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Fire Emblem Heroes

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Fire Emblem Heroes

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Kouhei Maeda
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Release date(s)

February 2nd, 2017[1]


PEGI: 12
USK: 6
iOS: 12+



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Fire Emblem Heroes (Japanese: ファイアーエムブレム ヒーローズ Fire Emblem Heroes) is a game in the Fire Emblem series released for iOS and Android smartphone devices. The game is sold under a "free-to-start" business model, where the base game itself is free but numerous purchases are made in the game itself to obtain orbs, which can be used to summon characters or be exchanged for useful items.


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Heroes is set in a world divided between the Kingdom of Askr and its enemy, the Emblian Empire. The player assumes the role of a summoner who is able to summon legendary heroes from other Fire Emblem worlds to defend Askr from the Emblians. The princess of the Emblians, Veronica, is also a summoner and aims to use these heroes to destroy Askr. The first book of Heroes sees Kiran assist the prince and princess of Askr, Alfonse and Sharena, as well as their commander, Anna, fight back the Emblian Empire through summoning titular Heroes to bolster the Askran forces.[1]

Following the conclusion of Book 1, summarized above, Heroes began Book 2. This arc featured a conflict between Múspell, the Kingdom of Flame, lead by King Surtr, and Nifl, the Kingdom of Ice, lead by Princess Fjorm. As Embla and Veronica quickly aligned themselves with Múspell, the Order of Heroes choses to assist Princess Fjorm in restoring Nifl, which was decimated by Múspell's invasion, and in defeating Surtr. Along the way, they also come in conflict with Loki, a mysterious trickster working as Múspell's tactician, as well as Surtr's generals; his daughters Laevatein and Laegjarn as well as Helbindi.

Book 3 of Heroes featured a conflict between Hel, queen of the dead, and the land of the living, as she attempts to end all life with the help of her generals, Líf and Thrasir. This book also featured a shift in dynamics as, due to the situation at hand, the Order of Heroes is assisted by Princess Veronica rather than opposed by her. This book's new character is Eir, Hel's daughter who is sent by her to infiltrate the Order of Heroes.

Book 4 takes place in the world of dreams, in a conflict between the land of good dreams, Ljósálfheimr, and the land of nightmares, Dökkálfheimr. The new character in this book is Peony, a Ljósálfr who serves Freyr, the Dream-King. Along with Mirabilis, another Ljósálfr, Peony and the Order of Heroes attempt to protect Ljósálfheimr from the Dökkálfr Triandra and Plumeria and their queen, Freyja.


A battle in progress.

The gameplay of Heroes is a simplified version of the standard Fire Emblem gameplay. All battles are set on small battlefields, 8 spaces tall and 6 spaces wide, designed to fit entirely in the screen sizes of mobile devices, and pit a squad of up to four units chosen by the player against several enemy units.

In addition to regular units featuring characters unique to Heroes, the player also collects Heroes, or characters from prior Fire Emblem games, to use in battle. The primary method of obtaining heroes is through the use of orbs, which are collected by completing maps or by purchasing them. On the summoning menu, five summoning stones are randomly generated, each with a color type, and the player can select to spend orbs on a stone to obtain one unit of that color type. Heroes can also be obtained in special limited-time events where the player enters a battle against that Hero, and obtains them as a unit if they win.

Unlike in other games, units have only five major stats: HP, attack, speed, defense, and resistance. Due to the small size of the maps, movement ranges are much lower than in other Fire Emblem games. In addition to accumulating experience in battle, units also accumulate skill points, which can be spent to obtain new skills to equip onto the unit. Classes as they are usually understood in other Fire Emblem games do not exist in Heroes, and there are only unit types: infantry, flying, armored, and cavalry, with each individual unit having a personal weapon type.

