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FESK Arion 01.png
Artwork of Arion from Genealogy of the Holy War.







Starting class

Wyvern Lord


Altena... this is our fate. And the sooner we resign ourselves to it the better.
— Arion

Arion (Japanese: アリオーン Areone) is the Prince of Thracia, the only biological child of King Travant and a full-blooded heir to the Crusader Dáinn and the holy lance Gungnir. He succeeded his father as Thracia's king during the war between Thracia and Seliph's liberation army, placing himself in opposition to his adoptive sister Altena.


Arion was betrothed to Linoan of Tarrah some time before Grann 776; he ordered the Thracian knight Deen to protect Linoan from the threat of assassination by Grannvale forces, and to fulfil this role successfully Dean left the Thracian army.[1] At the climax of the Friege assault on Tarrah in 776, he convinced Travant to allow him to spearhead a Thracian assault on Tarrah, then negotiated a controlled surrender with Linoan which would place Tarrah under his control rather than that of Grannvale, ensuring the safety of its residents from the atrocities of Grannvale and the Loptr Church.[2]

In Grann 777, during Seliph's battles with Bloom in the Munster District, Arion received a request for reinforcements from Bloom and reported it to Travant, who ignored it with the intent of weakening both sides for an easier Thracian victory later. When Seliph's army moved on to attack Thracia itself, Altena learned of her true heritage as Quan's daughter and Leif's sister and turned on Travant; Arion sided with Travant and attacked her, subduing her and pretending to have killed her. Travant then decided to fight Seliph's army himself, entrusting Arion with the Gungnir and rule of Thracia. When Altena recovered, Arion told her to go to Leif and Seliph, but that he remained the enemy. At the climax of the battle, Arion was defeated by Seliph's army, but was saved by Julius, who warped him away to Grannvale.

Later, in the final battle between Seliph and Julius in Grannvale itself, Arion was hired by Julius as a mercenary and deployed late in the battle to attack Chalphy Castle while Seliph's forces were distracted in the north. He was confronted again by Altena, who convinced him at last to cease his opposition - not for Seliph, he claimed, but for Altena.[3]

Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War


Arion is the final boss of Chapter 9, emerging after Grutia Castle is seized. He later reappears as a minor boss in the Endgame, appearing as a reinforcement to attack Chalphy Castle, the player's home castle; however, this time Altena can talk to him, which turns him and any Thracian survivors into partner units.


See also: For Whose Sake and End of the Holy War

Chapter 9 Endgame

Portrait arion fe04.png
Ma snes02 wyvern lord enemy.gif Wyvern Lord
Level 27
Holy Blood SNESHolyBloodDáinn.gif
Movement 9
Authority ★★★★★
Max HP 70 Speed 21+10
Strength 26+10 Luck 12
Magic 6 Defense 27+10
Skill 24 Resistance 9
Inventory Skills
Miracle BandThis item is dropped upon this unit's defeat.
5,000 Gold
Weapon Levels
Swords A Lances Axes -- Bows -- Staves --
Fire magic -- Thunder magic -- FE4RankWind.png -- Light magic -- Dark magic --

Fire Emblem: Thracia 776

Portrait arion fe05.png

Arion appears during the closing cutscene of Chapter 14 to negotiate the surrender of Tarrah with Linoan.

Personality and character

Even though he sometimes disagreed with his methods, Arion held Travant in the highest regard and was determined throughout Travant's life to prove himself a useful servant and worthy heir.[4] Although he greatly respected Altena and attempted to justify her actions to Travant, he nonetheless regularly sided with Travant when he and Altena clashed on matters, often doing both in the same breath.[5] He was aware of Altena's true heritage as Quan and Ethlyn's daughter the entire time, and Travant regularly freely spoke about it to him. Following Travant's death, for a time he was determined to continue to oppose Seliph's army, having interpreted that as Travant's dying wish, but realized the nature of the path and told Altena to leave Thracia and ally with Leif and Seliph, resolved that the two would have to fight each other someday.[6] Altena interpreted his insistence on continuing to fight Seliph's army as egocentricism, and that he refused to believe that he was in the wrong in continuing to serve Grannvale in its opposition to Seliph.[7]


Battle quotes

Heh... What fools. You dare challenge me, even knowing I wield Gungnir, the heavenly lance?
— Arion, in Chapter 9 of Genealogy of the Holy War.
You're the Imperial Prince Seliph, aren't you? Hm, you should make an admirable adversary. Care for a match? [...] I have nothing else to say! Let's do this, Seliph. Have a taste of my Gungnir!
— Arion, when fighting Seliph, in Chapter 9 of Genealogy of the Holy War. This quote is taken from an older fan translation patch, and should be updated with the equivalent quote from the most recent version if possible.
Altena... I see you're in good health. I for one have long sought to test my skills against you. Now, come at me! I won't hold back!
— Arion, when fighting Altena, in Chapter 9 of Genealogy of the Holy War.
I'm so sorry...
— Arion, in the Endgame of Genealogy of the Holy War.
Altena... I didn't want to meet you like this. I'm still living in disgrace...
— Arion, when fighting Altena, in the Endgame of Genealogy of the Holy War.

