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Name chart/Fire Emblem Fates

From Fire Emblem Wiki, your source on Fire Emblem information. By fans, for fans.

This is a list compiling name data for characters, locations, concepts, items and other content of Fire Emblem Fates, among the seven languages in which the Fire Emblem series is published (English, Japanese, French, German, Spanish, Italian, and Korean).


  • Japanese
    • Kana: The original Japanese name as rendered in any of the three Japanese scripts; in most cases, this will be katakana.
    • Hepburn: A phonetic transliteration of the Japanese name into the Latin alphabet, in accordance with the Hepburn romanization standard. This transliteration assists those unfamiliar with the Japanese language in the correct pronunciation of the name.
    • NoJ: The "official romanization"; a Roman-alphabet rendering of the Japanese name, used in the game's image gallery and in promotional material for the game(s) such as websites or companion art books. Unlike Hepburn romanizations, these are not literal adherences to the readings of the katakana and are typically intended with portraying what the Japanese name is "supposed" to mean in mind, closer to the typical forms of European names and words. NoJ names listed in italics are derived from the subject's internal file name in the data of the game, in the absence of a more conventional name provided by Japanese material, and do not carry the same official weight as a proper NoJ name; for the time being, this is the origin of all known NoJ names for Fates characters unless otherwise sourced.
      Note that this is distinct from the actual English names (see below) and is relevant only to the Japanese releases.
  • English
    • NoA: The official NTSC English name as used in game releases by Nintendo of America, in the United States and Canada.
    • NoE: The official PAL English name as used in game releases by Nintendo of Europe, in the United Kingdom, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. In most cases these will match the NoA name, but there are some variations.
  • French: The official French name as used in game releases by Nintendo of Europe in France and other French-speaking European territories. With the exception of translating basic English words in weapon and skill names, typically this will be the same as the PAL English name, including all changes made by the PAL English version from the NTSC English version, but there are some variations.
  • German: The official German name as used in game releases by Nintendo of Europe in Germany and other German-speaking European territories. With the exception of translating basic English words in weapon and skill names, typically this will be the same as the PAL English name, including all changes made by the PAL English version from the NTSC English version, but there are some variations.
  • Spanish: The official Spanish name as used in game releases by Nintendo of Europe in Spain and other Spanish-speaking European territories. With the exception of translating basic English words in weapon and skill names, typically this will be the same as the PAL English name, including all changes made by the PAL English version from the NTSC English version, but there are some variations.
  • Italian: The official Italian name as used in game releases by Nintendo of Europe in Italy and other Italian-speaking European territories. With the exception of translating basic English words in weapon and skill names, typically this will be the same as the PAL English name, including all changes made by the PAL English version from the NTSC English version, but there are some variations.
  • Korean: The official Korean name as used in game releases by Nintendo of Korea in South Korea.

Game meta

Japanese English French German Spanish Italian Korean
Kana Hepburn NoJ NoA NoE
ファイアーエムブレムif Faiā emuburemu if Fire Emblem if Fire Emblem Fates Fire Emblem Fates Fire Emblem Fates Fire Emblem Fates Fire Emblem Fates Fire Emblem Fates 파이어 엠블렘 if
白夜王国 Byakuya ōkoku ?? Birthright Birthright Héritage Vermächtnis Estirpe Retaggio 백야 왕국
暗夜王国 An'ya ōkoku ?? Conquest Conquest Conquête Herrschaft Conquista Conquista 암야 왕국
インビジブルキングダム Inbijibarukingudamu ?? Revelation Revelation Révélation Offenbarung Revelación Rivelazione 인비저블 킹덤
竜脈 Ryūmyaku DRAGONLINE[1] Dragon Vein Dragon Vein Veine dragun. Drachenader Vena de dragón Vena drago 용맥


Playable characters

Japanese English French German Spanish Italian Korean Korean (Romanized)
Kana Hepburn NoJ NoA NoE
カムイ Kamui Kamui[2] Corrin Corrin Corrin Corrin Corrin Corrin 카무이 Kamu-i
アクア Akua Aqua[3] Azura Azura Azura Azura Azura Azura 아주라 Ajula
フェリシア Ferishia Felicia Felicia Felicia Felicia Felicia Felicia Felicia 펠리시아 Pellisia
ジョーカー Jōkā Joker Jakob Jakob Jakob Jakob Jakob Jakob 제이콥 Jeikob
ギュンター Gyuntā Gunther[4] Gunter Gunter Gunter Gunter Gunter Gunter 군터 Gunteo
サクラ Sakura Sakura Sakura Sakura Sakura Sakura Sakura Sakura 사쿠라 Sakula
カザハナ Kazahana Kazahana Hana Hana Hana Hana Hana Hana 하나 Hana
ツバキ Tsubaki Tsubaki Subaki Subaki Subaki Subaki Subaki Subaki 츠바키 Cheubaki
スズカゼ Suzukaze Suzukaze Kaze Kaze Kaze Kaze Kaze Kaze 카제 Kaje
リンカ Rinka Rinka Rinkah Rinkah Rinkah Rinkah Rinkah Rinkah 린카 Linka
ツクヨミ Tsukuyomi Tsukuyomi[4] Hayato Hayato Hayato Hayato Hayato Hayato 하야토 Hayato
タクミ Takumi Takumi[4] Takumi Takumi Takumi Takumi Takumi Takumi 타쿠미 Takumi
オボロ Oboro Oboro[4] Oboro Oboro Oboro Oboro Oboro Oboro 오보로 Obolo
ヒナタ Hinata Hinata[4] Hinata Hinata Hinata Hinata Hinata Hinata 히나타 Hinata
サイゾウ Saizō Saizou[4] Saizo Saizo Saizo Saizo Saizo Saizo 사이조 Saijo
オロチ Orochi Orochi[4] Orochi Orochi Orochi Orochi Orochi Orochi 오로치 Olochi
ユウギリ Yūgiri Yuugiri[4] Reina Reina Reina Reina Reina Reina 레이나 Leina
カゲロウ Kagerou Kagerou[4] Kagero Kagero Kagero Kagero Kagero Kagero 카게로 Kagelo
カミラ Kamira Camilla Camilla Camilla Camilla Camilla Camilla Camilla 카밀라 Kamilla
ルーナ Rūna Luna[4] Selena Selena Selena Selena Selena Selena ?? ??
ベルカ Beruka Berka[4] Beruka Beruka Beruka Beruka Beruka Beruka ?? ??
ニシキ Nishiki Nishiki[4] Kaden Kaden Kaden Kaden Kaden Kaden 카덴 Kaden
フランネル Furanneru Flannel[4] Keaton Keaton Keaton Keaton Keaton Keaton ?? ??
エリーゼ Erīze Elise Elise Elise Elise Elise Elise Elise 엘리스 Elliseu
ハロルド Harorudo Harold Arthur Arthur Arthur Arthur Arthur Arthur ?? ??
エルフィ Erufi Elfi Effie Effie Effie Effie Effie Effie ?? ??
ブノワ Bunowa Benoit[4] Benny Benny Benny Benny Benny Benny ?? ??
シャーロッテ Shārotte Charlotte[4] Charlotte Charlotte Charlotte Charlotte Charlotte Charlotte ?? ??
サイラス Sairasu Silas Silas Silas Silas Silas Silas Silas 사일러스 Sailleoseu
アシュラ Ashura Asyura[4] Shura Shura Shura Shura Shura Shura ?? ??
ニュクス Nyukusu Nyx[4] Nyx Nyx Nyx Nyx Nyx Nyx ?? ??
リョウマ Ryōma Ryouma Ryoma Ryoma Ryoma Ryoma Ryoma Ryoma 료마 Lyoma
ヒノカ Hinoka Hinoka Hinoka Hinoka Hinoka Hinoka Hinoka Hinoka 히노카 Hinoka
アサマ Asama Asama[4] Azama Azama Azama Azama Azama Azama 아자마 Ajama
セツナ Setsuna Setsuna[4] Setsuna Setsuna Setsuna Setsuna Setsuna Setsuna 세츠나 Secheuna
クリムゾン Kurimuzon Crimson[4] Scarlet Scarlet Scarlet Scarlet Scarlet Scarlet 스칼렛 ??
マークス Mākusu Marks Xander Xander Xander Xander Xander Xander 젠더 Jendeo
レオン Reon Leon Leo Leo Leo Leo Leo Leo 리오 Lio
オーディン Ōdin Odin[4] Odin Odin Odin Odin Odin Odin ?? ??
ラズワルド Razuwarudo Lazward[4] Laslow Laslow Laslow Laslow Laslow Laslow ?? ??
ピエリ Pieri Pieri[4] Peri Peri Peri Peri Peri Peri ?? ??
ゼロ Zero Zero[4] Niles Niles Niles Niles Niles Niles ?? ??
モズメ Mozume Mozume[4] Mozu Mozu Mozu Mozu Mozu Mozu 모즈 Mojeu
フローラ Furōra Flora Flora Flora Flora Flora Flora Flora 플로라 Peullola
イザナ Izana Izana[4] Izana Izana Izana Izana Izana Izana 이자나 Ijana
ユキムラ Yukimura Yukimura[4] Yukimura Yukimura Yukimura Yukimura Yukimura Yukimura 유키무라 Yukimula
フウガ Fūga Fuuga[4] Fuga Fuga Fuga Fuga Fuga Fuga ?? ??
アンナ Anna Anna[4] Anna Anna Anna Anna Anna Anna 안나 Anna
カンナ Kanna Kanna[4] Kana Kana Kana Kana Kana Kana 칸나 ??
シグレ Shigure Shigure Shigure Shigure Shigure Shigure Shigure Shigure 시구레 ??
ディーア Dīa Deere[4] Dwyer Dwyer Dwyer Dwyer Dwyer Dwyer ?? ??
ゾフィー Zofī Sophie[4] Sophie Sophie Sophie Sophie Sophie Sophie 소피 ??
ミドリコ Midoriko Midoriko[4] Midori Midori Midori Midori Midori Midori 미도리 ??
シノノメ Shinonome Shinonome[4] Shiro Shiro Shiro Shiro Shiro Shiro 시로 ??
キサラギ Kisaragi Kisaragi[4] Kiragi Kiragi Kiragi Kiragi Kiragi Kiragi 키라기 ??
グレイ Gurei Gurei[4] Asugi Asugi Asugi Asugi Asugi Asugi 아스기 ??
キヌ Kinu Kinu[4] Selkie Selkie Selkie Selkie Selkie Selkie 셀키 ??
ヒサメ Hisame Hisame[4] Hisame Hisame Hisame Hisame Hisame Hisame 히사메 ??
ミタマ Mitama Mitama[4] Mitama Mitama Mitama Mitama Mitama Mitama 미타마 ??
マトイ Matoi Matoi[4] Caeldori Caeldori Caeldori Caeldori Caeldori Caeldori 카도리 ??
シャラ Shara Syalla[4] Rhajat Rhajat Rhajat Rhajat Rhajat Rhajat 라자트 ??
ジークベルト Jīkuberuto Siegbert[4] Siegbert Siegbert Siegbert Siegbert Siegbert Siegbert ?? ??
フォレオ Foreo Foleo[4] Forrest Forrest Forrest Forrest Forrest Forrest ?? ??
イグニス Igunisu Ignis[4] Ignatius Ignatius Ignatius Ignatius Ignatius Ignatius ?? ??
ベロア Beroa Velour[4] Velouria Velouria Velouria Velouria Velouria Velouria ?? ??
ルッツ Ruttsu Lutz[4] Percy Percy Percy Percy Percy Percy ?? ??
オフェリア Oferia Ophelia[4] Ophelia Ophelia Ophelia Ophelia Ophelia Ophelia ?? ??
ソレイユ Soreiyu Soleil[4] Soleil Soleil Soleil Soleil Soleil Soleil ?? ??
エポニーヌ Eponīnu Eponine[4] Nina Nina Nina Nina Nina Nina ?? ??

Non-playable characters

Japanese English French German Spanish Italian Korean
Kana Hepburn NoJ NoA NoE
ミコト Mikoto Mikoto Mikoto Mikoto Mikoto Mikoto Mikoto Mikoto 미코토
リリス Ririsu Lilith Lilith Lilith Lilith Lilith Lilith Lilith 릴리스
ガロン Garon Garon Garon Garon Garon Garon Garon Garon 가론
マクベス Makubesu Makubex Iago Iago Iago Iago Iago Iago 이아고
ガンズ Ganzu Ganz Hans Hans Hans Hans Hans Hans 한스
コタロウ Kotarō ?? Kotaro Kotaro Kotaro Kotaro Kotaro Kotaro ??
ゾーラ Zōra Zola Zola Zola Zola Zola Zola Zola 졸라
スメラギ Sumeragi ?? Sumeragi Sumeragi Sumeragi Sumeragi Sumeragi Sumeragi 스메라기
シェンメイ Shenmei ?? Arete Arete Arete Arete Arete Arete ??
ドラジェ Doraje Dragee Candace Candace Candace Candace Candace Candace ??
ナハト Nahato ?? Nichol Nichol Nichol Nichol Nichol Nichol ??
モズ Mozu ?? Omozu Omozu Omozu Omozu Omozu Omozu ??
ダニエラ Daniera ?? Daniela Daniela Daniela Daniela Daniela Daniela ??
ハイタカ Haitaka ?? Haitaka Haitaka Haitaka Haitaka Haitaka Haitaka ??
クマゲラ Kumagera ?? Kumagera Kumagera Kumagera Kumagera Kumagera Kumagera ??
ウィリアム Wiriamu ?? Lloyd Lloyd Lloyd Lloyd Lloyd Lloyd ??
ホルモン Horumon ?? Llewelyn Llewelyn Llewelyn Llewelyn Llewelyn Llewelyn ??
ガザック Gazakku ?? Gazak Gazak Gazak Gazak Gazak Gazak ??
バンバ Banba ?? Tarba Tarba Tarba Tarba Tarba Tarba ??
ファンク Fanku ?? Funke Funke Funke Funke Funke Funke ??
ダイチ Daichi ?? Daichi Daichi Daichi Daichi Daichi Daichi ??
セノウ Sennō ?? Senno Senno Senno Senno Senno Senno ??
ヴァスハラ Vasuhara ?? Zhara Zhara Zhara Zhara Zhara Zhara ??
クーリア Kūria ?? Kilma Kilma Kilma Kilma Kilma Kilma ??
虹の賢者 Niji no kenja ?? Rainbow Sage Rainbow Sage Sage de l'iris Beberast Sab. Lumen Savio irideo ??
カシータ Kashīta ?? Cassita Cassita Cassita Cassita Cassita Cassita ??
ララ Rara ?? Layla Layla Layla Layla Layla Layla 라라
ロンタオ Rontao ?? Anthony Anthony Anthony Anthony Anthony Anthony ??
ハイドラ Haidora ?? Anankos Anankos Anankos Anankos Anankos Anankos ??

Backstory characters

Japanese English French German Spanish Italian Korean
Kana Hepburn NoJ NoA NoE
エカテリーナ Ekaterīna ?? Katerina Katerina Katerina Katarina Katerina Katerina ??
イコナ Ikona ?? Ikona Ikona Ikona Ikona Ikona Ikona ??


