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V: Endless Dawn

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V: Endless Dawn


Outrealms (Valla)


Mikoto, Arete, Sumeragi

But you must know by now that there is no hope of that. No matter how much you and your false companions resist, the result is the same.
— Arete

V: Endless Dawn (Japanese: 伍 : 淡く光満ちて V: Filling with Pale Light) is the fifth part of the six-part downloadable content Heirs of Fate saga of Fire Emblem Fates. While it bears the Roman numeral V denoting its status within the Heirs of Fate saga, it does not officially bear a chapter number in relation to DLC chapters as a whole; if all DLC chapters are purchased and its list is viewed at the Dragon's Gate, V: Endless Dawn is the nineteenth one from the top in the North American version of the game. V: Endless Dawn is part of the third series of Japanese DLC releases and the second series of international DLC releases.

This chapter was first made available on March 23, 2016 in Japan, June 2, 2016 in North America, and July 28-29 in the PAL regions.

In this chapter, the children of both Hoshido and Nohr must overcome a largely rocky start in order to band together and open up the way to their common enemy. Although the children have to first defeat them in battle, they are ultimately aided in this task by the spirits of three royal grandparents with the capabilities the children need.


Main article: V: Endless Dawn/Script

The chapter's opening narration recaps the events of the previous chapter, where the narrator, Shigure, explains how the Hoshidan children and the Nohrian children could find no common ground.

Picking up where the previous chapter left off, in the forests of Valla, Shiro and Siegbert are staring each other down with the male Kana finding it awkward, while Kiragi and Forrest are also staring each other down; the female Kana asks if anybody should say anything, to which the male Kana suggests that everyone should talk about something fun now that everybody knows each other. Siegbert tells the male Kana that there's no need for idle talk, as all that remains is the coming battle; the male Kana then suggests that they should find some way to pass the time while en route, to which Siegbert states that they shouldn't bother—the Hoshidans and Nohrians share a destination and an ultimate goal, but there's no reason for him to acknowledge the Hoshidans beyond that. The female Kana asks Siegbert if he plans to keep giving the Hoshidans silent treatment, noting the plan as being sad as she thought she had made a lot of new friends, after which Shiro tells her to forget that idea as it's better to not get involved with people from other worlds; the female Kana asks Shigure if he has any ideas, to which Shigure states that the children before him are very different from the ones he knew—he thought the children would be able to unite as one as soon as he dispelled the illusion, then admits he didn't handle matters as well as he could have and states he should have told everyone from the outset that the Hoshidans and Nohrians came from different worlds. The female Kana suggests that these events might have happened anyway and tells Shigure he is not at fault, to which Shigure tells her she's a kind soul; the male Kana states that, had Shigure not shown up, they'd still be stuck in the illusion and thus Shigure is the reason they didn't fight again, with both Kanas praising each other's battle strength. As the female Kana stating that she thought it would be easier to rescue her father and the others if everyone worked together, she laments as to how that outcome didn't happen; Shigure then states that he doesn't know where to go from there, as he was originally planning on taking everyone straight to Anankos's seat at Castle Gyges, but he's not sure they can win with the tensions between the Hoshidans and Nohrians. The male Kana asks if there's any way they can help, to which the female Kana brings up how their katanas can become the Omega Yato and asks the male Kana if that suggestion would help; the male Kana asks what the Omega Yato is, to which the female Kana, surprised that the male Kana didn't already know, then explains the transformation process her Yato has undertaken to this point and explains how some people call the Omega Yato the Fire Emblem, which the male Kana states his surprise. Shigure asks the Kanas where they heard of the Yato's transformation capabilities, to which the female Kana states that a blue-haired lady in a white dress told her, after which the male Kana states that he also met the lady but states he can't remember her name now, which causes Shigure to go into thought; the female Kana states that the lady told them that they could save their loved ones with the Omega Yato, to which the male Kana states that he believes everyone would start getting along if they had it. Shigure then asks if everything comes back to the Omega Yato, to which a surprise voice states that it doesn't this time.

