish Huevo de Munin Muninn's Egg
(Latin America)
Huevo de Munin Muninn's Egg
French Œuf de Munin Muninn's Egg
German Munins Ei Muninn's Egg
Italian Uovo di Muninn Muninn's Egg


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