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Intelligent Systems

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Intelligent Systems Co., Ltd. (株式会社インテリジェントシステムズ Kabushiki-Gaisha Intelligent Systems) is a Japanese first-party video game developer and hardware support team for Nintendo, and the principal developers of the Fire Emblem series. In addition to Fire Emblem, Intelligent Systems is also responsible for several other Nintendo game franchises, including WarioWare, Advance Wars, and Paper Mario.[1]


Intelligent Systems was founded when a single person, Tohru Narihiro, was hired by Nintendo to help port games for the Famicom Disk System over to the standard cartridges used in other regions. The company was later expanded to provide auxiliary support; programming, debugging, and porting games written by other Nintendo divisions.[2] As a result, a lot of the company's early works mostly comprise of small contributions to larger projects. The first game that Intelligent Systems contributed to was Devil World, which was released in 1984.

Near the end of the Famicon's life, Narihiro programmed his first two actual games: Famicom Wars and Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light, which were released in 1988 and 1990, respectively.[3] Narihiro relied on Nintendo to help provide graphics and music for the titles, which were favorably received. As a result of that success, Intelligent Systems started hiring its own graphic designers, composers, and more programmers and started completely producing its own games.

Games released by Intelligent Systems

Fire Emblem series games

Other games


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