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Nintendo Badge Arcade

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Nintendo Badge Arcade

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Release date(s)

JPDecember 17, 2014
NANovember 10, 2015
PALNovember 13, 2015


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Nintendo 3DS



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Nintendo Badge Arcade (Japanese: バッジとれ〜るセンター) is a free-to-play application for Nintendo 3DS which allows players to collect badges for customizing their HOME Menu. It features content from a wide variety of Nintendo properties, with new badges added periodically, usually coinciding with the release or announcement of a related game. The available badges rotate regularly, with a large turnover once a week.

The arcade is filled with machines known as Badge Catchers, which are similar to real-world claw crane machines. At the start of the game, the player receives five free plays from the arcade’s host, a whimsical pink rabbit known as Arcade Bunny, who will always greet the player, introduce promotional events, and rave about his favorite Nintendo games. After the initial five free plays, players must either purchase them from the Nintendo eShop at the rate of US$1.00 per five plays, or win them from the Practice Catcher, which may be played once per day and rewards free plays for accruing 10 practice badges or acquiring certain bonus badges.

Fire Emblem series content

There are currently 24 available sets totaling 166 badges in the Fire Emblem category, all of which feature characters and content from Fire Emblem Fates. Twelve sets feature portraits of all the playable characters from all three routes as well as some important NPCs, while the other twelve feature map sprites of all the playable characters and some generic allies and enemies. The first batch of badges was released alongside each region’s respective launch of Fates.[1][2][3] In North America, another batch was released to celebrate the release of the Revelation campaign,[4] unlike in Japan, where those badges were made available much later.[5]

All of the badges in the Fire Emblem category can also be used in notes in the free-to-start application, Swapdoodle.

Badge Catcher Badges Included Collection Screen
NBA Catcher 01.jpg NBA Set 01.png
NBA Catcher 02.jpg NBA Set 02.png
NBA Catcher 03.jpg NBA Set 03.png
NBA Catcher 04.jpg NBA Set 04.png
NBA Catcher 05.jpg NBA Set 05.png
NBA Catcher 06.jpg NBA Set 06.png
NBA Catcher 07.jpg NBA Set 07.png
NBA Catcher 08.jpg NBA Set 08.png
NBA Catcher 09.jpg NBA Set 09.png
NBA Catcher 10.jpg NBA Set 10.png
NBA Catcher 11.jpg NBA Set 11.png
NBA Catcher 12.jpg NBA Set 12.png
NBA Catcher 13.jpg NBA Set 13.png
NBA Catcher 14.jpg NBA Set 14.png
NBA Catcher 15.jpg NBA Set 15.png
NBA Catcher 16.jpg NBA Set 16.png
NBA Catcher 17.jpg NBA Set 17.png
NBA Catcher 18.jpg NBA Set 18.png
NBA Catcher 19.jpg NBA Set 19.png
NBA Catcher 20.jpg NBA Set 20.png
NBA Catcher 21.jpg NBA Set 21.png
NBA Catcher 22.jpg NBA Set 22.png
NBA Catcher 23.jpg NBA Set 23.png
NBA Catcher 24.jpg NBA Set 24.png


  • All of the badges released to date were available along with a special introduction and debrief by Arcade Bunny immediately following the Fire Emblem Direct in January 2017.



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