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Fire Emblem Warriors

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Release date(s)

JPSeptember 28, 2017
NAOctober 20, 2017[1]
EUOctober 20, 2017[2]
AUSOctober 20, 2017
NZOctober 20, 2017
KOROctober 20, 2017 (New 3DS)
KORApril 3, 2018 (Switch)
HKJune 20, 2018 (Switch)


PEGI: 12
USK: 12
GRAC: 12
GCAM: 12


Nintendo Switch
New Nintendo 3DS


Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes

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Fire Emblem Warriors (Japanese: ファイアーエムブレム 無双 Fire Emblem Unrivaled) is a Fire Emblem series crossover with the Dynasty Warriors series. It is Nintendo's second crossover title with Dynasty Warriors, with the first being Hyrule Warriors. It was released on both the Nintendo Switch and the New Nintendo 3DS systems in Fall 2017.

This crossover features a cast of Fire Emblem characters in the gameplay style of Dynasty Warriors.


The story stars the protagonists Rowan and Lianna, the twin children of queen Yelena of Aytolis. At the start of the story, Darios, the prince of Gristonne, visits the twins to spar and study. During one of these visits monsters appear from strange portals and attack the castle. The twins and Darios flee the castle, having to leave Yelena behind.

Rowan, Lianna, and Darios, having escaped with the Shield of Flames, decide to gather Gleamstones to implant into the Shield and defeat the invading monsters and their source, Velezark. The trio travels the continent searching for the Gleamstone-bearers, heroes from other worlds, Chrom, Ryoma, Xander, Corrin, and Marth. During this Darios and the Shield of Flames is captured when the group is retreating from a failed siege on a Gristonne fortress.

Rowan and Lianna then journey out to obtain Enliron and Facinna, two swords made from the fangs of a Divine Dragon that defended Aytolis from Velezark long ago. After obtaining the swords and gathering more heroes Rowan and Lianna assault the fortress again and rescue Darios. This respite is short lived as Darios, possessed by a dark force lurking in the fortress at their initial arrival, turns on the twins. Darios steals Shield of Flames and retreats to the Aytolis capital.

The twins are crushed by Darios's betrayal and return to Aytolis to take it back from Gristonne and the monsters. At Aytolis they find the possessed Darios and his father, Oskar. Oskar intends to sacrifice Yelena to revive and control Velezark. However, the plan goes awry when Rowan and Lianna rescue Yelena before she can be sacrificed. Oskar, frustrated with his son's failure in the plan, asks him how he intends to rectify the situation in their favor. Darios reassures Oskar that he has another plan, and then impales him with his sword, offering Oskar's blood in place of Yelena's.

With the reformation of Velezark's body Darios is able to break free of Velezark's control and return the Shield of Flames to the twins before falling to his death in a chasm that Velezark's formation created. The twins restore order to Aytolis and pursue Velezark. They strike down Velezark and return peace to the land and the summoned heroes to their homeworlds.


Fire Emblem Warriors is a Dynasty Warriors spin-off similar to Hyrule Warriors. Warriors games feature hack and slash gameplay of a single player against many enemy units at once in real time. Generally, routing the enemy is not the goal, and win conditions are often things like capturing a number of enemy fortresses or defeating one or more enemy commanders, among other objectives.

The game has several gameplay mechanics inspired by Fire Emblem series titles. The weapon triangle is present and has a large effect on how much damage is done to combatants; a sword using character will have difficulty taking down a lance user quickly. Dragon Veins also appear and can cause changes to the map such as opening new paths or removing hazardous terrain. Pair Up and supports are also featured in the game as avenues to power up characters during battle.

Differences between the New Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch releases

In terms of content the two versions are mostly identical. The Nintendo Switch release has a few more options, featuring a two player mode and settings allowing the player to alter settings to favor game performance over graphical fidelity.

The assets of the New Nintendo 3DS release are all of much lower quality than the Nintendo Switch release to allow for release on the smaller console. Additionally, some mission and ranking requirements were reduced in the New Nintendo 3DS release due to the game being unable to render as many enemy units at once; number of enemies defeated is a crucial grading metric used by the game's ranking system, making certain missions much harder to complete than intended until they were reduced in certain updates.

