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Chain Challenge

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Chain Challenge (Japanese: 連戦トライアル Series of Battle Trial) is a game mode in Fire Emblem Heroes. Chain Challenge allows players to challenge difficult teams within narrative chapters' maps consecutively without being refreshed in between. Depending on the challenge, players are allowed to use between one and three teams per challenge, with three to ten maps being fought along the way. Players can win Hero Feathers for clearing a challenge on Normal and Hard difficulties, and Orbs for clearing a challenge on Lunatic difficulty.

Most chapters allow their Chain Challenges to be challenged singly or in pairs; chapter pairs are fixed and not customizable (for example, a player can't choose to Chain Challenge Chapters 2 and 3 consecutively, as those two chapters are part of different pairs). Because of the rigidity of the paired chapter challenges, chapters whose challenges can be taken on in pairs tend to only become available to the mode once both chapters in question are added to the game. If a chapter becomes available for a Chain Challenge on its own, it can only be taken on singly; to date, this quirk applies to only one chapter.

List of Chain Challenges

Main story chapters

For these sets, single chapters allow two teams over five battles, while paired chapters allow three teams over ten battles.

Book I
Chapter(s) Premiere Date
Banner feh cc b1 c1 c2.png Chapter 1: World of Mystery July 5, 2017 Single Double (pt. 1)
Double (pt. 2)
Chapter 2: World of Conquest Single
Banner feh cc b1 c3 c4.png Chapter 3: World of Binding July 5, 2017 Single Double (pt. 1)
Double (pt. 2)
Chapter 4: World of Awakening Single
Banner feh cc b1 c5 c6.png Chapter 5: Back to Mystery July 5, 2017 Single Double (pt. 1)
Double (pt. 2)
Chapter 6: World of Birthright Single
Banner feh cc b1 c7 c8.png Chapter 7: World of Blazing July 5, 2017 Single Double (pt. 1)
Double (pt. 2)
Chapter 8: Back to Awakening Single
Banner feh cc b1 c9 c10.png Chapter 9: Heroes Invade July 5, 2017 Single Double (pt. 1)
Double (pt. 2)
Chapter 10: World of Radiance Single
Banner feh cc b1 c11 c12.png Chapter 11: Rite of Shadows July 13, 2017 Single Double (pt. 1)
Double (pt. 2)
Chapter 12: Bitter Enemies Single
Banner feh cc b1 c13.png Chapter 13: Diabolical Bloodline
Only available as a single-chapter challenge
September 15, 2017 Single
Book II
Chapter(s) Premiere Date
Banner feh cc b2 c1 c2.png Chapter 1: The Flame November 28, 2017 Single Double
Chapter 2: Princess of Ice Single
Banner feh cc b2 c3 c4.png Chapter 3: Guided by a Dream January 25, 2018 Single Double
Chapter 4: Fiery Resolve Single
Banner feh cc b2 c5 c6.png Chapter 5: Blood and Snow March 9, 2018 Single Double
Chapter 6: The True Quarry Single
Banner feh cc b2 c7 c8.png Chapter 7: Snow and Ash April 24, 2018 Single Double (pt. 1)
Double (pt. 2)
Chapter 8: Rite of Frost Single
Banner feh cc b2 c9 c10.png Chapter 9: Hellfire June 8, 2018 Single Double (pt. 1)
Double (pt. 2)
Chapter 10: The King's Demise Single


For these sets, single chapters allow one team over three battles, while paired chapters allow two teams over six battles.

Chapter(s) Premiere Date
Banner feh cc p1 p2.png Paralogue 1: Family Bonds July 5, 2017 Single Double
Paralogue 2: Sibling Bonds Single
Banner feh cc p3 p4.png Paralogue 3: Blazing Shadows July 5, 2017 Single Double
Paralogue 4: Spring Festival Single
Banner feh cc p5 p6.png Paralogue 5: World of Shadows July 5, 2017 Single Double
Paralogue 6: Bridal Blessings Single
Banner feh cc p7 p8.png Paralogue 7: Echoes of Mystery July 5, 2017 Single Double
Paralogue 8: Ylissean Summer Single
Banner feh cc p9 p10.png Paralogue 9: Nohrian Summer August 15, 2017 Single Double
Paralogue 10: The Sacred World Single
Banner feh cc p11 p12.png Paralogue 11: Brave Heroes September 29, 2017 Single Double
Paralogue 12: Performing Arts Single
Banner feh cc p13 p14.png Paralogue 13: World of Holy War October 30, 2017 Single Double
Paralogue 14: Trick or Defeat! Single
Banner feh cc p15 p16.png Paralogue 15: Farfetched Heroes December 18, 2017 Single Double
Paralogue 16: Winter's Envoy Single
Banner feh cc p17 p18.png Paralogue 17: Happy New Year! Feburary 9, 2018 Single Double
Paralogue 18: Love Abounds Single
Banner feh cc p19 p20.png Paralogue 19: Hares at the Fair May 21, 2018 Single Double
Paralogue 20: Bridal Bloom Single
Banner feh cc p21 p22.png Paralogue 21: Summer's Arrival July 10, 2018 Single Double
Paralogue 22: A Sketchy Summer Single
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