General locations

Japanese English French German Spanish Italian Korean
Kana Hepburn NoJ NoA NoE
白夜 Byakuya Byakuya Hoshido Hoshido Hoshido Hoshido Hoshido Hoshido 백야
暗夜 An'ya Anya Nohr Nohr Nohr Nohr Nohr Nohr 암야
白夜城 Byakuyajō ?? Shirasagi Shirasagi Shirasagi Shirasagi Shirasagi Shirasagi 시라사기
ウィンダム Windamu ?? Windmire Windmire Windmire Windmire Windmire Windmire ??
クラーケンシュタイン Kurākenshutain ?? Krakenburg Krakenburg Krakenburg ?? ?? ?? ??
イズモ Izumo ?? Izumo Izumo Izumo Izumo Izumo Izumo 이즈모
フウマ Fūma ?? Mokushu Mokushu Mokushu Mokushu Mokushu Mokushu 후마
?? ?? ?? Kohga Kohga Kohga ?? ?? ?? ??
シュヴァリエ Shuvarie ?? Cheve Cheve Cheve Cheve Cheve Cheve 슈바리에
ノートルディア Nōtorudia ?? Notre Sagesse ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??
無限渓谷 Mugenkeikoku ?? Bottomless Canyon Bottomless Canyon Abîme Éternel Bodenlose Schlucht Cañón sin Fondo Eternabisso nord 무한 계곡
透魔 Tōma Touma Valla Valla Valla Valla Valla Valla ??

World map locations

Japanese English French German Spanish Italian Korean
Kana Hepburn NoJ NoA NoE
白夜平原 Byakuya heigen ?? Plains of Hoshido Plains of Hoshido Plaines d'Hoshido Felder von Hoshido Llanuras de Hoshido Pianure dell'Hoshido ??
北の城塞 Kita no jōsai ?? Northern Fortress Northern Fortress Forteresse nord Nördliche Festung Fortaleza del norte Fortezza settentrionale ??
暗夜城・謁見の間 An'yajō: ekken no ma ?? Castle: Reception Room Castle: Reception Room Krakenburg : salle de réception Schloss: Empfang Castillo: sala noble Castello: sala ricevimenti ??
無限渓谷の吊り橋 Mugen keikoku no tsuribashi ?? Bottomless Canyon N. Bottomless Canyon N. Abîme Éternel : côté nord Bodenlose Schlucht: N. Norte del Cañón sin Fondo Eternabisso nord ??
山間の村 Sankan no mura ?? Valley Settlement Valley Settlement Village dans la vallée Talsiedlung Asentamiento del valle Villaggio a valle ??
白夜王都・広場 Byakuya ōto hiroba ?? Hoshido Capital: Plaza Hoshido Capital: Plaza Capitale d'Hoshido : gd-place Hoshido Stadt: Markt Capital de Hoshido: plaza Capitale dell'Hoshido: piazza ??
テンジン砦 Tenjin toride ?? Fort Jinya Fort Jinya Fort Jinya Feste Jinya Fuerte Jinya Forte Jinya ??
風の部族の村 Kaze no buzoku no mura ?? Wind Tribe Village Wind Tribe Village Village de la tribu du vent Dorf des Windklans Tribu del Viento: aldea Villaggio del Vento ??
イズモ公国城内 Izumo kōkoku-jōnai ?? Izumo: Castle Interior Izumo: Castle Interior Château d'Izumo : intérieur Izumo: Schlossinneres Izumo: interior del castillo Izumo: interno del castello ??
フウマの森 Fūma no mori ?? Mokushu Forest Mokushu Forest Forêt de Mokushu Mokushu-Wald Bosque de Mokushu Foresta del Mokushu 후마의 숲
白夜海域 Byakuya kai-iki ?? Sea of Hoshido Sea of Hoshido Mer d'Hoshido Meer von Hoshido Mar de Hoshido Mar dell'Hoshido 백야 해역
オペラ劇場 Opera gekijō ?? Opera House Opera House Opéra Opernhaus Ópera Auditorium ??
シュヴァリエ市街 Shevarie shigai ?? Cheve Cheve Cheve Cheve Cheve Cheve 슈바리에 시가
国境の城壁 Kokkyō no jōheki ?? Border Walls Border Walls Frontière Grenzmauer Muro fronterizo Mura di confine ??
ガルーの峰 Garū no mine ?? Mount Garou Mount Garou Mont Ulfhedin Berg der Ulfhedin Monte Garou Monte Garou ??
マカラス宮殿離れ Makarasu kyūden hanare ?? Near Palace Macarath Near Palace Macarath Abords du palais Macarath Beim Palast Macarath Cerca del palacio Macarath Palazzo Macarath: dintorni ??
氷の部族の村 Kōri no buzoku no mura ?? Ice Tribe Village Ice Tribe Village Village de la tribu des glaces Dorf des Eisklans Tribu del Hielo: aldea Villaggio del Ghiaccio ??
天蓋の森 Tengai no mori ?? Woods of the Forlorn Woods of the Forlorn Forêt de la mélancolie Wald der Verlorenen Bosque del Quebranto Foresta dei Perduti ??
黒竜砦 Kokuryū toride ?? Fort Dragonfall Fort Dragonfall Fort Dracomor Schwarzdrachenfeste Fuerte del Dragón Abatido Forte Grandrago ??
デーモンフォール Dēmonfōru ?? Demon's Falls Demon's Falls Chutes infernales Dämonenfälle Cascada del Diablo Cascate Infernali ??
暗夜王都市街 An'ya-ōto machi ?? Windmire Windmire Windmire Windmire Windmire Windmire ??
地下通路 Chika tsūro ?? Underground Passage Underground Passage Souterrain Unterirdischer Tunnel Pasaje subterráneo Passaggio sotterraneo ??
暗夜城・練兵場 An'yajō: renpeiba ?? Castle: Training Grounds Castle: Training Grounds Krakenburg : terrain d'entraîn. Schloss: Übungsplatz Castillo: plaza de armas Castello: piazza d'armi ??
暗夜城・大階段 An'yajō: ōkaidan ?? Castle: Grand Staircase Castle: Grand Staircase Krakenburg : grand escalier Schloss: Große Treppe Castillo: gran escalinata Castello: grande scala ??
暗夜城・武闘の間 ?? ?? Castle: Combat Room Castle: Combat Room Krakenburg : salle d'armes Schloss: Kriegszimmer Castillo: salón de combate Castello: arena ??
暗夜城・王の間 ?? ?? Castle: Throne Room Castle: Throne Room Krakenburg : salle du trône Schloss: Thronsaal Castillo: salón del trono Castello: sala del trono ??
朽ちた黒竜砦 Kuchita kokuryū toride ?? Fort Dragonfall Fort Dragonfall Fort Dracomor Schwarzdrachenfeste Fuerte Dragón Abatido Forte Grandrago ??
港町ディア Minatomachi dia ?? Port Town of Dia Port Town of Dia Port de Dia Hafenstadt Dia Ciudad portuaria de Dia Porto di Dia ??
マカラス宮殿 Makarasu kyūden ?? Palace Macarath Palace Macarath Palais Macarath Palast Macarath Palacio Macarath Palazzo Macarath ??
廃墟の街 Haikyo no machi ?? Abandoned Town Abandoned Town Village à l'abandon Verlassene Stadt Pueblo abandonado Città abbandonata ??
暗夜海域 An'ya kai-iki ?? Nohrian Sea Nohrian Sea Mer de Nohr Nohrisches Meer Mar de Nohr Mare del Nohr ??
フウマの洞窟 Fūma no dōkutsu ?? Cave in Mokushu Cave in Mokushu Grotte de Mokushu Höhle in Mokushu Cueva de Mokushu Grotta del Mokushu ??
妖狐の里 Yōko no sato ?? Kitsune Hamlet Kitsune Hamlet Hameau des Kitsunes Kitsune-Weiler Poblado kitsune Borgo dei kitsune ??
黄泉の階段 Yomi no kaidan ?? Eternal Stairway Eternal Stairway Escalier sans fin Die Ewige Treppe Escalera Eterna Scalinata Eterna ??
テンジン砦前 Tenjin toride mae ?? Fort Jinya Fort Jinya Fort Jinya Feste Jinya Fuerte Jinya Forte Jinya ??
スサノオ長城 Susanō chōjō ?? Great Wall of Suzanoh Great Wall of Suzanoh Muraille de Suzanoh Große Mauer von Suzanoh Gran Muralla de Suzanoh Muraglia di Suzanoh ??
白夜王都市街 Byakuya ōto machi ?? Hoshidan Capital Hoshidan Capital Capitale d'Hoshido Hoshido Stadt Capital de Hoshido Capitale dell'Hoshido ??
白夜城・大広間 Byajuyajō: Ōhiroma ?? Shirasagi: Reception Hall Shirasagi: Reception Hall Shirasagi : salle de réception Shirasagi: Empfang Shirasagi: sala noble Shirasagi: sala ricevimenti ??
白夜城・王の間前 ?? ?? Shirasagi: Foyer Shirasagi: Foyer Shirasagi : antichambre Shirasagi: Eingangshalle Shirasagi: antesala Shirasagi: atrio ??
白夜城・王の間 ?? ?? Shirasagi: Throne Room Shirasagi: Throne Room Shirasagi : salle du trône Shirasagi: Thronsaal Shirasagi: salón del trono Shirasagi: sala del trono ??
闇の渓谷 ?? ?? Canyon Valley Canyon Valley Vallée de l'abîme Finstertal Valle del Cañón Valle dell'Abisso ??
イズモ公国市街 ?? ?? Town in Izumo Town in Izumo Izumo : village Stadt in Izumo Pueblo de Izumo Città dell'Izumo ??
フウマの森 ?? ?? Forest in Mokushu Mokushu Forest Forêt de Mokushu Mokushu-Wald Bosque de Mokushu Foresta del Mokushu ??
氷の海 ?? ?? At Sea At Sea Pleine mer Auf dem Meer En el mar Lungo la costa ??
破壊された市街 ?? ?? Destroyed Town Destroyed Town Ville en ruines Zerstörte Stadt Pueblo destruido Città distrutta ??
港町ディア ?? ?? Port Dia Port Town of Dia Port de Dia Hafenstadt Dia Ciudad portuaria de Dia Porto di Dia ??
七重の塔 ?? ?? Sevenfold Sanctuary Sevenfold Sanctuary Sanctuaire Septima Siebenfaches Heiligtum Santuario Séptuplo Tempio delle Sette Sale ??
炎の裂け目 ?? ?? Lava Fields Lava Fields Champs de lave Lavafelder Campos de lava Campi di lava ??
無限渓谷 ?? ?? Bottomless Canyon S. Bottomless Canyon S. Abîme Éternel : côté sud Bodenlose Schlucht: S. Sur del Cañón sin Fondo Eternabisso sud ??
浮遊島 ?? ?? Floating Isle Floating Isle Îlot flottant Schwebende Insel Isla flotante Isola fluttuante ??
廃墟の街 ?? ?? Abandoned Town Abandoned Town Village à l'abandon Verlassene Stadt Pueblo abandonado Città abbandonata ??
繋がれた奇岩群 ?? ?? Floating Isles Floating Isles Îlots flottants Schwebende Inseln Islas flotantes Isole fluttuanti ??
呪詛の地下遺跡 ?? ?? Cursed Ruins Cursed Ruins Ruines maudites Verfluchte Ruinen Ruinas malditas Rovine maledette ??
迷いの森 ?? ?? Lost Forest Lost Forest Forêt oubliée Irrwald Bosque olvidado Foresta Desolata ??
揺らぎの橋 ?? ?? Floating Bridge Floating Bridge Pont flottant Floßbrücke Puente colgante Ponte fluttuante ??
透魔城・地下 ?? ?? Castle Valla: Basement Castle Valla: Basement Château Valla : sous-sol Schloss Valla: Keller Castillo de Valla: sótano Cast. Valla: sotterraneo ??
透魔城・試練の間 ?? ?? Castle Valla: Labyrinth Castle Valla: Labyrinth Château Valla : labyrinthe Schloss Valla: Labyrinth Castillo de Valla: laberinto Cast. Valla: labirinto ??
透魔城・王の間 ?? ?? Castle Valla: Throne Room Castle Valla: Throne Room Château Valla : salle du trône Schloss Valla: Thronsaal Castillo de Valla: trono Cast. Valla: sala del trono ??
透魔城・崩壊 ?? ?? Castle Valla Ruins Castle Valla Ruins Château Valla : ruines Ruinen von Schloss Valla Ruinas del castillo de Valla Cast. Valla: rovine ??
小さな村 ?? ?? Small Village Small Village Bourgade Dörfchen Aldea pequeña Piccolo villaggio 작은 마을
秘境の隠れ里 ?? ?? Town in a Deeprealm Town in a Deeprealm Terres oubliées : village Dorf im Geheimen Reich Reinos siderales: pueblo Città in un Regno Etereo ??
星界の海 ?? ?? Astral Sea Astral Sea Mer astrale Astralmeer Mar Astral Mare Astrale ??
秘境の隠れ家 ?? ?? Sanctuary in a Deeprealm Sanctuary in a Deeprealm Terres oubliées : manoir Geheim. Reich: Zuflucht Reinos siderales: santuario Rifugio in un Regno Etereo ??
川沿いの村 ?? ?? Riverside Village Riverside Village Village de Bellerive Dorf am Flussufer Aldea ribereña Villaggio sul fiume ??
神竜の森 ?? ?? Divine Dragon's Forest Divine Dragon's Forest Forêt du dragon divin Wald der Wyrmgöttin Bosque del Dragón Divino Foresta del Drago Divino ??
白い砂漠 ?? ?? White Sands White Sands Dunes d'opale Weiße Wüste Arenas Níveas Sabbie bianche ??
秘境の山 ?? ?? Deeprealm Mountain Deeprealm Mountain Terres oubliées : montagne Berge d. Geheimen Reichs Reinos siderales: montaña Monte Etereo ??
賊のアジト ?? ?? Thieves' Den Thieves' Den Repaire des voleurs Räuberhöhle Guarida de ladrones Covo dei ladri ??
密猟の森 ?? ?? Poachers' Forest Poachers' Forest Forêt des braconniers Halunkenwald Bosque de los Furtivos Foresta dei bracconieri ??
荒れ果てた荒野 ?? ?? Wastelands Wastelands Étendues sauvages Brachland Tierras Yermas Lande desolate ??
秘境の村 ?? ?? Village in a Deeprealm Village in a Deeprealm Terres oubliées : village Dorf im Geheimen Reich Reinos siderales: aldea Borgo in un Regno Etereo ??
緩やかな大河 ?? ?? Riverside Riverside Bellerive Flussufer Ribera Riva del fiume ??
秘境の墓地 ?? ?? Cemetery in a Deeprealm Cemetery in a Deeprealm Terres oubliées : cimetière Friedhof i. Geheim. Reich Reinos siderales: cripta Cimitero in un Regno Etereo ??
秘境の湿地帯 ?? ?? Swamp in a Deeprealm Swamp in a Deeprealm Terres oubliées : marais Sumpf d. Geheim. Reichs Reinos siderales: pantano Palude in un Regno Etereo ??
交易の街 ?? ?? Trading Town Trading Town Village marchand Handelsstadt Ciudad mercante Città dei mercanti ??
荒れ地の村 ?? ?? Isolated Village Isolated Village Village isolé Abgeschiedenes Dorf Aldea aislada Villaggio isolato ??
奥深い山野 ?? ?? Countryside Countryside Campagne Ländliche Gegend Campiña Campagna ??
山地の砦 ?? ?? Mountain Fort Mountain Fort Forteresse alpine Bergfeste Fuerte de la montaña Forte di montagna ??
古書の街 ?? ?? Ancient City Ancient City Ville antique Uralte Stadt Ciudad antigua Città antica ??
石壁の街 ?? ?? Walled Town Walled Town Village fortifié Befestigte Stadt Ciudad amurallada Città murata ??
富豪の屋敷 ?? ?? Fancy Estate Fancy Estate Manoir luxueux Edles Anwesen Hacienda sofisticada Maniero lussuoso ??
竜の門 Ryū no mon ?? Dragon's Gate Dragon's Gate Portail du dragon Das Drachentor Puerta del Dragón La porta del drago 용의 문


