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Squad Assault

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Squad Assault (Japanese: 縛鎖の迷宮 Labyrinth of Bonds) is a game mode in Fire Emblem Heroes. Squad Assault allows players to challenge extremely difficult teams on a combination of existing maps while using unique teams for each of them; players cannot use the same character twice during the same session of Squad Assault. Players who complete a Squad Assault win unique Sacred Seals along with two Orbs.

Ss feh squad assault.png

List of Squad Assaults

Maps Premiere date Unique Sacred Seal
1st Assault B1 C1-1: Mystery Trial
B1 C2-1: Conquest Trial
B1 C3-1: Binding Trial
B1 C4-1: Awakening Trial
B1 C5-1: Return to Mystery
July 5, 2017 Is feh squad ace a 1.png
Squad Ace A 1
2nd Assault B1 C6-1: Birthright Trial
B1 C7-1: Blazing Trial
B1 C8-1: Sinister Shadow
B1 C9-1: Loyalty and Ambition
B1 C10-1: Radiant Mercenaries
August 7, 2017 Is feh squad ace b 1.png
Squad Ace B 1
3rd Assault P1-1: Sacred Bond
P2-1: Brothers and Sisters
P3-1: Vengeful Mercenary
P4-1: Bright Blooms
P5-1: Legendary Hero
September 6, 2017 Is feh squad ace c 1.png
Squad Ace C 1
4th Assault P6-1: Martial Bliss
P7-1: Wayward One
P8-1: Sunny Sneak Attack
P9-1: Nohr on the Shore
P10-1: A Lecture Fit for Royalty
October 9, 2017 Is feh squad ace d 1.png
Squad Ace D 1
5th Assault B1 C1-2: Willful Warrior
B1 C2-2: Lovely Bloom
B1 C3-2: Two Noblewomen
B1 C4-2: Blade and Dancer
B1 C5-2: Captive Princess
November 28, 2017 Is feh squad ace e 1.png
Squad Ace E 1
6th Assault B1 C6-2: Vain Prince
B1 C7-2: Lovely Bloom
B1 C8-2: Napping Dragon
B1 C9-2: Nobility and Vanity
B1 C10-2: A Mercenary's Pride
January 10, 2018 Is feh squad ace a 1.png
Squad Ace F 1
7th Assault P1-2: Holy War's Bond
P2-2: Siblings of Thunder
P3-2: Sword Demon
P4-2: Painted Eggs
P5-2: Into the Forest
February 9, 2018 Is feh squad ace b 1.png
Squad Ace G 1
8th Assault P6-2: Groomed for Combat
P7-2: Led by the Nose
P8-2: Seaside Trouble
P9-2: Shipwrecked
P10-2: The Heirs of Frelia
March 8, 2018 Is feh squad ace c 1.png
Squad Ace H 1
9th Assault B1 C1-3: Wind and Light
B1 C2-3: Callous Prince
B1 C3-3: Desert Dragons
B1 C4-3: Big Ambush
B1 C5-3: No Way Out
April 10, 2018 Is feh squad ace d 1.png
Squad Ace I 1
10th Assault B1 C6-3: Blunt Princess
B1 C7-3: Baffling Labyrinth
B1 C8-3: Ravishing Battle
B1 C9-3: Big Ambush
B1 C10-3: The Imperial Prince
May 9, 2018 Is feh squad ace e 1.png
Squad Ace J 1
11th Assault P1-3: Unbreakable Bond
P2-3: Courage and Devotion
P3-3: Death and the Child
P4-3: Spring Stars
P5-3: Alm's Heroic Stand
June 8, 2018 Is feh squad ace a 1.png
Squad Ace K 1
12th Assault P6-3: Battle of the Bouquet
