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Ss fe14 yato.png
The Yato's basic form in Fates.

The avatar only. A divine blade said to choose its wielder.

First game

Fire Emblem Fates

Yato (Japanese: 夜刀神 Yato-no-kami[1]) is a regalia katana that debuted in Fire Emblem Fates. It is only usable by Corrin, and is capable of taking on multiple forms by drawing power from the other legendary weapons of Hoshido and Nohr, with each of its forms having special properties. There is a total of seven available forms of Yato, most of which are exclusive to specific campaigns. Its strongest form, the Omega Yato, is the titular Fire Emblem of Fates.

In Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, Heroes, and Engage, which do not feature national-based subtypes of the master weapon types, the Yato can be found in the sword category, the category to which the katana is a subtype.


Yato, alongside Raijinto, Fujin Yumi, Siegfried, and Brynhildr, was forged by the Rainbow Sage during the war between twelve dragons.

Yato was later concealed in a dragon statue in the center of Hoshido's Shirasagi Castle Town, and was revealed during Corrin's first visit to Hoshido. When a hooded figure stole Ganglari from Corrin and unleashed its power in an attempt on Queen Mikoto's life, the statue was destroyed and Yato was revealed in its base, where Yukimura directed the group's attention to it and explained its legend: that it is said to have been forged as the key to peace in the world and that it chooses its wielder. Yato chose Corrin as its wielder, flying from the base into their hand.[2]


Late in the war between Hoshido and Nohr, Corrin takes a pilgrimage to Notre Sagesse on the advice of Leo in order to obtain enough power to defeat Xander and Garon. There, the Rainbow Sage blesses the Yato. It promptly resonates with Takumi's Fujin Yumi and transforms into the Noble Yato.

Later, right before the final battle with Garon, Corrin attempts to attack Garon with the Noble Yato, but it proves completely ineffective. Desperately seeking more power, the Noble Yato resonates with Ryoma's Raijinto and transforms into its ultimate Hoshidan form, the Blazing Yato. Blazing Yato is able to defeat Garon's human form, but Garon transforms into a Blight Dragon, shatters it to pieces, and mortally wounds Corrin. Between life and death, the spirits of Xander, Elise, Flora and Lilith encourage Corrin and resurrect both them and the Blazing Yato, allowing them to defeat Garon once and for all.


Early in the war between Hoshido and Nohr, Garon sends Corrin to conquer Notre Sagesse. There, the Rainbow Sage blesses the Yato and explains that Corrin must seek a hero of Nohr to trigger its evolution into the Grim Yato. Later, in the aftermath of an assassination attempt on Garon, Yato resonates with Leo's Brynhildr and transforms into the Grim Yato.

Later, right before the final battle with Garon, Corrin attempts to attack Garon with the Grim Yato, but it proves completely ineffective. However, Xander rallies his demoralized siblings against what was once their father; his Siegfried resonates with the Grim Yato and transforms it into its ultimate Nohrian form, the Shadow Yato. Shadow Yato is able to defeat Garon, but they are all attacked by Takumi's completely possessed corpse. He shatters the Shadow Yato to pieces and mortally wounds Corrin. Between life and death, the spirits of Mikoto, Ryoma, Takumi, and Lilith encourage Corrin and resurrect both them and the Shadow Yato, allowing them to defeat Takumi once and for all.


Midway through the campaign against Valla, Corrin takes a pilgrimage to Notre Sagesse in order to obtain enough power to defeat Anankos. There, the Rainbow Sage blesses the Yato and transforms it into the Alpha Yato. He explains that Corrin must ally with the wielders of the other four divine weapons in order to unlock the Seal of Flames and transform the Alpha Yato into the Fire Emblem.

Later, right before the final battle with Anankos, Corrin attempts to attack Anankos with the Alpha Yato, but it proves completely ineffective. Desperately seeking more power, the Alpha Yato resonates with Takumi's Fujin Yumi, Leo's Brynhildr, Ryoma's Raijinto, and Xander's Siegfried and transforms into its true ultimate form, the Omega Yato. With the true power of the Yato unleashed, Corrin is able to defeat Anankos once and for all.


