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II: Realms Collide

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II: Realms Collide

Cm fe14 ii realms collide.png




Vallite Swordmaster, Vallite Ninja, Vallite Sky Knight

Right. I saw this kid in the distance, hanging his head and sobbing. But as soon as I approached him, he started...glowing...and turned into that.
— Dwyer

II: Realms Collide (Japanese: 記憶の双剣 II: Twin Swords of Memory) is a downloadable content chapter, and the second part of the six-part Heirs of Fate saga of Fire Emblem Fates. II: Realms Collide is part of the third series of Japanese DLC releases and the second series of international DLC releases.

This chapter was first made available on March 16, 2016 in Japan; May 12, 2016 in North America; July 21 in Europe; and July 22 in Australia.

In this chapter, two small groups of Nohrian children characters, one of which led by Forrest wielding his father's legendary tome, forced from their Deeprealms by Vallite invaders find themselves having to come together and deal with a seemingly-unruly dragon carrying his mother's katana while also having to defend themselves from the invaders.


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Briefly recapping one event from the previous chapter, a narrator begins to explain the plight of another realm, where more children forced from their Deeprealms wander apparently empty streets while a dragon roars about. The dragon, stated to be crazed with grief, is revealed to be a second Kana.

We cut to the streets of a deserted town, where Kana lets out a roar; Sophie tells Dwyer what they're doing isn't working, while Dwyer admits that they should have made a dent in Kana by this point, after which Sophie attacks Kana to attempt to turn him back into a human. After Kana roars again, Sophie notes that the attack didn't make him any less angry and states that she's out of ideas, then asks Dwyer if Kana wasn't a dragon when he first saw him, to which Dwyer confirms—he saw Kana in the distance hanging his head and sobbing, but upon approach Kana started glowing and transformed into a dragon; Sophie asks what would make a dragon cry, to which Dwyer asks if Kana lost his parents like he and Sophie did. Sophie and Dwyer start to get argumentative over whether their fathers are acutally dead, revealing that their fathers were last seen attempting to protect them, with Sophie at one point threatening Dwyer with a poke of her spear and Dwyer admitting he doesn't want his clothes to be torn of; as Kana lets out another roar, Dwyer asks that he and Sophie stop arguing until they've dealt with him, with Sophie admitting that Kana is clearly harder to handle than Avel, and Dwyer admitting that the strange soldiers are bound to be drawn to this scene.

In another part of town, we find Forrest asking where he and his group are, after which Nina states that she also doesn't recognize the area and asks Ophelia if she's reading their guide right; Ophelia gives an overly-complicated explanation as to imply that they're travelling south, with Nina noting Ophelia's confidence but states she's having second thoughts about trusting a rock, after which Nina and Ophelia start to argue before figuring out that they're lost. Ophelia attempts to apologize, but Forrest opts to compliment Ophelia's directions and her stone, after which Ophelia reveals that the stone was a gift from her father, who gave it to her as a good-luck charm as she was escaping her Deeprealm, at which point Ophelia and Forrest reveal similar backstory events about their respective fathers fighting to protect them as they escaped, Forrest in particular finding his father's Brynhildr tome along the path; Nina tells Forrest and Ophelia to not assume that their respective fathers are dead, and states that her own father is one who wouldn't be mourned much anyway, which ultimately leads to similar backstory in Nina's case as well. After the backstory revelations, Forrest states that he doesn't know what he'd do without Ophelia's and Nina's company, as they've been looking after him and thus he doesn't want to hear about them wishing they hadn't been saved, with the three of them promising to plan to rescue their parents; as they start planning, they hear one of Kana's roars which Forrest notes, after which Ophelia concludes that there's a dragon on the loose, with Nina noting five people surrounding him and assumes they're all suspicious soldiers. As Ophelia laments not being able to see the soldiers surrounding Kana, Nina tells Ophelia not to and reveals that thief-types like herself are trained to spot things they shouldn't; Forrest then notes that some of the people near the dragon (Sophie and Dwyer) are not enemies and thus may also be in danger, with Nina believing that Sophie and Dwyer might get themselves killed. Nina asks Forrest if they should save Kana, Sophie, and Dwyer or simply keep traveling, stating that she and Ophelia will follow his lead as his retainers, after which Ophelia proposes they help Kana, Sophie, and Dwyer; Forrest agrees to the rescue, as doing otherwise would be a disgrace to the bloodline of Nohr, with Nina and Ophelia rallying their support. After a shift of scene in what appears to be a Hoshidan-style castle, the battle begins.