Arete teleports onto the scene, to which Shigure recognizes her; Arete tells Shigure to leave and that his threats are empty and will change nothing, then states that she will remove him from the world before he ever lays eyes on Anankos. Shiro, Siegbert, Kiragi, and Forrest arrive on the scene, to which Siegbert asks Shigure if Arete is their enemy, with Shiro asking if she is the reason everybody lost their parents then states that only one of them is leaving the area; as Shiro and Siegbert start to advance toward Arete, Shigure attempts to talk them out of their advance and notes that Arete is too strong, with Arete stating that Shiro and Siegbert think highly of themselves, attacking and injuring Shiro and Siegbert to Shigure's horror. As Asugi, Hisame, Soleil, Ophelia, and Nina arrive on the scene, Soleil tells Arete not to hurt Siegbert, with Asugi telling Arete that she has some nerve hurting Shiro and that she should fight him instead if she wants a fight; Shigure tells Soleil and Asugi to get back, to which Arete tells the children that they should have stayed inside the illusion and that their deaths would have been far easier that way, but since they decided to face reality, they shall now reap their punishment. Arete launches a wide-angle attack that launches back Shigure and both Kanas while causing the other children to disappear; Shigure asks what happened, to which the Kanas explain to Shigure that the other children are gone, with the female Kana asking what they do right then and there.

We cut to the inside of a cavern where Shiro and Siegbert ended up; Siegbert notes Arete's overwhelming strength and asks if everyone is all right, to which Shiro confirms he's fine and starts to ask the others only to find out that there are no others in the area, a situation he notes as awkward. Siegbert suggests that they look for the others, then finds something; Shiro asks Siegbert if he found something, to which Siegbert states he's not sure and asks Shiro to follow him to see.

We then cut to a forest where Kiragi and Forrest ended up, after which Kiragi asks where everyone else went and notices that they're the only ones in the area, then reassures Forrest that he wasn't waiting for the chance to stab him in the back; Kiragi tells Forrest he's on his side and knows the same is true the other way around when it counts, then suggests that they go looking for the others.

Back at the fort, Arete tells Shigure that he will never reach the road ahead even with the aid of a certain gem, and there's nothing they can do to reach Anankos; Arete then proposes to give him a merciful end if he ceases the struggle, to which Shigure refuses—he will not yield to the likes of Arete or lose another soul, and vows to reclaim those she took from everyone. Arete states that Shigure knows there's no hope for him, as the result will be the same no matter how much he and his false companions resist; Shigure states that one of the Kanas and his friends still have time to save their loved ones, and as long as they fight, he won't give in either; Arete then tells Shigure to enjoy being annihilated over and over again, that Anankos's servants and the Vallite army will serve as their executioners, to which Shigure states that the mere sight of their faces was enough to overwhelm them the previous time and tells Arete that the Vallites are victims as well, which Arete dismisses as nonsense before teleporting away. The male Kana asks if Shigure knows Arete, to which Shigure denies knowing her personally—she led an army he fought once and nothing more, after which the female Kana states that something Arete said appeared to be bothering Shigure; the female Kana then asks for the meaning of "false companions" as suggested by Arete, to which Shigure states is only her trying to sow unrest. Shigure then asks the Kanas to prepare for battle as the Vallite army will be arriving soon, that they'll be better off fighting than dawdling even if it's just the three of them; after the Kanas are motivated at the prospect of reuniting with their lost parents, the battle begins at that point.

At the end of turn 1 enemy phase, a Dragon Vein is activated automatically, with an island moving onto the scene from the southwest with Shiro and Siegbert on it; Shiro noticed the Dragon Vein actually worked, after which Shigure notices Shiro and Siegbert's safe arrival, after which Shiro and Siegbert talk about their capabilities of activating Dragon Veins before vowing to jump into the fray together. At the end of turn 2 enemy phase, another Dragon Vein is activated automatically, with another island moving onto the scene from the southeast with Kiragi and Forrest on it; Kiragi notes that the vein worked and that he and Forrest have arrived, after which Forrest asks Kiragi not to activate every single vein he sees, after which Kiragi thanks Forrest for teaching him the art, implying Forrest is the crown prince of Nohr while doing so. Kiragi and Forrest then briefly bring up the differences in their original realms' Nohrian royalty structures; afterward, the two vow to fight this battle as equals and friends.

