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Ss fewa yelena trapped prerelease.png
Screenshot of Yelena from Warriors.






Aytolis King (husband)
Lianna (daughter)
Rowan (son)




Queen of Aytolis

Voiced by

Nicole Balick
(English, Warriors)
Yuka Nagayoshi
(Japanese, Warriors)



Yelena (Japanese: ユアナ Yuana) is the queen of Aytolis and an unplayable character originating from Fire Emblem Warriors. She is the mother of Lianna and Rowan. She began ruling Aytolis due to the king, her husband, passing away from illness.[1]

Fire Emblem Warriors


Yelena appears at the start of the game when Aytolis is attacked by monsters. Lianna, Rowan, and Darios are unfortunately forced to leave her behind to escape with their lives and the Shield of Flame. Yelena's ultimate fate is unknown at the time, though her survival is thought unlikely.

When Lianna and Rowan eventually return to retake Aytolis, they find that Yelena has survived, but king Oskar plans to sacrifice her to revive Velezark. Oskar's plan is thwarted and Yelena is rescued by the twins. Yelena is then sent to the rear lines to recover for the rest of the battle.

After the defeat of Velezark and the restoration of peace to the continent, Yelena appears in the ending to perform a crowning ceremony for Lianna and Rowan among the ruins of castle Aytolis.


Yelena is a kind and just ruler who cares for both her children. The fact that both her children are disinterested in inheriting their birthright, Aytolis,[2] worries her.[3]


  • Yelena is one of only three parents of a Fire Emblem lord to appear onscreen and survive to the end of the game, the others being Eliwood and Eleanora.

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology, and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology, and notes


Russian form of Helen.[4]



Yuana or Juana. Juana is a Spanish name and the feminine form of Juan.[5]



As above.



  1. "After Shion and Lian's father–the king–died of illness, the kingdom was without a ruler for a long period, but thanks to the aid of the neighbouring kingdom of Guston, its people were able to leave[sic] in harmony." — Jedi, Famitsu details on FE Warriors in depth,, Published: May 31 2017, Retrieved: December 26 2017
  2. "The royal prince of the Kingdom of Aitriss. Aspires to be a knight who fights on the front-lines rather than a king and thus encourages his twin sister Lian (Lianna) to inherit the throne. [...] Shion's (Rowan's) older twin sister. Clever and is understanding of her own faults, so she has no desire to inherit the throne. Rather, she encourages Shion to become king." — Jedi, Famitsu details on FE Warriors in depth,, Published: May 31 2017, Retrieved: December 26 2017
  3. "The ruling queen of the Kingdom of Aitriss. Her husband–the king–passed away to the other world. Although she's troubled by Shion and Lian both unwilling to inherit the throne, she gently watches over them as they grow up." — Jedi, Famitsu details on FE Warriors in depth,, Published: May 31 2017, Retrieved: December 26 2017
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