Should Forrest speak with Dwyer, after Forrest introduces himself, Nina, and Ophelia, they'll fill in their knowledge of the events to each other concerning Kana, with Forrest revealing he's got an escape route planned; as Dwyer introduces himself and Sophie to Forrest, Dwyer then proceeds to mistake Forrest for a woman, to which Forrest makes Dwyer realize his folly. Should Forrest instead speak with Sophie, the events play out similarly, but this time Sophie states that she's glad that there's another girl on the team; Forrest assumes Sophie is about to make the same mistake Dwyer would have, but Sophie then reveals that the girl in question is actually Forrest's horse.

Once the battle ends, Forrest asks if everybody is in one piece, to which Nina and Ophelia confirm, while Sophie notes something is going on with Kana which gets Dwyer's attention; after a brief flash, a now-untransformed Kana appears to feel some pain, to which Forrest welcomes Kana back to reality. Kana asks what happened to him, to which Forrest tells Kana that he had turned into a dragon and notes it being a remarkable sight; Kana states that he doesn't remember turning into a dragon and asks the others if he hurt anyone, to which Sophie states Kana only went on a minirampage and didn't end up attacking any of them, to Kana's relief; Ophelia asks why Kana was a dragon, going on to make guesses of a wizard's curse or the bite of a weredragon, to which Kana states that he doesn't know how he transformed, at this point giving his backstory involving his mother trying to protect him, even giving him her sword and asking him to run, ending up in town and falling asleep. After Dwyer, Sophie, and Ophelia tell Kana that he's not alone in this plight, Nina deduces that there must be some reason why they were all attacked at once, with Forrest stating that Kana's power could go a long way into helping them solve the mysteries of their parents; Kana then asks why he was able to turn into a dragon at this time and not when his mother needed him, after which Kana starts to get emotional with Dwyer and Forrest noticing, Forrest having to cast Brynhildr on Kana to attempt to keep him in check. Forrest then tells Kana that he can still help his mother, but only by looking forward rather than backward—then states that none of the others could help their parents yet none of them are frozen with grief; Forrest explains that all of them have similar plights, yet nobody other than Kana was grieving, and proceeds to welcome Kana into their group, after which Kana promises not to cry anymore and learn to control his dragon powers.

At this point, the Brynhildr begins glowing to Forrest's notice, after which Kana notices the Yato is also glowing and assumes that it's because it's close to the Brynhildr; at this point, the Yato transforms into the Grim Yato, after which Kana notes the transformation and Forrest confirming its new name. Forrest states that his father told him about the sacred weapons of the world at one point, and that Yato transforms into the Grim Yato upon exposure to one and deduces that Brynhildr qualifies as one of them; he then states that a second sacred weapon would result in the Shadow Yato, after which Kana contemplates how the Yato's transformation mechanics work. As the group talk about the contributions they can make now that they have the Grim Yato, Forrest then states that they haven't all formally introduced themselves to each other, after which it is revealed that some of them know who the others are yet some do not, at which point an offscreen voice assures Kana that once this ordeal is over, everyone will be restored to normal along with their lost memories; the owner of the voice, a ghost, appears, to which Kana recognizes the ghost as that of Azura, who in turn deduces that Kana remembered her, with Kana remembering that Azura was a good friend to his mother. As Kana begins to ask Azura why she's a ghost, he then states that he thinks he remembers, only to reveal that he's forgotten; after some more talk about lost memories, as Kana talks about his Grim Yato and transformation abilities, Azura tells Kana it would be unwise to transform at this time as he could go berserk without more control over the transformation—then reveals that she has a solution, that she'll crystallize his impulse to transform into a stone, and with it, he won't give in to his impulses and transform into a dragon against his will. After more talk about the gaps in their memories, Azura notes that these might not actually be lost memories, and opens up the possibility that not everybody may have actually met Kana—memories aren't something that are collected intentionally or abandoned deliberately, then likens the concept of memories to rain; Azura then goes on to state that she could tell everyone the truth right then and there, but it would only evaporate from their minds and thus the group can only press onward, then states that everyone's memories can be restored once the ordeal is over, and those that aren't would be practically the same as having never known them and thus there'd be nothing to be sad about, after which the group continue talking about the concept of memories.