At the end of turn 3 enemy phase, Soleil and Asugi show up on the southeastern island, to which Soleil states that they're in time for the party and calls out toward Siegbert, to which Asugi asks Soleil to calm down and states that they can't get to Siegbert from where they're at; Asugi then asks Soleil to worry about Siegbert less and trust in him more, to which Soleil agrees but also states her worry considering how Siegbert is next in line for the Nohrian throne, after which Asugi states he's got the same problem concerning Shiro being next in line for the Hoshidan throne. Asugi then states that Siegbert doesn't appear to be the type that would go down without a fight, to which Soleil agrees and states that she didn't expect such praise from Asugi; Asugi states that they're not obligated to not get along just because Shiro and Siegbert don't get along, to which Soleil confirms and then praises Shiro, then states that they should get to breaking the enemy lines. Hisame, Ophelia, and Nina show up on the southwest island, with Ophelia immediately going into theatrics; Hisame asks if Ophelia is making less sense than usual, to which Nina states Ophelia to be anxious and herself as well given how Forrest has been alone with Kiragi and states she doesn't want to think about what may have happened. Hisame states that Kiragi is not the type that would hurt Forrest, after which Nina then states that Kiragi and Forrest make quite a team; the three of them proceed to agree to work together as well. At the end of turn 4 enemy phase, Mitama and Dwyer arrive from due south, with Mitama relieved that everyone made it to the battlefield in one piece, after which Shigure calls out to her and Dwyer; Dwyer and Mitama state that they've arrived to support the others and proceed to ask each other not to loaf on the job.

Upon the player's army defeating either Sumeragi or Arete, the defeated party will then warp themselves to the nearest available Dragon Vein and activate it, doing damage to the barrier separating the player's army from Mikoto's forces as well as shattering part of the background near the north end of the map; once both of the Dragon Veins in question are activated, the path to Mikoto is opened. Once the battle ends, Mikoto apologizes to the children and states that they had faith that they would defeat her and states that she will open the path leading to Anankos—but then first calls out to the Kanas, noting their resemblance to Corrin and stating that they could be twins; after the Kanas realize Mikoto is calling out to them, Mikoto asks the Kanas for their names, to which the Kanas promptly introduce themselves. Mikoto then states that she's happy to have finally met the Kanas before the end, then asks them to press onward and save Anankos and tells the Kanas to be safe; Mikoto then activates the Dragon Vein underneath her, forming a bridge leading toward Anankos's lair. Shigure notes that they're finally where they need to be, to which the female Kana notes the bridge as being a path toward Anankos; the Kanas and Shigure then talk about how they'll never see Sumeragi, Arete, or Mikoto again except in their memories, and thus how their memories are important. Selkie then calls out to one of the Kanas and Shigure as she and the remaining children characters (Caeldori, Percy, Rhajat, Sophie, Midori, Ignatius, and Velouria) arrive on the scene.

Shigure notes the arrival of the remaining children, with the male Kana noting that they're all OK; the eight children characters who did not participate in this chapter's battle start to describe what went on with them, implying Selkie and Velouria, Caeldori and Sophie, Midori and Ignatius, and Rhajat and Percy each worked together, after which Shiro states that they had no trouble getting along with Siegbert agreeing. Shiro and Siegbert then apologize to each other over the strife they caused each other, as do Kiragi and Forrest, after which the male Kana congratulates Shigure for finally bringing all of the children together, first breaking everyone out of the illusion and then continuing to believe in them even when everyone was still mad at each other; the female Kana then asks Shigure if he's OK, to which Shigure states he's grateful for the time he could spend with everyone and asks everyone to proceed to Castle Gyges, stating that everyone is waiting. All of the children proceed to leave the area except for the two Kanas; the female Kana states that she noticed Shigure acting weird and mulling over Arete's words, to which the male Kana states that Shigure already explained the reasoning and states that he trusts him, after which the two Kanas finally leave the area.