In the main Fire Emblem series

Game Icon Level Might Weight Hit Crit Range Uses Worth WEXP Other effects and notes
(Normal form)
Is 3ds02 katana.png Swords/Katanas E* 8 -- 85 0 1 -- Cannot be sold 1 +1 speed, −1 defense, −1 resistance when equipped.
(Noble Yato)
Is 3ds02 katana.png Swords/Katanas E* 11 -- 85 5 1 -- Cannot be sold 1 +1 speed, −1 defense, −1 resistance, +10 avoid when equipped.
+2 strength, +2 speed when in Corrin's inventory.
(Blazing Yato)
Is 3ds02 katana.png Swords/Katanas E* 16 -- 85 10 1 -- Cannot be sold 1 +1 speed, −1 defense, −1 resistance, +10 avoid, +10 dodge when equipped.
+4 strength, +4 speed when in Corrin's inventory.
Reduces the effect of enemy Dragonskin from 50% damage reduction to 25%.
(Grim Yato)
Is 3ds02 katana.png Swords/Katanas E* 11 -- 85 5 1 -- Cannot be sold 1 +1 speed, −1 defense, −1 resistance, +10 avoid when equipped.
+2 defense, +2 resistance when in Corrin's inventory.
(Shadow Yato)
Is 3ds02 katana.png Swords/Katanas E* 16 -- 85 10 1 -- Cannot be sold 1 +1 speed, −1 defense, −1 resistance, +10 avoid, +10 dodge when equipped.
+4 defense, +4 resistance when in Corrin's inventory.
Reduces the effect of enemy Dragonskin from 50% damage reduction to 25%.
(Alpha Yato)
Is 3ds02 katana.png Swords/Katanas E* 11 -- 85 5 1 -- Cannot be sold 1 +1 speed, −1 defense, −1 resistance, +10 avoid when equipped.
+2 strength, +2 speed, +2 defense, +2 resistance when in Corrin's inventory.
(Omega Yato)
Is 3ds02 katana.png Swords/Katanas E* 16 -- 85 10 1 -- Cannot be sold 1 +1 speed, −1 defense, −1 resistance, +10 avoid, +10 dodge when equipped.
+4 strength, +4 speed, +4 defense, +4 resistance when in Corrin's inventory.
Halves the effect of enemy Dragonskin, including its effect on offensive skills.
Echoes: Shadows of Valentia Is 3ds03 yato.png Swords 0 0 90 0 1 -- -- -- --
Engage Is ns02 yato.png
Is ns02 yato solo.png
Swords D 16 9 85 10 1 -- 100 -- +10 avoid, +10 dodge when equipped.

In other Fire Emblem series titles

Game Icon Type Might Range SP cost Refine cost Prerequisites Unusable by Inheritable Other effects and notes
(refine: Unrefined)
Is feh skill weapon.png Swords 16 1 400 -- Silver Sword -- If user initiates combat, grants +4 speed to user during combat.
(refine: +Effect)
Is feh wpn yato refined.png Swords 16 1 400 500 Arena Medal
200 Divine Dew
-- -- Grants +2 each to attack, speed, defense, and resistance.
Grants +3 HP.
If user is within 2 spaces of support partner, grants +4 each to attack, speed, defense, and resistance to partner during combat.
(refine: +Atk)
Is feh wpn atk refined.png Swords 18 1 400 500 Arena Medal
200 Divine Dew
-- -- Grants +2 each to attack, speed, defense, and resistance.
Grants +5 HP.
(refine: +Spd)
Is feh wpn spd refined.png Swords 16 1 400 500 Arena Medal
200 Divine Dew
-- -- Grants +2 each to attack, speed, defense, and resistance.
Grants +5 HP and +3 speed.
(refine: +Def)
Is feh wpn def refined.png Swords 16 1 400 500 Arena Medal
200 Divine Dew
-- -- Grants +2 each to attack, speed, defense, and resistance.
Grants +5 HP and +4 defense.
(refine: +Res)
Is feh wpn res refined.png Swords 16 1 400 500 Arena Medal
200 Divine Dew
-- -- Grants +2 each to attack, speed, defense, and resistance.
Grants +5 HP and +4 resistance.
Game Icon Level Might Weight Hit Crit Range Uses Worth WEXP Other effects and notes
Warriors Swords E* 80 -- -- -- -- -- Cannot be sold -- --



Normal form

Event Chapter 5, closing cutscene
Inventory Kana (II: Realms Collide)

