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Portrait bramimond fe07.png
Portrait from Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade

One of the eight legendary heroes. A cryptic figure.


Genderless (formerly male)





Starting class

Bramimond (class)


Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade
Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade (mentioned)

Bramimond, one of the eight legends, devoted [itself] entirely to the dark. All emotion, all memory... dissolved in a river of dark. That is how [it] received the power to best dragons.
— Teodor, talking to the Lords about Bramimond.

Bramimond (Japanese: ブラミモンド Bramimond) was one of the Eight Legends of Elibe who fought in the Scouring. It was a master of Dark Magic and wielded the tome Apocalypse. As such, Bramimond no longer has any "self".[1] Hector also notices this, and is baffled by the fact that its voice keeps changing.

Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade


Bramimond is not seen in-game (having died following the events of Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade), but he is part of the backstory, being one of the Eight Legends who fought on the side of men during the Scouring. After Chapter 21x: The Elder Revelation, the party obtains his Legendary Weapon, Apocalypse.

Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade


After the events of Chapter 27: Cog of Destiny, Athos brings Eliwood, Hector, and Lyn to Bramimond in order to convince it to undo the seal on the Legendary Weapons so that they can vanquish Nergal. Bramimond initially refuses, but it sees Eliwood's similarity to his friend Roland, it agrees to release the seal. Bramimond returns to sleep and is not seen again until after Nergal's defeat, when it resurrects Ninian to help defeat the Fire Dragon that has come through the Dragon's Gate. After the battle, Bramimond tells a dying Athos that it will most likely follow him soon. He is not given an ending, not having been a playable character.

Stats and growth rates[2]

Portrait bramimond fe07.png
Level 18
Affinity Is gba darkaffin.png
Recruitment: Bramimond cannot be recruited, despite having this data.

Stats Growth Rates

Weapon Levels
GBARankSword.gif -- GBARankLance.gif -- Axe -- GBARankBow.gif --
GBARankAnima.gif -- GBARankLight.gif -- GBARankDark.gif S GBARankStaff.gif S

Note: Bramimond's stats are unused in-game.

Fire Emblem Heroes

While Bramimond does not appear itself in Heroes, it is mentioned in Part 1 of Paralogue 3: Blazing Shadows by Bruno, who has travelled to the World of Blazing in search of information on a dark god whose blood runs in the veins of the Emblian royal family.[3] Bruno comes into possession of a tome owned by Bramimond, and finds therein a passage discussing the dark god, but the text trails off without disclosing the god's true name. Frustrated by this setback, he remarks that certain people in the World of Blazing may have witnessed the events in Embla through the medium of the Dragon's Gate on the isle of Valor.

Personality and Character

Bramimond was born a normal human, but as he delved deeper into the secrets of dark magic, he eventually gave up his own self to master darkness. Bramimond (now better referred to as an "it") then used its newfound power to fight with the other seven Generals against the dragons during the Scouring. After the war, Bramimond was the only one of the Generals who did not leave on a legacy. Instead, it slept underground in the Shrine of Seals, where it could protect the seal that kept the Legendary Weapons sealed away from human hands. After assisting the party with defeating Nergal and the Fire Dragon, Bramimond tells a dying Athos that it will most likely follow him soon


Your voice... The way you talk. It keeps changing. How many...
— Hector, to Bramimond
...Yes, I... suppose [Bramimond] is me. What do you want of me, you who live above ground?
— Bramimond, to Eliwood
I cannot grant that which you seek. Humanity would suffer were I to remove the seals.
— Bramimond, to Lyn
The entire world!? Why would I care about that!? The whole world can burn for all I care!!
— Bramimond, to Hector
... Once... There was a man much like you. His gaze never wandered. It was ever fixed straight ahead...
— Bramimond, to Eliwood, comparing him to Roland
Do you not feel it? Your power returning?
— Bramimond, to Ninian

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
English Bramimond In the French epic poem Le Chanson de Roland, Bramimonde is the Queen of Saragossa and an enemy of King Charlemagne. In the end, she is defeated, but she is brought back to France and is allowed to be baptized a Christian.[4]
Japanese ブラミモンド Bramimond, as above.
Spanish Bramimond As above.
French Bramimond As above.
German Bramimond As above.
Italian Bramimond As above.


  • Bramimond was the last of the Eight Legends to die.
  • Bramimond's (unused) stats are all determined by its class except for one: Luck. Its base class starts with 0 Luck, but its character stats give it an additional 28 points.


  1. " It is a mirror that reflects the person addressing it... There are as many Bramimonds as there are people facing [it]." — Athos, Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade
  3. "At last! The information I need is written right here. "Thus, the kingdom's royalty came to carry the blood of the god—and a wicked god it was." "The god had perished and yet lived on in this royal bloodline, worming through its veins." "Generations of this family were made into the wicked god's puppets by blood." "They were powerless to fight the corrupt influence that coursed in their flesh." "The wicked god has been known by sundry names." "Devourer of Royals... Ruin Borne upon Wings... The Original Demon..." "But the god's true name has never been written until now. That name is..." What?! The passage ends right there, just like that?! To come all this way to possess the tome of the hermit Bramimond, and be denied the details I seek?" — Bruno, Fire Emblem Heroes

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