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Nestra is an independent state located in southern Nohr, known for its grand theater in its capital, Cyrkensia. The identity of the leader during the events of Fire Emblem Fates is unknown.

Notable locations within Nestra

Port Town of Dia

The Port Town of Dia (Japanese: 港町ディア) is a location in Nestra.

In Conquest and Revelation, Corrin and his/her army, en route to see the Rainbow Sage, pass through the Port Town of Dia. In Conquest, Takumi and a squad of Hoshidian soldiers ambushes them while, in Revelation, it is Silas leading a squad of Nohrian soldiers who trappes them. In both case, Corrin's army deal with the main forces, recruiting Silas and two soldiers along the way in Revelation, and continues toward Notre Sagesse.


Cyrkensia is a location in Nestra, where is located the Opera House (Japanese: オペラ劇場).

In Birthright, Corrin and his/her army, en route to Cheve arrive at Cyrkensia. They run into Kaden, a kitsune who introduce to them Layla, a songstress from the Opera House, who wants to return home to visit her mother right away, yet having a performance scheduled for that evening and Garon will be in attendance. In response, Azura offers to perform in Layla's stead as an opportunity to take the Nohrians by surprise, with Zola using his illusion magic to hide Azura's identity. The ring-in didn't worked and they have to escape from the Nohrian forces.

In Conquest, Corrin and his/her army, returning from Cheve arrive at Cyrkensia. They encounter Leo who warn them than Hoshidians may be around the area. They reunite with Garon along with Hans and Iago in the Opera House before the beginning of the theatre performance. Azura enters the scene and starts singing, although disguised, discomforting Garon right before Hoshidian forces lead by Kumagera attacks the theatre. Corrin's forces manage to defeat the enemy and are asked by Garon to kill every Nestrian singers, blaming them for helping the Hoshidians preparing their ambush. Corrin dispute the order before leaving the scene.

In Revelation, Corrin and his/her army arrive in the ruined port town of Cyrkensia to find Ryoma and Xander blaming each other for causing carnage neither are responsible for as the town is attacked by invisible forces. After the battle, everyone leave the city but not before Ryoma suggests Corrin to meet the Rainbow Sage over at Notre Sagesse.

Characters from Nestra

Character Description Appears in
Portrait layla fe14.png
A famous Nestrian songstress. Fates


  • In Conquest and Revelation, an option for the player's castle's design is Nestrian, which places water ways through the castle grounds and upstairs hallways that wrap around the castle borders.

Etymology and other languages


Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
English Nestra


Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
English Cyrkensia

Port Town of Dia

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
English Port Town of Dia
Japanese 港町ディア
Spanish Ciudad portuaria de Dia Port Town of Dia
French Port de Dia Port of Dia
German Hafenstadt Dia Port Town of Dia
Italian Porto di Dia Port of Dia



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