Noble Yato

Event Chapter 19Birthright, closing cutscene
Inventory Kana (I: In Endless Dreams)

Blazing Yato

Event Chapter 27Birthright, prior to preparations
Inventory Kana (female) (V: Endless Dawn)

Grim Yato

Event Chapter 14Conquest, closing cutscene
Inventory Kana (IV: Light's Sacrifice)

Shadow Yato

Event Chapter 27Conquest, prior to preparations
Inventory Kana (male) (V: Endless Dawn)

Alpha Yato

Event Chapter 15Revelation, closing cutscene

Omega Yato

Event Chapter 27Revelation, prior to preparations
Inventory Kana (both) (End: Lost in the Waves)

Echoes: Shadows of Valentia

Inventory amiibo interaction: Corrin


Emblem Rings Corrin, when engaged (obtained at bond level 15)


Method Data
Unit (★★★★★) Corrin: Fateful Prince


Inventory Corrin

Other appearances

Super Smash Bros. series

The Omega form of Yato appears as Corrin's weapon in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Fire Emblem Cipher

Several forms of Yato are present as skills on cards depicting Corrin in Fire Emblem Cipher:

Flavor text

Game Text
The avatar only. A divine blade said
to choose its wielder.
(Noble Yato)
Str/Spd+2 when carried. Yato and wielder
ennoble one another. The avatar only.
(Blazing Yato)
Ddg +10. Str/Spd+4 when carried. The
blade of salvation. The avatar only.
(Grim Yato)
Def/Res+2 when carried. The Yato having
embraced its champion. The avatar only.
(Shadow Yato)
Ddg +10. Def/Res +4 when carried. Nohr's
might made steel. The avatar only.
(Alpha Yato)
+2 to Str/Spd/Def/Res when carried.
The awakened Yato. The avatar only.
(Omega Yato)
Ddg +10. +4 to Str/Spd/Def/Res. The fully
realized Fire Emblem. The avatar only.
Sacred sword wielded by Emblem
If unit initiates combat, grants Spd+4 during
Grants Atk/Spd/Def/Res+2.
(Refined: +effect)
If unit is within 2 spaces of support partner,
grants Atk/Spd/Def/Res+4 to that ally during


  • Yato has more variations in a single game than any human weapon wieldable by the player in the Fire Emblem series, with seven variations. It is, however, beaten by Radiant Dawn's Judge and Echoes: Shadows of Valentia's Conjure in the overall department, with thirteen variations programmed and eleven variations used for Judge, and ten known variations for Conjure; it is also beaten in the playability department by the Fang and Breath from Radiant Dawn, with eight variations playable.
  • The Yato is the only damaging weapon to have been classified in both a Hoshidan weapon category in Fates and the category corresponding to its Nohrian counterpart in another game in the main Fire Emblem series.
  • The Alpha Yato is the only form of the Yato not wieldable in the Heirs of Fate series.
  • The Omega Yato always uses critical hit sounds whenever it lands a hit, even if a critical hit is not triggered.
  • Yato's hilt appears to be based on the vajra, a ritual weapon used symbolically in Buddhism and Hinduism. It symbolizes a diamond and a thunderbolt, representing indestructibility and cutting through ignorance respectively.

Etymology and other languages


Names, etymology, and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology, and notes


From the Japanese 夜刀 yato, "night sword". Shortened form of Yato-no-kami, the weapon's Japanese name.



Night Sword God. Likely a reference to the 夜刀の神 Yato-no-kami (literally, "gods of the night sword"), snake gods from Japanese folklore that were known for exterminating the families of anyone that saw them. In its first reference in dialogue, it is referred to in hiragana as やとのかみ.[1]





















Night deity blade; The character order is switched from the Japanese name for unknown reason.

