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Shield of Flames

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For the artifact appearing in mainline Fire Emblem series titles that this item is heavily based off see Fire Emblem (Archanean item). For the items similar to the Gleamstones see Geosphere, Lightsphere, Lifesphere, Starsphere and/or Darksphere.

Shield of Flames

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FEWA Shield of Flames complete.png
Render of the Shield of Flames with all Gleamstones from Warriors.


First game

Fire Emblem Warriors

The Shield of Flames (Japanese: 炎の盾 Shield of Flames) is an Aytolisian artifact appearing in Fire Emblem Warriors; it is clearly inspired by the Archanean Fire Emblem. During the events of Warriors, Lianna, Rowan, and Darios make it their goal to complete the Binding Shield to drive back Velezark's monster forces.

The Shield of Flames provides no gameplay benefits, though it is available as an optional visual bonus for Lianna and Rowan in the form of Costumes.


Chrom's Gleamstone manifesting in the presence of the Shield of Flames.

An unspecified, but presumably long, time before the events of Warriors a dragon capable of crossing Outrealms named Velezark arrived in the realm. Shortly thereafter he attacked a kingdom with a Divine Dragon guardian. The two dragons clashed but the Divine Dragon was unable to defeat him in a direct fight. The Divine Dragon then creates the Shield of Flames to seal away the Chaos Dragon Velezark. Gravely injured, creating the Shield of Flames was one of the Divine Dragon's last acts. After sealing Velezark away the Divine Dragon also created two swords, Facinna and Enliron from her fangs, and passed away. In her resting place stands a great tree, similar to the Mila Tree appearing in the mainline Fire Emblem series, teeming with her strength; the swords are enshrined at the tree's peak as well.

The Shield has since been enshrined in a great temple in Aytolis. Lianna, Rowan and Darios, after defending the temple from enemy forces, hear of the legend of the Divine Dragon and Velezark and set out to find the heroes of legend needed to complete it. They eventually meet up with and befriend the required heroes. However, Velezark manages to possess Darios after he is captured by Gristonne and Darios steals the shield; he then delivers it to his father, Oskar, who is trying to revive Velezark and use the Chaos Dragon's power for himself. Darios, who is still under Velezark's influence, is successful in reviving Velezark by using Oskar as a replacement sacrifice after Yelena, the intended sacrifice, is rescued by Lianna and Rowan. With Velezark's revival Darios is freed from the dragon's control but is thrown into a chasm, presumably to his death, by Velezark while returning the Shield of Flames to Lianna and Rowan.

Lianna and Rowan, with the Shield of Flames in hand, go to the Divine Dragon's tree and obtain Facinna and Enliron. Using all three artifacts, Lianna and Rowan defeat Velezark after striking him down in combat.


The Gleamstones (Japanese: 輝石 Shinestones) are five orbs of heroic power prophesied to be formed when certain heroes from other worlds arrive in the realm of Warriors. During the events of Warriors the gems do indeed manifest from specific heroes over the course of the story. With the exception of Marth, each gleamstone seems to match the corresponding character's color palette. The gems, which do not have known individual names, are as follows:

FEWA Yellow Gleamstone.png FEWA White Gleamstone.png FEWA Purple Gleamstone.png FEWA Red Gleamstone.png FEWA Blue Gleamstone.png
Marth's Gleamstone Corrin's Gleamstone Xander's Gleamstone Ryoma's Gleamstone Chrom's Gleamstone


Etymology and other languages

Shield of Flames

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
English Shield of Flames --
Japanese 炎の盾 Shield of Flames
Spanish Escudo Ardiente Blazing Shield
French Égide ardente Blazing Shield
German Flammenschild Shield of Flames
Italian Scudo delle Flamme Shield of Flames


Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
English Gleamstone --
Japanese 輝石 Shinestone
French Luxolithe Gleamstone



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