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Hero Feather

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Hero Feather

Is feh hero feather.png
Icon of a Hero Feather from Heroes.



First game

Fire Emblem Heroes

The Hero Feather (Japanese: 英雄の翼 Hero's wing) is an item appearing exclusively in Fire Emblem Heroes. Hero Feathers are one of two types of items necessary to increase the rarity of a character, the other type being the badge. There are a number of ways to earn Hero Feathers, such as in the arena, in Voting Gauntlets, by checking in on certain days, and by dismissing characters.


Game Icon Uses Worth Effects and notes
Heroes Is feh hero feather.png 1 -- One ingredient needed to increase the rarity of a character.



This list may be incomplete.
Arena Offensive rewards • Defensive rewards • Rank rewards (top 100,000 only)
(All rewards distributed weekly)
Log-in bonus Every Monday (×100) • Every Thursday (×100)
Voting Gauntlet Participation reward
Dismiss characters Increases based on rarity

Flavor text

Game Text
Used to unlock potential in allies.
(You can have up to 999,999.)

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology, and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology, and notes

Hero Feather




Hero's wing


Pluma de héroe

Hero's feather


Plume de héros

Hero's feather



Hero Feather


Penna dell'eroe

Feather of the hero


Pena de herói

Hero's feather

Traditional Chinese


Hero's wing


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