Simplified Chinese


Night blade god

Traditional Chinese


Night blade god


Japanese English French German Spanish Italian Korean
Yato-no-kami: Empty Night
Noble Yato Yato noble
Noble Yato
Noble Yato
Yato noble
Noble Yato
Yato nobile
Noble Yato
Yato-no-kami: White Night
Blazing Yato Yato éclatante
Blazing Yato
Glühendes Yato
White-hot Yato
Yato llameante
Blazing Yato
Yato ardente
Blazing Yato
Yato-no-kami: Long Night
Grim Yato Yato funeste
Disastrous Yato
Finsteres Yato
Dark Yato
Yato funesta
Baleful Yato
Yato mietitrice
Reaper Yato
Yato-no-kami: Dark Night
Shadow Yato Yato de l'ombre
Yato of the Shadows
Shadow Yato
Yato sombría
Shadow Yato
Yato ombra
Shadow Yato
Yato-no-kami: Phantom Night
Alpha Yato Yato alpha
Alpha Yato
Alpha Yato
Yato alfa
Alpha Yato
Yato Alfa
Alpha Yato
Yato-no-kami: Final/Terminate Night
Omega Yato Yato oméga
Omega Yato
Omega Yato
Yato omega
Omega Yato
Yato Omega
Omega Yato


Other appearances


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Weapons in Fire Emblem Warriors
Swords Acceleration SwordAmped SwordArmorbane SwordArmorslayerAxebane SwordBolster SwordBowbane SwordBrave SwordBronze SwordChrom's Training SwordClawbane SwordConduit SwordDragonbane SwordElite SwordEnlironFacinnaFalchion (Exalted FalchionParallel Falchion) • Gencross SwordGenpeer SwordHero SwordIron SwordLady SwordLancebane SwordLancereaverLegendary SwordMissiletainnOlivia's BladeRaijintoRisylSiegfriedSilver SwordSol KattiSpirit KatanaStatflip SwordSteel SwordSwordbane SwordTomebane SwordWing ClipperWo DaoWyrmslayerYatoZanbato
Lances Acceleration LanceAmped LanceArmorbane LanceAxebane LanceAxereaverBlessed LanceBolster LanceBowbane LanceBrave LanceBronze LanceClawbane LanceConduit LanceCordelia's LanceDragonbane LanceDragonpikeElite LanceFlycatcherGencross LanceGenpeer LanceHeavy SpearHero LanceHinoka's SpearHorseslayerIron LanceLancebane LanceLegendary LanceOboro's SpearSilver LanceStatflip LanceSteel LanceSwordbane LanceTomebane LanceWing Spear
Axes Acceleration AxeAmped AxeArmorbane AxeAxebane AxeBlessed AxeBolster AxeBowbane AxeBrave AxeBronze AxeCamilla's AxeClawbane AxeConduit AxeDragon AxeDragonbane AxeElite AxeFrederick's AxeGencross AxeGenpeer AxeHalberdHammerHauteclereHero AxeIron AxeLancebane AxeLegendary AxeLissa's AxeSilver AxeStatflip AxeSteel AxeSwordbane AxeSwordreaverTomebane AxeVolant Axe
Bows Acceleration BowAmped BowAnna's BowArmorbane BowAxebane BowBlessed BowBolster BowBowbane BowBrave BowBronze BowClawbane BowCleave BowConduit BowDragonbane BowDragonkiller BowElite BowFujin YumiGencross BowGenpeer BowHero BowHunter's BowIron BowLancebane BowLegendary BowNiles's BowSilver BowSpellbane YumiStatflip BowSteel BowSwordbane BowTomebane Bow
Tomes Acceleration TomeAmped TomeArmorbane TomeAuraAxebane TomeBlessed TomeBolster TomeBowbane TomeBrave TomeBronze TomeBrynhildrClawbane TomeConduit TomeCondragon TomeDragonbane TomeElite TomeGencross TomeGenpeer TomeGrima's TruthHero TomeIago's TomeImhulluIron TomeLancebane TomeLegendary TomeMoonlightPiercing TomeSilver TomeStatflip TomeSteel TomeSwordbane TomeTharja's HexThoronTomebane TomeUnsaddler TomeWingbane Tome
Stones AccelerationstoneAmpedstoneArmorbanestoneAxebanestoneBlessedstoneBolsterstoneBowbanestoneBravestoneBronzestoneClawbanestoneDivinestoneDragonbanestoneElitestoneGencrossstoneGenpeerstoneHerostoneIronbanestoneIronstoneLancebanestoneLegendarystonePiked DragonstoneRisestoneSilverstoneStatflipstoneSteelstoneSwordbanestoneTiki's TearTomebanestoneUndragonstone
Claws and breaths Blessed ClawBrave ClawBronze ClawDragonbane ClawExpirationHero ClawIron ClawPolearm's ClawSilver ClawSteel ClawTenacious ClawWeighted Claw