P7-3: Three Assassins
P8-3: Taking the Beachhead
P9-3: A Vacation in Ruins
P10-3: The Silver Knight
July 9, 2018 Is feh squad ace b 1.png
Squad Ace L 1
13th Assault B1 C1-4: Dual Cavaliers
B1 C2-4: Bewitching Princess
B1 C3-4: Quirky Family
B1 C4-4: Surprising Villager
B1 C5-4: Three Sisters Fly
August 9, 2018 Is feh squad ace c 1.png
Squad Ace M 1
14th Assault B1 C6-4: Shy Princess
B1 C7-4: The Guardian
B1 C8-4: Divine Dragon Returns
B1 C9-4: The Unknown
B1 C10-4: The Last Line of Defense
September 7, 2018 Is feh squad ace d 1.png
Squad Ace N 1
15th Assault B1 C1-5: Prince of Mystery
B1 C2-5: Prince of Conquest
B1 C3-5: Nobles of Binding
B1 C4-5: Prince of Awakening
B1 C5-5: Divine Dragon Princess
October 8, 2018 Is feh squad ace e 1.png
Squad Ace O 1
16th Assault B1 C6-5: Prince of Birthright
B1 C7-5: Blazing Noblemen
B1 C8-5: Future Princess
B1 C9-5: Princess of Death
B1 C10-5: Radiant Hero
November 8, 2018 Is feh squad ace a 1.png
Squad Ace P 1
17th Assault B1 C11-1: Caring Princess
B1 C12-1: Battle at the Sluice Gate
B1 C13-1: Bruno's Secret
B2 C1-1: Undying Flame
B2 C2-1: Lady of Snow
December 10, 2018 Is feh squad ace b 1.png
Squad Ace Q 1
18th Assault B2 C3-1: The Road to Nifl
B2 C4-1: Protecting the People
B2 C5-1: Snowfield Pursuit
B2 C6-1: A Distant Dream
B2 C7-1: Echoing Dreams
January 10, 2019 Is feh squad ace c 1.png
Squad Ace R 1
19th Assault B2 C8-1: Prayer of the Child of Ice
B2 C9-1: The Infernal Jailer
B2 C10-1: To the Castle
B2 C11-1: The Enemy of My Enemy
B2 C12-1: Suspicion
February 7, 2019 Is feh squad ace d 1.png
Squad Ace S 1
20th Assault P11-1: Mercenary and the Lady
P12-1: A Heartfelt Dance
P13-1: Baldr's Holy Knight
P14-1: Creatures of the Night
P15-1: Sword and Sorcery
March 7, 2019 Is feh squad ace e 1.png
Squad Ace T 1
21st Assault P16-1: Get Those Gifts!
P17-1: New Year's Greetings
P18-1: Devoted Youth
P19-1: The Hare Pair
P20-1: Here Comes the Groom
April 9, 2019 Is feh squad ace a 1.png
Squad Ace U 1
22nd Assault P21-1: A Fighting Family
P22-1: A Distracted Duo
P23-1: Honoring the Land
P24-1: Princesses in Contrast
P25-1: The Spooky Trio
May 9, 2019 Is feh squad ace b 1.png
Squad Ace V 1
23rd Assault B1 C11-2: Pirates!
B1 C12-2: A Desperate Pursuit
B1 C13-2: A Triple Decker
B2 C1-2: Mountains Burn
B2 C2-2: Children of the Light
June 10, 2019 Is feh squad ace c 1.png
Squad Ace W 1
24th Assault B2 C3-2: The Silver-Haired Maiden
B2 C4-2: Crimson Flash
B2 C5-2: Dance of the Witch
B2 C6-2: The Branded Knight
B2 C7-2: Blade of the Mage Knight
July 8, 2019 Is feh squad ace d 1.png
Squad Ace X 1
25th Assault B2 C8-2: Tame the Savage Flame
B2 C9-2: The Demon Sword
B2 C10-2: Misplaced Wisdom
B2 C11-2: Flower Fortunes
B2 C12-2: Scion of a Crusader