Swords and katanas

Japanese English French German Spanish Italian Korean
Kana Hepburn NoJ NoA NoE
青銅の剣 Seidō no tsurugi -- Bronze Sword Bronze Sword Épée bronze Bronzeschwert Espada bronce Spada bronzo ??
鉄の剣 Tetsu no tsurugi -- Iron Sword Iron Sword Épée fer Eisenschwert Espada hierro Spada ferro ??
鋼の剣 Hagane no tsurugi -- Steel Sword Steel Sword Épée acier Stahlschwert Espada acero Spada acciaio 강철의 검
銀の剣 Gin no tsurugi -- Silver Sword Silver Sword Épée argent Silberschwert Espada plata Spada argento ??
勇者の剣 Yūsha no tsurugi -- Brave Sword Brave Sword Épée héros Kriegerschwert Espada valor Spada forte ??
鉄の投撃剣 Tetsu no tōgekiken -- Iron Kukri Iron Kukri Kukri fer Eisenkukri Kukri hierro Kukri ferro ??
鋼の投撃剣 Hagane no tōgekiken -- Steel Kukri Steel Kukri Kukri acier Stahlkukri Kukri acero Kukri acciaio ??
銀の投撃剣 Gin no tōgekiken -- Silver Kukri Silver Kukri Kukri argent Silberkukri Kukri plata Kukri argento ??
アーマーキラー Āmākirā -- Armorslayer Armorslayer Cuiracide Panzerbrecher Machacacor. Frangicotta 아머 킬러
ドラゴンキラー Doragonkirā -- Wyrmslayer Wyrmslayer Dracocide Wyrmtöter Machacawyrms Attaccawyrm ??
キルソード Kirusōdo -- Killing Edge Killing Edge Fer létal Schnitter Espada asesina Lama letale ??
サンダーソード Sandāsōdo -- Levin Sword Levin Sword Épée orage Donnerschwert Espada trueno Spada folgore ??
ワインボトル Wainbotoru -- Bottle Bottle Bouteille Flasche Botella Bottiglia ??
洋傘 Yōgasa -- Umbrella Umbrella Parapluie Schirm Parasol Ombrello 양산
暗夜の漆黒剣 An'ya no shikkokuken -- Nohrian Blade Nohrian Blade Lame de Nohr Nohrklinge Sable Nohr Spada Nohr ??
レオンの冷剣 Reon no reiken -- Leo's Iceblade Leo's Iceblade Épée gel (Leo) Leos Eisklinge Hoja gélida Leo Gelolama Leo ??
ルーナの鋭剣 Rūna no eiken -- Selena's Blade Selena's Blade Épée de Selena Selenas Klinge Sable Selena Spada Selena ??
ラズワルドの舞剣 Razuwarudo no buken -- Laslow's Blade Laslow's Blade Épée de Laslow Laslows Klinge Sable Laslow Spada Laslow ??
マルスの模擬剣 Marusu no mogiken -- Marth's Spatha Marth's Spatha Spatha (Marth) Marths Spatha Spatha Marth Lama di Marth ??
アイクの模擬剣 Aiku no mogiken -- Ike's Backup Ike's Backup Soutien d'Ike Ikes Ersatz Repuesto Ike Lama di Ike ??
ルキナの模擬剣 Rukina no mogiken -- Lucina's Estoc Lucina's Estoc Fer de Lucina Lucinas Estoc Estoque Lucina Lama di Lucina ??
青銅の刀 Seidō no katana -- Brass Katana Brass Katana Katana cuivre Bronzekatana Katana bronce Katana bronzo 청동의 도
鉄の刀 Tetsu no katana -- Iron Katana Iron Katana Katana fer Eisenkatana Katana hierro Katana ferro 철의 도
鋼の刀 Hagane no katana -- Steel Katana Steel Katana Katana acier Stahlkatana Katana acero Katana acciaio 강철의 도
銀の刀 Gin no katana -- Silver Katana Silver Katana Katana argent Silberkatana Katana plata Katana argento ??
武者の刀 Musha no katana -- Venge Katana Venge Katana Katana vengeur Rächerkatana Katana vindicta Katana castigo ??
鉄の投撃刀 Tetsu no tōgekitō -- Iron Katti Iron Katti Katti fer Eisen-Katti Katti hierro Katti ferro ??
鋼の投撃刀 Hagane no tōgekitō -- Steel Katti Steel Katti Katti acier Stahl-Katti Katti acero Katti acciaio ??
銀の投撃刀 Gin no tōgekitō -- Silver Katti Silver Katti Katti argent Silber-Katti Katti plata Katti argento ??
斧斬りの刀 Fukiri no katana -- Axe Splitter Axe Splitter Fléau de hache Axtspalter Partehachas Frantuma asce ??
逆刀 Gyakugatana -- Dual Katana Dual Katana Katana double Doppelkatana Katana doble Katana doppia ??
居合刀 Iaitō -- Practice Katana Practice Katana Katana novice Übungskatana Katana práctica Katana appren. ??
小太刀 Kodachi -- Kodachi Kodachi Kodachi Kodachi Kodachi Kodachi 소태도
飛刀 Hitō -- Wakizashi Wakizashi Wakizashi Wakizashi Wakizashi Wakizashi ??
霊刀 Reitō -- Spirit Katana Spirit Katana Katana spirituel Geisterkatana Katana espíritu Katana spirito ??
大根 Daikon -- Daikon Radish Daikon Radish Daïkon Daikon-Rettich Rábano blanco Daikon ??
和傘 Wagasa -- Parasol Parasol Ombrelle Parasol Sombrilla Parasole ??
追い剥ぎの刀 Oihagi no katana -- Raider Katana Raider Katana Katana filou Räuberkatana Katana felona Katana predone ??
白夜の霞刀 Byakuya no kasumitō -- Sunrise Katana Sunrise Katana Katana auroral Sonnenkatana Katana aurora Katana aurora 백야의 하도
タクミの竹刀 Takumi no shinai -- Takumi's Shinai Takumi's Shinai Shinaï (Takumi) Takumis Shinai Shinai Takumi Shinai Takumi ??
カザハナの麗刀 Kazahana no reitō -- Hana's Katana Hana's Katana Katana (Hana) Hanas Katana Katana Hana Katana di Hana ??
ヒナタの猛刀 Hinata no mōtō -- Hinata's Katana Hinata's Katana Katana (Hinata) Hinatas Katana Katana Hinata Katana Hinata ??

Lances and naginata

Japanese English French German Spanish Italian Korean
Kana Hepburn NoJ NoA NoE
青銅の槍 Seidō no yari -- Bronze Lance Bronze Lance Lance bronze Bronzelanze Lanza bronce Lancia bronzo ??
鉄の槍 Tetsu no yari -- Iron Lance Iron Lance Lance fer Eisenlanze Lanza hierro Lancia ferro ??
鋼の槍 Hagane no yari -- Steel Lance Steel Lance Lance acier Stahllanze Lanza acero Lancia acciaio ??
銀の槍 Gin no yari -- Silver Lance Silver Lance Lance argent Silberlanze Lanza plata Lancia argento ??
勇者の槍 Yūsha no yari -- Brave Lance Brave Lance Lance héros Kriegerlanze Lanza valor Lancia forte ??
鉄の投撃槍 Tetsu no tōgekisō -- Iron Javelin Iron Javelin Javelot fer Eisenlangspeer Jabalina hierro Giav. ferro ??
鋼の投撃槍 Hagane no tōgekisō -- Steel Javelin Steel Javelin Javelot acier Stahllangspeer Jabalina acero Giav. acciaio ??
銀の投撃槍 Gin no tōgekisō -- Silver Javelin Silver Javelin Javelot argent Silberlangspeer Jabalina plata Giav. argento ??
手槍 Teyari -- Javelin Javelin Javelot Langspeer Jabalina Giavellotto 투척창
スレンドスピア Surendosupia -- Spear Spear Épieu Speer Pica Asta ??
ビーストキラー Bīsutokirā -- Beast Killer Beast Killer Besticide Bestientöter Aterrafieras Ammazzabestie ??
キラーランス Kirāransu -- Killer Lance Killer Lance Lance létale Meisterlanze Lanza asesina Lancia letale ??
聖なる槍 Seinaru yari -- Blessed Lance Blessed Lance Lance bénie Sakrallanze Lanza bendita Lc. benedetta ??
ほうき Hōki -- Broom Broom Balai Besen Escoba Scopa ??
小枝 Koeda -- Stick Stick Bâton Stecken Palo Bastoncino ??
魔封じの槍 Mafūji no yari -- Hexlock Spear Hexlock Spear Épieu conjureur Bannspeer Pica cazamagia Asta antimago ??
マークスの指南槍 Mākusu no shinansō -- Xander's Lance Xander's Lance Lance (Xander) Xanders Lanze Lanza Xander Lancia Xander ??
エルフィの大槍 Erufi no taisō -- Effie's Lance Effie's Lance Lance (Effie) Effies Lanze Lanza Effie Lancia di Effie ??
ピエリの小槍 Pieri no kosō -- Peri's Lance Peri's Lance Lance (Peri) Peris Lanze Lanza Peri Lancia di Peri ??
青銅の薙刀 Seidō no naginata -- Brass Naginata Brass Naginata Naginata cuivre Bronzenaginata Nagina. bronce Nagin. bronzo 청동의 월도
鉄の薙刀 Tetsu no naginata -- Iron Naginata Iron Naginata Naginata fer Eisennaginata Naginata hierro Naginata ferro 철의 월도
鋼の薙刀 Hagane no naginata -- Steel Naginata Steel Naginata Naginata acier Stahlnaginata Naginata acero Nagin. acciaio 강철의 월도
銀の薙刀 Gin no naginata -- Silver Naginata Silver Naginata Naginata arg. Silbernaginata Naginata plata Nagin. argento ??
鉄の投撃薙刀 Tetsu no tōgekinaginata -- Iron Nageyari Iron Nageyari Nageyari fer Eisennageyari Nageyari hierro Nageyari ferro ??
鋼の投撃薙刀 Hagane no tōgekinaginata -- Steel Nageyari Steel Nageyari Nageyari acier Stahlnageyari Nageyari acero Nage. acciaio ??
銀の投撃薙刀 Gin no tōgekinaginata -- Silver Nageyari Silver Nageyari Nageyari argent Silbernageyari Nageyari plata Nage. argento ??
武者の薙刀 Musha no naginata -- Venge Naginata Venge Naginata Naginata veng. Rächernaginata Nagi. vindicta Nagin. castigo ??
剣薙ぎの薙刀 Kennagi no naginata -- Swordcatcher Swordcatcher Attrape-épées Klingenbrecher Rompespadas Frangispada ??
逆薙刀 Gyakunaginata -- Dual Naginata Dual Naginata Nagin. double Doppelnaginata Naginata doble Nagin. doppio ??
守りの薙刀 Mamori no naginata -- Guard Naginata Guard Naginata Naginata garde Wächternagi. Nagi. guardiana Naginata scudo 수비의 월도
神雷の薙刀 Shinrai no naginata -- Bolt Naginata Bolt Naginata Naginata éclair Don.-Naginata Naginata rayo Naginata lampo ??
竹竿 Takezao -- Bamboo Pole Bamboo Pole Canne bambou Bambusstange Caña de bambú Canna bambù 장대
松の木 Matsu no ki -- Pine Branch Pine Branch Branche de pin Kiefernzweig Rama de abeto Ramo di pino ??
追い剥ぎの薙刀 Oihagi no naginata -- Raider Naginata Raider Naginata Naginata filou Räubernaginata Naginata felona Nagin. predone ??
捨て身の薙刀 Sutemi no naginata -- Bold Naginata Bold Naginata Naginata hardie Mutnaginata Nagi. intrépida Nagin. audace ??
ヒノカの紅薙刀 Hinoka no kurenainaginata -- Hinoka's Spear Hinoka's Spear Lance (Hinoka) Hinokas Speer Pica Hinoka Asta di Hinoka ??
ツバキの金薙刀 Tsubaki no kinnaginata -- Subaki's Pike Subaki's Pike Pique (Subaki) Subakis Pike Lanza Subaki Picca di Subaki 츠바키의 금월도
オボロの漆薙刀 Oboro no shichinaginata -- Oboro's Spear Oboro's Spear Lance (Oboro) Oboros Speer Pica Oboro Asta di Oboro ??

Axes and clubs

Japanese English French German Spanish Italian Korean
Kana Hepburn NoJ NoA NoE
青銅の斧 Seidō no ono -- Bronze Axe Bronze Axe Hache bronze Bronzeaxt Hacha bronce Ascia bronzo ??
鉄の斧 Tetsu no ono -- Iron Axe Iron Axe Hache fer Eisenaxt Hacha hierro Ascia ferro ??
鋼の斧 Hagane no ono -- Steel Axe Steel Axe Hache acier Stahlaxt Hacha acero Ascia acciaio ??
銀の斧 Gin no ono -- Silver Axe Silver Axe Hache argent Silberaxt Hacha plata Ascia argento ??
勇者の斧 Yūsha no ono -- Brave Axe Brave Axe Hache héros Kriegeraxt Hacha valor Ascia forte ??
鉄の投撃斧 Tetsu no tōgekifu -- Iron Star Axe Iron Star Axe Hache jet fer Eisensternaxt H. fugaz hierro As. astro ferro ??
鋼の投撃斧 Hagane no tōgekifu -- Steel Star Axe Steel Star Axe Hache jet acier Stahlsternaxt H. fugaz acero As. astro acc. ??
銀の投撃斧 Gin no tōgekifu -- Silver Star Axe Silver Star Axe Hache jet arg. Silbersternaxt H. fugaz plata As. astro arg. ??
手斧 Teono -- Hand Axe Hand Axe Hachette Wurfbeil Hacha de mano Scure ??
トマホーク Tomahōku -- Tomahawk Tomahawk Tomahawk Tomahawk Tomahawk Tomahawk ??
ハンマー Hanmā -- Hammer Hammer Marteau Hammer Martillo Martello 해머
ボルトアクス Borutoakusu -- Bolt Axe Bolt Axe Tonnerre Donneraxt Hacha rayo Ascia lampo ??
キラーアクス Kirāakusu -- Killer Axe Killer Axe Hache létale Meisteraxt Hacha asesina Ascia letale ??
フライパン Furaipan -- Frying Pan Frying Pan Poêle à frire Bratpfanne Sartén Padella ??
獣の骨 Kemono no hone -- Bone Axe Bone Axe Hache os Knochenaxt Hacha ósea Ascia d'osso ??
追い剥ぎの斧 Oihagi no ono -- Raider Axe Raider Axe Hache filou Räuberaxt Hacha felona Ascia predone ??
狂戦士の斧 Kyōsenshi no ono -- Berserker's Axe Berserker's Axe Hache berserk. Berserkeraxt Hacha bárbara Ascia berserker ??
カミラの艶斧 Kamira no enfu -- Camilla's Axe Camilla's Axe Hache (Camill.) Camillas Axt Hacha Camilla Ascia Camilla ??
ハロルドの雄斧 Harorudo no yūfu -- Arthur's Axe Arthur's Axe Hache (Arthur) Arthurs Axt Hacha Arthur Ascia di Arthur ??
ベルカの殺斧 Beruka no seifu -- Beruka's Axe Beruka's Axe Hache (Beruka) Berukas Axt Hacha Beruka Ascia di Beruka ??
青銅の金棒 Seidō no kanabō -- Brass Club Brass Club Batte cuivre Bronzekeule Porra bronce Clava bronzo 청동의 곤봉
鉄の金棒 Tetsu no kanabō -- Iron Club Iron Club Batte fer Eisenkeule Porra hierro Clava ferro 철의 곤봉
鋼の金棒 Hagane no kanabō -- Steel Club Steel Club Batte acier Stahlkeule Porra acero Clava acciaio 강철의 곤봉
銀の金棒 Gin no kanabō -- Silver Club Silver Club Batte argent Silberkeule Porra plata Clava argento ??
武者の金棒 Musha no kanabō -- Venge Club Venge Club Massue tueuse Rächerkeule Porra vindicta Clava castigo ??
鉄の投撃金棒 Tetsu no tōgekikanabō -- Iron Mace Iron Mace Massue fer Eisenstreitkolb. Maza hierro Mazza ferro ??
鋼の投撃金棒 Hagane no tōgekikanabō -- Steel Mace Steel Mace Massue acier Stahlstreitkolb. Maza acero Mazza acciaio ??
銀の投撃金棒 Gin no tōgekikanabō -- Silver Mace Silver Mace Massue argent Silb.-Streitklb. Maza plata Mazza argento ??
槍砕きの金棒 Sōkudaki no kanabō -- Pike-Ruin Club Pike-Ruin Club Casse-lance Speerbrecher Porra antipicas Cl. frangipicca ??
逆金棒 Gyakukanabō -- Dual Club Dual Club Double batte Doppelkeule Porra doble Clava doppia ??
大金棒 Taikanabō -- Great Club Great Club Grande batte Große Keule Porra magna Grande clava ??
投げ棒 Nagebō -- Throwing Club Throwing Club Batte de jet Wurfkeule P. arrojadiza Clava da lancio 투척곤봉
破城の投げ棒 Hajō no nagebō -- Battering Club Battering Club Cogneur Schmetterkeule Porra atizadora Cl. stordente ??
鯉のぼり Koinobori -- Carp Streamer Carp Streamer Koinobori Koinobori Koinobori Koinobori 잉어 장식
クワ Kuwa -- Hoe Hoe Houe Hacke Azada Zappa 괭이
金剛の金棒 Kongō no kanabō -- Adamant Club Adamant Club Massue rigide Adamantkeule Porra tenaz Cl. adamantina ??
リンカの鬼金棒 Rinka no kikanabō -- Rinkah's Club Rinkah's Club Batte (Rinkah) Rinkahs Keule Porra Rinkah Clava di Rinkah ??
リョウマの鍛錬棒 Ryōma no tanrenbō -- Ryoma's Club Ryoma's Club Batte (Ryoma) Ryomas Keule Porra Ryoma Clava di Ryoma 료마의 연마봉
フウガの疾風金棒 Fūga no shippūkanabō -- Fuga's Club Fuga's Club Batte (Fuga) Fugas Keule Porra Fuga Clava di Fuga ??