Lyn is on the dark blue tile; meaning the player controls her at the start of battle. Minerva, Linde, and Celica are on the light blue tiles meaning the player can change control to them. Tiki is on the green tile signifying her as an NPC combatant for this battle.

Preparing for battle

Like mainline Fire Emblem series titles the game has a preparations screen before the actual battle begins. When starting a map characters placed on blue tiles are the ones that can be freely swapped between during battle; there is one darker blue tile that signifies that the player will begin the battle controlling the character placed on it. Green tiles in the deployment screen signify NPC characters that cannot be swapped to, though they still can be given commands in the map menu. Depending on the scenario the player may be subject to deployment limits limiting units to a specific set of characters or weapons.

During preparations the player may view the map's objectives though these often change as the battle progresses.


Lyn's fully unlocked moveset infographic as displayed on her stat screen.

During battle the player will face commanders as well as their weaker accompanying armies. Commanders are the only real threat to the player as the weak troops accompanying them rarely attack and are typically defeated from any single attack if they do not have a weapon triangle advantage. Commanders can be generic or be specific characters from the Fire Emblem series.

The two primary forms of attack are regular attacks and strong attacks. Characters can perform combos with regular attacks and perform strong attacks at the end of these combos. The strong attack changes depending on the length of the regular attack combo. Fire Emblem Warriors allows the player to chain up to five regular attacks. Regular attacks are set by default to the Y button and strong attacks are set by default to the X button. Characters do not come with their full moveset strings available; they must be unlocked by the player with Crests.

Regular attacks generally do not have special properties though strong attacks often have traits unique to the moveset; for instance some of Lyn's and Navarre's strong attacks allow them to jump into the air with their opponent and strike them with more regular attacks.

Strong attacks are denoted as follows ingame:

Button presses Name
X Strong I
Y, X Strong II
Y, Y, X Strong III
Y, Y, Y, X Strong IV
Y, Y, Y, Y, X Strong V
Y, Y, Y, Y, Y, X Strong VI

Unique and reused movesets

The base game and downloadable content features several characters that share movesets. In this context "moveset" refers to the attacks performed by characters using the regular attack button (set by default to the Y button) and strong attack button (set by default to the X button). Characters that share movesets are often referred to as "clones" unofficially by fans. The following list groups characters by shared movesets. It should be noted that clone characters still have unique warrior specials and awakening attacks. Unplayable clone characters are included in parenthesis.

Shared movesets
Weapon used Characters sharing moveset Notes
Bow Takumi, Sakura, Anna, NilesDLC --
Lance Cordelia, Hinoka, Caeda --
Sword Rowan, Lianna, (Darios) --
Sword Chrom, Lucina --
Sword Marth, Celica --
Sword Ryoma, OwainDLC --
Sword Lyn, NavarreDLC --
Tome Leo, Elise --
Tome Robin, TharjaDLC, (Gharnef, Validar, Iago) Tharja has a different strong VI attack, she casts Goetia instead of Robin's Rexaura; their movesets are otherwise identical.
Axe Camilla, MinervaDLC --

Characters with unique movesets not shared with any other named character are as follows.

Battlefield structures

The Allied Base as it appears on the map.

Across all battlefields in warriors are forts and outposts. Forts are the most important structures in nearly every battle. The Allied Base is usually the most important fort on the map, as losing it is very often an instant loss of the battle for the player.

The player instructing Linde to attack an enemy fort.

Every fort has a commander present and taking the commander's HP to zero changes control of the fort to the faction that defeated said commander. Commanders are always generic units and can take a variety of classes, this means fort commanders are subject to the weapon triangle and bonus damage. For instance, if a brigade of Archers is approaching a vital fort with a Pegasus Knight commander the Archers will defeat the commander very quickly. The classes of fort commanders varies by the particular scenario and can vary when different scenarios take place on the same map.