Arriving at the throne room in Castle Gyges, Shigure states that Anankos's chamber is straight ahead of them, after which Shiro, Siegbert, Kiragi, and Forrest talk about the lack of resistance en route and how they can go into the final battle fresh, while the Kanas decide to start the process of powering up their Yatos. Right as the Kanas hold up their Yatos, Shigure then starts singing Lost in Thoughts All Alone, freezing the Kanas in place and causing the Yatos to stop glowing; Siegbert and Shiro also notice their power fading and that they also can't move, to which Shigure states he's holding everybody in place—they won't need any Omega Yatos, and their role in this saga has ended, Shigure will go alone from this point forward. Siegbert asks Shigure to let him go while Shiro accuses Shigure of having been a pawn of Anankos all along, to which Shigure denies Shiro's charge but states he still has been less than truthful with everyone; Shigure states that he stated before that everyone came from two different worlds, but the actual truth is even more complicated—every single one of the children has come from a different world from one another. Forrest states that this revelation means that everyone would be total strangers and asks where the cousins and retainers he knows are, to which Shigure states that those children are nowhere to be found; Shigure then states that the particular world they're in is all that remains, and that this world is his world, prompting a reaction from Kiragi. Shigure states that, for each of the other children, history went in one of two directions, either favoring Nohr or favoring Hoshido; Shigure then states that the history of his world is different, where a balance was struck between the two—warriors from both kingdoms fought together trusting each other—but ended up being all for nothing, as Anankos won, breaking the seal trapping him and snapped the Omega Yato in two, and slaughtering all of his companions, leaving him and his mother as the only survivors. As Kiragi expresses horror at Shigure's account, Shigure states that his mother sang until she disappeared to protect him; Shiro and Shigure then piece together that the children Shigure once knew are all dead, after which the female Kana finally figured out what Azura's ghost told her. Shigure states that Anankos rules this world like he had planned, but that wasn't enough for him—he kept invading realm after realm in which Anankos remained sealed, with Shigure stating that everyone the other children knew has most likely fallen prey to the Vallite army; Shigure states that he was fortunate to wear his mother's pendant, as it preserved his memories and kept Anankos from talking hold of him, then reveals his plan—lead any fortunate survivors to this spot, then take the final steps alone. As Shigure expresses his desire to sacrifice his life to save the other realms and the people therein, making use of Lost in Thoughts All Alone complete with the dangerous fourth verse, the other children attempt to talk Shigure out of the plan; to that end, Shigure gives Siegbert a translocation crystal that will transport the other children outside of Castle Gyges, and while the other children continue protesting against Shigure's plan, all of the children except Shigure are transported away from the area.

Website summary

Led by Shigure, the party storms the enemy gates. Part 5 of Heirs of Fate.[1]

North American eShop summary

Led by Shigure, the party storms the enemy gates. Part 5 of Heirs of Fate.
Rewards: Speedtaker, Resistancetaker

Chapter data

Chapter Data
Unit Data
Victory: Defeat Mikoto, Sumeragi, and Arete Player Partner Other Enemy
Defeat: The player's army is routed 3+11 {{{partner}}} {{{other}}} 20+19+∞

Initial Turn 2 Turn 3 DVs active

Cm fe14 v endless dawn.png
Difficulty rating: ★★★
Stage dimensions:
20 columns by 28 rows
Block sizes:
Japan: ??
North America: 101
PAL region: ??
Map phase music: Glory/Ruin
Battle phase music: Glory/Ruin (Deeds)
Japan: ¥???
United States: $1.99
Europe: €1.99
United Kingdom: £1.79
Australia: $2.60
New Zealand: $3.40
Also available in: Series 3 (Japan)
Map Pack 2 (international) Pack
Japan: ¥900
United States: $7.99
Europe: €7.99
United Kingdom: £7.19
Australia: $10.40
New Zealand: $13.60

This chapter's map is 20 columns by 28 rows.

This chapter features stairs that act as warp points between the rooms; by using the "Stairs" command while standing on them, a unit will be transported to the endpoint, and will be left with a movement stat = their base movement - the movement it took to reach the stairs. They are located as follows:

  • Column 7, row 9–Column 10, row 9: Links the space beneath Sumeragi's starting position and the central island
  • Column 15, row 7–Column 12, row 9: Links the space beneath Arete and the central island

Character data

In this chapter, the player controls characters separate from their normal game progress. As such, these setups are used only in this chapter and do not affect gameplay in any other instance.