Daggers and shuriken

Japanese English French German Spanish Italian Korean
Kana Hepburn NoJ NoA NoE
青銅の暗器 Seidō no anki -- Bronze Dagger Bronze Dagger Dague bronze Bronzedolch Daga bronce Pugn. bronzo ??
鉄の暗器 Tetsu no anki -- Iron Dagger Iron Dagger Dague fer Eisendolch Daga hierro Pugnale ferro 철의 암기
鋼の暗器 Hagane no anki -- Steel Dagger Steel Dagger Dague acier Stahldolch Daga acero Pugn. acciaio ??
銀の暗器 Gin no anki -- Silver Dagger Silver Dagger Dague argent Silberdolch Daga plata Pugn. argento ??
強者の暗器 Kyōsha no anki -- Soldier's Knife Soldier's Knife Dague militaire Soldatendolch Daga militar Pugn. soldato ??
果物ナイフ Kudamono naifu -- Fruit Knife Fruit Knife Couteau à fruit Obstmesser Navaja frutera Coltello frutta ??
獣狩りの暗器 Shishigari no anki -- Hunter's Knife Hunter's Knife Bestialicide Jägerdolch Daga de caza Pugnale caccia ??
クリスナイフ Kurisunaifu -- Kris Knife Kris Knife Kriss Kris Kris Kriss ??
羽ペン Hane pen -- Quill Pen Quill Pen Plume d'oie Federkiel Pluma Penna d'oca ??
固いパン Katai pan -- Stale Bread Stale Bread Pain rassis Altes Brot Pan duro Pane raffermo ??
追い剥ぎナイフ Oihagi naifu -- Raider Knife Raider Knife Dague filou Räuberdolch Daga felona Pugn. predone ??
祈りのロウソク Inori no rōsoku -- Votive Candle Votive Candle Bougie votive Weihkerze Candelabro Candela votiva ??
死を呼ぶナイフ Shi o yobu naifu -- Sacrificial Knife Sacrificial Knife Couteau rituel Opferdolch Daga victimaria Pugn. sacrificio ??
フェリシアの氷皿 Ferishia no hyōbei -- Felicia's Plate Felicia's Plate Plat (Felicia) Felicias Teller Plato Felicia Vass. di Felicia ??
ジョーカーの食器 Jōkā no shokki -- Jakob's Tray Jakob's Tray Plateau (Jakob) Jakobs Tablett Bandeja Jakob Vass. di Jakob ??
小石 Koishi -- Pebble Pebble Caillou ?? ?? ?? 돌멩이
青銅の手裏剣 Seidō no shuriken -- Brass Shuriken Brass Shuriken Shuriken cuivre Bronzeshuriken Shurik. bronce Shur. bronzo 청동의 수리검
鉄の手裏剣 Tetsu no shuriken -- Iron Shuriken Iron Shuriken Shuriken fer Eisenshuriken Shuriken hierro Shuriken ferro 철의 수리검
鋼の手裏剣 Hagane no shuriken -- Steel Shuriken Steel Shuriken Shuriken acier Stahlshuriken Shuriken acero Shur. acciaio 강철의 수리검
銀の手裏剣 Gin no shuriken -- Silver Shuriken Silver Shuriken Shuriken arg. Silbershuriken Shuriken plata Shur. argento ??
巧者の手裏剣 Kōsha no shuriken -- Spy's Shuriken Spy's Shuriken Shuriken d'élite Ninjashuriken Shuriken espía Shuriken spia ??
逆手裏剣 Gyakushuriken -- Dual Shuriken Dual Shuriken Shurik. double Doppelshuriken Shuriken doble Shur. doppio ??
針手裏剣 Hari shuriken -- Sting Shuriken Sting Shuriken Shuriken dard Bo-Shuriken Shuriken aguja Shuriken ago 바늘 수리검
暗殺手裏剣 Ansatsu shuriken -- Barb Shuriken Barb Shuriken Shuriken acéré Shaken Shuriken púas Shaken ??
爆炎手裏剣 Bakuen shuriken -- Flame Shuriken Flame Shuriken Shuriken de feu Feuershuriken Shuriken fuego Shur. ardente ??
菜箸 Saibashi -- Chopstick Chopstick Baguette Essstäbchen Palillo Bacchetta cibo 젓가락
かんざし Kanzashi -- Hair Pin Hair Pin Pince à cheveux Haarnadel Horquilla Spilla capelli ??
まきびし Makibishi -- Caltrop Caltrop Makibishi Krähenfuß Abrojo Tribolo ??
スズカゼの疾風針 Suzukaze no shippūhari -- Kaze's Needle Kaze's Needle Aiguille (Kaze) Kazes Nadel Cuchilla Kaze Ago di Kaze ??
サイゾウの爆炎針 Saizō no bakuen hari -- Saizo's Star Saizo's Star Étoile de Saizo Saizos Stern Estrella Saizo Shur. di Saizo ??
カゲロウの眩惑針 Kagerō no genwaku hari -- Kagero's Dart Kagero's Dart Kunaï (Kagero) Kageros Pfeil Dardo Kagero Dardo Kagero 카게로의 현혹침

Bows and yumi

Japanese English French German Spanish Italian Korean
Kana Hepburn NoJ NoA NoE
青銅の弓 Seidō no yumi -- Bronze Bow Bronze Bow Arc bronze Bronzebogen Arco bronce Arco bronzo ??
鉄の弓 Tetsu no yumi -- Iron Bow Iron Bow Arc fer Eisenbogen Arco hierro Arco ferro ??
鋼の弓 Hagane no yumi -- Steel Bow Steel Bow Arc acier Stahlbogen Arco acero Arco acciaio ??
銀の弓 Gin no yumi -- Silver Bow Silver Bow Arc argent Silberbogen Arco plata Arco argento ??
強者の弓 Kyōsha no yumi -- Crescent Bow Crescent Bow Arc croissant Sichelbogen Arco medialuna Arco mezzaluna ??
鉄の近撃弓 Tetsu no kingekikyū -- Iron Shortbow Iron Shortbow Arc court fer Eisenkurzbogen A. corto hierro Ar. corto ferro ??
鋼の近撃弓 Hagane no kingekikyū -- Steel Shortbow Steel Shortbow Arc court acier Stahlkurzbogen A. corto acero Ar. corto acc. ??
銀の近撃弓 Gin no kingekikyū -- Silver Shortbow Silver Shortbow Arc court arg. Silberkurzbog. A. corto plata Ar. corto arg. ??
キラーボウ Kirābō -- Killer Bow Killer Bow Arc létal Meisterbogen Arco asesino Arco letale ??
聖なる弓 Seinaru yumi -- Blessed Bow Blessed Bow Arc béni Sakralbogen Arco bendito Ar. benedetto ??
ショートボウ Shōtobō -- Mini Bow Mini Bow Petit arc Miniaturbogen Miniarco Miniarco ??
シャイニングボウ Shainingubō -- Shining Bow Shining Bow Arc brillant Glanzbogen Arco de luz Ar. splendente ??
ゴムの弓 Gomu no yumi -- Rubber Bow Rubber Bow Arc caoutchouc Gummibogen Arco de goma Arco di gomma ??
バイオリンの弓 Baiorin no yumi -- Violin Bow Violin Bow Arc violon Geigenbogen Arco violín Arco di violino ??
キューピッドの弓 Kyūpiddo no yumi -- Cupid Bow Cupid Bow Arc de Cupidon Amorbogen Arco de Cupido Arco di Cupido ??
狩人の弓 Karyūdo no yumi -- Hunter's Bow Hunter's Bow Arc de chasse Jagdbogen Arco de caza Arco da caccia ??
アンナの福弓 Anna no fukukyū -- Anna's Bow Anna's Bow Arc d'Anna Annas Bogen Arco Anna Arco di Anna ??
ゼロの虐弓 Zero no gyakukyū -- Niles's Bow Niles's Bow Arc de Niles Niles' Bogen Arco Niles Arco di Niles ??
青銅の和弓 Seidō no wakyū -- Brass Yumi Brass Yumi Yumi cuivre Bronzeyumi Yumi bronce Yumi bronzo 청동의 장궁
鉄の和弓 Tetsu no wakyū -- Iron Yumi Iron Yumi Yumi fer Eisenyumi Yumi hierro Yumi ferro 철의 장궁
鋼の和弓 Hagane no wakyū -- Steel Yumi Steel Yumi Yumi acier Stahlyumi Yumi acero Yumi acciaio 강철의 장궁
銀の和弓 Gin no wakyū -- Silver Yumi Silver Yumi Yumi argent Silberyumi Yumi plata Yumi argento ??
巧者の和弓 Kōsha no wakyū -- Spy's Yumi Spy's Yumi Yumi d'élite Ninjayumi Yumi espía Yumi spia ??
鉄の近撃和弓 Tetsu no kongekiwakyū -- Iron Hankyu Iron Hankyu Hankyu fer Eisenhankyu Hankyu hierro Hankyu ferro ??
鋼の近撃和弓 Hagane no kongekiwakyū -- Steel Hankyu Steel Hankyu Hankyu acier Stahlhankyu Hankyu acero Hankyu acciaio ??
銀の近撃和弓 Gin no kongekiwakyū -- Silver Hankyu Silver Hankyu Hankyu argent Silberhankyu Hankyu plata Hankyu argento ??
逆和弓 Gyakuwakyū -- Dual Yumi Dual Yumi Yumi double Doppelyumi Yumi doble Yumi doppio ??
明鏡の和弓 Meikyō no wakyū -- Illusory Yumi Illusory Yumi Yumi illusoire Illusionsyumi Yumi ilusorio Yumi illusione 명경의 장궁
必中の和弓 Hitchū no wakyū -- Surefire Yumi Surefire Yumi Yumi infaillible Meisteryumi Yumi certero Yumi infallibile ??
竹の和弓 Take no wakyū -- Bamboo Yumi Bamboo Yumi Yumi bambou Bambusyumi Yumi de bambú Yumi bambù 대나무 장궁
琵琶の和弓 Biwa no wakyū -- Harp Yumi Harp Yumi Yumi harpe Harfenyumi Yumi arpa Yumi arpa 비파 장궁
追い剥ぎの和弓 Oihagi no wakyū -- Raider Yumi Raider Yumi Yumi filou Räuberyumi Yumi felón Yumi predone ??
破魔矢 Hamaya -- Spellbane Yumi Spellbane Yumi Yumi paresort Bannyumi Yumi antimagos Yumi antimago ??
横撃ちの和弓 Yokouchi no wakyū -- Sidelong Yumi Sidelong Yumi Yumi tordu Hüftyumi Yumi soslayado Yumi lungo ??
ミコトの霊弓 Mikoto no reikyū -- Mikoto's Yumi Mikoto's Yumi Yumi (Mikoto) Mikotos Yumi Yumi Mikoto Yumi di Mikoto ??
セツナの緩弓 Setsuna no kankyū -- Setsuna's Yumi Setsuna's Yumi Yumi (Setsuna) Setsunas Yumi Yumi Setsuna Yumi di Setsuna ??