Units can equip a maximum of six skills at a time. Skills are divided into four categories: weapon skills, the equivalent to weapons in other Fire Emblem games, equip a weapon which that unit will always use to attack; assist skills, which have non-combat effects which support allies; special skills, which allow the unit to unleash one powerful attack at will after charging up their special gauge; as well as four skill slots: A Skills typically grant a buff to a unit's performance in combat, B Skills which grant a variety of special effects during or after combat, and C Skills, which grant buffs to nearby allies or debuffs to nearby enemies. There are also Sacred Seals, which go in a unit's S-Slot, which are upgraded by the Sacred Seal forge rather than by Skill Points and can be moved to different units at will. New skills can be obtained for individual heroes by spending skill points. It is common for certain units to have skills which are entirely unique to them and which cannot be obtained for any other unit.

Units do not die when their HP is depleted to zero, and instead vanish until the map (or the mode in multi-map game modes like Chain Challenge or Tempest Trials) is over. Prior to version 2.5.0, defeated units lost all gained experience and skill points during the map/mode upon defeat.

The game uses a variation of the traditional weapon triangle, which comes in the form of color types. Red (such as swords and red tomes) has an advantage over green (such as axes and green tomes), green has an advantage over blue (such as lances and blue tomes), and blue has an advantage over red. Colorless weapons such as staves are not part of the weapon triangle.[1] Characters who use breaths, bows, or daggers to attack are also assigned to one of the four color types, rather than their weapons having set types; bows and daggers were originally colorless only, though.

When a hero is summoned, their randomly selected rarity will determine their base stats and skills, as well as which skills are accessible to them at that rarity. Each hero is also assigned an asset and a flaw, which slightly increases one stat and decreases another. A hero's rarity can be upgraded by spending certain collected items, their stats can be enhanced by merging them with duplicates of the same hero at their current rarity, and they can inherit normally unobtainable skills through the sacrifice of other heroes who do have access to those skills.

Game modes


On the home screen, players can interact with several of their Heroes in their castle as well as access several submenus. The Hero that the player has in the leftmost slot of their first team will appear at the top of the screen and represent the player in the Arena and on other players' Friends Lists. The four Heroes in the player's currently selected team will also appear in their castle along with a few others from their collection and one Hero serving as an ambassador from one of their friends.

Home screen
Image & name Description Image & name Description
Is feh bulletin board.png
The Bulletin Board allows the player to view Notifications from Nintendo which generally detail current and upcoming events, summoning focuses, and quests. There are also some Game Tips notifications which explain the basics of certain functions within the game. Is feh present list.png
Present List
The Present List, hosted by Feh the owl, is where players can collect login bonuses. Login bonuses change from time to time, but typically there is at least one login bonus every day with an extra bonus on each day of the weekend. Players can also view all their previously accepted presents.
Is feh friend list.png
Friend List
On the Friend List, a player can view all the friends with whom they have connected. A "Greet" option is available in the case that no friend has come to greet the player; accepting another friend's greeting automatically sends a greeting to everyone on the player's Friend List. Players can also search for friends by using their ID, view and manage outgoing and incoming requests, and delete any friends from their list. Is feh quests.png
Quests & Missions
On the Quests & Missions menu, a player can view the current quests as well as their completion requirements and rewards. Quests are only available for a limited time, though the menu will display their time of expiration. Quests can come in three difficulty levels, which often mirror the difficulty of the battles involved in completing them. This menu also allows access to the My Nintendo missions and rewards.

Castle upgrades

A player can upgrade their castle by using Orbs, permanently boosting the amount of EXP their units earn in battle and changing the design of their castle. Above the Basic Castle, five designs have been released: Torchlit, Columned, Carpeted, Ornate, and Royal. Once a castle level has been unlocked, the player can change the design without sacrificing their EXP bonus.


The Battle screen provides access to six icons, several of which that delve into further submenus, and is where the main gameplay occurs.