Forts benefit the holding faction in several ways. Forts slow down commanders and their brigades; though an enemy commander is usually perfectly capable of taking the player's fort on their own if they are not sent assistance. Outposts work in a similar fashion though their captains are much weaker and effect the tides of battle less substantially. Forts and outposts do not completely halt enemy advance; if an enemy commander is particularly aggressive they can pass through an enemy fort without wasting time on taking it to reach their target (which is told to the player by in game notifications).

When a character is in a fort of their own faction they slowly regenerate HP; this means it is wise to take the fort housing a strong boss before trying to engage the boss in their own fort. If the fort is not taken first the boss will regenerate HP as long as they are physically standing in the fort, though they may also be pushed out of the fort if they are attacked relentlessly. They will retreat to their fort if they are left alone.

During battle the player has several options in commanding characters not directly under their control with regards to forts. The player can command one of their units to guard a particular fort of their's or an allied faction's. Units can also be commanded to attack a specific enemy fort. An update also granted the ability to command healing units to heal fort captains which can be extremely useful in defending the allied base from a large amount of aggressive enemy commanders.


Warriors's key artwork, which accurately reflects the ratio of Awakening, Fates, and Shadow Dragon characters appearing in the game's playable roster.
Main article: List of characters in Fire Emblem Warriors

Fire Emblem series characters

The game's playable roster focuses on Shadow Dragon, Awakening, and Fates, with Awakening and Fates having the most representation. The developers decided on this focus due to the fact that "everyone would have swords" and class variety would suffer if they included all protagonists.[3] Lyn and Celica are also playable. Both characters were included at the recommendation of Intelligent Systems.[4] Celica was to specifically promote Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia.[5] Lyn's reason for inclusion wasn't explicitly stated in interviews though Intelligent Systems staff have mentioned that they were surprised by her high performance in Choose Your Legends popularity poll in other interviews.[6]

Oboro, Niles, Navarre, and Owain appear in the game as unplayable NPCs but can be played as if the player purchases their corresponding DLC package.

Downloadable content adds several more characters, weapons, and costumes, with the Fates focused pack adding Azura, Oboro, and Niles, the Shadow Dragon pack adding Linde, Minerva, and Navarre, and the Awakening pack adding Owain, Tharja, and Olivia.

Original characters

The game features two playable original characters, Rowan and Lianna, who are also the protagonists of the story.

Several original non-playable characters also appear: Yelena, Darios, Oskar, and Velezark.


Main article: List of chapters in Fire Emblem Warriors

The game's main story consists of twenty-three chapters total. Each chapter consists of one battle.

History Mode

Main article: List of History Mode maps in Fire Emblem Warriors
A nearly completed history map

The game also has History Mode, an alternate scenario mode featuring many battles. When entering History Mode, the player can choose from a selection of scenarios to play, most of them being retellings of chapters from previous Fire Emblem titles. A History Mode scenario consists of a picture of a map from that the game it is based on; the History Mode scenario called The Dark Pontifex takes place in Thabes tower from Chapter 23: Dark Pontifex of Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon & the Blade of Light and Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon. The History Mode maps use music and sound effects from the origin games, though The Shadow Dragon History Mode map makes the slight exception of using DS graphics but NES sound effects.

Battle in History Mode are represented by the enemy sprites on the map. The player character-which varies by scenario-can only walk through defeated battles, which are indicated by the sprites becoming dim and no longer animated. Each mission features one of several types of objectives; battles may also have various requirements and restrictions, such as only being able to use characters from a particular game or characters who use a certain type of weapon. Battles in History Mode are also ranked, based on completion time, total number of enemies defeated, and total damage taken. History Mode battles can be completed in almost any order, though for certain scenarios there are requisites that must be met to unlock more battles or make them appear.

Upon defeating the penultimate battle in a History Mode map, there will typically be a few extra battles that appear and are a very high level compared to the rest of the map, typically level 80. In most maps, these appear as dimensional distortions.