Shigure and both of the Kanas are available from turn 1. The remainder arrive as reinforcements: Shiro and Siegbert on turn 2; Kiragi and Forrest on turn 3; Asugi, Soleil, Hisame, Ophelia, and Nina on turn 4; Mitama and Dwyer on turn 5.

Shigure Kana♂ Kana♀ Shiro Siegbert Kiragi Forrest Asugi Soleil Hisame Ophelia Nina Mitama Dwyer

Item data

This item is obtained as a reward to be used in the player's actual game progress:

Name Obtainment Method
Is 3ds02 skill book.png Speedtaker Clear the chapter with no casualties
Is 3ds02 skill book.png Resistancetaker Clear the chapter with no casualties

Additionally, numerous enemy units drop items for use specifically in this chapter:

Name Obtainment Method
Is 3ds02 class change.png Master Seal Dropped by Arete
Is 3ds02 class change.png Master Seal Dropped by Sumeragi

Event tile data

There are no event tiles in this chapter.

Dragon Vein data

Two of the three onscreen Dragon Veins in this chapter are stated to have the effect "Opens the path to Anankos"; the player cannot reach Mikoto without both of them being activated. These veins are located as follows:

  • Column 9, row 5: Two squares south, one square west of Mikoto's position. Sumeragi warps to and activates this Dragon Vein upon being defeated.
  • Column 11, row 5: Two squares south, one square east of Mikoto's position. Arete warps to and activates this Dragon Vein upon being defeated.

A third Dragon Vein does not have an effect that can be viewed in legitimate gameplay, but can be presumed to have a similar effect to the above two. This vein is located as follows:

  • Column 10, row 3: Mikoto's position. Mikoto activates this Dragon Vein upon being defeated; as this chapter's objective is "defeat the bosses", Mikoto is the last boss to be faced, and as Mikoto does not move, this Dragon Vein's effect cannot be legitimately viewed.

Two more Dragon Veins are used offscreen to move islands into position and provide Shigure and the two Kanas reinforcements. The western island's vein is activated by Siegbert on turn two player phase, while the eastern island's vein is activated by Kiragi on turn three player phase.

