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TearRing Saga Series: Berwick Saga

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TearRing Saga Series: Berwick Saga

Ba japan trs02.jpg
Japanese box artwork.


Tirnanog, Enterbrain




Shouzou Kaga

Release date(s)

JPMay 26, 2005[1]


CERO: All Ages


PlayStation 2


TearRing Saga: Yutona Heroes War Chronicles


Vestaria Saga I: War of the Scions

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TearRing Saga Series: Berwick Saga (Japanese: ティアリングサーガシリーズ ベルウィックサーガ) is a turn-based strategy role-playing game for the PlayStation 2 developed by Tirnanog, the company founded by Shouzou Kaga following his departure from Intelligent Systems, published by Enterbrain, and released only in Japan on May 26, 2005. It is an indirect sequel to TearRing Saga: Yutona Heroes War Chronicles. This game features numerous differences in gameplay from Yutona Heroes War Chronicles, as well as their spiritual predecessor, the Fire Emblem franchise.



Berwick Saga introduces new weapon types and sub-categories for pre-existing weapons. Swords are grouped into blades and maces; the former are heavy but offer strong damage, while the latter are restricted to clerical units and can inflict secondary effects. Lances are one of two sub-categories of spears, being powerful but rare weapons restricted to mounted units. The second sub-category, pitchforks, are novelty weapons used exclusively by one unit and a few enemies. All spears will deal additional damage based on how many spaces their wielders' moved before attacking. Bows and crossbows are treated as separate weapon types, the latter including Ballistae. Bows are 1-2 range, while crossbows are 0-1 range; both types of weapons require arrows to function.

Battles in Berwick Saga play out on isometric hexagonal maps, departing from the top-down square grid maps of Fire Emblem and Yutona Heroes War Chronicles.


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Berwick Saga

"TearRing Saga Series" and the subtitle "Lazberia Chronicle Chapter 174" are usually omitted in English sources.


ティアリングサーガシリーズ ベルウィックサーガ

TearRing Saga Series: Berwick Saga



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