We cut to another area, where Shigure, the narrator from earlier, sings the second verse of Lost in Thoughts All Alone, stating it to be a song for one who chooses the black rose over the cherry blossom, going on to state that a curse keeps a dragon from attaining his own private paradise and affect those who visit the invisible kingdom; Shigure continues with a few further words of wisdom.

Website summary

The youths of Nohr must assist a wild dragon. Part 2 of Heirs of Fate.[1][2][3]

North American eShop summary

The youths of Nohr must assist a wild dragon. Part 2 of Heirs of Fate.
Rewards: Magictaker

Chapter data

Normal Hard/Lunatic

Chapter Data
Unit Data
Victory: Breach with all units Player Partner Other Enemy
Defeat: The player's army is routed 6 {{{partner}}} {{{other}}} 39
Cm fe14 ii realms collide.png
Difficulty rating: ★★★
Map dimensions:
28 columns by 25 rows
Block sizes:
Japan: ??
North America: 63
PAL region: ??
Map phase music: A Dark Fall
Battle phase music: A Dark Fall (Fire)
Japan: ¥???
United States: $1.99
Europe: €1.99
United Kingdom: £1.79
Australia: $2.60
New Zealand: $3.40
Also available in: Series 3 (Japan)
Map Pack 2 (international) Pack
Japan: ¥900
United States: $7.99
Europe: €7.99
United Kingdom: £7.19
Australia: $10.40
New Zealand: $13.60

Character data

In this chapter, the player controls characters separate from their normal game progress. As such, these setups are used only in this chapter and do not affect gameplay in any other instance.

Kana♂ Dwyer Sophie Forrest Ophelia Nina

Small portrait kana m fe14.png
Dragon Vein Ma 3ds02 feral dragon playable.gif Feral Dragon
Level 10
Movement 5
Max HP 24 Speed 15
Strength 15 Luck 14
Magic 12 Defense 14
Skill 15 Resistance 9
Inventory Skills
Draconic Rage
Draconic Heir
Dragon Fang
Weapon Levels
Swords/Katanas -- Lances/Naginata -- Axes/Clubs -- Bows/Yumi --
Tomes/Scrolls -- Staves/Rods -- Daggers/Shuriken -- FE14RankBreath.png D

Item data

This item is obtained as a reward to be used in the player's actual game progress:

Name Obtainment Method
Is 3ds02 skill book.png Magictaker Clear the chapter with no casualties

Additionally, numerous enemy units drop items for use specifically in this chapter:

Name Obtainment Method
Is 3ds02 stat booster.png Dragon Herbs Dropped by enemy Apothecary
Is 3ds02 key.png Chest Key Dropped by enemy Sky Knight
Is 3ds02 key.png Chest Key Dropped by enemy Diviner
Is 3ds02 rod.png Rescue Western chest
Is 3ds02 rod.png Rescue Eastern chest

Event tile data

There are no event tiles in this chapter.

Dragon Vein data

There are no Dragon Veins in this chapter.