Tomes and scrolls

Japanese English French German Spanish Italian Korean
Kana Hepburn NoJ NoA NoE
ファイアー Faiā -- Fire Fire Feu Feuer Fuego Fuoco ??
サンダー Sandā -- Thunder Thunder Foudre Donner Trueno Tuono ??
フィンブル Finburu -- Fimbulvetr Fimbulvetr Fimbulvetr Fimbulwinter Fimbulvetr Fimbulvetr ??
ライナロック Rainarokku -- Ragnarok Ragnarok Ragnarök Ragnarök Ragnarok Ragnarok ??
ギンヌンガガプ Ginnungagapu -- Ginnungagap Ginnungagap Ginnungagap Ginnungagap Ginnungagap Ginnungagap ??
ライトニング Raitoningu -- Lightning Lightning Lumière Blitz Relámpago Lampo ??
ミョルニル Myoruniru -- Mjölnir Mjölnir Mjölnir Mjölnir Mjölnir Mjölnir ??
リザイア Rizaia -- Nosferatu Nosferatu Nosferatu Nosferatu Nosferatu Nosferatu ??
プチファイアー Puchifaiā -- Ember Ember Braise Funke Brasas Brace ??
ローバー Rōbā -- Disrobing Gale Disrobing Gale Coup de vent Sturmwind Vendaval Turbine ??
ブーストサンダー Būsutosandā -- Speed Thunder Speed Thunder Vitesse éclair Kugelblitz Trueno veloz Velocità lampo ??
ムーンライト Mūnraito -- Moonlight Moonlight Clair de lune Mondschein Luz de luna Chiaro di luna ??
マクベスの惑書 Makubesu no wakusho -- Iago's Tome Iago's Tome Tome de Iago Iagos Buch Grimorio Iago Tomo di Iago ??
オーディンの黒書 Ōdin no kokusho -- Odin's Grimoire Odin's Grimoire Grimoire (Odin) Odins Grimoire Grimorio Odín Grimorio Odin ??
ルフレの写本 Rufure no shahon -- Robin's Primer Robin's Primer Livre de Daraen Daraens Kopie Manual Daraen Libro di Daraen ??
鼠神・子 Negami: shi -- Rat Spirit Rat Spirit Esprit rat Rattengeist Espíritu rata Spirito topo 서신・자
牛神・丑 Gyūgami: ushi -- Ox Spirit Ox Spirit Esprit bœuf Ochsengeist Espíritu buey Spirito bue 우신・축
虎神・寅 Kogami: tora -- Tiger Spirit Tiger Spirit Esprit tigre Tigergeist Espíritu tigre Spirito tigre 호신・인
兎神・卯 Togami: u -- Rabbit Spirit Rabbit Spirit Esprit lapin Hasengeist Espíritu conejo Spirito coniglio ??
龍神・辰 Ryūgami: tatsu -- Dragon Spirit Dragon Spirit Esprit dragon Drachengeist Espíritu dragón Spirito drago ??
逆神・丑寅 Sakagami: ushitora -- Calamity Gate Calamity Gate Calamité Unheilstor Calamidad Portale Rovina ??
蛇神・巳 Jagami: mi -- Snake Spirit Snake Spirit Esprit serpent Schlangengeist Espíritu sierpe Spir. serpente ??
馬神・午 Bagami: uma -- Horse Spirit Horse Spirit Esprit cheval Pferdegeist Espíritu caballo Spirito cavallo ??
羊神・未 Yōgami: hitsuji -- Sheep Spirit Sheep Spirit Esprit mouton Schafsgeist Espíritu cabra Spirito pecora 양신・미
Kami -- Paper Paper Papier Papier Papel Foglio di carta ??
古びた書物 Furubita shomotsu -- Malevolent Text Malevolent Text Blasphèmes Bösartiger Text Texto malévolo Scritto malefico ??
猿神・申 Engami: saru -- Monkey Spirit Monkey Spirit Esprit singe Affengeist Espíritu mono Spirito scimmia 원신・신
鳥神・酉 Chōgami: tori -- Bird Spirit Bird Spirit Esprit oiseau Vogelgeist Espíritu gallo Spirito uccello ??
虹の賢者の墨絵 Niji no kenja no sumie -- Ink Painting Ink Painting Peinture sumi-e Tintenbild Dibujo a tinta Pitt. inchiostro ??
イザナの古呪 Izana no koju -- Izana's Scroll Izana's Scroll Textes d'Izana Izanas Schrift Rollo de Izana Perg. di Izana ??

Staves and rods

Japanese English French German Spanish Italian Korean
Kana Hepburn NoJ NoA NoE
ライブ Raibu -- Heal Heal Soin Heilung Curar Cura 라이브
リライブ Riraibu -- Mend Mend Cure Pflege Mejorar Rimedio ??
リブロー Riburō -- Physic Physic Remède Purgativ Sanar Lenimento ??
リカバー Rikabā -- Recover Recover Restitution Erholung Recuperar Recupero ??
リザーブ Rizābu -- Fortify Fortify Halo Stärkung Fortalecer Balsamo ??
フリーズ Furīzu -- Freeze Freeze Gel Einfrieren Congelar Gelo ??
ウィークネス Wīkunesu -- Enfeeble Enfeeble Affaiblissement Schwächung Debilitar Afflizione ??
ドロー Dorō -- Entrap Entrap Piège Falle Atrapar Trappola ??
お菓子の杖 Okashi no tsue -- Candy Cane Candy Cane Sucre d'orge Zuckerstange Bastón dulce Stecca dolce ??
キノコの杖 Kinoko no tsue -- Mushroom Staff Mushroom Staff Bâton fongique Pilzstab Bastón seta Bastone funghi ??
花束の杖 Hanataba no tsue -- Bouquet Staff Bouquet Staff Bâton bouquet Blumenstab Bastón ramo Bastone fiorito ??
エリーゼの幼杖 Erīze no yōjō -- Elise's Staff Elise's Staff Bâton d'Elise Elises Stab Bastón Elise Bastone Elise ??
リリスの星杖 Ririsu no seijō -- Lilith's Staff Lilith's Staff Bâton de Lilith Liliths Stab Bastón Lilith Bastone Lilith ??
春祭 Harumatsuri -- Bloom Festal Bloom Festal Fête printanière Blütenfest Fasto floral Festa dei fiori 봄 축제
夏祭 Natsumatsuri -- Sun Festal Sun Festal Fête estivale Sonnenfest Fasto solar Festa del sole 여름 축제
秋祭 Akimatsuri -- Wane Festal Wane Festal Fête équinoxe Herbstfest Fasto caduco Festa dei colori ??
冬祭 Fuyumatsuri -- Moon Festal Moon Festal Fête hivernale Mondfest Fasto lunar Festa della neve ??
大祭 Taimatsuri -- Great Festal Great Festal Grand festival Großes Fest Fasto mayor Festa grande ??
七難即滅 Shichinan sokumetsu -- Rescue Rescue Secours Rettung Rescatar Soccorso 칠난즉멸
神風招来 Shinpūshōrai -- Silence Silence Silence Schweigen Silenciar Silenzio ??
禍事罪穢 Magakoto tsumi kegare -- Hexing Rod Hexing Rod Sceptre maudit Fluchrute Vara maléfica Verga malevola ??
ちょうちん Chūchin -- Lantern Lantern Lanterne Laterne Farol Lanterna ??
団子串 Dangokushi -- Dumpling Rod Dumpling Rod Bâton de mochi Klößchenrute Vara confitera Spiedino dango ??
笹飾り Sasakazari -- Bamboo Branch Bamboo Branch Tige de bambou Bambuszweig Rama de bambú Stecca bambù ??
サクラの小祓串 Sakura no koharaegushi -- Sakura's Rod Sakura's Rod Sceptre (Saku.) Sakuras Rute Vara de Sakura Verga di Sakura ??
アサマの捻れ祓串 Asama no hinereharaegushi -- Purification Rod Purification Rod Sceptre lustral Reinigungsrute Vara de pureza Verga ripristino ??

Miscellaneous weapons

Japanese English French German Spanish Italian Korean
Kana Hepburn NoJ NoA NoE
竜石 Ryūseki -- Dragonstone Dragonstone Dracopierre Drachenstein Piedra dragón Pietra drago 용석
真竜石 Shinryūseki -- Dragonstone+ Dragonstone+ Dracopierre + Drachenstein+ Piedra drag. + Pietra drago + ??
獣石 Jūseki -- Beaststone Beaststone Bestipierre Bestienstein Piedra bestia Pietra bestia ??
守獣石 Shujūseki -- Beastrune Beastrune Bestirune Bestienrune Runa bestia Runa bestia 야수석
超獣石 Chōjūseki -- Beaststone+ Beaststone+ Bestipierre + Bestienstein+ Piedra bestia + Pietra bestia + ??
水の飛沫 Mizu no shibuki -- Draconic Rage Draconic Rage Rage du dragon Drachenwut Ira dragontina Dracofuria ??
暗夜竜の翼 An'yaryū no tsubasa -- Dark Breath Dark Breath Souffle sombre Dunkler Atem Aliento negro Soffioscuro ??
透魔竜のブレス Tōmaryū no buresu -- Dragon Breath Dragon Breath Souffle dragon Drachenatem Aliento dragón Soffio di drago ??
乱拳 Ranken -- Shackled Fist Shackled Fist Poing enchaîné Kettenfaust Puño grilletes Pugno in catene ??
狂乱拳 Kyōranken -- Gauntlet Gauntlet Gantelet Panzerhand Guantelete Mittene ??
岩塊 Gankai -- Rock Rock Roc Fels Roca Roccia ??
巨岩塊 Kyōgankai -- Massive Rock Massive Rock Roc massif Riesenfels Roca enorme Macigno ??
星竜のブレス Seiryū no buresu -- Astral Breath Astral Breath Souffle astral Astralatem Aliento astral Soffio astrale ??
絡繰鋸 Karakuri nokogiri -- Saw Saw Scie Säge Sierra Sega ??
絡繰巨大鋸 Karakuri kyōdai nokogiri -- Big Saw Big Saw Grande scie Riesensäge Sierra grande Sega grande ??


Japanese English French German Spanish Italian Korean
Kana Hepburn NoJ NoA NoE
傷薬 Kizugusuri -- Vulnerary Vulnerary Potion Heilmittel Poción Unguento 상처약
調合薬 Chōgōyaku -- Concoction Concoction Breuvage Mixtur Brebaje Pozione 조합약
特効薬 Tokkōyaku -- Elixir Elixir Élixir Elixier Elixir Elisir ??
HPの薬 HP no kusuri -- HP Tonic HP Tonic Tonique PV Trank der KP Tónico PV Tonico PS ??
力の薬 Chikara no kusuri -- Strength Tonic Strength Tonic Tonique Frc Trank der Stä. Tónico Fue Tonico forza ??
魔力の薬 Maryoku no kusuri -- Magic Tonic Magic Tonic Tonique Mag Trank der Mag. Tónico Mag Tonico magia ??
技の薬 Waza no kusuri -- Skill Tonic Skill Tonic Tonique Tec Trank der Fäh. Tónico Hab Tonico abilità ??
速さの薬 Hayasa no kusuri -- Speed Tonic Speed Tonic Tonique Vit Trank der Ges. Tónico Vel Tonico velocità ??
幸運の薬 Kōun no kusuri -- Luck Tonic Luck Tonic Tonique Cha Trank des Glk. Tónico Sue Tonico fortuna ??
守備の薬 Shubi no kusuri -- Defense Tonic Defense Tonic Tonique Déf Trank der Ver. Tónico Def Tonico difesa ??
魔防の薬 Mabō no kusuri -- Resistance Tonic Resistance Tonic Tonique Rés Trank der Res. Tónico Res Ton. resistenza ??
アクアの秘薬 Akua no hiyaku -- Azura's Salve Azura's Salve Baume d'Azura Azuras Salbe Bálsamo Azura Balsamo Azura ??
ギュンターの良薬 Gyuntā no ryōyaku -- Gunter's Potion Gunter's Potion Potion (Gunt.) Gunters Trank Poción Gunter Pozione Gunter 군터의 양약
グレイの創作菓子 Gurei no sōsakukashi -- Asugi's Confect Asugi's Confect Bonbon (Asugi) Asugis Konfekt Dulce de Asugi Dolce di Asugi 아스기의 과자
虹の秘薬 Niji no hiyaku -- Rainbow Tonic Rainbow Tonic Tonique irisé Farbentrank Tónico Lumen Tonico irideo ??
絆の種 Kizuna no tane -- Seed of Trust Seed of Trust Graine d'amitié Saat der Treue Semilla lealtad Seme amicizia ??
ハープ Hāpu -- Allegro Harp Allegro Harp Harpe Allegro Allegro-Harfe Arpa alegro Arpa ??
ほら貝 Horagai -- Shell Horn Shell Horn Cor coquille Muschelflöte Caracola Conchiglia ??
扉の鍵 Tobira no kagi -- Door Key Door Key Clé porte Türschlüssel Llave puerta Chiave porta ??
宝の鍵 Takara no kagi -- Chest Key Chest Key Clé coffre Truhenschlü. Llave cofre Chiave cassa ??
万能鍵 Bannōkagi -- Master Key Master Key Passe Allzweckschlü. Llave maestra Passepartout ??
天使の衣 Tenshi no koromo -- Seraph Robe Seraph Robe Robe sainte Engelsrobe Túnica angélica Veste angelica ??
力のしずく Chikara no shizuku -- Energy Drop Energy Drop Goutte Energietropfen Gota energía Fluido energia ??
精霊の粉 Seirei no kona -- Spirit Dust Spirit Dust Poudre Geist Polvo espiritual Polvere spirito ??
秘伝の書 Hiden no sho -- Secret Book Secret Book Tome secret Geheimbuch Libro secreto Tomo segreto ??
はやての羽 Hayate no tsubasa -- Speedwing Speedwing Aile éclair Tempofeder Alas veloces Ala rapida ??
女神の像 Megami no zō -- Goddess Icon Goddess Icon Icône divine Göttinnenikone Icono diosa Icona divina ??
竜の盾 Ryū no tate -- Dracoshield Dracoshield Écu dragon Draco-Schild Escudo dragón Dragoscudo ??
魔よけ Mayoke -- Talisman Talisman Talisman Talisman Talismán Talismano ??
神竜草 Shinryūkusa -- Dragon Herbs Dragon Herbs Herbes dragon Drachenkräuter Hierbas dragón Erba drago ??
ブーツ Būtsu -- Boots Boots Bottes Stiefel Botas Stivali ??
術書 Jutsusho -- Arms Scroll Arms Scroll Martialis Waffenschriftr. Rollo marcial Pergamena ??
マスタープルフ Masutāpurufu -- Master Seal Master Seal Magister Meistersiegel Sello maestro Sigillo supremo ??
パラレルプルフ Pararerupurufu -- Heart Seal Heart Seal Sceau du cœur Herzsiegel Sello corazón Sigillo cuore ??
マリッジプルフ Marijjipurufu -- Partner Seal Partner Seal Sceau d'union Partnersiegel Sello alianza Sigillo compagno ??
バディプルフ Badipurufu -- Friendship Seal Friendship Seal Sceau d'amitié Freundessiegel Sello amistad Sigillo amicizia ??
エターナルプルフ Etānarupurufu -- Eternal Seal Eternal Seal Sceau éternel Ewiges Siegel Sello eterno Sigillo eterno ??
チャイルドプルフ Chairudopurufu -- Offspring Seal Offspring Seal Sceau héritier Erbschaftsiegel Sello vástago Sigillo progenie ??
小判 Koban -- Gold Bar Gold Bar Lingot d'or Goldbarren Lingote de oro Lingotto d'oro ??
金塊(小) Kinkai (ko) -- Bullion (S) Bullion (S) Trésor (S) Goldbeutel (S) Saco bronce Oro (P) ??
金塊(中) Kinkai (chū) -- Bullion (M) Bullion (M) Trésor (M) Goldbeutel (M) Saco plata Oro (M) ??
金塊(大) Kinkai (tai) -- Bullion (L) Bullion (L) Trésor (L) Goldbeutel (L) Saco oro Oro (G) ??
魔戦士の巻物 Masenshi no makimono -- Dread Scroll Dread Scroll Vir terrore Dunkelschriftr. R. ajusticiador P. cuortempesta ??
黒天馬の翼 Kurotenma no tsubasa -- Ebon Wing Ebon Wing Aile d'ébène Finsterschwing. Ala de ébano Ala d'ebano ??
戦闘王の紋章 Sentōō no monshō -- Battle Seal Battle Seal Sceau du brave Kampfsiegel Sello batallador Sigillo battaglia ??
訪問王の紋章 Hōmonō no monshō -- Visitation Seal Visitation Seal Sceau de l'hôte Besuchersiegel Sello visita real Sigillo visita ??
障害物 Shōgaimono -- Obstacle Obstacle Obstacle Hindernis Obstáculo Ostacolo ??
シューター砲台 Shūtā hōdai -- Sighting Lens Sighting Lens Lunette Fernrohr Lente puntería Occhiali ??
魔女の魔法陣 Majo no mahōjin -- Witch's Mark Witch's Mark Nez crochu Hexenmal Marca de bruja Marchio strega ??
エリートの書 Erīto no sho -- Paragon Paragon Élite Elite Paragón Duplex ??
鎧盾の書 Kaidate no sho -- Armor Shield Armor Shield Bouclier blindé Panzerschild E. blindado Scudo pesante ??
獣盾の書 Jūdate no sho -- Beast Shield Beast Shield Bouclier bestial Bestienschild Escudo bestial Scudo ferale ??
翼盾の書 Ikidate no sho -- Winged Shield Winged Shield Bouclier ailé Flügelschild Escudo alado Scudo alato ??
近接射撃の書 Kinsetsushageki no sho -- Point Blank Point Blank À bout portant Blattschuss A quemarropa Mischia ??
攻防一体の陣の書 Kōbō ittai no jin no sho -- Bold Stance Bold Stance Posture hardie Draufgänger Ademán audaz Audacia ??
力の吸収の書 Chikara no kyūshū no sho -- Strengthtaker Strengthtaker Vole-Force Stärkedieb Ejec. fuerte Suggiforza ??
魔力の吸収の書 Maryoku no kyūshū no sho -- Magictaker Magictaker Vole-Magie Magiedieb Ejec. mágica Suggimagia ??
技の吸収の書 Waza no kyūshū no sho -- Skilltaker Skilltaker Vole-Technique Fäh.-Dieb Ejecución hábil Suggiabilità ??
速さの吸収の書 Hayasa no kyūshū no sho -- Speedtaker Speedtaker Vole-Vitesse Ges.-Dieb Ejecución veloz Suggivelocità ??
幸運の吸収の書 Kōun no kyūshū no sho -- Lucktaker Lucktaker Vole-Chance Glücksdieb Ejec. dichosa Suggifortuna ??
守備の吸収の書 Shubi no kyūshū no sho -- Defensetaker Defensetaker Vole-Défense Ver.-Dieb Ejec. tutelar Suggidifesa ??
魔防の吸収の書 Mabō no kyūshū no sho -- Resistancetaker Resistancetaker Vole-Rés. Resistenzdieb Ejec. sólida Suggiresistenza ??
絆の王の紋章 Kizuna no ō no monshō -- Master Emblem Master Emblem Embl. Maître Meisteremblem Embl. maestro Emblema supr. ??
?? ?? -- Exalt's Brand ?? Sainteté ?? ?? ?? ??
?? ?? -- Hero's Brand ?? Héroïsme ?? ?? ?? ??
?? ?? -- Fell Brand ?? Déchéance ?? ?? ?? ??
?? ?? -- Vanguard Brand ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??
神祖竜の血 Shinsoryū no chi -- First Blood ?? Sang dragun. ?? ?? ?? ??