History Mode maps contain a wealth of textual references to the games the scenarios are from, and also other games. For instance, one of the dimensional distortions in the Together to the End map partially reenacts a secret event in Chapter 1 of Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War, where Lex drops his axe in a pond and is gifted a Brave Axe by a mysterious woman in the lake after honestly stating the gold and silver axes she had offered him were not the ones he dropped. Scenes typically use stand-ins for characters, with Lex being represented by Lissa and the mysterious lady of the lake by Celica. Numerous scenes from other games are represented in this fashion.

Support Conversations

Main article: List of supports in Fire Emblem Warriors

Warriors's support system is fairly similar to mainline Fire Emblem series titles. Every character in the game can support with every other character and all supports go up to at least "A" rank. However, not all pairs have conversations; only pairs with a maximum support of "A+" get a conversation upon unlocking it. The single conversation only occurs during A+ rank, the other ranks do not have conversations.

One of the primary benefit of gaining supports is obtaining character-related materials from unlocking a support rank.


Fire Emblem Warriors is known to have began development some time in 2015,[7] and was initially planned to release solely for the Nintendo 3DS console. When the game first started development the New 3DS release of Hyrule Warriors was used as a base. They used Link from The Legend of Zelda as a playable test character in the very earliest versions of the game.[8] It was only later that the game was moved to the Nintendo Switch console as well.[9] The game was pitched to Nintendo after the team's successful development of Hyrule Warriors.[10]

Interviews with the developers have stated that there was some strife over the game's roster, to the point that some of the staff threatened to leave the project, relating to how many games and what characters should be represented.[11] They eventually settled on Awakening and Fates due to, at least partially, having the most 3D references for those characters; they began the game's roster with Chrom due to wanting to imitate the prerendered cutscene style used in Awakening and Fates.[12] Shadow Dragon was chosen in addition to these games due to the developers feelings of "A Fire Emblem without Marth is not a Fire Emblem after all.".[13]

The eight main sibling characters from Fates were also solidified as part of the roster early in development, partially due to excluding only some siblings being difficult and partially due to Fates being the most recently played game to some of the developers.[14] Azura was relegated to downloadable content due to the large amount of Fates characters already decided for the base roster.[15]

Character choices like Lissa and Frederick were chosen due to their close relationship with Chrom. Despite this mindset, the developers briefly considered not including Lucina in the roster due to the large amount of characters, sword wielding ones in particular, shaping up to be in the game. They decided that removing Lucina from the roster was impossible after discussing it with Intelligent Systems.[16]

Lyn was partially developed referencing her Assist Trophy's 3D appearance in Super Smash Bros.; a lack of 3D references for her initially made her development hectic.[17] The developers also allude to Lyn as being a parallel to Marth in the west, being the first Lord many people were introduced to; this, her western appeal, is also why she was revealed in a worldwide Nintendo Direct.[18]

Initially the developers wanted to give every support pair in the game a conversation, but decided against it due to development strain.[19] Only select pairs feature conversations in the final game.

Some character designs were tweaked with the game's rating in mind, Camilla's and Elise's undergarments were brought up as specific examples;[20] Lyn's shorts are also possibly a result of this.

Initially the game was going to feature monsters like Risen and Faceless but the developers were unable to reproduce them adequately due to not rendering the muscle structure well, with one developer comparing the monsters' appearance to plushies. Due to this they instead came up with an original design for the Outrealm Fiends that they were able to create and looked adequate.[21]


Main article: Fire Emblem Warriors pre-release information

In the lead up to the game's release it was covered in gaming magazines in Japan in addition to streams and promotional videos posted online. The game was first announced at Nintendo's Switch live stream on January 12 2017. The game had promotional coverage of its mechanics and roster up to Japanese release.