Battle screen
Image & name Description Image & name Description
Is feh aether raids.png
Aether Raids
Main article: Aether Raids
Is feh special maps.png
Special Maps
Special Maps include Hero Battles and Grand Hero Battles, as well as other maps that are made available through special events. These maps do not contain any dialogue or story, but offer recruitable Heroes and sometimes extra Orbs. The map designs themselves are exclusive to this mode, and do not appear in the Training Tower or the Arena like many of the Story Maps.
Is feh story maps.png
Story Maps
Main articles: List of chapters in Fire Emblem Heroes and Blessed Gardens

Story maps contain the main adventure of the game, following Alfonse, Sharena, and Anna on their initial quest to prevent Veronica and the Emblians from wreaking havoc on Zenith, and later events into Book II and Book III. Each map comes in three difficulties save the Prologue, which is only accessible on Normal difficulty. Paralogues are also available, which allow players to meet Heroes that have been featured in updates to the game, as well as one Xenologue thus far, which expands on the activities of the game's various antagonists.

Blessed Gardens access was moved to the Story Maps submenu when it was removed from the main Battle Menu.

Is feh arena duels.png
Arena Duels
Arena Duels allow the player to challenge other players' teams in order to compete for Hero Feathers. Instead of requiring Stamina like other modes, the Arena uses Dueling Swords, which are restocked every day. Players can earn Hero Feathers by ranking offensively and building up a winning streak of up to seven, as well as defensively by creating a tough team and keeping them in their leftmost team slot.
Is feh training tower.png
Training Tower
In the Training Tower, the player can challenge one of eleven strata to earn experience for their characters. The strata increase in difficulty as they increase in number, but the rewards for clearing them are more valuable. Badges and Great Badges used for promotion are available most days, as well as a bonus of Shards or Crystals for the first clear of the day. Is feh events.png
Events brings the player to another submenu featuring several limited-time events. The contents of this submenu are featured in the table below this one.


Tapping Events brings the player to yet another submenu, many modes formerly featured in the main battle menu end up in the Events tab when they are replaced on the battle menu.

Events submenu
Image & name Description Image & name Description
Is feh voting guantlet.png
Voting Gauntlet
In the Voting Gauntlet, players pledge themselves to a character's army and battle it out with a rival army in a quest for dominance and Hero Feather rewards. Players can amplify their winning score by using Battle Flags, and get a small bonus for including the character they support on their team. Voting Gauntlet battles don't require players to expend Stamina either, but can only be fought every thirty minutes. Is feh tempest trials.png
Tempest Trials
Main article: Tempest Trials
Tap Battle
Main article: Tap Battle

Tap Battle is a mode added for the game's first anniversary. It is a musical minigame where the player taps the screen with the music playing to damage waves of oncoming enemies. Numerous characters in the game roster feature as bosses in this mode. As this mode was never on the Battle Menu as its own entity, it lacks an icon of its own.

Grand Conquests
Main article: Grand Conquests

Grand Conquests is a mode where numerous players compete in randomly selected teams for territory. As this mode was never on the Battle Menu as its own entity, it lacks an icon of its own.

Forging Bonds
Main article: Forging Bonds

Forging Bonds is a mode where the player can participate in several battles to accrue points to unlock dialogue scenes with the four featured characters. As this mode was never on the Battle Menu as its own entity, it lacks an icon of its own.


Is feh allies.png

On the Allies menu, players can view and manage the characters they have collected. The player can edit up to five teams, teach and equip their characters with new skills, level up characters using shards and crystals, and send Heroes home in exchange for Hero Feathers. Advanced Growth options are also available, where players can unlock potential to increase a character's rarity using Hero Feathers and badges, inherit skills from other Heroes, and merge duplicate heroes for stat boosts and skill points.


Is feh summon.png
Main articles: Summoning and List of summoning events in Fire Emblem Heroes

The Summon menu is where players can summon Heroes from the focuses currently in rotation. Players can also view the details on each of the current focuses and featured Heroes, as well as their current appearance rates, which change based on how many Heroes of three and four-star rarity have been summoned in succession.