Regalia and personal weapons

Japanese English French German Spanish Italian Korean
Kana Hepburn NoJ NoA NoE
ガングレリ Gangureri -- Ganglari Ganglari Ganglari Gangleri Ganglari Ganglari ??
魔剣ガングレリ Maken gangureri -- Ganglari Ganglari Ganglari Gangleri Ganglari Ganglari ??
神剣ファルシオン Shinken farushion -- Falchion Falchion Falchion Falchion Falchion Falchion ??
神剣ラグネル Shinken raguneru -- Ragnell Ragnell Ragnell Ragnell Ragnell Ragnell ??
裏剣ファルシオン Riken farushion -- Parallel Falchion Parallel Falchion Xéno-Falchion Dim.-Falchion Falchion linaje Falchion gemina ??
夜刀神 Yatonokami -- Yato Yato Yato Yato Yato Yato 야신도
ジークフリート Jīkufurīto -- Siegfried Siegfried Siegfried Siegfried Siegfried Siegfried
雷神刀 Raijintō -- Raijinto Raijinto Raijinto Raijinto Raijinto Raijinto 뇌신도
葉隠 Hagakure -- Hagakure Blade Hagakure Blade Lame Hagakure Kriegerklinge Sable Hagakure Lama Hagakure ??
水車 Suisha -- Waterwheel Waterwheel Moulin à eau Wasserrad Molino de agua Ruota acqua ??
アウルゲルミル Aurugerumiru -- Aurgelmir Aurgelmir Aurgelmir Aurgelmir Aurgelmir Aurgelmir ??
ベルヴェルク Beruveruku -- Bölverk Bölverk Bölverk Bölverkr Bölverk Bölverk ??
Oboro -- Chakram Chakram Chakram Chakram Chakram Chakram ??
風神弓 Fūjinkyū -- Fujin Yumi Fujin Yumi Yumi Fujin Fujin Yumi Yumi Fujin Fujin Yumi 풍신궁
スカディ Sukadi -- Skadi Skadi Skadi Skadi Skadi Skadi ??
残心 Zanshin -- Pursuer Pursuer Poursuivant Verfolger Rastreador Persecutore ??
エクスカリバー Ekusukaribā -- Excalibur Excalibur Excalibur Excalibur Excalibur Excalibur ??
ブリュンヒルデ Buryunhirude -- Brynhildr Brynhildr Brynhildr Brynhildr Brynhildr Brynhildr ??
ミステルトィン Misuterutwin -- Missiletainn Missiletainn Miserteinn Mystelstein Misilteinn Misseltein ??
雷書トロン Raisho toron -- Thoron Thoron Thoron Thoron Thoron Thoron ??
ビフレスト Bifurosuto -- Bifröst Bifröst Bifröst Bifröst Bifröst Bifröst ??
星竜の加護 Seiryū no kago -- Astral Blessing Astral Blessing Faveur astrale Astralsegen Favor astral Favore astrale ??