Fire Emblem Warriors is reported to have sold through 50% of its initial shipment in Japan at release.[22] Opening sales were 41,491 copies for the Nintendo Switch release and 18,357 copies for the New Nintendo 3DS release.[23] At the end of 2017 the Nintendo Switch release sold 64,747 copies in Japan.[24]

In late April 2018 Koei Tecmo announced that both versions shipped a combined one-million copies to retailers internationally.[25]


Reception of Fire Emblem Warriors varies somewhat depending on console, the 3DS release is rated slightly lower than the Nintendo Switch release on GameRankings and Metacritic. The 3DS release received a 63.75% score on Gamerankings and 69 on Metacritic, the Switch release received a 74.27% score on GameRankings and 74 on Metacritic.

Common complaints with the 3DS version are the system's limits significantly reducing the amount of enemies onscreen and downgrading the graphical fidelity of environments and characters. The 3DS release also lacks the co-op mode featured in the Switch release. Game instability, resulting in crashing, has been reported for both versions of the game though patches have been released in an attempt to rectify these. The narrow focus of the game's roster was also received negatively by some outlets. The fairly large amount of duplicate movesets, with even downloadable content characters sharing movesets of characters in the base game, was received negatively. The Switch release's graphical options allowing for performance over graphics or vice-versa was praised.


Celica wielding Falchion in a prerendered cutscene in Warriors.
Tiki's Divine Dragon form in Book II of Mystery of the Emblem.
  • Due to Warriors being in development at the same time as Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, but before Echoes: Shadows of Valentia was publicly announced, Celica was listed as a representative of Fire Emblem Gaiden to some of the development staff. Some of them wondered why the game had a seemingly random single representative from a very old entry in the series.[26] This may also be the reason that the Together to the End history mode map uses Gaiden visuals and audio.
  • Celica is shown with the Archanean Falchion, a weapon she cannot use in any game, in her prerendered cutscenes in Warriors.
  • Chrom was the first Fire Emblem character made in the game.[12]
    • Link from The Legend of Zelda was used as a placeholder playable character in the earliest stages of development before any Fire Emblem characters were implemented.[8]
  • According to a Switch news article, Fire Emblem Warriors was the thirteenth most-played game on Nintendo Switch in 2017 in North America.[27]
  • Warriors does not exclusively reference Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and instead appears to use a blend of the original games' and their remake's content.
    • The Shadow Dragon-themed History Mode maps use NES console sound effects from Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon & the Blade of Light while featuring Shadow Dragon graphical assets.
    • Navarre starts as a Mercenary and promotes to Hero in Warriors, referencing his class line in Shadow Dragon & the Blade of Light and Mystery of the Emblem instead of the remakes, where he is a Myrmidon. Similarly, in the Japanese version of Warriors, Linde promotes from Mage to Bishop; the localization renamed her promoted class to "Sage".
    • Tiki's dragon form in her class-changed appearance is based off of her Mystery of the Emblem Book II design.
    • Aura's Japanese name is オーラの書 Aura Book, which is its name only in Mystery of the Emblem; the other three Archanea games simply call it オーラ Aura.

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology, and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology, and notes

Fire Emblem Warriors

Follows consistent crossover naming practice with the Dynasty Warriors series, which is usually "(Series) Warriors". Some parts of the English Warriors fandom also refers to these games colloquially as "(Series) Muso", taking from the Japanese name.


ファイアーエムブレム 無双

Fire Emblem Unrivaled, following the crossover name pattern of "(Series) Unrivaled".


