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This article is about the weapon type. For the strike weapon from the Tellius games, see Breath (laguz).

Breath (Japanese: ブレス breath) is a weapon classification encompassing various breath-related attacks used by dragons. In most games, breath does not appear as a distinct weapon type; however, it does appear as such in Mystery of the Emblem, Awakening, Fates, and Heroes. While every breath weapon has a weapon level of 1 in Mystery of the Emblem, it had no weapon level in games using the lettered weapon level system until Fates.

Breaths as distinct weapons first appeared in Mystery of the Emblem when dragons not linked to Manakete stones first appeared in the series; apart from two chapters (and one character in each) eleven games later, that game is still the only one in the main Fire Emblem series where breath weapons are directly usable by the player by legitimate means due to the effects of Manakete stones in that game. Breath weapons have appeared off and on in the series since, usually by powerful dragon-type enemy units. In Heroes, however, they appear as the attack skills wielded by all dragon units, and, owing to the nature of the game, all dragon units can appear as both player and enemy units.

Despite its name, Breath in Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn does not fall into this classification; it is instead considered a strike due to its status as a laguz weapon. Similarly, Fire Breath and Water Breath in Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia are classified as monster weapons.

Breaths in the Fire Emblem series by type

Weapon Available in: Notes
FE01 FE02 FE03 FE04 FE05 FE06 FE07 FE08 FE09 FE10 FE11 FE12 FE13 FE14 FE15 FE16 FE17
Fire Breath Monster weapon in Echoes: Shadows of Valentia.
Ice Breath --
Breath of Fog ? --
Dark Breath ? --
Flametongue ? --
Wretched Air ? Can also be considered to be a monster weapon
Mage Breath ? Magic weapon.
Expiration ? Monster weapon in Echoes: Shadows of Valentia.
Draconic Rage ? --
Dragon Breath ? Two variations.
Astral Breath ? Lilith only.
A means that the weapon is available in that game, while a indicates the contrary.

Classes capable of using breath

Class Wields breath in: Notes
FE01 FE02 FE03 FE04 FE05 FE06 FE07 FE08 FE09 FE10 FE11 FE12 FE13 FE14 FE15 FE16 FE17
Fire Dragon ? Uses Fire Breath in Archanea, Flametongue in Elibe
Mage Dragon ? Uses Fire Breath in Mystery of the Emblem, Dark Breath in Elibe, Mage Breath in New Mystery of the Emblem
Wyvern ? Uses Fire Breath
Ice Dragon ? Uses Ice Breath
Divine Dragon ? Uses Ice Breath in Book 1, Breath of Fog in Book 2
Earth Dragon ? Uses Dark Breath
Shadow Dragon ? Uses Dark Breath
Manakete ? An undead variety uses Wretched Air
Manaketes of Mystery of the Emblem may use stones to temporarily transform into a type of dragon compatible with a breath weapon
Draco Zombie ? Uses Wretched Air
Grima ? Uses Expiration
Feral Dragon ? Uses Draconic Rage
Astral Dragon ? Uses Astral Breath
Blight Dragon ? Uses Dark Breath
Silent Dragon ? Uses Dragon Breath
A means that the class wields breath in that game, while a indicates the contrary.

Breath skills in Fire Emblem Heroes

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Breath weapons appear in Fire Emblem Heroes as the attack skills used by all dragon units appearing in the game. Unlike most weapon types in Heroes, breath skills are not strictly associated with any color in the game's weapon triangle, and may be used by any unit capable of using breath skills; their placement on the weapon triangle is instead determined by the unit using them. This trait would later be extended to bows and daggers, which at launch were only colorless.

Red, blue, and green breath have been part of the game since its initial launch; colorless breath is notably the first new weapon type added to the game that was not present at its initial launch, being introduced to the game in the The True Quarry update.

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