Is feh shop.png

In the shop menu, players have the option to purchase Orbs in a variety of priced bundles. Orbs purchased on one platform cannot be used on another. Players can also upgrade their castle, restore stamina, and restore dueling swords, all of which can be done in other places in-game. Exclusive to this menu is the ability to expand barracks in exchange for Orbs, giving players the storage to recruit even more Heroes.


Is feh misc.png

The Miscellaneous menu is home to a variety of other submenus. Here, players can view their inventory as well as the opening cinematic and any summoning movies they have unlocked. Players also have access to the game settings, account management, FAQs, and their platform's respective game hub (Google Play Achievements for Android and Game Center for iOS).


Alfonse and Sharena lead several heroes in battle against Veronica.
Main article: List of characters in Fire Emblem Heroes
See also: List of summoning events in Fire Emblem Heroes

In addition to the three main characters—Alfonse, Sharena, and Anna—the game revolves around collecting Heroes, or characters from past Fire Emblem games, and using these Heroes in battle. These Heroes can be obtained at random by spending orbs, or by clearing Hero Battles. All such Heroes feature voice acting and new art by a guest artist, and in many cases Heroes is the first voice-acted appearance of the characters. As of April 26th 2017, every game in the Fire Emblem series (counting each pair of original games and their remakes as one game each) has at least one Hero featured in Heroes. New Heroes are regularly added to the game every two weeks, usually on a Monday or Wednesday (in US and European timezones; in Japan and Oceania, the release times fall on Tuesdays or Thursdays).[2]

Choose Your Legends

Main article: Choose Your Legends

Choose Your Legends was originally a popularity poll run before the release of Heroes; it has since become a yearly occurring event associated with the game.

During the game's launch year the top two men and women, Ike, Roy, Lyn, and Lucina got special variants. The characters Joshua, Mia, Lute and Dorcas were also on a special banner, citing their high performance as the reason for their inclusion. The following year, Veronica, Celica, Ephraim, and Hector received special variants as well, while Loki, Owain, Kliff and Aversa were featured in a special banner for similar reasons as their predecessors.

The top 10 of the males and females were also featured in a 2017 series of calendars. This was not retained for the 2018 Choose Your Legends voting event.


Main article: List of chapters in Fire Emblem Heroes

There are three kinds of chapters appearing in Heroes. The standard chapters simply called Chapters, Paralogues which, aside from near the game's launch, generally features limited time units, and Xenologues which generally take place from the antagonists's point of view. Currently Heroes's chapters are divided into seven books. When a new book starts the last book stops being updated.

Each book could be considered a story arc; each book introducing new Kingdom(s) for a new conflict to take place in and a new cast if characters, with typically only the main characters established in book I appearing across multiple books. The exception is Book VI which returns to the conflict brought up in Book I.


This logo was used for the game before the Heroes title was announced.

The development of Fire Emblem Heroes - then known only as "a mobile Fire Emblem game" - was first announced on the 27th of April 2016, along with a mobile adaptation of the Animal Crossing series, as one of Nintendo's next mobile games after the releases of Miitomo and Pokémon Go.[3] The game was originally planned for release in the fall season of 2016,[4] but was later pushed back to the ambiguous date of "March 2017 or before".[5] Compared to Miitomo it was pitched as a "pure-game app"[5] and as a more accessible adaptation of the series.[4]

Heroes was properly revealed on the "Fire Emblem Direct" broadcast on February 18th 2017, at which time the "Choose Your Legends" campaign was also launched.


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Heroes is the most successful Nintendo-associated foray into the mobile market yet. As of August 2018 Heroes has achieved 400 Million USD in revenue worldwide.[6]


  • Before the release of Heroes, assets relating to the game were found in the data of Miitomo.[7]
  • Fire Emblem Heroes was initially rated E10+ by the ESRB and PG by the ACB, but it was later raised to T and M, respectively.

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Fire Emblem Heroes



ファイアーエムブレム ヒーローズ

Fire Emblem Heroes


Fire Emblem Heroes



Fire Emblem Heroes



Fire Emblem Heroes



Fire Emblem Heroes


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Fire Emblem Heroes





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