Japanese English Spanish French German Italian Korean
Kana Hepburn NoJ NoA NoE
最大HP+5 Saidai eichipī purasu go -- HP +5 HP +5 PV + 5 PV +5 KP +5 PS +5 ??
力+2 Chikara purasu ni -- Strength +2 Strength +2 Fuerza + 2 Force +2 Stärke +2 Forza +2 ??
魔力+2 Maryoku purasu ni -- Magic +2 Magic +2 Magia + 2 Magie +2 Magie +2 Magia +2 ??
技+2 Waza purasu ni -- Skill +2 Skill +2 Habilidad + 2 Technique +2 Fähigkeit +2 Abilità +2 ??
速さ+2 Hayasa purasu ni -- Speed +2 Speed +2 Velocidad + 2 Vitesse +2 Geschwindig. +2 Velocità +2 ??
幸運+4 Kōun purasu ni -- Luck +4 Luck +4 Suerte + 4 Chance +4 Glück +4 Fortuna +4 ??
守備+2 Shubi purasu ni -- Defense +2 Defense +2 Defensa + 2 Défense +2 Verteidigung +2 Difesa +2 ??
魔防+2 Mabō purasu ni -- Resistance +2 Resistance +2 Resistencia + 2 Résistance +2 Resistenz +2 Resistenza +2 ??
移動+1 Idō purasu ichi -- Movement +1 Movement +1 Movimiento + 1 Mouvement +1 Bewegung +1 Movimento +1 ??
竜呪 Ryūju -- Draconic Hex Draconic Hex Dracomaleficio Aura dragunaire Drachenfluch Dracosortilegio ??
力封じ Chikarafūji -- Seal Strength Seal Strength Sellar fuerza Sceau force Stärke rauben Sigillaforza ??
魔力封じ Maryokufūji -- Seal Magic Seal Magic Sellar magia Sceau magie Magie rauben Sigillamagia ??
速さ封じ Hayasafūji -- Seal Speed Seal Speed Sellar velocidad Sceau vitesse Geschw. rauben Sigillavelocità ??
守備封じ Shubifūji -- Seal Defense Seal Defense Sellar defensa Sceau défense Verteidig. rauben Sigilladifesa ??
魔防封じ Mabōfūji -- Seal Resistance Seal Resistance Sellar resistencia Sceau résistance Resistenz rauben Sigillaresistenza ??
力の叫び Chikara no sakebi -- Rally Strength Rally Strength Potenciar: Fue Ralliement : Frc Stärke sammeln Sprone forza ??
魔力の叫び Maryoku no sakebi -- Rally Magic Rally Magic Potenciar: Mag Ralliement : Mag Magie sammeln Sprone magia ??
技の叫び Waza no sakebi -- Rally Skill Rally Skill Potenciar: Hab Ralliement : Tec Fähigk. sammeln Sprone abilità ??
速さの叫び Hayasa no sakebi -- Rally Speed Rally Speed Potenciar: Vel Ralliement : Vit Ges. sammeln Sprone velocità ??
幸運の叫び Kōun no sakebi -- Rally Luck Rally Luck Potenciar: Sue Ralliement : Cha Glück sammeln Sprone fortuna ??
守備の叫び Shubi no sakebi -- Rally Defense Rally Defense Potenciar: Def Ralliement : Déf Verteid. sammeln Sprone difesa ??
魔防の叫び Mabō no sakebi -- Rally Resistance Rally Resistance Potenciar: Res Ralliement : Rés Resist. sammeln Sprone res. ??
移動の叫び Idō no sakebi -- Rally Movement Rally Movement Potenciar: Mov Ralliement : Mvt Beweg. sammeln Sprone movim. ??
特別な歌 Tokubetsuna uta -- Inspiring Song Inspiring Song Canto inspirador Chant exaltant Lied d. Eingabe Canto di carica ??
滅殺 Messatsu -- Lethality Lethality Letalidad Meurtrier Exitus Flagello ??
流星 Ryūsei -- Astra Astra Fobos Stellaire Astra Astra ??
竜穿 Ryūsen -- Dragon Fang Dragon Fang Colmillo dragón Crocs de dragon Drachenbiss Zanna di drago ??
太陽 Taiyō -- Sol Sol Helios Solaire Sonne Sole ??
月光 Gekkō -- Luna Luna Selene Lunaire Mond Luna ??
破天 Haten -- Rend Heaven Rend Heaven Desgarrar cielo Déchire-ciel Himmelsspalter Laceracielo ??
復讐 Fukushū -- Vengeance Vengeance Venganza Vengeance Vergeltung Taglione ??
大盾 Ōdate -- Pavise Pavise Pavés Protection Pavise Ultradifesa ??
聖盾 Seidate -- Aegis Aegis Égida Égide Aegis Egida ??
竜盾 Ryūdate -- Dragon Ward Dragon Ward Escudo dragón Dragon gardien Drachenrune Scudo draconico ??
祈り Inori -- Miracle Miracle Milagro Miracle Arkanum Miracolo ??
カウンター Kauntā -- Counter Counter Contrataque Contre Talion Contrattacco ??
魔法カウンター Mahōkauntā -- Countermagic Countermagic Reflejar magia Contre magique Magiespiegel Contromagia ??
待ち伏せ Machibuse -- Vantage Vantage Emboscada Initiative Vorteil Vantaggio ??
獣特効 Jūtokkō -- Beastbane Beastbane Cazabestias Fléau des bêtes Bestientod Affliggibestia ??
人形崩し Ningyōkuzushi -- Golembane Golembane Cazagólems Fléau des pantins Golemtod Affliggigolem ??
暗夜 An'ya -- Nohrian Trust Nohrian Trust Confianza nohria Loyauté (Nohr) Nohrentreue Fiducia nohriana ??
白夜 Byakuya -- Hoshidan Unity Hoshidan Unity Unión hoshidana Unité (Hoshido) Hoshidenbund Unità hoshidese ??
救出 Kyūshutsu -- Shelter Shelter Refugiar Abri Zuflucht Riparo ??
体当たり Taiatari -- Shove Shove Empujar Bousculer Stoß Spinta ??
切り込み Kirikomi -- Lunge Lunge Permutar Bascule Ausfallschritt Balzo ??
入れ替え Irekae -- Swap Swap Trocar Inverser Rochade Inversione ??
写し身人形 Utsushimi ningyō -- Replicate Replicate Duplicar Dédoublement Doppelgänger Replica ??
先手必勝 Sentehisshō -- Quick Draw Quick Draw Primer impacto Coup éclair Flinker Hieb Iniziativa ??
後手不敗 Gotefuhai -- Strong Riposte Strong Riposte Réplica lacerante Puissante riposte Starke Riposte Botta e risposta ??
広所突撃 Kōsho totsugeki -- Elbow Room Elbow Room Ímpetu terrenal À l'aise Ellbogenfreiheit Spazio vitale ??
閉所防御 Heisho bōgyo -- Natural Cover Natural Cover Defensa terrenal Abri naturel Natürl. Deckung Riparo naturale ??
偶像の幻 Gūzō no maboroshi -- Evenhanded Evenhanded Furia a pares Rythme pair Geradlinig Imparzialità ??
奇襲の牙 Kishū no kiba -- Odd Shaped Odd Shaped Embate impar Rythme impair Ungeraten Disparità ??
死線 Shisen -- Life and Death Life and Death Dar y tomar Vivre et mourir Lebensfaden Vita e morte ??
お大尽 Odaijin -- Spendthrift Spendthrift Soborno Grosse dépense Verschwender Spendaccione ??
清流の一撃 Seiryū no ichigeki -- Duelist's Blow Duelist's Blow Duelista ágil Coup de duelliste Duellistenschlag Piroetta elegante ??
飛燕の一撃 Hien no ichigeki -- Darting Blow Darting Blow Ofensa dúplice Coup foudroyant Sturzflughieb Colpo saetta ??
鬼神の一撃 Kijin no ichigeki -- Death Blow Death Blow Muerte inminente Coup fatal Voll ins Schwarze Colpo mortale ??
凶鳥の一撃 Magatori no ichigeki -- Certain Blow Certain Blow Golpe certero Coup inéluctable Gezielter Hieb Colpo sicuro ??
金剛の一撃 Kongō no ichigeki -- Armored Blow Armored Blow Ataque blindado Coup blindé Defensiver Hieb Colpo corazzato ??
明鏡の一撃 Meikyō no ichigeki -- Warding Blow Warding Blow Empuje antimagia Coup gardien Bannender Hieb Colpo scudo ??
見下す者 Mikudasusha -- Trample Trample Aplastamiento Piétinement Niederreiten Travolgimento ??
守備隊形 Shubi taikei -- Wary Fighter Wary Fighter Guerrero previsor Guerrier méfiant Wachsamkeit Cautela ??
剣の達人 Tsurugi no tatsujin -- Swordfaire Swordfaire Maestría: espada Art de l'épée Schwertspezialist Affinità spade ??
槍の達人 Yari no tatsujin -- Lancefaire Lancefaire Maestría: lanza Art de la lance Lanzenspezialist Affinità lance ??
斧の達人 Ono no tatsujin -- Axefaire Axefaire Maestría: hacha Art de la hache Axtspezialist Affinità asce ??
暗器の達人 Anki no tatsujin -- Shurikenfaire Shurikenfaire Maestría: shurik. Art du shuriken Shurikenspez. Affinità shuriken ??
弓の達人 Yumi no tatsujin -- Bowfaire Bowfaire Maestría: arco Art de l'arc Bogenspezialist Affinità archi ??
魔の達人 Ma no tatsujin -- Tomefaire Tomefaire Maestría: grimor. Art des tomes Zauberbuchspez. Affinità tomi ??
守り手 Mamorite -- Defender Defender Defensa Appui Verteidiger Soccorso ??
名家の令息 Meika no reisoku -- Gentilhomme Gentilhomme Caballeroso Gentilhomme Gentilhomme Gentiluomo ??
深窓の令嬢 Shinsō no reijō -- Demoiselle Demoiselle Doncella Demoiselle Holde Maid Damigella ??
戦闘指揮 Sentōshiki -- Inspiration Inspiration Entusiasmar Inspiration Eingebung Ispirazione ??
魔の風 Ma no kaze -- Malefic Aura Malefic Aura Halo perverso Aura maléfique Boshafte Aura Aura malefica ??
平和の声 Heiwa no koe -- Voice of Peace Voice of Peace Canto pacífico Voix de la paix Friedenssänger Parole di pace ??
異邦の王女 Ihō no ōjo -- Foreign Princess Foreign Princess Princesa foránea Noble étrangère Fremde Prinzess. Sovrana straniera ??
剣殺し Kengoroshi -- Swordbreaker Swordbreaker Partesables Anti-épée Schwertbrecher Spezzaspada ??
槍殺し Sōgoroshi -- Lancebreaker Lancebreaker Quiebralanzas Anti-lance Lanzenbrecher Spezzalancia ??
斧殺し Fugoroshi -- Axebreaker Axebreaker Mellahachas Anti-hache Axtbrecher Spezzascia ??
暗器殺し Ankigoroshi -- Shurikenbreaker Shurikenbreaker Achatashurikens Anti-shuriken Shurikenbrecher Spezzashuriken ??
弓殺し Kyūgoroshi -- Bowbreaker Bowbreaker Rompearcos Anti-arc Bogenbrecher Spezzarco ??
魔殺し Magoroshi -- Tomebreaker Tomebreaker Rajagrimorios Anti-tome Zauberbrecher Spezzatomo ??
大振り Ōburi -- Gamble Gamble Ventura Aléa Fortuna Azzardo ??
下剋上 gekokujō -- Underdog Underdog Superación Combativité Außenseiter Equità ??
ラッキー7 Rakkī sebun -- Lucky Seven Lucky Seven Fortuna Sept chances Glorreiche 7 Jolly ??
天翔ける Tenkakeru -- Air Superiority Air Superiority Ventaja aérea Avantage aérien Luftüberlegenheit Aria di superiorità ??
呪縛 Jubaku -- Heartseeker Heartseeker Cazacorazones En plein cœur Herzsucher Abbatticuore ??
傾奇者 Kabukimono -- Quixotic Quixotic Quijotismo Idéaliste Edle Torheit Idealista ??
しぶとい心 Shibutoi kokoro -- Good Fortune Good Fortune Resiliencia Bonne fortune Glückspilz Buona fortuna ??
リフレッシュ Rifuresshu -- Relief Relief Renovación Répit Entlastung Sollievo ??
和の心 Wa no kokoro -- Camaraderie Camaraderie Camaradería Camaraderie Kameradschaft Cameratismo ??
回復 Kaifuku -- Renewal Renewal Recuperación Guérison Heilung Guarigione ??
偶然のまどろみ Gūzen no madoromi -- Even Better Even Better Curación a pares Bonus pair Geradestehen Sollievo equo ??
奇妙な鳴き声 Kimyōna nakigoe -- Better Odds Better Odds Sosiego impar Bonus impair Ungerade Wege Sollievo iniquo ??
天照らす Amaterasu -- Amaterasu Amaterasu Amaterasu Amaterasu Amaterasu Amaterasu ??
生命吸収 Seimeikyūshū -- Lifetaker Lifetaker Ejecución curativa Drain de vie Lebenssauger Risucchia vita ??
よく効く薬 Yokukiku kusuri -- Potent Potion Potent Potion Poción poderosa Élixir puissant Verstärkertrank Pozione potente ??
ご奉仕の喜び Gohōshi no yorokobi -- Live to Serve Live to Serve Vivir para servir Dévoué serviteur Stets z. Diensten Cura reciproca ??
蛇毒 Jadoku -- Poison Strike Poison Strike Ataque venenoso Frappe ciguë Vergiftete Klinge Colpo velenoso ??
死の吐息 Shi no toiki -- Savage Blow Savage Blow Arrebato brutal Coup sauvage Wilder Hieb Colpo selvaggio ??
四牙 Shisen -- Grisly Wound Grisly Wound Herida terrible Plaie profonde Grausame Wunde Ferita purulenta ??
匠の技 Takumi no waza -- Salvage Blow Salvage Blow Saqueo póstumo Coup du pillard Wiederverwert. Colpo fortunato ??
左うちわ Hidari uchiwa -- Profiteer Profiteer Usura Profiteur Profitjäger Speculatore ??
高貴なる血統 Kōkinaru kettō -- Nobility Nobility Hidalguía Noblesse Von edlem Geblüt Nobiltà ??
おみくじ Omikushi -- Future Sight Future Sight Porvenir Prédiction Zukunftsdeuter Preveggenza ??
良成長 Yoseichō -- Aptitude Aptitude Promesa Prodige Talentiert Talento ??
常備薬 Jōbiyaku -- Quick Salve Quick Salve Consuelo súbito Soin éclair Erste Hilfe Balsamo fulmineo ??
疾風迅雷 Shippūjinrai -- Galeforce Galeforce Impacto final Élan victorieux Wirbelwind Assalto impetuoso ??
すり抜け Surinuke -- Pass Pass Pasar Passage Passieren Passaggio ??
鍵開け Kagiake -- Locktouch Locktouch Descerrajar Crochetage Schlossknacker Scasso ??
命中回避+10 Meichūkaihi purasu jū -- Hit/Avo +10 Hit/Avo +10 Gol y Esq + 10 Prc/Esq +10 Trf./Aw. +10 Clp/Scv +10 ??
命中回避+20 Meichūkaihi purasu nijū -- Hit/Avo +20 Hit/Avo +20 Gol y Esq + 20 Prc/Esq +20 Trf./Aw. +20 Clp/Scv +20 ??
竜鱗 Ryūrin -- Dragonskin Dragonskin Piel dragontina Écailles dragon Drachenhaut Scaglie di drago ??
神盾 Shindate -- Divine Shield Divine Shield Escudo divino Bouclier divin Götterschild Scudo divino ??
状態異常耐性 Jōtaiijō taisei -- Resist Status Resist Status Antídoto Défense naturelle Statusresistenz Irremovibilità ??
状態異常無効 Jōtaiijō mukō -- Immune Status Immune Status Inmunizar Immunité Immunität Immunità ??
攻防一体の陣 Kōbō ittai no jin -- Bold Stance Bold Stance Ademán audaz Posture hardie Draufgänger Audacia ??
近接射撃 Kinsetsushageki -- Point Blank Point Blank A quemarropa À bout portant Blattschuss Mischia ??
翼盾 Yokudate -- Winged Shield Winged Shield Escudo alado Bouclier ailé Flügelschild Scudo alato ??
虚無の呪い Kyomu no noroi -- Void Curse Void Curse Mal de ojo Ingrat Fluch der Leere Vacuità ??
自壊 Jikai -- Self-Destruct Self-Destruct Autodestrucción Autodestruction Selbstzerstörung Autodistruzione ??
無限の杖 Mugen no tsue -- Staff Savant Staff Savant Bastón austero Expert ès bâtons Stab-Gelehrter Bastone eterno ??
凍結 Tōketsu -- Immobilize Immobilize Inmovilizar Immobilisation Paralyse Paralisi ??
負の連鎖 Fu no rensa -- Inevitable End Inevitable End Final ineluctable Fin inéluctable Schicksalsschlag Fine inevitabile ??
偶人の空蝉 Gūjin no utsusemi -- Even Keel Even Keel Embrujo par Immunité paire Auf Augenhöhe Schivata pari ??
精神統一 Seishintōitsu -- Iron Will Iron Will Voluntad férrea Volonté de fer Eiserner Wille Volontà di ferro ??
心頭滅却 Shintō mekkyaku -- Clarity Clarity Lucidez Clarté Klarheit Sgombra mente ??
居合一閃 Iaiissen -- Aggressor Aggressor Ofensiva Offensive Aggressor Affondo ??
測量術 Sokuryōjutsu -- Survey Survey Otear Analyse Überblick Zoom ??
自動砲台 Jidōhōdai -- Opportunity Shot Opportunity Shot A tiro Fenêtre de tir Gute Gelegenheit Autocannone ??
砲身改造 Hōshinkaizō -- Rifled Barrel Rifled Barrel Cañón trucado Barillet Kanonade Arma truccata ??
悪路踏破 Suirikuryōyō -- Surefooted Surefooted Determinación Agilité Leichtfüßig Piè sospinto ??
暗闇の加護 Kurayami no kago -- Shadowgift Shadowgift Don oscuro Don des ombres Dunkle Gabe Dono oscuro ??
魔女の大釜 Majo no ōkama -- Witch's Brew Witch's Brew Brebaje brujesco Philtre magique Hexentrank Filtro magico ??
ワープ Wāpu -- Warp Warp Transportar Téléport Teleport Teletrasporto ??
魔女の毒薬 Majo no dokuyaku -- Toxic Brew Toxic Brew Brebaje tóxico Mixture toxique Gifttrank Pozione tossica ??
エリート Erīto -- Paragon Paragon Paragón Élite Elite Duplex ??
獣盾 Jūdate -- Beast Shield Beast Shield Escudo bestial Bouclier bestial Bestienschild Scudo ferale ??
鎧盾 Gaidate -- Armor Shield Armor Shield Escudo blindado Bouclier blindé Panzerschild Scudo pesante ??
力の吸収 Chikara no kyūshū -- Strengthtaker Strengthtaker Ejecución fuerte Vole-Force Stärkedieb Suggiforza ??
魔力の吸収 Maryoku no kyūshū -- Magictaker Magictaker Ejecución mágica Vole-Magie Magiedieb Suggimagia ??
技の吸収 Waza no kyūshū -- Skilltaker Skilltaker Ejecución hábil Vole-Technique Fähigkeitsdieb Suggiabilità ??
速さの吸収 Hayasa no kyūshū -- Speedtaker Speedtaker Ejecución veloz Vole-Vitesse Geschwind.-Dieb Suggivelocità ??
幸運の吸収 Kōun no kyūshū -- Lucktaker Lucktaker Ejecución dichosa Vole-Chance Glücksdieb Suggifortuna ??
守備の吸収 Shubi no kyūshū -- Defensetaker Defensetaker Ejecución tutelar Vole-Défense Verteidig.-Dieb Suggidifesa ??
魔防の吸収 Mabō no kyūshū -- Resistancetaker Resistancetaker Ejecución sólida Vole-Résistance Resistenzdieb Suggiresistenza ??
柔剣 Jūken -- Dancing Blade Dancing Blade Danza del Sable Épée dansante Tanz-Klinge Lame danzanti ??
カリスマ Karisuma -- Charm Charm Carisma Charisme Charme Malia ??
防陣+ Bōjin purasu -- Dual Guardsman Dual Guardsman Quite especial Duo protecteur Doppelwächter Doppia guardia ??
剛剣 Kōken -- Heavy Blade Heavy Blade Sable pesado Lame lourde Schwere Klinge Lame grevi ??
歴戦の勘 Rekisen no kan -- Veteran Intuition Veteran Intuition Pericia veterana Vétéran assagi Bauchgefühl Intuito maestro ??
天空 Tenkū -- Aether Aether Éter Éther Aithir Etere ??
攻陣+ Kōjin purasu -- Dual Striker Dual Striker Retaguardia Duo assassin Zweifachschlag Doppio colpo ??
覚醒 Kakusei -- Awakening Awakening El despertar Éveil Awakening Risveglio ??
戦術指南 Senjutsushinan -- Tactical Advice Tactical Advice Consejo táctico Conseil tactique Meisterleistung Perizia tattica ??
方陣 Hōjin -- Solidarity Solidarity Solidaridad Solidarité Solidarität Solidarietà ??
華炎 Kamo -- Ignis Ignis Apolo Ignition Ignus Ignis ??
七色の叫び Nanairo no sakebi -- Rally Spectrum Rally Spectrum Potenciar: Todo Ralliement étendu Werte sammeln Grido di battaglia ??
不思議な魅力 Fushigina miryoku -- Supportive Supportive Servicial Soutien utile Seite an Seite Comando ??
絶対進攻 Zettai shinkō -- Forceful Partner Forceful Partner Alianza robusta Partenaire efficace Starker Gefährte Compagno valente ??
絶対援護 Zettai engo -- Devoted Partner Devoted Partner Alianza sincera Partenaire dévouée Ergebene Gefährtin Compagno fidato ??
絶対死守 Zettai shishu -- Evasive Partner Evasive Partner Alianza esquiva Partenaire agile Flinker Gefährte Compagno schivo ??
炎の血 Honō no chi -- Fiery Blood Fiery Blood Sangre exaltada Sang bouillant Feuriges Blut Sangue ardente ??
絆の祈り Kizuna no inori -- Miraculous Save Miraculous Save Rescate milagroso Sauvetage miracle In letzter Sekunde Parata miracolosa ??
癒しの声 Iyashi no koe -- Healing Descant Healing Descant Voz sanadora Chant apaisant Segen der Heilung Discanto guaritore ??
小さな声援 Chīsanaseien -- Quiet Strength Quiet Strength Remanso de fuerza Force tranquille Innere Stärke Forza silente ??
お転婆 Otenba -- Fearsome Blow Fearsome Blow Arrebato letal Coup redoutable Fürchterlicher Hieb Colpo bruto ??
完璧主義 Kanpekishugi -- Perfectionist Perfectionist Perfeccionista Perfectionniste Perfektionist Perfezionismo ??
友情の誓い Yūjō no chikai -- Vow of Friendship Vow of Friendship Pacto de amistad Serment d'amitié Freunde fürs Leben Voto d'amicizia ??
爆炎使い Bakuen tsukai -- Pyrotechnics Pyrotechnics Pirotecnia Pyrotechnie Feuerwerk Fuochi d'artificio ??
白夜の捕縛術 Byakuya no hobakujutsu -- Capture Capture Apresar Capture Einfangen Cattura ??
叱咤激励 Shitta gekirei -- Rallying Cry Rallying Cry Grito potenciador Cri de ralliement Schlachtruf Grido di forza ??
天罰 Tenbatsu -- Divine Retribution Divine Retribution Justicia divina Punition divine Heilige Vergeltung Castigo divino ??
ぼんやり Bon'yari -- Optimistic Optimistic Optimista Optimiste Optimismus Ottimismo ??
尊大 Sondai -- Pride Pride Orgullo Orgueil Stolz Orgoglio ??
暗夜嫌い An'yakirai -- Nohr Enmity Nohr Enmity Hostil hacia Nohr Hostile à Nohr Todfeind Nohr Ostilità al Nohr ??
悪あがき Waruagaki -- Triple Threat Triple Threat Tríplice peligro Menace triple Dreifachhieb Tripla minaccia ??
対抗意識 Taikōishiki -- Competitive Competitive Pugna Compétitif Wettstreit Competitività ??
忍法車返し Ninpōshagaeshi -- Shuriken Mastery Shuriken Mastery Shuriken retorsivo Représailles Shurikenmeister Shuriken specchio ??
勝者の愉悦 Shōsha no yuetsu -- Morbid Celebration Morbid Celebration Fiesta macabra Fête macabre Morbides Fest Cerimonia macabra ??
恩返し Ongaeshi -- Reciprocity Reciprocity Reciprocidad Réciprocité Wechselwirkung Reciprocità ??
武士道 Bushidō -- Bushido Bushido Bushido Bushido Bushido Bushido ??
勝利への執念 Shōri e no shūnen -- In Extremis In Extremis Último aliento In extremis In Extremis In extremis ??
ダーティファイト Dātifaito -- Highwayman Highwayman Asaltacaminos Truand Wegelagerer Brigantaggio ??
可憐な花 Karen'na hana -- Lily's Poise Lily's Poise Serenidad de lis Élégance Gelassenheit Portamento ??
不運の塊 Fuun no katamari -- Misfortunate Misfortunate Desventura Malchanceux Pechvogel Malasorte ??
怪力 Kairiki -- Puissance Puissance Ingenio Puissance Kraftschub Strapotere ??
血の疼き Chi no uzuki -- Aching Blood Aching Blood Sangre afligida Sang maudit Kochendes Blut Sangue straziante ??
暗夜の拘束術 An'ya no kōsokujutsu -- Kidnap Kidnap Raptar Kidnapping Entführung Rapimento ??
呪詛返し Jusogaeshi -- Countercurse Countercurse Contrahechizo Contresort Bannfluch Contromaledizione ??
妖艶な花 Yōen'na hana -- Rose's Thorns Rose's Thorns Espinas de rosa Épines de rose Dorn der Rose Spine di rosa ??
負けん気 Makenki -- Fierce Rival Fierce Rival Émulo feroz Rival acharné Ewiger Rivale Nemico brutale ??
奇襲任務 Kishūninmu -- Opportunist Opportunist Oportunista Opportuniste Opportunist Opportunismo ??
青の踊り Ao no odori -- Fancy Footwork Fancy Footwork Presteza elegante Bon jeu de jambes Kunstvolle Schritte Passo lesto ??
殺戮本能 Satsurikuhon'nō -- Bloodthirst Bloodthirst Sed de sangre Soif de sang Blutdurst Sete di sangue ??
強面 Kowamote -- Fierce Mien Fierce Mien Porte fiero Air féroce Grimasse Impeto feroce ??
女の本性 On'na no honsei -- Unmask Unmask Quitarse la careta Mesquinerie Wahres Gesicht Smascheramento ??
冷血 Reiketsu -- Pragmatic Pragmatic Abusón Pragmatique Pragmatisch Pragmatismo ??
拾いもの Hiroimono -- Collector Collector Recolección Collectionneur Sammler Raccolta ??
騎士道 Kishidō -- Chivalry Chivalry Caballerosidad Chevalerie Ritterlichkeit Cavalleria ??
美しき王 Utsukushikiō -- Peacebringer Peacebringer Conciliador Pacificateur Friedensstifter Pacificazione ??
軍略伝授 Gunryakudenju -- Perspicacious Perspicacious Perspicacia Perspicace Scharfsinn Perspicacia ??
氷の血 Kōri no chi -- Icy Blood Icy Blood Sangre gélida Sang-froid Eisiges Blut Sangue gelido ??
農地の主 Nōchi no omo -- Forager Forager Montaraz Fureteur Kind vom Lande Foraggiamento ??
竜の御子 Ryū no miko -- Draconic Heir Draconic Heir Legado dragontino Héritier du dragon Erbe des Drachen Eredità del drago ??
執事の嗜み Shitsuji no tashinami -- Born Steward Born Steward Servidor nato Intendant né Geborener Diener Onori di casa ??
チューニング Chūningu -- Perfect Pitch Perfect Pitch Tono perfecto Oreille absolue Absolutes Gehör Orecchio assoluto ??
おっちょこちょい Occhokochoi -- Mischievous Mischievous Travesura Filouterie Schelm Tiro birichino ??
幸運のおまじない Kōun no omajinai -- Lucky Charm Lucky Charm Suertilegio Sort de chance Glücksbringer Portafortuna ??
大義の勇 Taigi no yū -- Noble Cause Noble Cause Noble causa Noble cause Edle Tat Causa nobile ??
前向き Maemuki -- Optimist Optimist Positividad Positif Optimist Ottimista ??
甘党 Amatō -- Sweet Tooth Sweet Tooth Goloso Saccarophile Naschkatze Ghiottoneria ??
じゃれつき Jaretsuki -- Playthings Playthings Juguetes Enfantillages Spielkameraden Balocco ??
冷静沈着 Reiseichinchaku -- Calm Calm Relajación Calme Besonnenheit Calma ??
五・七・五 Go-shichi-go -- Haiku Haiku Haiku Poésie Haiku Haiku ??
天才肌 Tensaihada -- Prodigy Prodigy Prodigio Merveille Wunderkind Prodigio ??
執念 Shūnen -- Vendetta Vendetta Vendetta Vendetta Vendetta Vendetta ??
レディーファースト Redīfāsuto -- Gallant Gallant Cortesía Galant Galanterie Galanteria ??
臆病 Okubyō -- Guarded Bravery Guarded Bravery Valentía cauta Bravoure prudente Bedingter Mut Cauto coraggio ??
だまし討ち Damashiuchi -- Fierce Counter Fierce Counter Respuesta fiera Contre féroce Überraschung Contrattacco ferale ??
ひろい食い Hiroikui -- Goody Basket Goody Basket Cesta de aperitivos Panier garni Wundertüte Cestino delizioso ??
強運の塊 Kyōun no katamari -- Fortunate Son Fortunate Son Hijo afortunado Fils chanceux Glückskind Figlio fortunato ??
乙女心の躍動 Otomeshin no yakudō -- Bibliophile Bibliophile Bibliofilia Bibliophile Bücherwurm Bibliofilia ??
女の子好き On'nanokosuki -- Sisterhood Sisterhood Hermanas Solidarité féminine Beste Freundinnen Sorellanza ??
邪な空想 Yokoshimana kūsō -- Daydream Daydream Fantasías Rêverie Tagträumer Fantasticheria ??
一攫千金 Ikkakusenkin -- Make a Killing Make a Killing Liquidación total Prix du sang Todsicherer Profit Soldi facili ??
風の血 Kaze no chi -- Wind Disciple Wind Disciple Discípulo del viento Disciple du vent Diener des Windes Discepolo del vento ??