Death quotes

How... How could this be?! I've... I've brought shame on myself... Altena...
— Arion, in Chapter 9 of Genealogy of the Holy War.
— Arion, in the Endgame of Genealogy of the Holy War.

Other appearances

Fire Emblem Cipher

Arion is featured on one card in Fire Emblem Cipher.

Fire Emblem Cipher data for Arion
TCGCipher B15-097HN.png Prince of Thracia, Arion



"When next we meet, it will be in battle, and I will not stay my hand!""
Attack: 60 Support: 30 Range: 1 Deploy Cost: 4
Class: Wyvern Lord Tier: Advanced Class Change Cost: 3
Fateful Confrontation: [Trigger] When you deploy this unit, until the end of the turn, this unit gains +10 attack.
Bequeathed Etherean Lance: [Activate] [Once per turn] [Send 1 bond card to the Retreat Area] Choose 1 non-lord enemy with 80 attack or higher, and destroy them.
Card #B15-097HN • Artist: Tatsuro Iwamoto
Some card information translation provided by Serenes Forest.
For more detailed strategic information on these cards, see their TCG wiki article on Arion .


  • The early character concepts for Tiki, revealed in the Fire Emblem Official Staff Book originally gave her a name that is very similar to Arion’s. Tiki's original name was アリオン, with only a one character difference between the two.

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology, and notes


As of Fire Emblem Heroes.



Used in the Thracia 776 fan translation.[which?]



Officially romanized as Areone. From Arion (Greek: Ἀρίων), an ancient Greek kitharode and poet.






Used in the Choose Your Legends polls for Heroes; he is not mentioned by name in the French localization of Heroes.










Traditional Chinese




Sprite Gallery
Genealogy of the Holy War
Portrait arion fe04.png Ma snes02 wyvern lord enemy.gif Wyvern Lord Ma snes02 wyvern lord partner.gif
Bs fe04 arion wyvern lord lance.png
Thracia 776
Portrait arion fe05.png Wyvern Rider Ma snes03 wyvern knight other.gif


  1. "Eda: Prince Arion knew about the danger Tarrah was in, so he secretly ordered my brother to rescue you. Dean was so pleased at the trust the prince was putting in him that he abandoned the army to fulfill the prince's commands.
    Linoan: Lord Arion...went through that much...?
    Eda: He couldn't leave the country, but then again, he couldn't let you, his fiancee, die...
    " — Eda and Linoan, Fire Emblem: Thracia 776
  2. "Arion: Tell your people to disarm and surrender. It'll be a disaster if you fight now.
    Linoan: Why...? This is not like you at all. What happened?
    Arion: My father is preparing a legion to attack Tarrah.
    [...] That's not all. Armed Loptrian priests are approaching as well. If the 'Black Rose' Bergrosen comes, the citizens will be massacred, every single one of them.
    Linoan: The Bergrosen...! I was fearing this the most...
    Arion: Linoan, leave it to me. Thracia will capture Tarrah. We will the put the people under our protection. We will put an end to the child hunting, and I'll promise to protect you as well.
    " — Arion and Linoan, Fire Emblem: Thracia 776
  3. "Altena... that's enough. I... I see your point now. My final action as a mercenary shall be for Seli-... No, for you, Altena. I fight for you." — Arion, Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War
  4. "Travant: I tried to get Arion to come along as well, but he said he couldn't leave the castle unattended. Oh well...
    Altena: He's trying hard to be of help to you, father.
    Travant: Well, when I was his age, I was already taking charge as king. I suppose I should commend his efforts.
    " — Travant and Altena, Fire Emblem: Thracia 776
  5. "That's enough! Your opinion is not wanted here, Altena. Now listen and obey father's wishes! She's still very young, father. I imagine the sight of actual combat overwhelmed her a bit. Please, father... just this once. Go easy on her." — Arion, Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War
  6. "Altena: Arion, we can call for a truce! With King Travant gone, there's nothing stopping us! Besides, I'm not about to fight you!
    Arion: If it weren't for father's parting words, I would... Just go, Altena... now! Next time we meet shall be on the battlefield. But be ready... I won't go easy on you!
    " — Altena and Arion, Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War
  7. "Altena: You're such a coward! You're so caught up in your damn ego that you've completely lost track of what's right!
    Arion: So what are you suggesting I do!?
    Altena: Take a look at Prince Seliph! Why do you think he's out here putting his life on the line? Think about it for a minute.
    " — Altena and Arion, Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War
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