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Gristonne (Japanese: グストン Guston) is a kingdom appearing in Fire Emblem Warriors. Troops from this kingdom serve as the bulk of Warriors's enemy factions and its king Oskar is the game's primary antagonist.

It is unclear where Gristonne is actually located within the realm of Warriors though one of its great fortresses, the Fortified Citadel, is located far southeast of Aytolis Castle.


Gristonne appears to have a somewhat tumultuous relationship with Aytolis over the years. Prince Darios mentions that the Fortified Citadel was built long ago when Gristonne and Aytolis had sour relations. In the modern day the two countries have a positive relationship; Gristonne assisted Aytolis in an unspecified manner after the passing of the Aytolisian king.

This good will is shattered by king Oskar during the events of Warriors. Oskar attacks Aytolis with the intent of using Yelena's blood and the Shield of Flames to revive and control Velezark, the Chaos Dragon. His plans are partially thwarted by the Aytolisian twin royalty after they rescue Yelena.

At the end of Warriors the ultimate fate of Gristonne is unclear; its king is deceased and its prince is missing.

Notable locations in Gristonne

Fortified Citadel

A heavily defended fortress belonging to Gristonne. It is located north of Dragon Valley. During the events of Warriors Darios is captured here and possessed by Velezark.

Characters from Gristonne

Character Description Appears in
Portrait oskar fewa.png
The king of Gristonne. Warriors
Portrait darios fewa.png
A hero from the world of Fire Emblem Warriors. He is the brilliant and capable prince of Gristonne--and close friend and mentor to the young royals of Aytolis. A calm and prudent young man, he goes mostly unnoticed by his father, the king, and his people. For companionship, he instead turns to the twins of Aytolis. Warriors

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