Enemy data

Normal Hard Lunatic

Enemy Units
Name Class Lv # HP Str Mag Skill Spd Lck Prf Def Res Cha Lck Con Mov Inventory and Skills
Ma 3ds02 swordmaster shiro vallite enemy.gif Vallite Swordmaster 1 1 26 13+4 2 12 14+1 10 13−1 10−1 5 Raijinto
Noble Cause Seal Defense Vantage Swap Duelist's Blow
• Starts in a chamber.
• Begins moving unprovoked on turn 6.
Ma 3ds02 spear fighter vallite enemy.gif Vallite Spear Fighter 9 1 19 9 0 9 8 0 7+1 3+1 5 Iron Naginata
Begins moving unprovoked on turn 2.
Ma 3ds02 oni savage vallite enemy.gif Vallite Oni Savage 9 3 20 10 1 4 6 0 9 1 5 Iron Club
The one in the chamber begins moving unprovoked on turn 2.
Ma 3ds02 ninja vallite enemy.gif Vallite Ninja 8 6 17 5 0 10 8+2 0 3 4 5 Iron Shuriken
The two in the chamber begin moving unprovoked on turn 4.
Ma 3ds02 samurai vallite enemy.gif Vallite Samurai 9 4 20 7 0 8 8+1 0 5−1 6−1 5 Iron Katana
Ma 3ds02 ninja asugi vallite enemy.gif Vallite Ninja 10 1 22 10 4 15 14+2 10 7 12 - Steel Shuriken Flame Shuriken
Sweet Tooth Poison Strike Locktouch
• Stands on a cushion.
• Defeat opens the northwestern screen.
Ma 3ds02 automaton vallite enemy.gif Vallite Automaton 7 2 19 4 0 10 8 0 5 7 5 Saw
Ma 3ds02 spear fighter vallite enemy.gif Vallite Spear Fighter 9 1 19 9 0 9 8 0 7+5 3+5 5 Guard Naginata
Ma 3ds02 apothecary midori vallite enemy.gif Vallite Apothecary 10 1 26 12 2 14 8 12 10 4+2 5 Steel Yumi Vulnerary Dragon HerbsThis item is dropped upon this unit's defeat.
Lucky Charm Potent Potion Quick Salve
Ma 3ds02 samurai vallite enemy.gif Vallite Samurai 9 2 20 7 0 8 8+4 0+2 5 6 5 Wyrmslayer
Paired up together.
• Immediately begins moving unprovoked.
Ma 3ds02 samurai vallite enemy.gif Vallite Samurai 9 1 20 7 0 8 8 0 5 6 5 Wyrmslayer
Immediately begins moving unprovoked.
Ma 3ds02 samurai vallite enemy.gif Vallite Samurai 9 1 20 7 0 8 8+5 0+2 5−1 6−1 5 Kodachi
Lead unit of pair up with a Wyrmslayer Samurai.
Ma 3ds02 samurai vallite enemy.gif Vallite Samurai 9 1 20 7 0 8 8+4 0+2 5 6 5 Wyrmslayer
Supporting unit of pair up with Kodachi Samurai.
Ma 3ds02 ninja vallite enemy.gif Vallite Ninja 8 2 17 5 0 10 8+2 0 3 4 5 Steel Shuriken
Poison Strike
Ma 3ds02 oni savage vallite enemy.gif Vallite Oni Savage 9 1 20 10 1 4 6 0 9 1 5 Throwing Club
Ma 3ds02 oni savage vallite enemy.gif Vallite Oni Savage 9 3 20 10 1 4 6 0 9 1 5 Steel Club
Ma 3ds02 samurai vallite enemy.gif Vallite Samurai 9 3 20 7 0 8 8+1 0 5−1 6−1 5 Steel Katana
Ma 3ds02 spear fighter vallite enemy.gif Vallite Spear Fighter 9 2 19 9 0 9 8 0 7+1 3+1 5 Steel Naginata
Ma 3ds02 sky knight caeldori vallite enemy.gif Vallite Sky Knight 10 1 24 11 3 10 13 13 7+1 12+1 7 Steel Naginata Swordcatcher Chest KeyThis item is dropped upon this unit's defeat.
Prodigy Darting Blow Camaraderie
Defeat opens the northeastern screen.
Ma 3ds02 diviner rhajat vallite enemy.gif Vallite Diviner 8 1 23 1 14+2 5 13+1 7 6 15 5 Tiger Spirit Chest KeyThis item is dropped upon this unit's defeat.
Vendetta Magic +2 Future Sight
Ma 3ds02 diviner vallite enemy.gif Vallite Diviner 8 1 16 0 8 6 8 0 1+1 4 5 Ox Spirit

Boss data

Swordmaster Ninja Sky Knight

Small portrait shiro vallite fe14.png
Dragon Vein Ma 3ds02 swordmaster shiro vallite enemy.gif Swordmaster
Level 1
Movement 5/6
Max HP 26 Speed 14+1
Strength 13+4 Luck 10
Magic 2 Defense 13−1
Skill 12 Resistance 10−1
Inventory Skills
Raijinto Noble Cause
Seal Defense
Duelist's Blow
Weapon Levels
Swords/Katanas E Lances/Naginata -- Axes/Clubs -- Bows/Yumi --
Tomes/Scrolls -- Staves/Rods -- Daggers/Shuriken -- Dragonstones --


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Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology, and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology, and notes

II: Realms Collide




II: Twin Swords of Memory


II: Welten kollidieren

II: Worlds collide


2장: 기억의 쌍검

Chapter 2: twin swords of memory


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