Fire Emblem Warriors



Fire Emblem Warriors



Fire Emblem Warriors



Fire Emblem Warriors


Traditional Chinese


Fire Emblem Unrivaled




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    Hayashi: Nintendo Direct being shown simultaneously worldwide is the big factor. Even so, the first Fire Emblem to be released overseas was GBA’s Blazing Blade, in which Lyn was one of the protagonists. So Lyn is to foreigners as Marth is to the Japanese (TN: In term of the most memorable Fire Emblem character)."
    — Brian, Fire Emblem Warriors devs on characters and handling of reveals, designs, story, systems, modes,, Published: October 21 2017, Retrieved: January 6 2018
  18. "[Some people] are indeed glad to [see] Support Conversations in the original works, so we’d like to definitely pour our effort into the conversations. Both Nintendo and Intelligent Systems are ready to give their consent, so at first we proposed to make Bond Conversations for every single character combination. However, in that case, it would end up having an astronomical amount that would make it impossible to develop (laughs). So in the end we just included some character combinations that we’d be really glad to see. To compensate, we’re pouring our effort into each of them." — Brian, Fire Emblem Warriors devs – Chrom was made first, Lissa / Lucina / Frederick / Robin talk, much more,, Published: August 12 2017, Retrieved: January 3 2018
  19. "Hayashi: Also for producing 3D here, if they were too sexual then it would raise the age rating. Elise, Sakura, and Camilla in particular looked more charming than we imagined.
    ND: Indeed, we heard of talks that the original Fates had its age rating raised by CERO thanks to Camilla’s cut-scenes.
    Hayashi: Yeah. It’s still alright if you see her in 2D pictures, but when you turn her into a 3D model she somehow becomes sexier. However, I think such things are also part of the character appeal, so presenting 2D pictures to 3D in a non-objectionable way was the hard part.
    Usuda: We didn’t want to make them objectionable, so we made the designs to look fine in overall. That’s why I ordered them “Not to hide them in a lousy way.” If you hide it only for it to get shown later, it would become objectionable – just like flickering skirts – so we’d rather design it to look visible. It’s the same case for Elise, if we were to hide it in a lousy way she would look like wearing children underwear, so we designed her costume to be like this.
    Matsunaga: To make them look fine, for example we added more breadth to Camilla’s underwear, working to make them look sportier, and we also lengthened Elise’s pumpkin pants by a bit. We ended up changing the balance a little while maintaining the overall balance. The way of seeing the skin also has no change in impression, but by reducing exposure and intentionally holding back on some skin redness that originally had to be inserted, we made them to not look too charming. We tried to aim for physical beauty naturally seen from all sides – for example when watching a girls tennis match."
    — Brian, Fire Emblem Warriors devs on characters and handling of reveals, designs, story, systems, modes,, Published: October 21 2017, Retrieved: January 6 2018
  20. "ND: Other than that, could you also tell us about the monsters that attack these original characters, including Shion/Rowan?
    Usuda: We struggled with the monster designs. We were almost able to make images of monsters based on the beast-types, corpse-types (eg. Awakening’s Risens), or Nosferatus from the original games, but when we actually started working on it, we wondered “What kind of monster would fit Fire Emblem in the first place?”
    Matsunaga: It was hectic. We did have examples with the Nosferatus, and clear settings like they would be related to the Chaos Dragon and look like Cyclops… so I believed they would be easier [to design] than the hero characters, and I put them high up somewhere. And after we settled with the design, when we tried implementing them in 3D, Hayashi said…
    Hayashi: “This [looks like] a plushie.”
    (everybody laughs)
    Matsunaga: We produced the monsters at the end phase of the development, but we were insensitive when we failed to interpret the muscular texture. Hayashi had a calm speaking tone, but you can tell there’s a deep warning when you look at his face expression, so I was reminded that we were in a bad situation.
    Usuda: That’s why we fixed the monsters until nearing the deadline.
    ND: How did you settle with it?
    Matsunaga: We simply revised them by making use of the original settings. We emphasized the original crustacean exoskeleton to make them look more aggressive, and we also made them eerie again by giving them colors based on poisonous creatures. I’m really glad that we could have them settled as fodder characters that customers would just take a short glance at them.."
    — Brian, [1],, Published: October 21 2017, Retrieved: January 6 2018
  25. "Hayashi says that they couldn't even mention Celica's existence to the staff at Koei Tecmo since Intelligent Systems was still working on Echoes at the time, and that they had to put her as "a character from Fire Emblem Gaiden," and people asked why there was a single character from Fire Emblem Gaiden showing up in the game."TGS Warriors Stream Day 1,, Published: September 24th 2017, Retrieved: December 24th 2017
  26. Nintendo reveals the most played games on Switch since launch in North America,, Published: January 5, 2018, Retrieved: January 6, 2018

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