Enemy data

Enemy Units
Name Class Lv # Inventory and Skills Notes
Ma 3ds02 onmyoji vallite enemy.gif
Vallite Onmyoji 3 1 Tiger Spirit
Rally Magic
Ma 3ds02 diviner vallite enemy.gif
Vallite Diviner 20 2 Tiger Spirit --
Ma 3ds02 sorcerer vallite enemy.gif
Vallite Sorcerer 2 1 Fimbulvetr --
Ma 3ds02 master of arms vallite enemy.gif
Vallite Master of Arms 1 1 Steel Club --
Ma 3ds02 samurai vallite enemy.gif
Vallite Samurai 20 2 Steel Katana
Duelist's Blow
Ma 3ds02 great knight vallite enemy.gif
Vallite Great Knight 4 2 Steel Axe Starts on a fort.
Ma 3ds02 great master vallite enemy.gif
Vallite Great Master 3 1 Bolt Naginata Wane Festal Immobile; stands on a pillar.
Ma 3ds02 hero vallite enemy.gif
Vallite Hero 4 1 Silver Sword
Good Fortune
Starts on a fort.
Ma 3ds02 dark knight vallite enemy.gif
Vallite Dark Knight 3 1 Speed Thunder
Ma 3ds02 bow knight vallite enemy.gif
Vallite Bow Knight 5 1 Killer Bow
Movement +1
Ma 3ds02 bow knight vallite enemy.gif
Vallite Bow Knight 5 1 Shining Bow
Movement +1
Ma 3ds02 wyvern lord vallite enemy.gif
Vallite Wyvern Lord 4 1 Tomahawk
Strength +2
Ma 3ds02 malig knight vallite enemy.gif
Vallite Malig Knight 4 1 Fimbulvetr --
Ma 3ds02 general vallite enemy.gif
Vallite General 5 1 Silver Javelin
Natural Cover
• Immobile; stands on Dragon Vein terrain.
• Supporting unit of pair up with Mikoto.
Ma 3ds02 strategist arete vallite enemy.gif
Arete Strategist 11 1 Ragnarok Fortify Master SealThis item is dropped upon this unit's defeat.
Magic +2 Inspiration
• Immobile; stands on stairs.
• Activates a Dragon Vein after being defeated.
Ma 3ds02 swordmaster sumeragi vallite enemy.gif
Sumeragi Swordmaster 10 1 Hagakure Blade Ganglari* Master SealThis item is dropped upon this unit's defeat.
Vantage Duelist's Blow
• Starts on stairs.
• Begins moving if the Dark Knight or Hero is provoked.
• Activates a Dragon Vein after being defeated.
Ma 3ds02 priestess mikoto vallite enemy.gif
Mikoto Priestess 12 1 Silver Hankyu Enfeeble
Vantage Darting Blow Renewal
• Immobile; stands on Dragon Vein terrain.
• Lead unit of pair up with a General.
Name Class Lv # Inventory and Skills Notes
Ma 3ds02 sniper vallite enemy.gif
Vallite Sniper 1 1 Steel Yumi
Quick Draw
Ma 3ds02 mechanist vallite enemy.gif
Vallite Mechanist 2 1 Steel Shuriken
Poison Strike
Ma 3ds02 berserker vallite enemy.gif
Vallite Berserker 1 1 Hand Axe
HP +5
Ma 3ds02 general vallite enemy.gif
Vallite General 2 1 Steel Lance
Natural Cover
Ma 3ds02 basara vallite enemy.gif
Vallite Basara 1 2 Steel Naginata Tiger Spirit Paired up together.
Ma 3ds02 malig knight vallite enemy.gif
Vallite Malig Knight 3 1 Fimbulvetr
Lead unit of pair up with a Wyvern Lord.
Ma 3ds02 wyvern lord vallite enemy.gif
Vallite Wyvern Lord 1 1 Javelin Supporting unit of pair up with a Malig Knight.
Ma 3ds02 wyvern lord vallite enemy.gif
Vallite Wyvern Lord 1 1 Steel Lance --
Ma 3ds02 wyvern lord vallite enemy.gif
Vallite Wyvern Lord 1 1 Steel Axe --
Ma 3ds02 paladin vallite enemy.gif
Vallite Paladin 5 1 Steel Lance
Lead unit of pair up with a Cavalier.
Ma 3ds02 cavalier vallite enemy.gif
Vallite Cavalier 20 1 Steel Sword
Elbow Room
Supporting unit of pair up with a Paladin.
Ma 3ds02 cavalier vallite enemy.gif
Vallite Cavalier 20 2 Steel Sword
Elbow Room
Ma 3ds02 oni chieftain vallite enemy.gif
Vallite Oni Chieftain 2 2 Steel Club --
Ma 3ds02 kinshi knight vallite enemy.gif
Vallite Kinshi Knight 2 1 Steel Yumi
Rally Speed
Ma 3ds02 falcon knight vallite enemy.gif
Vallite Falcon Knight 1 2 Steel Naginata Sun Festal
Darting Blow
Ma 3ds02 faceless vallite enemy.gif
Vallite Faceless 25 Gauntlet
Ma 3ds02 stoneborn vallite enemy.gif
Vallite Stoneborn 20 Rock --


  • Turn 2, after Shiro and Siegbert appear
  • Turn 3, after Kiragi and Forrest appear
  • Turn 4, after the remaining playable units appear
  • After engaging combat with Sumeragi or Arete
    • 1 Faceless from the southern fort on the central island
  • After engaging combat with Sumeragi
    • 1 Faceless from the southern fort on the western island
  • After engaging combat with Arete
    • 1 Faceless from the southern fort on the eastern island
  • Two turns after a previous faceless wave
    • 3 Faceless; one from the southern forts on each island, depending on which bosses were engaged in combat (see above)
    • 2 Stoneborn; one from the southern ends of the western and eastern islands each
  • The pattern in the last wave continues infinitely.