Japanese English French German Spanish Italian Korean
Kana Hepburn NoJ NoA NoE
ダークプリンス Dākupurinsu Dark Prince Nohr Prince Nohr Prince Sire de Nohr Prinz (Nohr) Príncipe nohrio Principe Nohr 다크 프린스
ダークプリンセス Dākupurinsesu Dark Princess Nohr Princess Nohr Princess Dame de Nohr Prinzessin (N.) Princesa nohria Princ.ssa Nohr 다크 프린세스
白の血族 Shiro no ketsuzoku Siro no Ketuzoku Hoshido Noble Hoshido Noble Noble (Hoshido) Adeliger (Hos.) Linaje Hoshido Nobile Hoshido ??
ダークブラッド Dākuburaddo Dark Blood Nohr Noble Nohr Noble Noble (Nohr) Adeliger (Nohr) Linaje Nohr Nobile Nohr ??
ソシアルナイト Soshiarunaito Social Knight Cavalier Cavalier Cavalier Kavalier Jinete Fantino 소셜 나이트
パラディン Paradin Paladin Paladin Paladin Paladin Rittmeister Paladín Paladino 팔라딘
グレートナイト Gurētonaito Great Knight Great Knight Great Knight Grand chevalier Erzritter Jinete pesado Gran cavaliere ??
アーマーナイト Āmānaito Armor Knight Knight Knight Chevalier Ritter Caballero Cavaliere ??
ジェネラル Jeneraru General General General Général General General Generale ??
アクスファイター Akusufaitā Axe Fighter Fighter Fighter Combattant Kämpfer Luchador Lottatore ??
バーサーカー Bāsākā Berserker Berserker Berserker Berserker Berserker Bárbaro Berserker ??
マーシナリー Māshinarī Mercenary Mercenary Mercenary Mercenaire Söldner Mercenario Mercenario ??
ブレイブヒーロー Bureibuhīrō Brave Hero Hero Hero Héros Held Campeón Eroe ??
ボウナイト Bōnaito Bow Knight Bow Knight Bow Knight Cavalier archer Bogenritter Caballero arco Cavaliere arco ??
シーフ Shīfu Thief Outlaw Outlaw Hors-la-loi Gesetzloser Granuja Fuorilegge ??
アドベンチャラー Adobencharā Adventurer Adventurer Adventurer Aventurier Abenteurer Aventurero Avventuriero ??
Samurai Samurai Samurai Samurai Samouraï Samurai Samurái Samurai ??
剣聖 Kensei Kensei Swordmaster Swordmaster Bretteur Schwertmeister Espadachín Mastro di spada ??
兵法者 Heihōsha Heihousya Master of Arms Master of Arms Maître d'armes Waffenmeister Campeador Mastro d'armi ??
鬼人 Kijin Kijin Oni Savage Oni Savage Sauvage Oni Oni-Barbar Oni salvaje Selvaggio Oni ??
修羅 Shura Syura Oni Chieftain Oni Chieftain Chef Oni Oni-Häuptling Oni jefe Capotribù Oni ??
鍛冶 Kaji Kaji Blacksmith Blacksmith Forgeron Schmied Herrero Fabbro ??
槍術士 Sōjutsushi Soujutusi Spear Fighter Spear Fighter Lancier Speerkämpfer Piquero Lottatore asta ??
槍聖 Sōsei Sousei Spear Master Spear Master Maître lancier Speermeister Gran piquero Mastro d'asta ??
婆娑羅 Basara Basara Basara Basara Basara Basara Basara Basara ??
呪い師 Majinaishi Majinaisi Diviner Diviner Devin Kleriker Augur Veggente ??
陰陽師 Onmyōji Onmyouji Onmyoji Onmyoji Onmyoji Onmyoji Espiritista Onmyoji ??
修験者 Shugenja Syugenja Monk Monk Moine Mönch Monje Monaco ??
巫女 Miko Miko Shrine Maiden Shrine Maiden Gardienne Schreinjungfer Vestal Miko ??
山伏 Yamabushi Yamabusi Great Master Great Master Grand maître Erzmeister Gran maestre Sommo maestro ??
戦巫女 Ikusamiko Ikusa Miko Priestess Priestess Prêtresse Priesterin Sacerdotisa Sacerdotessa ??
天馬武者 Tenmamusha Tenma Musya Sky Knight Sky Knight Chev. céleste Luftritter Auriga celeste Cavaliere alato ??
聖天馬武者 Seitenmamusha Seitenma Musya Falcon Knight Falcon Knight Chev. faucon Falkenritter Auriga Cavaliere falco 성 천마 무사
金鵄武者 Kinshimusha Kinsi Musya Kinshi Knight Kinshi Knight Chev. kinshi Kinshi-Ritter Jinete kinshi Cavaliere kinshi 킨시 무사
弓使い Yumitsukai Yumi Tukai Archer Archer Archer Schütze Arquero Arciere ??
弓聖 Kyūsei Kyuusei Sniper Sniper Archer d'élite Scharfschütze Tirador Tiratore scelto ??
ドラゴンナイト Doragonnaito Dragon Knight Wyvern Rider Wyvern Rider Chev. wyverne Wyvernritter Jinete wyvern Cav. viverna ??
ドラゴンマスター Doragonmasutā Dragon Master Wyvern Lord Wyvern Lord Lord wyverne Wyvernlord Paladín wyvern Lord viverna ??
レヴナントナイト Revunantonaito Revenant Knight Malig Knight Malig Knight Belliciste Raubritter Jinete espectral Cav. spettrale ??
Shinobi Sinobi Ninja Ninja Ninja Ninja Ninja Ninja ??
上忍 Jōnin Jounin Master Ninja Master Ninja Maître ninja Meisterninja Maestro ninja Maestro ninja ??
絡繰師 Karakurushi Karakurusi Mechanist Mechanist Machiniste Tüftler Titiritero Burattinaio ??
薬商人 Kusurishōnin Kusuri Syounin Apothecary Apothecary Apothicaire Kräuterkundiger Boticario Speziale ??
大商人 Daishōnin Daisyounin Merchant Merchant Négociant Händler Mercader Mercante ??
ダークマージ Dākumāji Dark Mage Dark Mage Dark Mage Mage noir Dunkelmagier Mago oscuro Mago nero ??
ソーサラー Sōsarā Sorcerer Sorcerer Sorcerer Sorcier Zauberer Hechicero Warlock ??
ダークナイト Dākunaito Dark Knight Dark Knight Dark Knight Paladin noir Dunkelritter Caball. oscuro Cav. oscuro ??
ロッドナイト Roddonaito Rod Knight Troubadour Troubadour Troubadour Troubadour Trovador Trobador ??
ストラテジスト Sutoratejisuto Strategist Strategist Strategist Tacticien Stratege Táctico Stratega ??
バトラー Batorā Butler Butler Butler Majordome Diener Mayordomo Maggiordomo ??
メイド Meido Maid Maid Maid Domestique Dienstmagd Criada Cameriera ??
ガルー Garū Garou Wolfskin Wolfskin Ulfhedin Ulfhedin Ulfhedin Ulfhedin ??
マーナガルム Mānagarumu Managarmr Wolfssegner Wolfssegner Lord Ulfhedin Ulfhedin-Alpha Ulfhedin alfa Ulfhedin alfa ??
妖狐 Yōko Youko Kitsune Kitsune Kitsune Kitsune Kitsune Kitsune ??
九尾の狐 Kyūbi no kitsune Kyuubi no Kitune Nine-Tails Nine-Tails Grand Kitsune Fuchsgeist Nuevecolas Novecode ??
歌姫 Utahime Singer Songstress Songstress Chanteuse Skaldin Cantante Cantrice ??
村人 Murabito Murabito Villager Villager Villageois Dörfler Aldeano Cittadino ??
魔戦士 Masenshi Masensi Dread Fighter Dread Fighter Terreur Dunkelkrieger Ajusticiador Cuortempesta ??
ダークファルコン Dākufarukon Dark Falcon Dark Falcon Dark Falcon Faucon noir Dunkelfalke Halcón oscuro Falco oscuro ??
ランサー Ransā Lancer Lancer Lancer Sentinelle Wächter Lancero Lanciere ??
ノスフェラトゥ Nosuferatu Nosferatu Faceless Faceless Sans-Visage Ungesicht Inhumano Senzavolto ??
ゴーレム Gōremu Golem Stoneborn Stoneborn Animalithe Steingolem Pétreo Cuorpietra ??
絡繰人形 Karakuriningyō Karakuri Ningyou Automaton Automaton Marionnette Automat Autómata Automa ??
ダークロード Dākurōdo Dark Lord Nohrian King Nohrian King Roi de Nohr König (Nohr) Rey de Nohr Re Nohr ??
Ryū Dragon[1] Feral Dragon Feral Dragon Dragon sauvage Wilddrache Dragón salvaje Drago ferale ??
星竜 Seiryū Astral Dragon[1] Astral Dragon Astral Dragon Dragon astral Astraldrache Dragón astral Drago astrale ??
暗夜竜 An'yaryū Dark Dragon[1] Blight Dragon Blight Dragon Dragon Fléau Fäulnisdrache Dragón Pútrido Drago malevolo ??
透魔竜 Tōmaryū Invisible Dragon[1] Silent Dragon Silent Dragon Dragon Néant Stiller Drache Dragón Silente Drago Silente ??
水の眷属 Mizu no kenzoku Familiar[1] Empty Vessel Empty Vessel Coquille vide Leeres Gefäß Ente vacío Guscio vuoto ??
シューター Shūtā -- Ballistician Ballistician Balistaire Ballistiker Artillero Artigliere 슈터
魔女 Majo -- Witch Witch Sorcière Hexe Bruja Strega 마녀
スターロード Sutārōdo -- Lodestar Lodestar Guide Sternenlord Polaris Lord supremo ??
ヴァンガード Vangādo -- Vanguard Vanguard Rédempteur Vorreiter Adalid Condottiero ??
マスターロード Masutārōdo -- Great Lord Great Lord Grand lord Erzlord Gran lord Gran lord ??
神軍師 Shingunshi -- Grandmaster Grandmaster Maître stratège Großmeister Gran estratega Gran Maestro ??


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