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References to Fire Emblem in other media

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There are occasional references to the Fire Emblem series within other media properties. This page exists to document these references. Crossover appearances of Fire Emblem characters (such as in the Super Smash Bros. series) are not included on this list.

Video games

Advance Wars 1+2: Re-Boot Camp

In Advance Wars 1+2: Re-Boot Camp, the icon for the "Design maps" menu option contains a recreation of Marth Embarks.

Crusader Kings II

In the Holy Fury expansion of the video game Crusader Kings II, dragon characters can be generated in the "random world" feature. Several of the names that can be randomly given to dragon-cultured characters are taken from Manaketes in Fire Emblem.

For male dragons, the Fire Emblem-related names that can be randomly given are Bantu, Mannu, Khozen, Morzas, Xemcel, Medeus, Morva, and Nils. Female dragon characters may be randomly named Naga, Tiki, Nagi, Myrrh, Ninian, or Nah.[1][2]

Kirby Super Star

Is kss falchion.png

In Kirby Super Star's "The Great Cave Offensive" sub-game, Falchion is an obtainable treasure. Its name was changed to "Sword" in the original SNES version's localization, but its name was kept as "Falchion" in the English version of the DS remake.

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

Fire Emblem reference in TTYD.png

In the English localization of Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, a Toad in Petalburg mentions that he has been playing GBA games, and that he especially likes the game Fire Emblem. In other language versions, this Toad instead says that he has recently been playing the NES/Famicom and especially likes Super Mario Bros.[3]


Two characters in the game have alternate colors based on Fire Emblem characters. Eliza has a recolor based on Tharja, while Annie has a recolor based on Byleth.

Television and film

Digimon Universe App Monsters

Marth on the far right.

Marth makes a cameo appearance in the episode "Collision?! Gatchmon Versus Agumon!" of Digimon Universe App Monsters.



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In the Bluey episode "Hammerbarn", Edelgard's, Dimitri's and Claude's names appear on boxes in the background; Dimitri's name is misspelled "Dmitri", and Claude's appears upside-down.

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