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This article is about the strike weapon of Tellius. For the Terror weapon of Valentia, see Fangs.


Is wii fang wolf.pngIs wii fang tiger.pngIs wii fang lion.png
Icons of all three types of Fang from Radiant Dawn.

Flesh-piercing [wolf/tiger/lion] fangs. They never wear out and cannot be unequipped or dropped.



First game

Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn

The Fang (Japanese: Fang) is a strike appearing exclusively in Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. It is the means of attack for wolves, tigers, and lions outside of royalty. Royal wolves and lions have access to the Great Fang instead. Only the tigers and lions of Radiant Dawn wield fangs; tigers and lions in Path of Radiance wield claws instead. Wielders of Fangs can make them stronger over time thanks to Radiant Dawn's inclusion of a weapon level for strikes.


Game Icon Level Might Weight Hit Crit Range Uses Worth WEXP Other effects and notes
Radiant Dawn
(Wolf A-rank)
Is wii fang wolf.png A 9 1 90 0 1 -- -- 1 --
Radiant Dawn
(Wolf S-rank)
Is wii fang wolf.png S 14 1 90 0 1 -- -- 1 --
Radiant Dawn
(Wolf SS-rank)
Is wii fang wolf.png SS 19 1 90 0 1 -- -- 1 --
Radiant Dawn
(Tiger A-rank)
Is wii fang tiger.png A 10 1 90 0 1 -- -- 1 --
Radiant Dawn
(Tiger S-rank)
Is wii fang tiger.png S 15 1 90 0 1 -- -- 1 --
Radiant Dawn
(Tiger SS-rank)
Is wii fang tiger.png SS 20 1 90 0 1 -- -- 1 --
Radiant Dawn
(Lion A-rank)
Is wii fang lion.png A 11 1 95 0 1 -- -- 1 --
Radiant Dawn
(Lion S-rank)
Is wii fang lion.png S 16 1 95 0 1 -- -- 1 --
Radiant Dawn
(Lion SS-rank)
Is wii fang lion.png SS 21 1 95 0 1 -- -- 1 --


Radiant Dawn

Inventory Wolf variation: Volug
Tiger variation: MuarimMordecaiKyza
Lion variation: Skrimir

Flavor text

Game Text
Radiant Dawn
Flesh-piercing wolf fangs. They never wear out and
cannot be unequipped or dropped.
Radiant Dawn
Flesh-piercing tiger fangs. They never wear out and
cannot be unequipped or dropped.
Radiant Dawn
Flesh-piercing lion fangs. They never wear out and
cannot be unequipped or dropped.


  • The Fang is tied with the Radiant Dawn version of Breath with the most variations of a weapon in a single game than any other weapon wieldable by the player in the Fire Emblem series, with nine variations total for the Fang (the Breath has twelve variations programmed, but only ten are used) and eight variations wieldable by the player; the human weapon that makes the closest approach is the Yato of Fates, with seven. They are, however, beaten by Radiant Dawn's Judge and the Echoes: Shadows of Valentia version of Conjure in the overall department, thirteen variations programmed each, Judge having eleven variations used, and Shadows of Valentia Conjure known to have ten variations used.

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology, and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology, and notes

















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