August 6, 2019 Is feh squad ace e 1.png
Squad Ace Y 1
26th Assault P11-2: The Lion and the Princess
P12-2: A Bittersweet Melody
P13-2: Od's Swordswoman
P14-2: Treat-Seeking Mischief
P15-2: The Dorcas Gambit
September 5, 2019 Is feh squad ace a 1.png
Squad Ace Z 1
27th Assault P16-2: Tinsel Tussle
P17-2: Princesses at the Shrine
P18-2: Devoted Dads
P19-2: Duty-Bound Bunnies
P20-2: Veiled Insecurities
October 8, 2019 Is feh squad ace b 1.png
Squad Ace AA 1
28th Assault P21-2: Shimmering in the Sun
P22-2: A Playful Pair
P23-2: The Gods Pass On...
P24-2: Lords in Accord
P25-2: Two More Horrors
November 6, 2019 Is feh squad ace c 1.png
Squad Ace AB 1
29th Assault B1 C11-3: The Mountain of Fear
B1 C12-3: Desert Stronghold Siege
B1 C13-3: Shadow over the Port
B2 C1-3: Steam Billows
B2 C2-3: Children of the Shadow
December 5, 2019 Is feh squad ace d 1.png
Squad Ace AC 1
30th Assault B2 C3-3: Ensnared by Beauty
B2 C4-3: Princesses in Shadow
B2 C5-3: The Fell Dragon Rises
B2 C6-3: The Tactician's Daughter
B2 C7-3: Indomitable Spirits
Unknown 20px
Squad Ace AD 1
31st Assault B2 C8-3: Unquenchable, Undying
B2 C9-3: The Goddess of Thunder
B2 C10-3: Family of Fangs
B2 C11-3: From the Depths of Hell
B2 C12-3: Prowling Beast
Unknown Is feh squad ace ae 1.png
Squad Ace AE 1
32nd Assault P11-3: The Dream We Shared
P12-3: The Finale
P13-3: Bound by Blood
P14-3: Trick or Treat!
P15-3: Offbeat Heroes
March 5, 2020 Is feh squad ace af 1.png
Squad Ace AF 1
33rd Assault P16-3: If You're Good...
P17-3: Wishes for the New Year
P18-3: Truth and Ardor
P19-3: Rabbiting On
P20-3: Love and War
April 7, 2020 Is feh squad ace ag 1.png
Squad Ace AG 1
34th Assault P21-3: Sounds of the Ocean
P22-3: A Little Drawn Out
P23-3: The Wind Itself
P24-3: The Princess's Request
P25-3: Grab Those Gourds!
May 7, 2020 Is feh squad ace ah 1.png
Squad Ace AH 1
35th Assault B1 C11-4: More Pirates!
B1 C12-4: Before the Goddess
B1 C13-4: Armies Clash
B2 C1-4: Stars Become Cinders
B2 C2-4: Shadows and Light
June 5, 2020 Is feh squad ace ai 1.png
Squad Ace AI 1
36th Assault B2 C3-4: A Menacing Swordsman
B2 C4-4: The Young Dragon
B2 C5-4: The Dark Emperor
B2 C6-4: The Tactician's Son
B2 C7-4: Book and Blade
July 6, 2020 Is feh squad ace aj 1.png
Squad Ace AJ 1
37th Assault B2 C8-4: Vessel Filled with Power
B2 C9-4: Dancer of Flames
B2 C10-4: Sword Vassal
B2 C11-4: Dance in the Sky
B2 C12-4: Led by the Breeze
August 6, 2020 Is feh squad ace ak 1.png
Squad Ace AK 1
38th Assault B1 C11-5: The Dark Domain
B1 C12-5: The Mask Cracks
B1 C13-5: A Bond Renewed
B2 C1-5: Enchantress of the Mist
B2 C2-5: Ruler of Flame
September 7, 2020 Is feh squad ace al 1.png
Squad Ace AL 1

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