Boss data

Primary boss

Main article: Mikoto

Normal Hard/Lunatic

Small portrait mikoto fe14.png
Is 3ds02 dragon vein icon.png Ma 3ds02 priestess mikoto vallite enemy.gif Priestess
Level 12
Movement -
Max HP 43 Speed 19
Strength 20+3 Luck 9
Magic 25 Defense 20+5
Skill 20 Resistance 22+2
Inventory Skills
Silver Hankyu
Darting Blow
Weapon Levels
Swords/Katanas -- Lances/Naginata -- Axes/Clubs -- Bows/Yumi B
Tomes/Scrolls -- Staves/Rods A Daggers/Shuriken -- Dragonstones --


Main article: Sumeragi

Normal Hard/Lunatic

Small portrait sumeragi fe14.png
Is 3ds02 dragon vein icon.png Ma 3ds02 swordmaster sumeragi vallite enemy.gif Swordmaster
Level 10
Movement 6
Max HP 43 Speed 19+1
Strength 19 Luck 5
Magic 8 Defense 23-1
Skill 20 Resistance 12-1
Inventory Skills
Hagakure Blade
Master SealThis item is dropped upon this unit's defeat.
Duelist's Blow
Weapon Levels
Swords/Katanas S Lances/Naginata -- Axes/Clubs -- Bows/Yumi --
Tomes/Scrolls -- Staves/Rods -- Daggers/Shuriken -- Dragonstones --

Main article: Arete

Normal Hard/Lunatic

Small portrait arete fe14.png
Is 3ds02 dragon vein icon.png Ma 3ds02 strategist arete vallite enemy.gif Strategist
Level 11
Movement -
Max HP 40 Speed 18
Strength 15 Luck 8
Magic 22+2 Defense 19
Skill 20 Resistance 27
Inventory Skills
Master SealThis item is dropped upon this unit's defeat.
Magic +2
Weapon Levels
Swords/Katanas -- Lances/Naginata -- Axes/Clubs -- Bows/Yumi --
Tomes/Scrolls B Staves/Rods A Daggers/Shuriken -- Dragonstones --


This section details unofficial strategies that may help with completion of the chapter. This may not work for everybody.

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Promoting one of your units in this chapter will award them a bonus weapon and appropriate level 15 promoted skill in End: Lost in the Waves. Mitama and Dwyer come with a Brass Yumi and Bronze Dagger in their possession, implying that they should be promoted to Priestess and Butler. These are fine options if you are only focused on this chapter, but there are other viable alternatives; Swordmaster Hisame, Master Ninja Asugi, and Sorcerer Ophelia all receive the ultimate S-rank weapons for their respective weapon types if they are given your Master Seals.


  • This chapter's three bosses are the only human bosses in the Heirs of Fate saga whose portaits do not have Vallite shading; these bosses nonetheless use Vallite map sprites.
    • Of these three bosses, Sumeragi is the only one who is not of Vallite nationality by birth.
  • In this chapter, all five of the children of the retainers of first-generation male royals Hoshidan and Nohrian alike take the field during this battle (all do so on turn 4), whereas Mitama is the only known child of a retainer of a first-generation female royal (out of three eligible) who joins the fray (on turn 5).

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes

V: Endless Dawn


伍 : 淡く光満ちて

V: Filling with Pale Light


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6: In the White Light • 7: A Vow Upheld • 8: Fierce Winds • 9: Land of Gods • 10: Ninja Village • 11: To the Sea • 12: Dark Reunion • 13: Another Hope • 14: Light Scatters • 15: Wolfskin Peak • 16: Pleasure Palace • 17: Lost in the Ice • 18: Leo • 19: Rainbow Sage • 20: Fort Dragonfall • 21: Burning Falls • 22: Hidden Capital • 23: Camilla • 24: Tears of a Dragon • 25: Traitor Revealed • 26: Xander • 27: King Garon • Endgame: Dawn Breaks
6: Embrace the Dark • 7: A Dragon's Decree • 8: Cold Reception • 9: Another Trial • 10: Unhappy Reunion • 11: Rainbow Sage • 12: Bitter Intrigue • 13: Uprising • 14: Voice of Paradise • 15: The Black Pillar • 16: Invasion • 17: Den of Betrayal • 18: Black & White • 19: Kitsune Lair • 20: Winds of Change • 21: Eternal Stairway • 22: Sakura • 23: Possessed • 24: Hinoka • 25: Ryoma • 26: Treason • 27: The Empty King • Endgame: Night Breaks Through
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